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April 24th, 2014


So you want to sell things on eBay? You have heard a lot about it and want to get your feet wet too. But there is a question that comes to your mind. What do I sell at eBay? How can I be successful at this when I don’t even know what to sell? Hmm, time to ask questions and this article features all the answers and the recommendations to make this endeavor a success.

First, Start From the Very Beginning

Start by finding things around your house to sell. Surely, you can find something you do not need anymore. You have heard this advice before but you don’t understand the reasoning behind this. Well now you will know. Your selling on eBay, just like any other situations requires practice and experience. It is best to see what mistakes one can make and how to avoid them.

Why Start Selling Stuff We Have at Home

One reason is obvious. There is a learning curve to undergo. And what better way to do this than selling stuff from home? For instance, you have to write a full description of the item you will try to sell. Things you have at home are already a known entity. You know what they are and if there are questions, you will be better off answering them than if the item is something you have not used before.

The other reason is that you will gain the experience you will need to lay the groundwork for a successful eBay seller career. You will learn which items are risky to sell particularly electronics when you do not have warranty. You will also find that if you are not interested in what you sell, so will the prospective buyers. Besides you have to know the product inside out or else if the buyers ask questions that you can’t answer, they will lose confidence in you.

You Can Then Graduate to Selling From Small Wholesale Lots

After some practice selling stuff from your home you can start selling from wholesale lots. Sell items though that most people use every day. Products that most people need daily are excellent sellers. Besides, they are easy to obtain and sell of you go for a specific group. Don’t be like some sellers who try to sell all things to every body.

If you do it this way, that is target a small group, the sale may be slower but then you are learning about the market and getting to know how to target a specific group of buyers without risking having stocks on hand that you cannot move as planned. Here are the different groups of items that are used every day by most people and examples of items under each group:

Home decor : vases towels, mirrors, sheets, cushions, rugs, and throws

Garden : composter, gardening tool sets, lawn mowers, flower pots

Clothing : pajamas and other night wear, accessories, maternity, and plus sizes.

Beauty : men’s grooming, sunscreen, toiletry bags and cosmetic, insect repellent

Special occasion : birthday cards, wedding supplies, bridal shoes, party supplies, mother-of-the bride outfits

Kitchen : Microwaves, knife sets, recipes, toasters, water optimizer

What Sells Best on eBay

What Sells Best on eBay

So you see the aforementioned items are the ones that easily move in the marketplace, In addition to the above, you can target specific groups of special hobbies and support groups for different topics as diverse as gluten-free, diabetes, debt-free, home business , knitting, fishing and lots of other groups too many to mention.

Be Watchful of The Media

News items from all over the world could give you ideas on what to sell. For example, during the taping of the Dancing With the Stars Series, there could be a demand for shoes and costumes for ballroom dancing as well as for the music and other accessories. As well, news items on shortage of drinking water supply could bring in demands for spring waters and such.

In other words, to pick up new trends, you have to have your ears and eyes open to any eventuality. You have to keep track of what is happening in the world so you can jump right in and be the first to sell the hot-selling items as dictated by what is happening around the world. This is an essential key to your success as a power eBay seller.


You now have ideas on what sells best on eBay and that it is best to start small by selling things you no longer need at home. This will give you the opportunity to gain the experience essential to a successful career as an eBay seller. Then you can move along to small wholesale lots and sell items that most people need everyday.

Now it is your turn. Let us know what items you sold successfully on eBay and tell us how you did it in the comment box below.

By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

To play it safe and not to have to keep an inventory, what we do is Find Trusted Dropshippers and Wholesalers for Ebay Sellers
Neither do we have to do the customer service and shipping and handling. Let us know if you need help on this at the contact form below.

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Refresh Home Business Steps Tips - Find Out What Sells Best on eBay

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Home Business Steps Ready For eBay Business

Home Business Steps Tips For eBay Business


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Home Business Steps eBay Tips - Sell Items Found Around the House

April 17th, 2014

Where else can you buy or sell items you find in your home with over 500 million buyers? Where else but eBay, the world’s largest marketplace online? It really is the best place and eBay is giving us the opportunity to sell our stuff to more buyers. And it is easy to sell at eBay. Just list it, pack it and get paid. It is as easy and simple as that.

You can literally turn those items around your house into cash. These are items that are just lying around that you do not need or use. I know you have them because statistics have shown that the average household has items around their house worth about $3000 that they no longer use. The burning question is, why not turn those unused items into cash?

Examples Of What To Sell

You don’t believe me? Well there’s a page at eBay that will inspire you to find items around your house that you can sell. They call it the Inspiration House.
Inspiration House. What is it? Well it’s a page much like your home with all kinds of items that you can sell at eBay. Just click the item in each room of the house and it will tell you how much to sell that item on eBay. Cool, huh?

Examples of what you can find to sell are limitless. A smart phone sells up to $539.00 while a pair of designer shoes can go for $696.00. Then there’s the designer dress that sells up to $769.00 while a designer handbag can go for $349.00. Can you imagine how many items in your home that you no longer use that you can turn into cash. Want more?

Find Things Around the House to Sell

Find Things Around the House to Sell

Do you want to know how much a nice woman’s watch can go for? Well it can go up to $389.00. How about a tablet? You will be surprised to know that it can sell up to $657.00. Action figures can sell up to $126 while video game consoles can go up to $658.00. And textbooks? They can go as high as $91.00.

How To Sell Textbooks on eBay
Speaking of textbooks, there is a guide on how to sell textbooks to help you sell to make as much money you can. Those science and math textbooks will be worth some money for you. And so do the other textbooks in health, history and foreign language. Why not sell them instead of leaving them around collecting dust? You lose nothing because you can list them to sell for free.

Of course, it makes sense that you have to do some digging first, literally and figuratively. Not only will you have to go looking for them at home but also you will have to do a little research. How, you asked? Well, search for the titles of the textbooks (one at a time) that are like yours and see which ones have just sold and for how much. This will give you an idea how much to sell your textbooks for.

Tips To Ensure Success

Those are just samples of what you can find around your home that you can sell on eBay. There are other things you can sell at eBay. Heck, yesterday, I read about a man selling fresh air from France. Can you understand that? If you do, you’re lucky because I can’t get my head around that. Do me a favor and explain it to me in the comment box below or at the email address underneath the authors’ names.

So you see you can let your imagination run wild. But for me, I guess I will go by learning the popular items sold at eBay. I am more conservative, I guess. Before I decide what to sell, I will have to go to the eBay marketplace
and find the popular items sold there. There, I will see for myself what to sell. I will also find how much money I can make by selling items from my home.

I will also want to learn, and you should too, the items that move fast. Now here’s a quick tip. Sundays and Mondays are a quick way to end an auction. Why? It is because that’s when more shoppers are doing their shopping online. And you know what that means. The more shoppers there are, the more sales there will be. It’s a no brainer. It is just good Math sense.

Besides, if you don’t know what format to use to sell on eBay, the Auction format of listing is the way to go as buyers are 50% more likely to buy when it is listed the Auction way. I don’t know why. Probably it is because auctions generate more excitement? There is some kind of psychology at play here. People go to the eBay Marketplace to be entertained.

Still don’t know what to sell on eBay? Do what I do and find products from Trusted Dropshippers and Wholesalers for Ebay Sellers This is perfect for Moms to start a home based business with step by step tutorials. That way you don’t have to pack and ship the products. Neither will you have to keep an inventory if you just have the items shipped directly from the wholesalers and drop shippers. But you still have to find out what sells best and the other stuff.

Checklist To Sell At eBay

When you’re ready to start your eBay business, here is a checklist that you can follow. This checklist will help you succeed. Good luck!

1. Take photos of what you’re selling. Remember that you are allowed up to 12 photos to upload with your listing for free.

2. Use the quick listing tool you can use to list your item for sale.

3. Keep on top of your listing through My eBay.

4. Verify that your buyer has paid you.

5. Print eBay labels.

6. Ship the item you sell.

7. Leave a feedback for your buyers as they will for you because that will keep the marketplace safe and clean.

8. Check your paypal account to see how much money you made.


That’s it. You’ve learned what items in your house you can sell and find examples that move fast in the marketplace. There are also some tips as to the kind of listing to have to help move the merchandise faster. This even includes a checklist that if you follow will set you up to a stellar career as an eBay power seller. Have fun and good luck!

Have you ever listed items around your home on eBay? How did you make out? Please share your experience with us on the comment box or at the email address below the authors’ names.

By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

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Home Business Steps eBay Tips-Sell Items Found Around the House

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Home Business Steps Tips For eBay Business


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Home Business Steps Tips on How To Catch a Crook

April 10th, 2014

Among the first things an online retailer has to learn is how to keep safe from scammers. These people pretend to be suppliers; they want to take your money and run. That is why this lesson is very important as you should be dealing with suppliers who are legitimate and are not one out to scam you.

You don’t want to lose money from the activities of these scammers. They talk smoothly leading you down the garden path. They will promise everything, the moon, the stars and what-have-you, just to get you to sign up with them. They will entice you with promises and things that are free for you alone. Oh, there are so many horror stories out there. It is quite heart-breaking to hear about them. Here’s a video on this issue but if you see a big white space, just click on it and the video will appear.

Catching the Crooks kindly supplied by SaleHoo

That is also why dealing with suppliers inside the Salehoo directory with their Trusted Dropshippers and Wholesalers is the way to go. With these suppliers you don’t have to run a background check to determine whether they are the real deal or not. You don’t have to worry if they are trustworthy because they have been checked already by the Salehoo Dropshippers and Wholesalers.

Not everybody will want to go through these directories though. Mostly it is because they want to save money. What they don’t know is that they may save a buck or two but lose out more than they want to save. And the endless worrying and waiting for the goods you order is not worth the money you think you will save.

Use Only Trusted Wholesalers and Dropshippers

Use Only Trusted Wholesalers and Dropshippers

For those who still want to do it their way, it is crucial that you take part in this lesson as you will need it big time. Here you will learn what to look for or the signs that you may be dealing with a crook. Essentially if you take this lesson to heart, you will learn how to catch a crook before you even hire one as your supplier. Here are the signs to look for:

1. The prospective wholesaler or supplier does not ask for your Sales Tax ID or your business license. That’s one of the first things a real wholesaler will request for. It is a requirement for them to get either the Sales Tax ID or the business license. Mind you, the Sales Tax ID is only for sellers in the United States. You don’t need this if you live outside the US,

2. The prospective wholesaler or supplier does not sound professional when you call them. They do not identify themselves or the name of their business and instead just say “Hello” or “Yes” when they answer the phone.

3. The prospective wholesaler or supplier does not have a website that states their address and telephone number. Ask if you can come to look around their business address and you will meet with some resistance. This should not be a problem for them if they are legitimate as any serious wholesaler will certainly agree if you ask for an inspection of their premises.

4. The prospective wholesaler or supplier becomes devious when you ask for a sample of their product so be careful if they do not offer a product sample. Ask them why they are not offering this because most wholesalers are just glad to offer you one although you will most likely have to pay for it.

5. The prospective wholesaler or supplier declares they accept secure form of payment like PayPal or credit card but then later they say they only want a Western Union or wire transfer as mode of payment. This is the form of payment scammers use so be careful when you have not dealt with them before. Keep in mind though that trusted wholesalers could use this form of payment.

6. The prospective wholesaler or supplier may say they are temporarily out of stock of the item you are buying and yet expect you to pay. Request for photographic proof with the newspaper showing the current day in the backdrop.

7. Do your homework first and perform a diligent research on the company you are planning to utilize. Illegitimate companies love to do business with those who are uninformed and clueless. So be well informed before they have you in their clutches. Corrupt companies just hate people who are informed and they can’t fool.

Those seven things will certainly help you catch the crooks before you deal and lose money with them. When you see one of the above signs, be careful. They are not hard and fast rules but they could really be an indication that something is wrong. It is better to make sure before diving in and get ripped off in the process.

If you are not certain if the supplier is legitimate, you can post at the Community Forum to see if any member has used them and have some advice on the matter. The support staff at Dropshippers and Wholesalers can also help run a background check of your prospective wholesaler and supplier for you.


There you have all the signs to look for to check whether a wholesaler or dropshipper is legitimate or not. In addition, there are recommendations on what to do to make certain that you are dealing with the real deal. There is also some help from the staff that is made available for you as well as the Community Forum.

How about you? Have you had a bad or good experience with a supplier or wholesaler? Please write your comments on the comment box below or write us at the address below the authors’ names.

By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

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Refresh Home Business Steps Tips on How To Catch a Crook

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Home Based Business and Moms - A Match Made In Heaven

More Alerts and Tips for Home Business Owners Alerts

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Home Business Steps Report on Work-at-Home Scams

April 3rd, 2014

Let us heed the warning from the Federal Trade Commission that many Work-at-Home offerings are scams especially the ones that claim big money for little work or no work at all. This makes my hair stand on edge. Why? Because I can smell from a mile away that something is wrong. That is why we pause to have a chance to report to you about a recent scam as we do not want you to be a victim to this like what happened to us before.

The company sold to consumers their “Six Figure Program” for $27 that is supposed to include a website. The buyers found out they had to pay an extra $100 to set up their websites so now this company is banned to stop them from continuing this purportedly deceptive practice. In addition, the court froze their assets. I hope they return the money to the consumers who lost in this scam.

Scam Alert, Watch Out!

Scam Alert, Watch Out!

FTC advises that people who want to get onto a business opportunity to read the contract
carefully and check out the claims on what the sellers earned because they are required to provide a statement on their earning claims. Make sure of any refund policy and to make a list of references available.

The Federal Trade Commission also recommends the following:

  • Read or listen to the sales presentation critically.
  • Talk to those who bought the opportunity to see if the sellers’ disclosure corresponds with their experience.
  • Get professional advise to read the paper work before you sign on the dotted line.
  • Determine if all the required documents are provided by the owners. If not, don’t buy into it.
  • Look into the record of the seller. Google him and check with the state attorney general’s office, the local consumer protection agency and the Better Business Bureau to see if the offer is legal.

The trouble with the last one, especially with the Better Business Bureau, is that if the business has no record then they are reported as no record and so they may be deemed as legitimate. Besides, not only with the Better Business Bureau, scammers are known to provide false testimonials.

Regarding refund policy and cancellation guideline. The sellers can tell you to the high heavens about their satisfaction guaranteed-or-money-refunded till they are blue in the face. When the time comes for the cancellation or a refund, you may be faced with a hard time. So keep a record of all the paper work; copy or print them so you will have a leg to stand on when time comes that you need it.

Or do what I do. I use a virtual credit card that is only good for a one-time payment so that if they take time to settle things they will not continue charging your credit card while they investigate the veracity of your claim. They may do this even if they say in the sales presentation that your money will be refunded, no questions asked. If you want to know more on how to do this, just put it in the comment box below. So be careful out there.

Instead, why not go on a legitimate business like selling at eBay? There is work involved but at least you are not going to be scammed and there is some profit you can realize. Just by choosing the goods to sell from the Dropshippers and Wholesalers will help you get started.

If you don’t mind working and doing your best, here is a business where people found success. Here is the link again. Find Trusted Dropshippers and Wholesalers for Ebay Sellers This is perfect for Moms to start a home based business with step by step tutorials. You can even buy stuff you need from the same source. You never have to buy retail again.


What you should do if you have been scammed is to report your experience to the authorities. You can report them to your state attorney general’s office. Then there is the consumer protection agency in your state or county. Lastly but not least, report any unfavorable incident to Better Business Bureau as well as to the Federal Trade Commission.

How about you? Have you been conned or scammed by a company? What did you do? Please share with us your experience.

By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman


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Home Business Steps Report on Work-at-Home Scams

Refresh Home Business Steps Report on Work-at-Home Scams

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Home Business Steps Ready For eBay Business

Home Business Steps Tips For eBay Business


Home Based Business and Moms - A Match Made In Heaven

More Alerts and Tips for Home Business Owners Alerts

Home Business Steps Ready for eBay Business

March 27th, 2014

We have been working on starting an eBay business. First we registered at eBay and learned to find something to sell. Then we learned how to determine the price on what we plan to sell and how to start listing the item for sale. Now we are ready to learn more on how to list the item on eBay.

Write a good description for your item. Get ideas from top eBay sellers by going through the listing of items similar to yours but don’t copy and paste as that will be illegal. Just get ideas and write the description in your own words. Listing the benefits of the item for sale so the buyers will get to improve their life is a good idea. Put on top the condition of the item. They will trust you more even if you say a chair’s leg is broken.

Select the way or the format you want to sell your item. Is it via auction where prospective buyers will bid for the item or is it a Buy It Now? Actually you can do both. The Buy It Now price will banish once the first bid appears. After this, choose the listing duration which has no rule fits all. An item in demand can be listed for three days while an art work may do better if listed for ten days as prospective buyers for this, need more time to consider the purchase.

You Can Run Your eBay Business from Anywhere

You Can Run Your eBay Business from Anywhere

There are a lot of options for payment to you. I prefer PayPal, Then there’s credit card, debit card, bill me later, payment upon pick-up. eBay suggests though to compare PayPal mode of payment with ProPay and Paymate and Moneybookers as PayPal usually holds the fund for as much as three weeks to make sure the transaction runs smoothly. Truth be told, I didn’t have that problem with PayPal.

Now you choose the options for shipping. Will you post it or just use pick-up? Posting it will make your item open for more buyers. Postage can be calculated according to buyer location or if it is a small item, it can have similar cost especially if you are selling it in your own country. USPS is generally the cheapest one but check out their websites to be sure.

The default location is where your eBay account was registered but if you’re drop shipping or wholesaling, change this location to your dropshipper or your wholesaler. Can you see why doing this through the dropshipper and wholesaler is my choice? You don’t have to worry about shipping or even handling, packing and customer service.

At this point you can offer a return policy and give extra instructions. eBay will give you a chance to review your listing and to add upgrades. You can list it now but if this is your first time to sell at eBay, you will have to establish a sellers account so you will have to click Continue. You have to sign in again for security sake and then choose how you are going to pay for your listing: PayPal, autopay through credit card, and direct pay through your checking account.

Now finally you can list your item and can start tracking what’s happening to your listing. You can track this by logging in and clicking My eBay link and see the activity around your listing. You can even answer the questions people may ask about your item. In addition, any activity in your listing that needs you or if it is sold, eBay will send you an email .

There you have all the steps to go through before selling at eBay. Obviously, you have to know all these so you can be successful at selling items on eBay. Don’t let any obstacle stop you from pursuing success. If there is anything that gives you trouble, just send me an email at the address after the authors’ names below. Meantime if you are in a hurry and can’t find things to sell, you can try to Find Trusted Dropshippers and Wholesalers for Ebay Sellers

Now you can start with your eBay business. Some of you might have had some experience on this. Would you please share with us your experience in the comment box below? If you see a name below the comment and the word logout, just click logout and you can then login.

By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

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Refresh Home Business Steps Ready For eBay Business

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HomeBusinessSteps Tips on eBay Business Dropshippers and Wholesalers

Home Based Business and Moms - A Match Made In Heaven


Home Business Owners Alerts and Tips

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Home Business Steps Tips for eBay Business

March 20th, 2014

We already know how to start a business with eBay by implementing the first two steps. The first step is on getting a free account on eBay by registering. Then we went on the second step which is to find something to sell. The recommendation is for you to first sell the things around your house that you no longer need. However, if you find it hard to get something to sell you can try to Find Trusted Dropshippers and Wholesalers for Ebay Sellers but don’t do this now until you have done all the steps.

Step 3. Determine How Much to Sell Your Item For
Type in your item for sale in the product search. Scroll down the left hand Refine Search Panel until you see Show Only under which you will see a box for Completed Listings. Check that box and like magic you will see the items that were sold in the last two weeks where you can find out how much money the sellers made. The red ones ended without getting sold.

Looking through the completed listings will give you an idea whether your item will sell and at what price to sell it for. This will help you avoid making the mistake of not pricing your item right or selling an item that is not popular. Selling antique items will probably need to have a professional evaluation.

Anyway, it is good to start small because people will want to buy from those who have good feedback. At first, you will not have the feedback you need but after selling a few cheaper items you will gain some feedback. Another way of getting feedback is if you buy things at eBay as well.

Home Business Steps Tips for_eBay Business

Home Business Steps Tips for_eBay Business

Step 4. List the Item You Want to Sell at eBay
If you don’t finish the draft for listing the item, don’t worry for you can always go back to complete it. However, it is good idea to have everything you need like 3 to 5 good photographs of the item you are going to sell. Write down all the details of the item like the dimensions, Model number, brand, color, how old it is and warranty if there is any. Get ready with the shipping cost by checking out with the other sellers or with the Post Office.

Then click the Sell Link from the top of any eBay page. Clicking that will show you where to write a description of your item. Then click Start Selling and you may be surprised that eBay will ask you to login again. This is to make sure that you are really you and not some kind of an impersonator. eBay will now give you a list of categories from which you will check the one your item falls under. Hit Continue.

Now you are ready to create a title which is the first thing the people will see so choose one wisely. Use the most important feature of the item you are selling. You can get some ideas from other eBay sellers by browsing through the listings. A sub title can be added if your item has other important features. There is a drop-down menu for the specifics on the item. Add as many as you can that fits the item.

It is now time to add pictures, the ones you took which you edited in Picasa and saved in a folder in your computer so that when you click Add Pictures, you can browse to find the pictures in your computer. Add them by clicking the Upload button. It is a good idea to add a free gallery picture of your item as this will make prospective buyers want to see your full listing.

You will soon be able to list the item you want to sell on eBay. Do the instructions above until you become comfortable and at ease with eBay’s website and instruction. On the next page, I will show you how to write your description in such a way the visitors will be enticed into looking at your listing more closely.

How about you? Have you done anything like this? Then please share with us your experience in the comment box below so we can learn from you as well. If you see a name below the comment and the word logout, just click logout and you can then login.
Home Business Steps Tips for eBay Business

By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

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Refresh Home Business Steps Tips For eBay Business

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HomeBusinessSteps Tips on eBay Business Dropshippers and Wholesalers

Home Based Business and Moms - A Match Made In Heaven


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Home Business Steps Tips on eBay Business Dropshippers and Wholesalers

March 13th, 2014

Here’s an exclusive secret that will help you make more money than over 90% of sellers in eBay. It is because here they have directories with trusted suppliers of hot items you can sell for instant profits online. Because you have trusted suppliers, it is easy to want to get started right away, but it is best to know the steps you have to take. Okay, you have the items to sell. What do you do now?

To get started with an eBay business you have to have the following:

  • A working computer
  • High speed Internet connection
  • A phone
  • A digital camera
  • Shipping supplies (i.e. boxes, packing tape, etc )

Personally I don’t need the last two items. It really depends on how you are going to sell at eBay. In my case, I prefer selling through dropshipping because then I don’t have to do any packing. Neither do I have to keep inventories of things I sell. I will let you know the way to do that later. Suffice to say that for now, know that I sell the goods through eBay or through Amazon for that matter and forward the sales to the supplier where they do the packing, the handling and shipping.

Most people sell directly at eBay so we will learn this first way and then move on to the next one later. First, we will concentrate on selling directly at eBay. Why is eBay so special? It enables anyone who is willing to work and determined to carry on with the business of selling through eBay to become successful. Perhaps not to become a millionaire but earn enough money to make a living.

HomeBusinessSteps Tips on eBay Business Dropshipper

HomeBusinessSteps Tips on eBay Business Dropshipper

All that can happen without leaving your home, being able to choose what to sell you are enthusiastic about and being your own boss with all the lifestyle benefits. To top these all, you don’t need a lot of capital to get started. Where else can you get a business going with just around $50 to invest? With that out of the way, let us go through the three steps to start selling at eBay.

Step 1. Register at eBay
The first thing to do is to register at www.eBay.com with your details such as your name, email address, physical address and telephone number. You will be asked to choose an ID. Choose one that describes your business as you will be needing this in all your transactions. If you want to sell yoga products for example, your niche would be yoga.com. More than likely though that has already been taken but don’t worry for here are some possible ones:

  • YogaSecret.com
  • MyYogaSecret.com
  • YogaMoves.com
  • YogaSuccess.com
  • MyYogaSuccess.com
  • 30DaysToYogaSuccess.com

It does not for example allow to sell weapons, food and event tickets.

So let’s check if what you have chosen to sell is allowed. Just go to the list of items prohibited to sell. You didn’t find your item in the prohibited list? I thought so. Read also the rules and if you see any violations you will know how to do it here so we can keep eBay and the internet clean.

There you have the first two-steps to go through before the selling process. Obviously, you will still have to know how much to sell your products for. This, plus all the preparations to ensure success are covered on the next page. Meantime if you are in a hurry and can’t find things to sell, you can try Find Trusted Dropshippers and Wholesalers for Ebay Sellers

How about you? Did you ever do an eBay business you can share with us? Write it down in the comment below. If you see a name there, just click logout and you can then login.

By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

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Home Based Business and Moms - A Match Made In Heaven


Home Business Owners Alerts and Tips

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Home Based Business and Moms - A Match Made In Heaven

March 6th, 2014

With Income Going Low, What Do Moms Do?

To supplement the monthly income moms are trying work at home and love the new arrangement. They feel they have the best arrangements because they can look after the kids and attend all the events a child is involved in be it athletic sports or ballet and music lessons.

They sell jewelry in their living rooms, pots and pans in the kitchen and look for other internet marketing opportunities to help with the shortfall in the budget. They willing to do a lot to earn some extra cash and at the same time stay at home to take care of their kids. So what else do they do?

Moms Love Running a Homebased Business

Moms Love Running a Homebased Business

Now let me share you this story that I bet will inspire you. Here’s a stay-stay-at-home mom whose business is very successful. In 2013, she was on track to earn $1.5 million dollars. How does she do it? It is using her kitchen and her passion for online marketing. And what helped her become hugely successful? Pinterest, that’s what.

What exactly did she do? Well she has three kids who all go to school. This fact made her think of how she can make easy and quick ways to prepare healthy lunches for her kids. This made her think of creating easy lunch boxes in her kitchen.

This is like a Bento box that is popular in Japan. It is really not just in Japan because you can see them all over the place where there are Japanese Restaurants. In fact my favorite Bento box is one with tempura shrimps and vegetables with a little bit of salad and Miso soup.

Sorry to digress and let’s focus on Kelly Lester’s successful business. For a school lunch, the Bento box is just a single box packed with a single meal. This became a fun way to create healthy school lunches instead of just preparing peanut butter and jam sandwiches and potato chips. You can really make your imagination run wild with this.

So many parents have the same problem about packing lunch boxes. And that is when Kelly came to the rescue and her business called EasyLunch Boxes was born. The boxes are compartmentalized and with cooler bags, you pack lunches quickly without wasting time and money.

She writes her own blog where she shares valuable content with her customers. They lap up her tips on how to pack lunches and how to run the home in the most efficient way possible. She also answers questions from her customers in this blog.

There are all kinds of marketing opportunities that you can check out. Here are some inspiring ideas for you.

1. Freelancing is one easy way to get started. For example, if you are good at writing, you can write 7-15 page reports, then you can make a living online working just a few hours each week from the comfort of your home. Or you can do photography, web design, marketing, whatever your skill is.

2. You can also make money from blogging. If you have a passion for style, hobby or any topic you’re interested in, you can start blogging about it. You can also become a virtual assistant for a busy blogger doing all kinds of services. If you’re creative, why not start a business creating gift baskets?

3. If cooking is your cup of tea, then why not figure out the best way to bake bread or other stuff related to cooking or baking. You could also start a home child care business taking care of children for parents who are working outside their home. You can also earn money from after school hours children who can stay with you until their parents get home.

You see there are so many ideas out there. You just have to nurture an idea in your brain, get some help and you’ll be on your road to success. Ask me for help in the comments below.

How about you? Can you share with us some success stories you have?

By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

Here’s a way to earn money online: Google Sniper

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Find Trusted Dropshippers and Wholesalers for Ebay Sellers This is perfect for Moms to start a home based business, with step by step tutorials.

Refresh Home Based Business and Moms - A Match Made In Heaven

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Home Business Owners Alerts and Tips

February 20th, 2014

Home business is fun but not easy to run. There are benefits that’s true but there are challenges too. Money could get tight especially you want to spend some for your business to keep it growing. This is despite the fact that you are saving on such costs as office rental space, commuting expenses and clothing expenses. But don’t despair for here we are getting some alerts and tips to you.

Are you up to your ears in debt?
  We have to do something about this so we can save money to use it for the business to make it grow. One way is to understand the fees the credit card providers charge their customers. They have them in the fine prints and they take advantage of this by charging any number of fees. But we know what they are up to now so we can stop being slaves to them. So watch this section for more. You will be surprised at what you will see and hear.

If you want to see more of the above, just let me know at the contact information below the names of the authors. It is a bit camouflaged to protect the site from robots
There are ten of these videos with real good information. I can put them up one at a time right here for you if you let me know.

I know it is not easy to stop spending for stores could lure you into buying more. Studies have shown for instance that standing on soft carpet can make the furniture at a distance look more comfortable and cozier. Then there’s the smell of cinnamon bun that could drive you nuts and make you want to buy them. So do the soulful sounds of pop/rock songs, the Feel Me Squeeze Me signs and a salesman saying smoothly “But you are free..” These last four words are supposed to be the most persuasive words that can break your resolve not to spend. My solution? Just say, “But I am free to say no.”

Do some spring cleaning of your credit report.
Checking your credit report is the number one financial moves you can make each year. The credit report is the key to getting qualified for a loan. It is the secret to lower interest rates. You can even get better deals on your insurance premiums with a good credit report. And believe it or not, it can help find you a job. Watch more alert on this in this section.

Best tips for budgeting success are here. There’s a book by Judy Lawrence called The Budget Kit. It really is a workbook full of pages where you can record all your income, expenses, debt and other financial dealings. In addition, there are worksheets to help with creating a budget. It will help you take charge of the money instead of the other way around. We will explain the principles she used in her book.

How to lower your bills will have a section here where we will cover each topic: Looking for ways to save money on heating and cooling? The obvious thing is to adjust the thermostat. This can be done to reduce the costs and remain comfortable at the same time.

By the way you can request your energy provider for a home energy audit. This will locate the points where you are wasting the energy and ways to stop the waste. I still remember the audit done on our house and I was amazed how just putting bottles of water in my freezer will help save money.


There you have some alerts and tips that could save you money to channel to your home business to make it grow. You have tips on lowering your bills, spring cleaning your credit reports, budgeting tips and dealing with debts.

How about you? Share us anything you found that helped keep your finances healthy.

By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

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Refresh Home Business Owners Alerts and Tips

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Getting Out of Debt in Three Steps

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Make Money Online_10 Creating a Squidoo Lens by Evelyn Guzman

July 10th, 2009

Make money online_10 is all about creating a squidoo lens and posting your articles there. Don’t do this before your blog is set up either at Blogger.com or wordpress.com. Why? It is because we post our article there before we post in our squidoo lens. So now we are ready to deal with Step 8 but let‘s review the steps we are taking on this journey so far.

  • Step 1: Select a profitable niche.
  • Step 2: Find the questions and problems people have in the chosen niche.
  • Step 3. Choose the affiliate products to promote.
  • Step 4. Find the three key phrases that will help market the products.
  • Step 5. Write articles on each of the key phrases.
  • Step 6. Submit articles to Article Directories.
  • Step 7. Create a Blog Rich in Keywords.
  • Step 8. Create a Squidoo Lens.

Squidoo lens is our next step now that we have some knowledge of creating a word press blog. More work? Of course, but don’t you worry for you have me to guide you along step-by-step. Rome was not built in one day so why should we expect this to be finished in one day?

First of all, what in heaven’s name is squidoo lens? It’s just another name for a web page. And why should we do it? What does it have to do with how to make money online_10? It is free and fun to do, but it can also earn you money and increase your page rank with Google.

So how do we make a squidoo lens? Well the first thing to do is to read their terms of service. You will have to know the rules that Squidoo goes by. Reading the terms will also let you know if you can live with them. I find that they have fair terms because usually what you write is not yours when the vehicle is free, but in this case it is yours to keep. Here is where you will find the terms http://www.squidoo.com/pages/tos .

Have you read the Terms of Agreement? Are you in acceptance of the terms? Then now we have to register. This is the only way we will be able to create lens, that is if we have an account. Once you are also a member, you will be able to vote for the other lens. Click this to register: http://www.squidoo.com/wizard/start and hit get started. Do you think these two are reading the terms of Agreement?

You input the following information: your first name, last name, email address, password. You will be asked to input the email and password twice to make sure there is no typographical error. After that, they will welcome you as the newest member. I will have to wait till next week to show you the step-by-step way to create a squidoo lens.

Meantime, you will have four choices. You can either search for something you like to find, search for Squidoo Top 100 (my personal recommendation as this will give you an incentive to do something much better than the top 100), get help and the last one? Start creating your own lens so you can make money online_10.

Make Money Online_11 by Creating a Squidoo Lens by Evelyn Guzman

August 3rd, 2013

Make money online_11 by creating a squidoo lens is something we already did last time. But surprise! That was only an introduction. Now we have to do the actual writing of the lens but let’s recap what we have been doing before we got to this stage:

  • Step 1: Select a profitable niche.
  • Step 2: Find the questions and problems people have in the chosen niche.
  • Step 3. Choose the affiliate products to promote.
  • Step 4. Find the three key phrases that will help market the products.
  • Step 5. Write articles on each of the key phrases.
  • Step 6. Submit articles to Article Directories.
  • Step 7. Create a Blog Rich in Keywords.
  • Step 8. Create a Squidoo Lens.

Make money online_11 with squidoo lens is it such a good idea to be able to work from home and share one’s passions, hobbies, ideas or online business. You can start your own group (This has been suspended at the moment, so it is important to join existing groups, see the “Lensography” at the bottom for more information and select one or more of groups to join.) Like-minded people share a common area on the web. Squidoo Groups are the way to do it.

Here are the steps for creating a squidoo lens:

  • 1. Click on “make a new lens”. This is on the right hand side. It will ask you what your lens is all about. This will be the title of your lens. Don’t worry if you are not 100% sure as you will be able to change this later.
  • 2. For this step, squidoo basically wants to know what you want to do with your lens. I suggest that you leave the selected button for now.
  • 3. You have to select a unique name for Squidoo. Why unique? Because there should not be two web page titles alike or the search engines will go crazy where to send anyone who searches for a particular topic. The title and URL of your lens will be the result of this step. It will be similar to this: http://www.squidoo.com/creating-lenses The last two words are the unique names of your lens that Squidoo approved. It will change each time you create a lens depending on the content of the article you want to post there.
  • 4. After several tries, Squidoo will tell you if your title is accepted. Be patient for it will search its vault of millions and millions of titles to see if your choice has already been taken. It is after your page has been accepted that you will be asked to enter three keywords from your article. Write the best ones for which the web surfers will find you. Now it is time to wait for the squidoo lens to come alive.

You can now see the basic lens structure. At this point you can click to reorder the modules button. Erase all except those marked. But you know what? They want at least four modules to approve your lens. You can add more modules later. Click on save after deleting the modules you are not going to need for now.

The last thing to do is to copy and paste the information you have like the article you wrote in Step 5. Change the title of the module before you publish it as everyone has “NEW” . Otherwise you will not get approved. It is also good to divide your information into three or four modules as this will receive a better rating. And better rating could lead to make money online_11.

After you publish it, you can see the status of your lens by going to the dashboard. Once you see the green tick (when you have at least four modules), then it is approved and you can join the groups and vote for other lenses. The more groups you join the more the search engines will find you.

It also makes sense if you make a few lenses to write a Lensography or sitemap as it will hold together all the link details of your group. Link all your lenses to your articles at ezine directory. Thank goodness, that’s done. Next time we can go to step 9 at last. Don’t you worry. There are only two more steps left. Now hopefully, we can start to make money online_11.

Tips You Can Follow Today For a Richer Tomorrow

December 19th, 2012

Tips, what are they good for? People can benefit a lot from the ways to manage their finances. So it is therefore important to keep track of tips that will help one look after his financial health. More often people know of these tips already but reminders will help. Pick ones that pertain to you. We will therefore showcase some at least once a week and more often if possible. If you want more of these, just sign up at the top of the home page and you will receive more every week.

Latest Tip

Free Tool # 2 Snap Pages
The first tool I showed you was paypal. With this tool # 2, you can build web pages using snap pages even if you don’t know a thing about building a website. You can upgrade later on for $50 a year but you can definitely do it with the free version. It is an easy way to create a website especially if you are just starting out. The drag and drop tools are easy to use so you can see your business website running in no time.

How is it different?
If you have ever tried to build a website, you know how overwhelming it is. This one is different because they will give you tools you need when you need them. They will leave the ones you don’t need yet so there is less confusion. The process of building your website will be more enjoyable then.

A website creation tool. snap pages appear to have a lot going for it with more original ideas carved into it than the other website creation tools. The service is hosted but they can do redirects. With this you can share your interests or hobbies with friends and socialize with them. This is just what most people want.

Is it right for you?
If all you need is a professional-looking website that you can maintain and update with no hassle, then this is the tool for you. The service is attractively designed and yet it is made simple by keeping the choice for the user to a minimum. There are a number of customizable templates to choose from. You can specify the colors, text boxes and placement of columns and widgets. Yet you can choose your own logos.

This does not mean you can’t create rich, multimedia pages because you will have the freedom to drag and drop widgets and text boxes, including photos and even Google maps. It has also an integrated calendar with all the pages built standards CSS/HTML. The whole thing is also SEO friendly.

An Excellent Tool

When starting a business, there are quite a few who will approach you offering their help and services at a cost but you don’t need to do that. There are excellent services that will not cost you a penny. You might as well start using the services of excellent tools that are not going to charge you a monthly fee.

One such tool is paypal which will let you collect payments from your customers even though they do not have an account with paypal. You can either sign up for a Business account or a premier account. You don’t have to pay for a debit card either and it’s free. You will not need a merchant account that will charge you an expensive fee every month.

There are some disadvantages though and you get them from the other companies as well. They do have rules all should follow so multi-tiered payment structure or selling related to MLM should go somewhere else. And if you’re selling physical goods and the purchaser says he didn’t receive the goods you will have to submit proof of delivery. They also say Paypal locks accounts sometimes and that it is harder to contact them. That’s not my experience; they have not locked me out and whenever I need help, they are there for me.

Press Release is Important to Small Businesses

Press release to small businesses is an important aspect of getting them noticed. It is good to have an announcement to the media any anything newsworthy to bring attention to the business. The press release could be sent to magazines, newspapers, television and radio stations.

Marketing industries and public relations have evolved to the point the business brand and image management are more easily considered as part of the strategies of online advertising. The press release can make it more diversified to keep clients more informed as to the companies marketing information.

There are companies that help change inquiries into sales. The press release that is well written using the proper keywords will helpfully grab the attention of the target market. This is possible without the small business having to fork out huge amount of money for traditional forms of advertising.

How to Start an Online Business To Ensure Success Tip_2 Choosing a Domain Name

Last time we had tip #1 on How to Start an Online Business To Ensure Success. We learned what the internet is about and understand how the tools in the web work. That done, we are ready to tackle the next step which is Choosing a Domain Name.

Choosing the domain name is one of the most essential things to do for your online business. For one thing that will be your brand and what your customers will remember to come back to you. So you have to choose one that is easy to remember and short enough for others to type in your address.

Don’t create your own words like Google did unless you have a marketing budget to make that a household name. Instead use a combination of words that mean something. You can add your local place with the keyword to make your customers find you and chances are the keyword will still be available in “.com” which is better than “.net” or “.biz”

You may also get a premium domain which has been pre-registered and is being sold at a profit. Premium domains are more expensive though but may be worth the investment if you are thinking of making your online business a highly profitable one.

How to Start an Online Business To Ensure Success Tip_1

If you are thinking of starting an online business, knowledge on the internet is something you will have to learn. It is more than just sending emails. If you don’t have any idea what tweeting and updating the status in Facebook, then you must be lacking something that will help you in your quest for an online business. So the next tips will be on the things to do and learn so you can make a success of your effort.

The first thing is to understand how the web tools work. There are quite a few web tools that will help but learning how to understand and use them takes some time. You will have to research the competition too so you will know what works for them and determine how you can make what they do better. You will have to know all about the internet culture. That done, the next tip, (more like steps really) will be on selecting and registering the domain.

Workplace Benefits and Drawbacks For Working at Home

There are benefits for working at home. For one thing, there is no commute and one should not underestimate the savings on gasoline. Then there are no clothing issues. While it is not good to work in your pajamas at home, still you do not have to be well dressed. There is no time clock too and there are fewer distractions. And best of all, the coffee is excellent.

But all the above does not make working at home a Shangri-La because there are drawbacks. The office is open 24/7 so any unfinished work can be done even on a Sunday. And there are many bosses. Anyone you are working with is a potential boss. Even Google is your boss.

Then there are the drop-ins. Just because you are working at home, people think they can just drop in and have a chit-chat. But if you don’t work you don’t get paid. There are no vacation and sick days either. And the children don’t like it one bit.

It gets lonely without co-workers to meet at the water cooler for a five-minute break. When there is a deadline for the work you have to finish, family and friends could distract you to no end. They think just because you’re home, you can’t be working.

There you go. You have both the good, the bad and the ugly. What do you think? Should I stick with this and get a job? Not so fast! It is because I enjoy this. I just have to learn to roll with the punches. You just have to remind well-meaning friends and family that you have a job to do.

In Home Business - Mom’s the Word

Some mothers are finding success in home business while raising their kids. They learn to balance their duties between being a mom and being an entrepreneur. Most take care of their kids during the day and as soon as they fall asleep, the moms are off developing their business.

Often they are called mompreneurs and they are growing in numbers. In Canada, there are more than 900,000 entrepreneurs and 80% of them are women. And out of every five of them, four are mothers. They feel empowered as they become financially independent.

The Importance of Mentorship in Home Business

You can achieve your home business dreams through mentorship. It is not about making it big and getting rich. Rather it is about people who want to express their creativity and ideas. This is where mentorship will come in. The mentors will be able to help people bring their ideas to life.

Actually very few people are mentored which is a shame because there are unique ideas waiting to be hatched which may never see the light at all. People are afraid to ask for help when this is such a remarkable concept to achieve dreams through mentorship. It is a win-win situation because achieving the dream is the goal and yet it will also affect the community in a good way.

Here’s an example of one who can mentor you from
newbie to millionaire . Maybe not a millionaire, but if you follow what she will teach you, you will at least make some money.

Stress Management Signs

Fear of small business failure could lead to owner burnout. There is lots of stress and the hours are long. There are plenty of things to do that the small business owners risk physical and mental exhaustion. A small business owner has lots of responsibilities such as production, marketing, sales and bookkeeping.

Manage the stress by taking charge of thoughts, the schedule and the way to cope with the problems. The goal is a balanced life of work, relaxation, relationships and fun. Develop the flexibility to have grace under pressure and to meet the challenges head on. Be aware of the signs of stress like excessive worrying, negativity, feeling depressed, pains and aches.

Lower Stress at Work

Let’s face it; running a home-based business is not all fun and games. Sometimes it’s stressful. We have to do something about this as too much stress can injure the brain. You see prolonged stress releases the hormones called Glucocorticoids which can cause memory shortfall and slows down the creation of new brain cells.

Yet some stress is good for us. It can give us energy and helps to get the juices flowing. We all know exercise helps reduce stress. But how do we do that when we are practically tied to the desk? Well, I know some techniques to lower stress at work but since I do not want to put some undue stress on myself, I will give you one tip at a time on this series called “Lower Stress at Work”.

Here’s the first of the series. De-stress the shoulders. The neck and shoulder have a tendency to tighten up when we are under stress. Do you know how to relieve that pain? Just lift the shoulders to your ears, squeeze and then drop them quickly back in place. Go ahead and try it; you will see the difference.

Here are 400 unprecedented stress elimination strategies right now at a special low limited-time price totally risk free with 60-day moneyback guarantee.

The Pros and Cons of Working at Home
We know working from has many advantages among which are savings on office and transportation cost, and the chance to be near your family both the young and the old who may be needing your care. Then there’s the flexibility in the hours that you put in making you able to meet the needs of your family as well. But there are pitfalls to consider.

Household responsibilities can get in the way and distract you from moving forward in your work. Schedule them at different time of the day. Don’t lose focus by the unnecessary telephone calls. Talking to family and friends can take too much of your time. Devise a plan so that they know when you are working and need to concentrate.

Volunteer and Boost Your Resume

What you get for helping others may not be just a one-time perk. When you volunteer to help say do income tax for low and moderate income residents, you get free training. The skills you get from the free training can be added to your resume. It may be just what you need for your resume to stand out.

How to Make Money Online in 2012

  • 1. The first thing to do is to find a product that people desperately need and that you can help put them in the right direction. It has to be something that is affordable and easy to understand and use.
  • 2. Check how much demand there is for this product and search for the keyword that can be used to find it.
  • 3. Find out the competition. If they are high-ranking, search for another keyword.
  • 4. After you get a good keyword or two, register a domain name and get a web host.
  • 5. Set up Word Press on your site.
  • 6. Install All In One SEO Pack. This is also the time when you write a few articles to populate your site.
  • 7. Set up your affiliate banners and call to action in important places where they can be seen.
  • 8. After you are satisfied as to how your site looks like and with the on-page SEO, you are ready to get traffic.
  • 9. For the off-page SEO, it is time to get back links to your site.
  • 10. Now you can watch how your site is doing through Google Analytics.
  • If you find you need help in any or all of the above steps, then sign up for home business coaching. Currently I’m booked with clients through the end of the year and next month, but when spots open up I will let you know about it.  You see this is only available to 10 clients at a time. Just leave your name and email address at the Alerts and Tips for You form on the right hand side above and you can also get free alert and tips once a week, if the form below does not work. You can unsubscribe anytime.

    Top Coaches Offer Free Advice

    Networking works. One should just network, network, network. We know it is not easy. We don’t wake up one day and just say that today is the day we are going to network. It is something we do as we live from day to day. Not only will we be able to give back to the community for nurturing us but also it is a way for people to get to know us and become an important contact.

    Starting a Homebusiness May Be a Good First Step, But Take Next Strides Lightly

    There is a lot of home business opportunities lurking around the corner that would qualify as a first good step. Some communities will even welcome you with no strings attached. Others will offer incentives and some, no matter how insignificant your business is, will treat you with the utmost respect when you go down to the city hall to ask clarification about zoning bylaws and so on.

    They will be delightfully efficient and humorous at the same time and you can’t help but wonder what planet they are from because it is not so easy to find people reacting this way. Well, one thing for sure, you won’t fight this city hall. But, don’t accept this as an everyday occurrence because there is hard work ahead. You don’t mind this because you chose a business you absolutely love.

    But answer these questions honestly and truthfully first and they will change your life. You have to do this first if you plan on starting and running a home based business that succeeds.

    How to Find SEO Low-Hanging Fruit

    This an excellent post on how to find a niche that may work for us. It is true the older a site is, the better is the chance to make good at it. Then there’s the low-hanging fruit. But then I read in the post that sites with dashes may not do well. The low-hanging fruit will have to have dashes in them won’t they? I ask this because I see quite a bit of websites in the web with a lot dashes in them and they are doing well.

    Reinventing Himself into a Webmaster

    Smith indeed is an admirable person to have done what he accomplished. Imagine having to start at 40 and learn how to do web design when he had no experience with the use of a computer. But he didn’t let that stop him and went back to school. He accomplished his goal working hard and now is doing well working at a website design company. Congratulations are in order for Smith.

    Picking the Suitable Marketing Services

    When you open your online business you will realize that you need traffic to get to your website where you conduct your business. And it is not only any kind of traffic but targeted traffic is essential so I am glad that we have been given this advice to hire a professional who can assist with the optimization of the website.

    Five Ways to Preserve Capital When the Investment Climate is Down

    When the investment climate is down here are five ways for the nervous investors to mull over and preserve capital:

    • 1. Don’t change anything as long as you have a good mix in your portfolio for over time this is still a good strategy.
    • 2. Sell only a portion of the most volatile stocks in your portfolio.
    • 3. Increase investments in bonds and consumer staples .
    • 4. Have some shorts in your investments like ETFs.
    • 5. This last one is extreme because it is to sell everything and put all proceeds in money markets. There are three disadvantages. One is that it costs to sell and then buy back. Secondly, one does not earn much with low interest rate and the last is that people who sell usually stay in the money market too long and can miss out on the gains the market can achieve.

    What Home Business To Start

    Just like the last tip, the choice of which business to start depends on what one is good at. One has to know in what areas he is good at or what he can do best. You can’t just buy a business from anyone and think you will be successful at it. If you really want to do well, do some research on what people want. Knowing what people need and finding ways to meet this need will at least put one on the right track.

    Home Business, What Should it Be?

    A lot of people have asked me about this but what they forget is they have to know what their interests are and the skills they have first. They have to figure out where their passion is so they will be really happy in what they are doing. They have to know what they are good at.

    Buying into an offer online may not help. For one thing, you have to know what people want. This will let you know if there is a market for the business you want to open. Only then you can start to find out how you can deliver and solve whatever problems the people are seeking. So there is a need for a lot of thinking before jumping in.

    Start Your Own Work At Home Business, What You Need to Consider

    Start Your Own Work At Home Business, What You Need to Consider

    While it’s true that having your own home based business is fun, there are things to consider before diving in. For example, you will have to think of the time you will devote to your business. There is flexibility in the scheduling of the time you will spend for this venture which is a good thing.

    You will also have to think of how it will affect your current work schedule. Then there are risks you have to bear in mind. You will want to know what risks are involved so you can put a system in place for protection. There will also be investment involved that you have to consider before jumping into any venture. After you have considered all these, then go ahead and jump right in.

    Home Business Steps

    Starting a business is not as easy as opening your doors. There are quite a few steps you have to consider. In the tip section, we will not fully explain each step but rather just give the big picture. We will do one step at a time showing in general what one must go through for each. Meantime when I get the chance, we will discuss in detail each step in the main section of the website.

    The first step involves determining what services and products you are going to provide. Do you have the skill and knowledge to offer this service or product? Is there a need for this product or service? Do you have the energy to go through all the steps of marketing the service and product you have in mind? After you have done the necessary research, then I will show you in the next tip the next step to follow for the home business you are trying to create.

    Freelancing - A Great Alternative to Home Business

    We will start a series on Freelancing tips and for this week, we will introduce this guide on this issue. Then every so often, we will talk about the nine areas, one at a time, where you can do some freelancing work and earn money on the side. This is one way to work from home and earn money without the hassle of starting a full-blown home business.

    This guide will show how to be a freelancer and what to expect in this kind of work. There are nine areas where you may pick the one that best fits your skill. This will give you an idea as to what areas you may want to look at in depth where you can start to be an entrepreneur. So the next time, we will look at how to get started in Freelancing.

    Home Business - Where Do You Meet Your Clients?

    Home business client meeting in your kitchen? Not with a sink full of dirty plates. So you see, it is best not to meet at home. This should be for people you know well. Even then, choose a room that is quiet and without clutter. Otherwise, choose alternative locations like libraries, a coffee shop, restaurants, or rent an office space. A hotel conference room may also be an option.

    Some places you should avoid when meeting with your clients are your bedroom, a pub and a fast food restaurant. Whatever is the choice depends on where you think the client will be happy but you have to decide the appropriate place.

    You Can’t Buy Home Business Success

    You can’t buy home business success is so true. You really have to earn it. So what does it mean? You will have to work at it. I have seen people try to buy it and they end up just losing their money. So when someone tells you, you will have a list without any effort, no skill and in just a few hours; run and keep your money in your wallet where it belongs.

    Tip #1 on How to Market Your Home Based Business
    First of all, you have to make sure that you have a strong brand. You will need to stand out from the other companies. So when they see your brand, people will notice you and will want to connect with you. What do you think will appeal to your customers? Check out the branding of other companies similar to yours and then based on the research, you can make your own.

    Starting a New Home Based Business, How to Decide If It’s Right For You

    If you are having trouble whether to start a home based business or not, there is some help. The Small Business Administration has a tool to help you decide. The tool is not just for home based business for it is also for other small businesses. It will help though because this tool will help you find out if you have the skills, experience and characteristics that will ensure success. It’s at http://www.sba.gov/assessmenttool/ I tried to make this clickable but it didn’t work out. So copy and paste it onto your browser.

    Find Ways To Make Money.

    How to Avoid Tax Scams

    Avoid tax scams as it is not worth it to have to worry that the IRS will find you not in compliance with the rules. So if someone approaches you that you can deduct all kinds of expenses, don’t buy into it as you have to have receipts to prove your claim. Remember that even though someone else prepares your income tax return, you are still responsible for it.

    Office Clutter

    Office clutter can cost your business money. How? At times, when someone calls or buys something online from you, you can’t find what you need to close the deal. That’s what they call leaving money on the table. Then at other times you get paralyzed from all the emails in your inbox. Keep things organized and you will do much better.

    Bank of America Tackles Principal Forgiveness

    Can you believe Bank of America is going to forgive or cut the principal by as much as 30% on about 45,000 home loans? Not too long ago, banks attempted to reverse the number of foreclosures but not one of them mentioned cutting the principal. Now since the largest mortgage lender announced its program, other banks may follow.

    The government and regulators have been in favor of the reduction of the principal but the banks have been hesitant to do this as they will have to take immediate loss. But now that home values have fallen so much, the banks may be willing to cut the principal especially so, if you do the math, the foreclosure cost is much more than the principal reduction.

    10. They Say They Can Negotiate to Make Your Debt Lower (Number 10 Money Tip for 2010)

    Be careful with this one as this is entirely different from the consolidation service. When these companies negotiate a lower total amount loan for you, there are some ramifications that you may not be aware of. If you want to get a good credit rating, this will not do it for you. Why? Read on.

    These companies may be able to negotiate a lower debt amount for you but the reduction amount will be a taxable income. For example, if you owe $30,000.00 and the company was successful at arranging to lower your debt to $10,000.00, the $20,000.00 they save you will become an income for which you will have to pay a tax on.

    In addition, the report will say that it is a paid charge off. What does this mean? It will carry with it an R-9 on the credit report and that, my friends, will lower your credit rating. So you see, this form of settling your debt is not a wise alternative if you want to maintain your credit rating.

    9. They Give a Quote of Unusually Low Monthly Payment (Number 9 Money Tip Sign to Avoid for 2010)

    Two things to remember here to see why giving you an unusually low monthly payment that will make you suspect this is a dead giveaway are here:

    • Other companies have given you a much higher monthly payment.
    • Your balance is substantial in the vicinity of $30,000.00.

    Be wary also of companies that use serving associates. These advertise on TV, in the internet and on the phone. What they do when they are successful at reeling you in is to sell your data to other companies. This is why we have to be very careful in the choice of companies we deal with.

    8. Don’t Sign With a Company When They Quote Payoff Times of a Certain Number of Years or Months (Number 8 Money Tip Sign to Avoid for 2010)

    If the payoff time of a certain number of years or months does not come with the payoff time for each creditor, then something may be amiss. Make sure that you will get the individual quotes of payoff times for each of your creditors. When you have six creditors with six different interest rates and six different balances, then obviously, the quote that states a certain number of names and months comes from a sales script that a telemarketer is reading to you.

    No professional debt management person can give you such a forecast unless backed up by a detailed calculation shown on a spreadsheet or a sheet of paper. This way you can do some checking up to see if their calculation makes sense. The Payoff Calculator will help you with this.

    Here’s another tip, this time on how to beat foreclosure. Do you know what some people do? They stay in their homes for years by repeatedly filing for bankruptcy. Some say this is an abuse of the system but what can parents do if there are children involved?


    Sponsored By

    Foreclosure Defense Secrets

    This Program Is A Necessity For Any Homeowner Facing Foreclosure Or Even Just Behind On Their Mortgage.



    7. They Quote Interest Rates Lumped Between 0% and 10% Instead of individually for each Creditor (Number 7 Money Tip Sign to Avoid for 2010 with a Company Who Does This)

    They give you an interest quotation of from 0% to 10% instead of individual interest rate for each creditor. When they start negotiation with the different creditors, not all of them will offer the same rate, Just the same, though you will want to know what each creditor will charge you for the interest rate.

    They will even offer you an award in the form of some cash. This may only divert you from what you really need to pay attention to. Sometimes the supposed cash back award may cover up the higher interest rate you may have to pay.

    6. They Advise You to Include Your IRS Debts (Number 6 Money Tip Sign to Avoid for 2010)

    Your debt to the IRS should be handled separately in the consolidation process from all your other accounts. So don’t believe any promises that this problem of yours will evaporate into thin air. There is a proper source that can handle this and it is the Internal Revenue Services. So if you hear someone promising you that it can be solved just like that, ask IRS to make sure if it is true.

    5. They Advise You To Include Accounts That Are Already Low (Number 5 Money Tip Sign to Avoid for 2010)

    Some will have the nerve to advise you to include your student loans in your consolidation. Student loans have already low rates. Why would you have to do this when the student loans already have low interest rates? Duh, that’s a no brainer. For student loans that you may need help on, check this out at

    They Require You Call Back to See If You Are Approved (Number 4 Money Tip Sign to Avoid for 2010)

    There are no such things as requirements for approval for your debt to be consolidated. The only thing to determine is whether the creditors will offer terms that are better for you and also whether you can pay the amount that is required.

    Also, if they do not try to find out if you need to have an account out of the program before you begin with them, then fire them and try another company. Who knows, you may need something to fall back on if things do not go as well as you anticipated.

    They Require Your Account Numbers (Number 3 Money Tip Sign to Avoid for 2010)

    They want you to give them your account numbers before giving you a quote. You should not give them your account numbers as these are not necessary for them to give you a quote. All they need are the creditors’ names, the interest rates and the balances.

    They may also offer you a lot of services like credit repair and help with the IRS. Do not fall for these jack of all trades for debt consolidation needs a lot of work and branching out to others could spell trouble. It means the company may have some internal problems.

    Help! They Require You to Close All Your Accounts (Number 2 Money Tip Sign to Avoid for 2010)

    They insist that they keep the first payment as a set-up fee. Thank goodness, there are now changes in policies that make this no longer reasonable. They also may want you to close all your accounts. So please study the contract carefully.

    Help! There are Sharks in the Ocean! (Number 1 Money Tip Sign to Avoid for 2010)

    Due to so much demand for help on debt management, unscrupulous companies have sprouted all over the world. Those who have asked for debt help are exploited by some companies to the point their credit is damaged more than it really is. To be careful is the order of the day. Here are some signs of companies you should avoid:

    1. They do not offer a guarantee. There are trustworthy companies that offer a guarantee. Some unscrupulous ones require you to pay them by cashier checks or money order or they may get you to let them debit your account right away. Be very careful with these companies as you should not be required to pay until you are already in the program.

    How to Reduce Fees You Pay to the Bank Tip#2

    Here’s another way to reduce the bank fees:

    Account Maintenance Fees - For just keeping your checking and savings account open, the bank could charge you for as much as $12.00 a month. What to do? Call the bank if you see some strange charges that you did not make and were not there last month. Know the terms of your account and try to find the bank that is right for you.

    Today is the last day to sign up at the top of the page for alerts and tips on how to reduce the bank fees to receive them all at once. Otherwise you will get them one week or so at a time.

    How to Reduce Fees You Pay to the Bank Tip#1

    There are small banking fees that could cost you quite a bit if you are not careful. In the following weeks, we will let you know how to avoid some of them. You probably were not even aware of them.

    Transfer Fees - Do you have linked accounts? When you move money around between linked accounts, some banks now charge $3 or $5 for each transfer that you make online. Try to make only one transfer a month or redirect a direct deposit.

    Debt Collection Rules

    Here are the rules for debt collectors according to the Fair Collection Practices Act:

    • Collectors can only call 8am to 9 p.m., in your time zone.
    • They cannot harass by calling repeatedly.
    • Collectors cannot use obscene, profane or abusive language.
    • They cannot threaten violence for failure to pay.
    • Collectors cannot call you at work if they know your employer does not allow it.
    • You have a right to dispute the debt within 30 days of written notification.

    Should You Walk Away From Your Home?

    Let us take an example of the couple who bought their house in the middle of 2006 for $240,000.00. They put a 5% down payment and obtained a 30-year fixed mortgage at 6 3/4%. They pay annual taxes of $3500 and $2500 for insuring the property.

    The market went south and their home is now worth $137,500. Altogether they have made 41 monthly payments of $1976.00 and still owe $219,000 in principal. If they walk away, they could rent a similar home for $1100, thus saving $80,000 if they stayed in their home for eight years. They will make more money if they put the savings in an investment account.

    Here’s the problem. In Florida, there is a law that allows the lenders five years to pursue a deficiency judgment and they could be forced to pay the difference between the loan and the foreclosure price. This has not been common these days though because of the rampant foreclosures. But their credit rating could get hit as well.

    If the couple decides to stay, it will take them 15 years to get back their equity at 4% appreciation. In addition they will lose $630 a month or $113,400 over 15 years which is the difference between the monthly mortgage and rental payments. Rents could rise but then they won’t have to spend thousands for maintenance of the home.

    So should they walk out of their home? Is saving $100,000 worth the risk on their credit score and the chance they would have to face the deficiency judgment? You be the judge of this and let us know via the contact form what you think of this.

    Find Help With College Cost

    Parents should make use of every chance to help with the college cost. Cost for college including books, tuition and fees go up every year. It makes sense to try to secure every help so that whatever money saved can be used to start up a business to go from debt into wealth. I am writing an ebook with links like this example: Those who qualify may be able to get grants for as much as $4000 every year to pay the bills. Find out if you qualify at http://www.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ocfo/grants/sites.html So sign up at the top of the page so you can get these tips.

    Don’t Close Debt and Credit Cards with Good History

    Since when have debt and credit cards been with good history? They are with good standing history if payments have been made on time, the credit history has been long and the ratio between the credit limit and the balance is low. Now why are you not supposed to close these good guys?

    Because closing them will impact your credit history. Your credit score could go down and you know what that means. Your interest rate will go up and when time comes you will need to borrow some money, it will cost you more. Remember before we can invest to be wealthy, we have to pay off the debt.

    Parents Can Find Some Debt Relief With $2,500 Tuition Credit

    Parents who pay for their children’s college tuition fee can find a maximum of $2500 through a tuition tax credit. This is part of President Obama’s stimulus bill which is called higher-education tax credit. There is no additional paper work required. The only thing is that the students have to file their income tax return on time. See this resource for more information: http://www.irs.gov/newsroom/article/0,,id=205674,00.html Perhaps when we get help we will get debt-free sooner and be ready to start a home based business.

    Deferment, Forbearance or Default?

    When you find yourself with a $120,000 college degree, with no job and the six-month grace period is over, what do you do? There are options like deferment and forbearance. Check it out here at http://studentaid.ed.gov/PORTALSWebApp/students/english/difficulty.jsp Copy and paste that onto your web browser. How about default on the loan? Don’t even think of this for although the deferment and forbearance have some repercussions, nothing as damaging as paying late and defaulting on the loan.

    Congressional Proposals That Could Lighten the Financial Burden

    It is a great thing that finally there are congressional proposals that will help those who have a pre-existing condition. These proposals will take away the ability of the insurance company to deny coverage to those who have a pre-existing condition or drop them for a medical history that has not been disclosed. There may also be a cap on the maximum cost that a patient or a family will incur. This will lighten the financial burden.

    Lessons Learned on Credit Card Debt

    Here are the lessons someone emailed me about what he learned:

    • Don’t sign up for credit cards just because of the gimmicks, like a free t-shirt or trip.
    • Charge only what I can pay off in full when the statement arrives.
    • Purchasing things just to impress someone is a big no-no.
    • Debt will keep growing unless you do something about it.
    • The only way to be free is to be out of debt.

    Having Problems Getting on to the Next Stage of Your Life?

    Find out what is it you want in your life, visualize it and say “yes” to whatever it takes to get there. Find what action steps you need to do to take you there. If it is getting out of debt that you want to happen, then do it. There are a lot of resources available. Find out the steps to getting out of debt and do them. If you find they are difficult to follow, get help. Your body knows when life gets too difficult to handle. Listen to it and keep looking for help until you find the one that suits you.

    Even Those Insured Can Go in Debt With Serious Illness

    It’s unbelievable but true that having a health insurance will not make one not go into debt. Why? Because there is a difference between the actual cost of treatment and what insurance covers. That is why those with medical problems that are life threatening and chronic go into hole so deep it is impossible to escape.

    Thank goodness there are now measures in the legislature dealing with this problem like:

    • Insurers will be required to offer benefits that meet quality standards with less coverage gaps.
    • There will be caps on out-of-pocket costs for patients.
    • Insurers will be stopped from refusing coverage of pre-existing condition.

    I will be so glad when a legislation like that passes for then there will be less chance of us going into medical debt. Then we can concentrate on getting wealthy through investments or a home based business.

    So try to sign up for more alert and tips so you can get them every week as those which I send to my subscribers may not land in this web page. Sign up down below:

    Debt Consolidation or Debt Settlement?

    We have to continue to face the music no matter how unpleasant it is because to get into wealth, we will have to get out of debt first if we want to do some investment or go into business. So when you feel a headache coming and you feel lethargic and agitated thinking of how to get out of debt, don’t forget to do the good stuff.

    Don’t forget to eat healthy, exercise and have some social activities with friends. When you are exhausted though and feeling tired, get rested before going on the next flurry of activities. You will then be better prepared to deal with the debt.

    When asked if it is good to use a debt settlement company to settle the debt for a lower amount, an expert said it is better to do the debt consolidation route as it will make things more manageable with one monthly payment. As soon as this is paid, one can work on building one’s credit.

    The debt settlement damages the credit history of the debtor. Not only that, you will have to pay federal taxes on the amount that has been reduced. Just remember that this will not take a day or two to solve the problem. It will take sometime until you finish paying it off. With discipline and determination, you will get there.

    Say :Yes” to the Action Steps!

    Having trouble getting on to the next stage of your life? Visualize what is it you want in your life and say “yes” to the action steps that will take you there. Is it getting out of debt that you want to happen? Then find out how to do it and take the steps. If you find it too hard, get help. Our body knows when life gets too hard to handle but there is always help around. Keep looking for help until you find the right fit

    What is holding you back?

    Having trouble getting on to the next stage of your life? Visualize what is it you want in your life and say “yes” to the action steps that will take you there. Is it getting out of debt that you want to happen? Then find out how to do it and take the steps. If you find it too hard, get help. Our body knows when life gets too hard to handle but there is always help around. Keep looking for help until you find the right fit

    Could it be your beliefs, past actions and debts that are accumulating faster than I can say debt collector? Are you stuck and can’t go forward to have a home-based business because of overspending? Find out what is triggering the over spending. Is it your job that pays high but makes you overspend? Or is there a deep-seated psychological reason behind it all? Whatever it is, face it and determine what you have to do and then do it.

    Can Debt Make You Sick?

    According to a poll, eight out of ten Americans have been hit by the economic crisis. In this case, the credit score can go down and with it the health as well. It’s no wonder for financial health offers security and with that threatened, so is the ability to face other issues. This can make anyone feel physically sick. Fortunately, there are possible solutions.

    So how can you keep your health during this tough economic scenario? Well, just thinking about it will just make it worse. Let’s follow the “mind over matter” thinking so we will not let the debt take over our life. There are some strategies we can follow and I will give you the first one today and the others hopefully next week. Ready?

    Look back to see what happened. How did we end up in this situation? Could we have done something to avoid this? What is the cause of this? Do we have some behaviors that we need to change so we can avoid similar things from happening again? Stepping back this way will empower us to face the challenges. Next week, I will let you know the other two strategies. Knowing the cause will lead us to get help from reliable people.

    Here Are Two Questions about Debt Collectors

    How can I stop a debt collector from contacting me?
    You can tell the debt collector to stop contacting you by writing him a letter.

    Can a debt collector contact you any place or time?
    A debt collector cannot contact you any time or place that is inconvenient to you. He cannot call you before 8:00 am in the morning or in the evening after 9:00 pm.

    Do you want to know what happened to the debt collector company that filed collection suits against debtors for debts that were beyond the statute of limitation and so have expired? Well, the consumers filed a class action suit against this company and now the plaintiffs’ lawyers have announced that the company has made a settlement for $150,000. Yay, one point for the good guys! Now do you want to know if your debts have expired? Just sign up at the top of the home page and you will receive more tips every week and two or three of those weeks will be on statute of limitation or sign up down below:

    Sometimes I can’t wait to tell you something important. For example I have been sending tips on the statute of limitation of debts. Did you know that once your debt has expired, you are not obligated to pay for it? Sure enough, a firm was fined for trying to collect a debt that has expired and even sued people for not paying up. So these people got themselves a class action suit and won!

    Newsalerts That Could Impact Your Financial Well-Being With Word Press

    November 6th, 2012

    From time to time, we will report on alerts that could help solve financial problems. We scoured the net to find them and will post comment on those articles that may help you. We will include those comments here. Try to click the link as the news provider may delete the news item. Also sometimes the page will not change the url address into a link no matter how hard we try. In that case, just copy the address and paste it in your browser. If they do delete the news, the snippets of information may still help:


    Getting a Domain Name for Word Press

    Creating a website nowadays is so much easier than in the 90s when you have to learn a whole lot of programming   So you must be thinking what it is you really need to get a website going. But first let me tell you the disadvantages of using Wordpress without web hosting. Really it is just a matter of cost and very minimal at that.

    There are absolutely two things you need to have. You need a domain name that can cost $10 a year that can sometimes come free during the first year when it comes with the hosting which is the second thing you need, a dependable hosting account that can cost $5 a month or more. So roughly these two essentials to run a business will cost $70 a year.

    The domain name is your office address on the Internet where people can reach you. Hosting is more like the office space where you can store your stuff. If you are running a brick and mortar store, renting an office space is very expensive unlike in the online world where the cost is affordable. And there are tips that can make it even cheaper.

    We will have to register the domain name with a registrar who will collect the yearly fees. The registrar can be the same company as the hosting one but it is better to have different ones. Why? It is because the web host can easily take your website down if there ever is a disagreement between you two and lock you out of the control panel thus not allowing you to transfer your website to another web host. It is therefore better to separate the two and stay with ones that I highly recommend.

    Once you have your website set up, you will have to determine which business model to adopt to make your website a 24/7 money-making machine. Once the sales funnel are set up, there will just be minor maintenance you have to do. This is the power of leveraging the technology. We will do that step by step. But first, we have to choose the domain name and register it which we have on the next webpage.

    But if you are in a hurry and want to learn fast, here’s a 60-day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee risk-free to try the Complete WordPress Tutorial Video Training Course! This will give you a head start to overcome the problems others are facing. Wordpress is awesome and easy to use but there are issues you will need to learn.

    That is why some fail at this because they do not have the proper training. The problem continues on because answers to questions come in bits and pieces that will leave one just spinning the wheel until now that the Complete WordPress Tutorial Video Training Course has arrived with all the answers in one site.

    Now it is possible to build your website right and earn money from it sooner than if we continue spinning the wheel. This is a complete step by step WordPress video training series with over 60 instructional videos on how to construct a SOLID website which is optimized for the search engines.

    You will learn all of the basics as well as advanced web design techniques. Plus Much More This is not a skimpy run of the mill WordPress Training Course, You will also get complete training on how to properly optimize your site and how to promote your website. What this course includes: Full length videos - No short 3 minute quick tip type of videos. Here’s the link again: Complete WordPress Tutorial Video Training Course!

    Getting Started With Wordpress

    I just read two excellent books on how to use Wordpress when creating websites that made me decide that this is the one I would like to share with you as an alert from month to month. It is because I wish I had these two books when I started my blog because what I learned before were all bits and pieces. This time I have the opportunity to show you the whole thing.

    Word press is used by a lot of people from big businesses down to mom and pop operations. It is free and easy to use but powerful. One does not need technical skill to put up professional looking website. One just needs to know how to use the web browser and if you have searched something in the web, then you know how to use it.

    I am not going to lie to you; it will take a bit of work but with this I will be able to help you. Together we will jump over the hurdles and even though you know nothing about building a website you will be able to create one that you will be proud to show off to your family and friends. They may even end up asking you to help them build their website.

    We will show you how to build your website step-by-step but as long as you follow them and work on the exercises with the help of your computer, you should find yourself a successful website builder. As I do the steps, follow If you are in a hurry and want to learn fast, here’s a 60-day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee risk-free to try the Complete WordPress Tutorial Video Training Course!

    This will give you a headstart to overcome the problems others are facing. Wordpress is awesome and easy to use but there are issues you will need to learn. That is why some fail at this because they do not have the proper training. The problem continues on because answers to questions come in bits and pieces that will leave one just spinning the wheel until now that Complete WordPress Tutorial Video Training Course has arrived with all the answers in one site.

    Now it is possible to build your website right and earn money from it sooner than if we continue spinning the wheel. This is a complete step by step WordPress video training series with over 60 instructional videos on how to construct a SOLID website which is optimized for the search engines. You will learn all of the basics as well as advanced web design techniques. Plus Much More

    This is not a skimpy run of the mill WordPress Training Course, You will also get complete training on how to properly optimize your site and how to promote your website. What this course includes: Full length videos - No short 3 minute quick tip type of videos. Here’s the link again: Complete WordPress Tutorial Video Training Course!

    Four Strategies to Grow a Profitable Online Business

    Some people build online businesses and earn a living from the very first day while some just are not able to do the same. So I researched what the successful people did, the result of which I want to share with you and hopefully we can follow the same path. We all want to follow this example so we can do the same. Here are four things to do:

    1. Create a system that can help solve the readers’ problems. It has to be something more than what they get from the other businesses. You really have to be creative and add pizzazz to the system you create.

    2. The readers want to be told what to do to solve their problems. Either that or they want to be entertained. If you can do both, they will buy from you.

    3. Find out the areas where your readers need help and then help them how to prepare to cope with those situations. Create a system that can help them meet those challenges.

    4. Don’t send them to read someone else’s posts. Just lead them to yours. Here is an example of a system one can create to grow a profitable online business: How To Create Incredibly Profitable Joint Ventures For Your Online Business!

    Internet Marketing, What is That? Advice from a Newcomer

    The best thing to do is to ask questions. People around you will help especially when Pandas and Penguins start appearing on web pages. Then this newbie said to walk the walk. One can’t keep on reading about it without having to delve into the innards of internet marketing. There are lots of learning centres around that will help you get around Google Adwords Google Adwords and Google Analytics Really the only thing that stands in my way is lack of time.

    Read all you can about internet marketing. Here are some good things one really has to read like Why Knowing Everything About SEO Doesn’t Mean Shit. There are also some Google basics you have to read as well as the Beginners Guide to SEO. Don’t worry, we will deal with all of these in detail next time.

    Social Media and Marketing, What’s the Connection?

    Social media enables the small business to reach more people online. There are tools one can use to keep the business growing and social media is definitely one of them. Why? It is because one can easily integrate social marketing with the social media. How? Read on to find out how.

    One can run a campaign involving the social media and marketing. There are four steps for running a campaign and integrating both social media and social marketing. First is to gain an understanding on the way the market behaves these days. After appreciating the changing internet marketing scene, one is now ready to know the consumer of the business.

    Knowing the mind of the consumer will help get sales because you will be able to reach them better. Only after these first two steps that you will be ready for the third step which is creating a social campaign. The tactics and strategies will be different for each campaign but the common expectation is to achieve the business goals.

    The last step is to make every campaign unforgettable. With the correct brand, the campaign can’t help but be memorable. Here is where one can take the customer service where the clients are. This is where they are gathering and where one can hear what they are telling each other about the business. Respond to whatever they are saying and they can’t help but gain your loyalty.

    If you have a need for a business to do Facebook updates and tweets for you, look no further for our company can do this for you. Our company is currently booked with clients through the end of this month and next, but when spots open up I will let you know about it.  You see this is only available to 10 clients at a time. Just leave your name and number at the contact form here; Just go to the contact form and write there that you are interested in getting social media help.

    10 Internet Marketing Ideas to Help Boost Your Business

    To succeed at a home business one has to be prepared to do what it takes to employ some innovative ideas like joining social media sites, drafting a press release and doing some email marketing strategies. One may also have to create a blog and videos and then offer discounts.

    Participating in forums, optimizing your websites, running contests and making your site interactive through mobile application will also help. Now these all seem to be a tall order but have no fear because as soon as I get a chance and finish what I am doing for you on tips, this will be the next one I will tackle to show how to do each one of them.

    Home Tax Business Raided and Accused of Fraud by State

    Listen to this. Tax Fraud Investigators raided a Tax Business in
    Albuquerque tax preparer’s office and carried off boxes of documents.
    State Taxation and Revenue Department agents pulled computers, files and financial documents for hours out of the home business Monday morning.

    Apparently, Flora Mascarenas filed hundreds of fake income tax returns and received refunds of almost $150,000. The investigators said Mascarenas was running a tax preparation service at her home illegally. She may also have stolen the identities of her clients.

    News reporter Chris Ramirez asked Mascarenas if she did anything wrong but she answered in the negative. She said she is not a tax preparer but that she does bookkeeping and accounting. The investigators however said that Mascarenas may be part of a larger fraud ring and will proceed with prosecution. What do you think?

    Tips on How to Effectively Maximize Internet Marketing

    These are indeed important information that are certainly needed in order to survive the home business world in the internet. One’s product should be easy enough to use, keep up-to-date with the news and know where you can promote the business are some of the things to remember.

    Giving away some valuable tips will also help and of course after the penguin update, everyone knows now not to cheat the search engines. Of course the focus should be the customers anyway and what one can offer them that will be of help solve whatever problem they are encountering.

    5 Internet Marketing Musts for Small Businesses

    Yes, a small business cannot get away from internet marketing and it’s true the first step is to stay savvy. We have to learn as much as we can. And we don’t stop here for we have to get creative and get a strategy that will work for the business. After all, there is no such thing as one size fits all.

    We have to remember that our website is the focus of all we do so whatever you do should lead back to your website. I guess that is my problem because I focus more on what my readers need. I do send them back to my websites but I don’t even measure what works and what doesn’t. Oh sure, I have Google Analytics but I don‘t really do much about it.

    5 Step Internet Marketing & SEO ‘How To’ for Professionals

    Professionals need a website or else the clients or customers will go to the competitors who have a website. Google says most of the searches are local so this should benefit the professionals who have a website. It is not hard to get one anyway.

    It can be outsourced or you can do it yourself by starting a blog and getting listed in Google places. Do some SEO stuff and social media along with guest blogs and articles so the website can become an authority site. This should be easy to implement. They say it is not time-consuming but my experience says otherwise.

    Mother Bags Success with her Home Business

    Congratulations to Washington for achieving success with her internet business. I am sure she must have worked real hard for her dream to come true. Imagine earning a six-figure income by selling purses, totes and bags. She is also a role model for all of us. She does it by selling directly to people at home parties just like Avon and Tupperware.

    Things to Consider Before Starting a Home Business

    Asking the following questions and determining the answers will help decide whether starting a home business is the right choice. Can you support yourself financially? This has to be considered carefully for there will be costs involved like equipment and office supplies to buy. Will your budget therefore have room to start a business?

    Then there is the question on whether you can stay focused on the things you have to do for the business. Setting up specific time without family and friends interrupting your work will help. Will you be able to say no to taking breaks with friends who may think your hours are flexible? All considerations on these questions will help clarify whether starting a home business is for you.

    The Beauty of a Home-Based Business Model

    This proves that aligning one’s business with a successful brand is a win-win situation. True it would cost money by way of an endorsement deal plus a percentage of the royalty and the equity on the business. But that’s probably money you will have to spend to get going with the business. This deal and model business therefore is worth taking on as a short-cut to success.

    Internet Marketing for Beginners
    Here’s a man who has just been one year doing internet business and is now doing very well. He has some good advice for us. He said we don’t have to know how to do things. We just need to hire people for reasonable amounts at - www.elance.com ; www.guru.com , - www.odesk.comwww.craiglist.org
    What we need to do is to focus on big ideas that make dollars for us.

    Don’t Pay For Internet Marketing Services You Don’t Really Need

    Before hiring the services of an Internet Marketing Company, aside from making sure it is legitimate, be sure you understand what the problem is so that whatever it is, it will be solved. Be sure also that your budget is enough to fix the problem. A limited budget may not be enough to fix the problem and you will end up getting some done, stop and then get something done again without the problem getting fixed.

    Another thing is to check the problems from different angles. Could it be the structure of the site? Do you need relevant and quality content or do you have problem building links? There has got really to be an in-depth analysis of the site and a professional will be needed to do the work to achieve the goal you are aiming for.

    Inbound and Outbound Marketing Compared

    The new way of marketing through engaging content in blogs and websites that add value with interesting and informative data is winning over the outbound marketing using billboards and TV ads. The consumers have learned to find, research and buy what they need online.

    They have been empowered by this new way of buying things and so this inbound type of marketing is the alternative way of finding and buying things. It costs less than the traditional way of marketing for one thing so it is also a win-win situation for the business.

    Designs Online Keeps Upper Township Mother Home With Family

    Wow! Imagine being a $14 dollar an hour secretary to building a business with an annual income of $200,000. She did it so she could stay at home to look after her autistic son. But now he goes to school so Kline can go to work for 11 hours a day. She started small by just creating logos and look at where she is now - building e-commerce websites for other people. This is indeed an inspirational story that will give others the motivation they need to create a home based business of their own.

    3 Different Ways To Earn Income At Home

    The current economic trouble is getting people to try earning money online. I read this top three ways to do this and thought I’d share them with you. One is affiliate marketing where you sell other people’s product and you earn commission for doing so. Then there’s e-bay where you can sell stuff and earn money that way. And of course there’s one where you write articles and get paid for doing so. Let me know if you want more information on this by filling out the contact form at http://www.debtchallenges.com

    Article Marketing: A Simple Way to Boost Your Visibility

    I thanked the author of this article for refreshing my mind about this. I do article marketing but not that often. I used to submit articles every week but there are only so many hours a day and the eight hours I devote to this, seven days a week does not even allow me to finish everything I have to do. But what is so refreshing about the article is what the author said that some directories allow the writer to make some money out of their work. I just have to tell those reading this that this is an option for them. Sorry I had to remove the link as it is not allowing me to take you there.

    Is There a “Best Home Business” or Is That Nonsense

    I want to share with you these really excellent suggestions especially these days when every Tom Dick and Harry just wants to earn money off you. The recommendations will steer some would-be marketers out of trouble. And the author is so right. No one just makes money without doing the work. That is why it is best to choose something you are passionate about. At least, even though money may be a long time coming, at least you are enjoying what you are doing.

    Internet Marketing – How To Increase Your Conversion Rate

    It is good to know how to make every page like a landing page. It makes sense to do so. The only thing now that puts a barrier between this excellent advice and my actual implementation of it is the time element. I finished a lot of pages already and that would mean I will have to go back to each one of them to implement the recommendation. The thing is I am already doing 8 hours of work on this and I don’t know where else I can find time for it. I know I can outsource it but every time I outsource something, I still have to a lot of work on the outsourced materials.

    Visit Marketing Pilgrim’s Internet Marketing Job Board Today!

    This is good service for both the advertisers for the job and the job seekers themselves. Imagine having in one place the list of current jobs available for those who are looking for one. It is very convenient too for the advertisers to do the application online.

    How To Start A Home Business

    This is an excellent article and will be quite a help for those who are just starting to test the water. I like it that the author mentioned the importance of a good plan for without it, there is more chance at failing because it will feel like working in the dark. The advice on doing the business with one’s passion in mind is also right on the money.

    QCSS, A Rapidly Growing, Call Center And Telemarketing Firm, Celebrates Twenty Years In Business

    The small business called QCSS, Quality Customer Service & Sales that was launched last February 1991 made it on the cover of Money Magazine. CEO Catherine Karabbetsos and CSO Karin Hall made it and twenty years later are doing business with large reputable companies. To think they started the business only in Karin’s home as a sell-by-phone in the cosmetics industry, that’s amazing indeed.

    Work At Home Business Ideas: Ways To Start With Affiliate Marketing

    This is a great article on affiliate marketing and gives new information that other articles on the same vein have not mentioned. Those five ways the article indicated do not cost much cash outlay so will be perfect for those who are struggling online.

    The #1 Work From Home Business Of 2011

    Thank you for this information. I will let my readers know about this as it will help them make the proper choice to see if this will be a fit for them. At the very least it will give them an idea especially from a highly ranked website where this information originated.

    Business Owners Criticize State Regulations at Newport Forum

    It is a crying shame that the state makes it difficult for the business owners to run their business with too many regulations and bureaucracy getting in their way. The business people are just trying to make an honest way of living and need help and cooperation instead of having to jump hoops just trying to operate their business.

    BBB Top 10 List - Scams, Rip-Offs, and Complaints of 2010

    It’s about time we get a list like this. With so many scams going around these days, we cannot underestimate the importance of this article. I say, keep it coming to alert us on all those fraudulent activities. And the advice is right on the money: Research the business with BBB before signing in a contract and paying up. There’s help from this New Support Group!

    Internet Marketing, Emarketing, Online Marketing, Web Marketing And The Power Of Internet Marketing

    Yes, internet marketing is something every business owner should be involved in but one has to be careful who to hire. You never know who has the right fit for your business for one thing. Then there is the question of whether the internet marketing service you hire will really deliver long time.

    Elderly Woman Charged Thousands In ‘Work-At-Home’ Offer

    My heart just goes out to that elderly woman who was scammed for $22,000.00 by unscrupulous work-at-home offers who is giving the rest of the legitimate home business owners a bad name. The news item did not say if the scammers were caught; I hope to God they will be.

    Twitter Updates for 2010-12-30

    I love these twitter updates as access to all home business tweets is made easy. There are a lot of tweets there that may give me information on how to go about things pertaining to new resources that may come available. There are links to affiliate marketing for beginners, just to show an example. So you may want to read Automate Deadbeat Super Affiliate.

    Work At Home Business Frequently Asked Questions And The Answers

    Those five questions and the corresponding answers are just what people who want to go on a home business journey need. The answers are to the point giving the real deal scenario instead of the false promises we have been led to believe. Therefore these FAQ’s will be a reality check for those who need them before jumping in.

    2010 Expert Internet Marketing Predictions Came True!

    I am glad to read all these predictions as it is really interesting to know what’s going on in the internet marketing world. For like it or not, we are bound to use it or lose your presence in the wide world web. Correct me if I am wrong but I think digital spending does not refer only to business expenses but also for consumers buying and spending money online.

    Some Tips On Establishing An Online Home Business

    Those are all good tips especially the one on promoting yourself for what good is a fine website and an excellent mission if no one knows about it? The trouble is there are so many distractions it is not easy to separate the sheep from the goats. But the author is right, it can be done. Here are some small business ideas.

    Home Business Ideas For Moms!

    There is so much advice here that any prospective home business owners can take heed. What is especially helpful is the advice on not jumping on the first opportunity that comes along but on doing the required research and to choose one that will be of so much interest to the point it will be more fun than work.

    {Online Home Business}, The Future!

    Online home business is indeed one’s future and the reasons the author gave are all legitimate ones that can drive someone to start a home business online. Brian Tracy is right to say the shift is toward the internet. The online stores make it so easy to shop there instead of the brick and mortar store that people make it their business to do their shopping there. Here’s an example of a home based business but read a lot about Medical Billing Home Business first.

    Work At Home Business Opportunity – Immunotec Business Opportunity

    That company, Immunotec, must really be a good one to check out for as the author said it has all the ingredients of a good business opportunity. I will certainly check it out. The track record of 15 years is a good sign that it is indeed a good company to be associated with.

    The Blessings of Publishing Your Own Home Business Newsletter - Might it Be Terribly Rewarding?

    Yes, that’s true publishing your own ezine has many advantages but think of the time you have to put into it and perhaps, one will think twice before committing to even a monthly newsletter. The real benefit of it is that you will be able to communicate with your readers on things they have to look out for safety purposes.

    Home Business Allows Creativity, Life Balance

    What a nice business this is for this lady because she loves people and children and dogs! Her business may be seasonal but it keeps her busy and yet she enjoys the down time she has. She may be able to outsource the job to someone during the high season.

    Home Business Models

    I think the people you have to listen are the people who have what you want and I agree with you that despite Donald Trump’s gut instinct and that he has what people want, I still won’t listen to him. I remember him saying that the secret of getting wealthy is genetics and I don’t like that. It is better to listen to The Laws of Attraction.

    La Bella Baskets Representative Builds Network Through Targeted Advertising

    This article provides information as to where to go for advertising that will help home business owners get some traffic for their website. True, it is not effortless and network marketers may need some kind of training and mentoring but where to get this is the problem. There is so much hype online it is confusing to separate the sheep from the goat.

    Home Business Tax Idea: Solo 401k Contributions

    This is a good alert for small business owners as they can get the deductions just like the big boys do if they follow the suggestion of the author of this article. It makes sense to contribute to a Solo 401K as you can make maximum contribution to your account and match that amount for the employee which in the case of a small business who has no employees outside of family could be such a help, come tax deduction time.

    FBI Searches Home, Business of BISD Contractor

    This is a lesson for all of us. For the truth is that the balanced success that includes wealth, health and happiness should be built on the foundation stones of character, honesty, integrity, love and loyalty. Compromising any of these foundations will only end up in getting less of what riches life has in store for us. You may also be interested in The Forgotten Laws

    This Week in Small Business: The First Holiday Numbers

    Wow, I love this site where news and things affecting the small business are all in one page where there are links to take us to what we think we need the most. This is quite a time saver and I thank you for this. I hope you will have this out on a weekly basis.

    Home Business Steps To Success (Part 1)

    I am glad the author said he will explain internet marketing further for although I realize its importance to a home based business, there are so many things to cover in that area and there are only so many hours on any given day to do them all.

    Four Home-Based Business Myths

    I am glad the author put these myths out in the open because almost all who sell their products using the above four are not telling the truth. Now the reality check is in and those who plan to have their own business will be able to get into it with an open mind after they read and absorb the content of this article.

    ‘American Dream Has Been Dented’

    Wow, this is a great story, something that may motivate others to do the same. Ruth Hartley deserves the success she is having working 10 to 16 hours a day but at least she found that although the American dream has been dented, it is still alive and kicking. Hope it will inspire others to follow her path to pursue their dreams and in so doing add value to their lives as well as to others just like Ruth did.

    Buy local: Gov. Beshear Urges Consumers to Shop at Home on ‘Small Business Saturday’

    That’s my kind of governor who is after helping the small businesses and thanks too to American Express for spearheading the campaign on facebook and twitter. This will give the needed boost for the small businesses. And it’s true what you spend locally will help the community where one operates the business and where one lives. Here are some small business ideas.

    George Kosch, Home Business Bootcamp Instructor Reveals TOP 5 Reasons People Fail to Graduate from Bootcamp

    The author is right that those reasons are what make people fail at home based businesses. World Profits videos sound like they are the real deal but what turned me away from watching them are the ones I saw that just wasted my time. Usually it is all about trying to sell whatever it is they’re trying to sell.

    Is Home Business Really a Successful Business

    While it is true that a home business could free some time for the family, still at the start, a lot of effort has to be invested in getting the business to grow. Also there are a lot of companies willing to share their so-called secrets but that is where it usually stops. Sometimes you could even be led down the garden path.

    Cybertegic, Inc. Places Three More Clients to the Top of Search Engine Optimization Results with Successful SEO Services

    Cybertegic seems to be successful in getting a business high up in the search engines’ estimation. It is proven by the fact that it has done this again with three more companies. Perhaps we will be needing this type of service; we shall see.

    Why not run your own search engine and make money like Google? This script will tell you how. They say it’s the best traffic monetization solution because you will be paid by Adsense, Amazon and Ebay.

    Local to Global: Maui Mom’s Home Business Sells for $91 Million

    This is a highly inspiring post that should motivate a lot of would-be entrepreneurs. Imagine going from a home based business to a $91,000,000 dollar business. It’s unbelievable but it is true. It happened in a little town in Hawaii. So all of you with sewing expertise and the stamina to match, get going with an idea.

    Global Cooperation? It’s Every Economy for Itself

    It’s fine to take care of yourself first before you extend your helping hand to others, in my humble opinion. It’s too bad though that we have to stoop down this low but the reality is staring at us. Hopefully the economy will turn around for the better so the G20 countries can get back to help the emerging ones. This global non-cooperation does not bode well for the small business. All the more we have to have a solid business strategy.

    Home Business Tax Advisor Offers Free Recruiting Video

    This is a great offer to have someone give you a video. I hope there is no catch. Oh, I don’t mind giving a link back to him. I think he deserves it. I just don’t want any harm to get to my website. The video will be of help especially it is on tax savings, something dear to the hearts of those who are struggling to get their business off the ground.

    I Want to Advertise My Home Business For Free

    Those are all good ways to advertise the home business for free but it will take a long time to get to first base. But at least there are ways to do it without burning a hole in your pocket for something there is no real guarantee it is going to work or if Google would frown on it and give you a slap.

    Local Internet Marketing Company Ranks as one of the World’s Best

    This sounds something I might get involved in for Craig appears to be a hard-working person who is not just after earning a buck for himself. With all his background, I don’t see why he should not go ahead and emulate the founders of U Tube or Facebook. I think with his persistence and willingness to work hard, he will succeed despite what he said that he is not a risk-taker.

    Science, Freebies, Internet Marketing, The Evolution Of Leslie The Freebie Guy

    That was a great journey, Leslie. Not only did you realize what matters more than earning money but also you continued to persevere. As a result you still experienced success without jeopardizing your relationships. Congratulations and I hope for your continued success.

    Online Affiliate Marketing For Home Business

    This post is a good help for all newcomers for it provides ideas as to what is really like there. It has even sort of a review on some information out there. In addition, it has given a way for the newbie to try it with a free web page to try to get the feet wet first.

    10 Marketing Basics for Your Home Business

    Thank you for all those marketing basics. I am certain they will help us especially the newcomers to this game. Well, it’s not really a game but serious business. My only hope is that I can follow all those with the time allotment I have - just eight hours a day.

    3 Steps To Making Your Home Business A True Automated System

    Those are great ways to automate the business, but I still would like to have a one-to-one interaction with the readers if they are having some problems or questions. I know this takes a lot of time but there is nothing I can do about it except maybe stop working on the websites because after all, it is not just all about money.

    Internet Home Business – The 5 Step Marketing Plan For Success

    Those five steps of a marketing plan for a home business to succeed are all good and will ensure success if followed by consistent and persistent action. The trouble is people give up after finding out that it takes a lot of effort and time to see results. So motivation is a great part in the success of any endeavor.

    Work at Home Business Opportunities Facing Stronger Regulation

    I love these new regulations when they do come into effect. It’s time this system gets cleaned up. There are some out there that are just scamming people giving guarantees that they do not honor or make it difficult to get through because they hide behind their support desks. So I can’t wait to read that FTC Report.

    5 Ways to Fight Procrastination for Home Business Entrepreneurs

    I like these five ways to be cured of procrastination for they address the issue head on. I especially enjoy reading the ABC method because that will make it easier to figure out the list of things to do that are of top priority. There are so many things in the web that distract us that knowing what are essential can keep our focus on the things that really matter. This might help: Be your own boss, Let SMC help you launch your own business

    Online-Potential.com - New Online Marketing Training for Gainesville/Ocala Business, With Coaching and Accountability

    I like the fact that this offer comes with accountability. There are some on the web offering with guarantees and all that with money back within 60 days and yet will not do what they promise to do. That is why people have to be careful so that they do not become victims to these shenanigans.

    A Unique Approach To Home Business And Internet Home Based Business

    This sounds good and if there is a guaranteed free trial, I will recommend it to my readers. It is not often we see a step-by-step daily instructions that may catapult one to succeed. I have not tried this particular offer but it may be a good one to try.

    $13-billion IPO? S’pore is ready for it: Citigroup

    It is good to know that Singapore is ready for the big IPO but since this news appeared under home business, I got excited and I thought a home business was scheduled to be on IPO. But who knows? Someday, there could be a home business that could be an IPO.

    Starting a Home Business in Lean Times

    I know those monthly costs are a killer especially if you don’t know at the start that they go up. And they are also something to be wary of even when you just try out something new if it is going to work especially when it has a 30-day free trial because some of those people do not honor their words.

    Start Your Own Work At Home Business

    There is a lot of good advice in this article which should be read before embarking on a home business venture. It is good to point out especially the risk that is involved and the time and effort that one has to spend to get the business going.

    Steps For Successful Local Business Internet Marketing That You Need To Take

    Thank you for these steps to follow for doing one’s own internet marketing. The trouble is there are only enough hours in a day and yes, hiring one for help will be a good idea but this is also a big challenge for there are a lot of offers to do a great business for you and you will have no idea if they are fly-by-night operators.

    SEO Obviousness: Duplicate Content Sucks

    Yes, duplicate content is scary. But how about if it is your very own article published at Ezine.com and then you upload it to your own website? That is why duplicate content is getting such mixed reviews because the rules are murky at best. But thank you for all the explanations for they made it easier to understand the site crawlers.

    Starting A Home Business – Do You Know Your Marketing

    Yes, a good marketing plan spells the difference between success and failure. Without it, the business is good as dead. I like what the author advised for anyone to ask about the marketing before joining any business endeavor. Otherwise what you join will just be for what’s in it for those who are selling you things rather than what’s in it for you.

    Home Business Ideas – Could Niche Marketing Be Your Way

    That’s true, but if you have a passion for something, I would not want to drop a niche just because it is not earning a lot of money. I don’t want to have to abandon the ones who signed up with me. They may have needs that they’re hoping will get the solutions from you. But I like the step-by-step presentation of the author.

    Internet Marketing and MLM – Go Together Like Bread and Butter – or Just the Latest Fad?

    I like this article as there is no hype in it. It gives both sides of the equation allowing the readers to exercise due diligence when making choices. I have heard a lot of MLM but the trouble is that most people say, it is only good for people who are on the top most rung of the ladder.

    Social Media Increasing Its Role

    I am glad to know that New Brunswick may have to embrace the use of social media in order to get the word out to the world. Tracking responses like what Maria McGowan does is great for then you will know which of the strategies being implemented are working. There is no sense going about it blindly.

    Secrets To Marketing Your Home Business Opportunity

    Yes, everything the author said is true but I have heard some people say that multi-level marketing works only when you are at the top level. I suppose it depends on which one you sign up for. Proceeding with caution is still the way to go. The thing though is if you are not growing, you are really dying, isn’t it?

    Work at Home and Make Money - REALLY!

    Home business scams reports are many but I find this article a very helpful one that all who are interested in establishing a home business should read and take to heart before diving in. Then the author did not dwell just on the negative but gave solid information on real home businesses that you can start.

    5 Preparation Tips For A Successful Home Business

    These five preparation tips can help ensure success in one’s endeavor to create a home business. That’s true, one needs some knowledge of search engine optimization techniques or you may never be found at all. Hard work and perseverance will pay off in the end though.

    Cheap Ways to Advertise Your Home Business on the Web>

    I have done all the ways mentioned in the article and most of them work but I find my blogspot blogging site does not work at all. Perhaps it’s because I didn’t implement everything I am supposed to do there but there are only so many hours a day and achieving a balance is a key element for me.

    Jenifer Gifford: Starting a Consignment Sales Business

    I am glad to have come across this website as there are readers of my website who are interested in the consignment business. This information will certainly be a big help for them. This way, they will know where to go for some help so that they will be successful as well.

    Home Business Versus the Lottery

    Home business is compared to a lottery in this article and I for one think the author is right to assume this based on his experience. What we must remember though is to know “who we are really listening to” for it should be someone with credibility and one who has gone through the stages and have experienced some success.

    Protect Your Home Business From Extreme Weather

    This is a good alert to heed not only for the home business but also for anywhere you live in. It is best to be aware of what could happen so that we will be able to cope with the unexpected. Oops, this one we are being warned is an expected event in which case it is all the more reason we take the necessary steps mentioned in this excellent article. I had to remove the link to the actual article because it did not work but I have a copy of the article that I can send you if you want.

    How to Open a Home Business

    This is a gem of a post as it gives one an idea as to what to do when contemplating on opening a home based business. It makes the whole issue a reality instead of the spam-like pronouncements of some out there who are just out to get your money. At least I heard Ohio’s Attorney General has sued some home business schemes.

    Stop Being Home Alone In Your Online Home Business!

    This so true for when you’re working at home, you don’t have your co-workers around you and sometimes you could feel home alone as this podcast says. There are ways to circumvent this though and it is wise to do so or you could easily fall in the burn-out trap.

    America’s Best Small Cities For Business And Careers

    I can see why businesses like to be in smaller cities aside from the high cost of operation. There is more room to move around for one thing and it does not cost one an arm and a leg to park. I live in a city of around 750,000 population and there are quite a few businesses here. Granted it’s just next door to Toronto but it only adds to the advantages by being able to access what a big city has to offer without the hustle and bustle of living in it.

    Advertising For Your Online Home Business, Think Beyond Your Market

    It is great to get information like this as it will guide us on what to do so we can be of more help to others as well. Some people are struggling so every bit of help they get online is quite a blessing. I will try to follow the recommendation on thinking beyond the market.

    Home Business Bootcamp with George Kosch Sept 10, new service announcements to be made with theme of Automation!

    It looks like this is a good site to get help for establishing a home based business online. Automation for some parts of the business is the way to go but I don’t think it should work in customer service when people have different problems and agenda. It won’t really help these people in one clean swoop along with the rest of the group.

    Dream Up a Great Work at Home Business

    This is great information for moms and really for anyone who is contemplating on building a home based business. There is good advice here that those concerned should take to heart. It is true, you have to get a mentor, but it is easy to get scammed in the process of searching for one.

    How to Start a Home Business Successfully

    Everything the author said is right on for you have to enter the home business arena with open eyes. Time management and organization are keys to a successful venture. You also need to evaluate all the actions you take whether you are going on the right path or not.

    Do Your Research as You Search for a Job

    This article is a great help for people in order to avoid the scam artists. Research is indeed the key to avoiding these people who take advantage of those who are vulnerable to this type of thing. The Better Business Bureau is a good place to start especially if the company in question has a history.

    The Most Effective Home Business Internet Marketing Techniques

    The most crucial thing about this set of the most important techniques in internet marketing, I believe, is that you have to be careful about your reputation. But the world wide web evolves so fast that sometimes what you investigated as legitimate one minute is sold to someone else who has less than a sterile reputation.

    How To Choose The Best Home Business Opportunity

    Those five tips are good but I am wary of getting help because of bad experiences. I joined a coaching club which did not amount to anything so I am cautious about going that route again. Why is it that when you join something like that, they will try to sell you something again before you really get something out of it?

    Acquisition Marketing - Where Is the True Value?
    Does value of the traffic depend solely on ROI or money earned? How about if the site is delivering good information to the readers without expectation of a profit? Does that mean value too? I guess there are different ways of measuring various aspects of internet marketing. I would like to know the bottom line though.

    Basic Internet Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

    Thank you for this valuable lesson. Those three mistakes and the recommendations in the form of examples will surely help the new home business owners. I know there are a lot of promises going on around the web but none really gave the specific examples you have outlined in your article.

    4 Home Business Management Tips

    Those are all good recommendations for prospective home business owners should heed. However, that part of making one’s business automated is something I do not subscribe fully because if you can’t interact with your customers who have individual needs, then it is not a good thing, is it?

    Is Drop Shipping still a Viable Home Business?

    I am glad to hear drop shipping is still viable because I spent some time on the issue awhile back. That Worldwide Brands link the author provided will be a big help in investigating this issue for future use. But then web matters evolve so fast, we will have to adjust to it in a timely fashion or lose out on the opportunity.


    I don’t have time right now to check this out but as soon as I have, I will. It looks tempting but it has to be assessed as there are some there in cyberspace that make outrageous claims. The only thing that makes me have second thought, that is, to check it out is because this website appears to be credible.

    How to Succeed With an Internet Home Business Opportunity

    I agree with the author that the main reason the new home business entrepreneurs fail is because of all the scammers out there in the web. This is therefore a good alert to heed. I don’t know much about Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines except go on one but their system sounds enticing.

    Stay In The Know: Work at Home Business Income Program: the Shortcut to Financial Security

    It is so nice of this author to tell it the way it really is in home based business. Hopefully, this will deter others from starting anything with no hope to carry to completion. For it is true what this author said what one has to do in order to succeed. There are so many roles a home based business owner has to play.

    Start a Home Business Online With Global Domains International

    I agree that this is an easier way to start a home business but don’t make the mistake of thinking all things will be done for you because that is not going to happen. You will still have to do some work although you will find the answers to your questions right at their domain.
    Start & Run a Real Home-Based Business

    Legitimate Home Business Opportunity Revealed

    I can’t wait to visit this site as I know from experience that there are business opportunities out there that just want to scam people. I agree with the author that it does not cost much to start a home business but that it takes time to allow it to grow. So I am glad that those that are not legitimate are listed on this site.

    Are you looking for Home business Ideas? Here are 4 Easy Tips to Get Started

    Those are all good tips to earn some money online. Yes, the first one the author said is adsense and it is true it is the easiest one to do. Affiliate marketing is easy too but you have to have some traffic to earn money from this. E-bay, I have not tried so I can’t really comment on this. As for writing articles and product reviews, they will work but again you have to have the traffic for this.

    3 Successful Home Business Secrets That Will Help You to Achieve Financial Freedom

    The author has given us three ideas that will lead to a successful home business. All three have been proven to work well but before starting on any of them, make sure you have the skills and the know-how to get it done. The author has also recommended to start driving targeted traffic to the site or success will be harder to achieve.

    Home Business Blunders to Avoid

    Home business mistakes to avoid? Knowing these will help any small business owner get on track to succeed instead of dwelling on unrealistic plans and promises that do not materialize. Having the passion for the particular business model of choice also helps get one motivated over the long haul.

    Free Trial Home Business / GDI Testamonial

    The article looks like a bunch of titles or resources but the video may tell the real story. Perhaps Rob Asi will show some of those resources so newcomers will know where to find real help. Of course, each one has to be assessed as to its legitimacy. There is a link in the article purporting to be the best home business opportunity.

    Check this out if you want to know
    how to drive traffic and sales to your website through Facebook

    Great Ideas For A Internet Home Business Opportunity

    This is an excellent article that will help anyone who wants to start a home business. It showcases what is necessary to succeed. Many just dive right in without thinking of what is involved. Usually people are lured by empty promises of some who just want to get some easy money from the uninitiated but reading this article will shed some light. This article will put people on the right track.

    Protecting Yourself From Online Work-at-Home Business Scams

    Those four rules are excellent ones to follow when determining if a prospective business proposition is a scam or not. I wonder if under the second rule, we could say check the PR of the website. I don’t think any scammer will stay long in one URL to even get a page rank.

    Where to Find Home Business Sites & Start Earning Income Online

    It’s good to have this information on hand for people who are just starting out. The author is right to say that the search engine can lead you to some of these sites. It is also true that article directories and blogs can be good sources of information. I don’t know about classified ads. Craigslist is very strict even if your ad is only to help people and yet it has been noted that ads selling babies and other questionable ones have gone through.

    Holding Client Meetings When Running a Home Business

    There’s great information the author has in this article that I may be able to use. Many a time I thought about this issue because I don’t really want to meet clients at home because it could be dangerous. So the suggestions put forth in this article is much appreciated.

    Whatcom County Council Approves Home-Based Business Law

    It is good to have this law that is as clear cut as possible to the point future disagreement will be avoided. Knowing exactly what portion of the house is allowed for the business is helpful so that in planning for the future, one can be guided accordingly.

    Growing a Business with Social Media

    This video is great in showing how one can utilize the social media to grow the home business. Watching it will give one an idea as to how to go about it to maximize one’s effort. Otherwise without a guide such as this, mistakes can be made that will only waste the time of both the owner and his customers.

    Secrets to Using Facebook to Market Your Business

    Yes, we know Facebook and Twitter are good places to be to engage with other like-minded people. I don’t know though about people having the right to erase your update if there is no reason for it. If it is not an update to sell but just to share a news item, then there should be no reason to delete any entry especially when there are oodles of updates that just try to make a sale and are not deleted.

    10 Tips to Get Your Home Business to Market

    Wow? Those are excellent ways to market your business. If we could only follow all of them, we would be on the right track and be successful. Each tip comes with suggestions on how to implement it so there is nothing left to chance. It is only the hard work and time limits that will stand in our way.

    Calculating Your ROI on Internet Marketing

    Return on Investment should not only be based on the earnings regarding the money spent but also on the hours of work put in. Although I am not that much concerned about ROI, it is still good to know how to calculate it which can be done for online businesses. Offline though, it would still be not that much quantifiable.

    One Purse at a Time

    Here’s one sample of a passion that is turned into a business. She started slowly but surely and now she is even thinking of opening two stores. She followed her dream by doing everything herself from securing a license to designing her own products. It is a good thing we have been provided a business model to follow.

    During this tough economy, people are desperate to find ways to earn money and with jobs being cut, some want to start a home business of their own. This eBook has many
    home business and work at home ideas.

    Top Home Business Secrets – Is Burning Your Boat the Answer?

    This is a heart-warming story that could motivate would-be entrepreneurs to take action. There is a need for training, that is so true, but who to take it from is the problem. I have been soured by the people I have signed up with who did not deliver. Worse, they could leave you with more mindless work and expenses to boot.

    The Age of Internet Marketing

    Yes, it’s true that internet marketing is a cost effective way of earning money online and one needs to have s website that is optimized. It is a slow process but better than buying links or joining link farms. You can get into real trouble then. It is better to build your site the natural way.

    You Can’t Buy Home Business Success (Don’t LOSE MONEY)

    That is so true; you can’t buy success. It happened to me although I didn’t buy to succeed because I am used to working hard and willing and able to do what it takes. All I was buying was mentoring guidance, but you know what? People I signed up with did not deliver, perhaps except SBI.

    Promote Your Home Business with Keyword Rich Articles

    I believe the author for saying that article marketing is a powerful way of promoting your website but submitting two articles a week do not leave much time for other things you have to do for the website. I know you can outsource them but I have not really found anyone who will do a good job.

    Top Site of the Week: Solo Business Marketing

    Thank you so much for this blog especially the part of the five ways to get the Marketing Plan Back on Track. I like that top site part of the blog too as it will encourage the small business entrepreneurs to do better. Your style of writing makes one want to keep on reading your blog so keep at it for I am now your fan.

    How Home Business Owners Can Avoid the Pitfalls of Social Media Marketing

    That’s precisely my problem with Social Media Marketing. I don’t even have a profile there but with so many things to do and having only eight hours a day to do them, something may have to suffer. I am glad though that the author has put this issue on the forefront of my mind so I will have to get cracking.

    Check this out if you want to know
    how to drive traffic and sales to your website through Facebook

    Can Anyone Be Successful In The Home Business Industry? They Can With These 3 Essential Keys…

    I agree that those three keys are essential to the success of a home business but the third one is the most difficult to follow. Why? Because some promise everything but most do not deliver. If you join and pay up, you don’t really get everything because they leave something out and ask you to pay more.

    Home Business Ideas for You

    Thank you for those great ideas for home business opportunities. I am sure the readers of my blog will find them not only interesting but helpful. That scriptwriting business opportunity sounds interesting. I will visit your site to see what it is all about.

    How to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Business

    I am glad to have come across this very helpful article on LinkedIn as it will help me get deeper into it. Now that I have the information, what I need is time to do all that needs to be done. It is a matter of juggling all the chores but should I not process the emails to do this?

    Agenda: Business Happenings in South Florida

    It is nice to know there is a listing of the happenings in the business world in South Florida. Looking through the list will help one know where to get some help or resources. I suppose businesses can put up their events in that list too so they can get people to know about what resources they can offer.

    Sources Helping Vets Start a Home Business

    It feels so good to know there is someone in cyberspace willing to extend a helping hand to help the vets who worked hard to keep our freedom. It is about time somebody did. Those resources the author mentioned will help the ones who are still struggling. I will do my share by spreading this news item at Twitter and Facebook.

    Check this out to see if it is right for you:
    Find Ways To Make Money.

    Mom’s Multi-Pronged Home Business

    What a Mom Nici Cline is! She deserves the success she is achieving and now she has an employee because her product has become wildly in demand. She is quite a success story worth emulating. Little does she know that she has motivated a lot of like-minded moms out there.

    Personal Development Courses

    This article shows the importance of personal development courses. It is true that if this is done properly, one could be better at expressing his own opinion and move forward with original ideas. One will be able to have time to relax too amidst the demands of a busy life. Otherwise, it will be easy to get burned out.

    Business is Better with Dad

    Keeping it all in the family is a good way to do it. Oh, there could be some set-back but nothing earth-shattering. The Reinhard family is a good example and although it looks like a brick and mortar business, I am sure it will also work well for an online business.

    Home Business Blog–How to Promote Your Business on Amazon

    I never thought of this and I wish I did because this is such a great idea. The author explained fully how to advertise your business at Amazon by writing reviews. It makes sense that this can help in driving traffic to your site to make people see what help there is in it for them.

    Find Ways To Make Money.

    Independence Planning Commission Split on Home Business Permit for Day Care

    I don’t know how a home day care business will change the residential ambiance especially this one keeps to themselves. The kids stay in a fenced in backyard. If I were the next-door neighbor, I’d love to have that kind of business near me as it will be easier and more convenient for parents with children.

    What Is The # 1 Home Business?

    Wow, this article is telling it the way the tale about home business should be told. There is no need to pay such exorbitant fees to get started. Just align yourself with people you can trust who do not promise the moon that you will earn untold wealth with no knowledge, skills, and hard work.

    Would You Pay for FourSquares Social Media Internet Marketing?

    I don’t know how long foursquares would last with such huge competitions as Facebook and Twitter. But I am all for the small guy so let’s give this a chance to work. Based on my own experience, I think the guys behind foursquares will work hard. Besides, I think this company has been operating for sometime now and is getting a good page rank so it must be doing something right.

    Business Buzz

    This is a conglomeration of business news from the Brattleboro region. While most news are on appointments, there’s one on Jelly Bean Tree Holds Web workshop which could be helpful for small business owners. There is also news on the cheese maker who wins awards for his excellent effort. I think it is good idea for Brattleboro Reformer to show case these news items.

    Seo Outsourcing Philippines – Internet Marketing Strategy

    I knew about outsourcing in the Philippines so I understood what the author was trying to tell me in the video. He is right that there is so much work in running a small business, it is almost impossible to get everything done each day and outsourcing seems to be the answer.

    Evaluating Various Home Business Ideas

    This is a good article to read and digest before embarking on this journey of establishing a home-based business. For one thing, this will screen the types of businesses that are not suitable due to consideration of space and things like that. It will surely save time and money if this step is not left till later.

    Home Jobs, Home Business: Income Resources from Work at Home

    The author is right that more and more people are increasingly trying to have a home based business. There are a lot of business opportunities online, one just has to be careful not fall victim to scams. There are many legitimate ones but to know which ones is the problem.

    Picking the Right Home Based Business

    This article is a good post that tells it the way it is. It takes a lot of writing daily in order to maintain the sites. The would-be entrepreneurs would be in better shape listening to the real truth so they won’t be suckered in by the promises of instant wealth with no effort and no skills requirement.

    Topic Ideas for a Business Blogging Book

    Those topics are worth considering when writing another blogging e-book. Certainly, one has to include the how to use the social marketing sites like Facebook and Twitter. It will be good to mention how to use WordPress effectively too.

    Home Business Success Kit Review

    I wish I knew this site, reporting on what is out there so we can be reassured we are getting the best help available. As it is with no guidance as this site has shown, anyone could be suckered in by glib talk and empty promises that make one just waste time and money.

    Avoiding Scams On Home Business

    Yes, there are scams out there. Using one’s common sense could save the day for many just like the example given in the article. If one saves so much on gas by buying into their business, why has the auto industry not gone into it? So caution is the order of the day.

    Clear The Disorder and Make Your Home Business A Financial Success

    It’s great to read something like this article as de-cluttering one’s office space will really increase the efficiency when it comes to running the home business. How can you find the things you need for your business if disorder is the order of the day? Thank you for this much-needed article.

    Now Is The Time To Get A Bargain On Home Based Business Products

    Prices are coming down so if one needs a word press plugin or private label articles, this is a good time to get them, if of course you need them. There is no sense buying things you don’t need for now just because the price is right. They could just be languishing in the hard drive for all you know.

    Pros and Cons of Starting a Home-Based Business

    The article on the pros and cons of owning a small home business is excellent. It provides clear ideas on both the advantages and disadvantages of this type of venture. They are to the point so much so that anyone who will invest in reading the article will know for sure if this type of venture is something he is willing to undertake.

    Find Ways To Make Money

    Good at Home Business Ideas

    Those business ideas are cool indeed. The author was able to explain the specifics behind each idea and made it possible for others to think if any of them will be a good fit. One who is good at photography may delve into storing digital photographs online and one who is knowledgeable about dating can choose to be on the dating services business.

    Three Work from Home Business Ideas for Work at Home Moms

    The author is right to say that the most difficult aspect of the work is building a mailing list. There are things associated with this task that people may not know how to do like offering something for free and create a landing page for this but then there’s the logistics of how to do the actual steps involved in doing this.

    Make Money At Home Online – Why It’s Never Been So Easy With Your Own Internet Marketing Business

    Everything the author of this article said is true but one of them makes me wonder, not because it is not key to success but because how do you find one who will talk to you. The ones I have signed with have their businesses automated that you cannot talk to them and if they are willing to talk to you, they want more money in addition to what you have already paid for.

    Or you can check this out:
    During This Tough Economy People Are Desperate To Find Ways To Make Money And With The Incredible Number Of Jobs Being Cut People Have An Overwhelming Desire To Start Their Own Business From Home. This Ebook Has Many Home Business And Work At Home Ideas.

    Twitter Updates for 2010-05-30

    Thank you for these twitter updates. Now I know where to go to find the tweets that relate to me. I save a lot of time this way. I like for example the tweet on this: Submit calendar information at least 14 days before publication date to home@dallasnews.com. This is an additional way to let others know about what’s going on in your website.

    Starting a Home Business out of Your Apartment

    This is an excellent article that will give hope to those who want to start a home business. Practically everything is covered. One has just to work hard at making the plans and executing them. I like that the author mentioned the daily, weekly and monthly goals because without these, one will be lost in a sea of confusion.

    Are You Killing Your Productivity? 6 Things to Watch Out For

    How true it is that productivity goes down the drain with those six causes the author outlined. Except for the procrastination bit, all happened to me. Let’s face it, there are people flooding your inboxes with useless repetitive promotional emails. Most often I just unsubscribe but some don’t listen to this and just keep on going.

    Be Prepared for Disaster

    It is always a wise move to be prepared for any eventuality, be it for the home or one’s health or for the home business. I appreciate all the advice given in this article that will help me get ready. I like that part to have a drill on the plan to see if it works and to find out what needs updating.

    How to Determine if a Home Business is Right for You

    Answering yes to all those questions regarding readiness, love of learning, self-motivation is not enough. There are still learning curves to climb, steep ones I must say. Then you will have to have the patience of Job to get going. Focus is also important for a lot of people will want to distract you from what you are doing.

    12 More Pre-Screened Work at Home Jobs

    This article posts the available work at home job that could help one weed through the different offerings out there. But whatever you do, for either having a business or an online job, steer clear from scams. There should be no fees for majority of the offerings so tread carefully and check out the business you are contemplating on joining.

    4 Steps To Choosing The Right Home Business

    Those are good suggestions that will help a newly-minted entrepreneur choose the best business opportunity. I agree wholeheartedly that the business of choice should be in an area that the person loves. Otherwise you may get defeated before you even start.

    Simple Home Business-5 Tips How To Use A Funnel System For Your Home Business?

    I read this good article that will contribute to the knowledge base of everyone who wants to have a business. I wish though the author would give an example of a funnel system. People who are new in the game will not know what it is all about. I posted the question on this and as soon as they give me an answer, you will be the first to know.

    Ten “Recession-Proof” Job and Business Opportunities

    All those wanting to get employment will have to go over this list because any of them will be more of a permanent nature being something that can go on even during bad economic times. It is especially good for the young people just starting out.

    103 1 Work at Home Business Make Money Online Job. Part 1

    I didn’t have an easy time understanding this post. Perhaps it is because the links the author wants me to visit are not live or clickable. Besides, the first two links are similar and both deal with you tube. I like the first part though about the four streams of income especially I haven’t heard of HDP and Mylife before.

    Ways to Advertise your Home Business

    Those are legitimate ways of advertising the home business and buying traffic. But of course, it is not as easy as slapping down an advertisement. There are some of them that need researching. The joint venture one intrigues me but of course what we need to have is the step-by-step process along with the demonstration on the details.

    Free Home-Business Training Available

    It is nice to have generous entrepreneurs who will help others with a free training course on how to start a home based business in the form of a seminar. It is equally generous of Titusville to make graduates of this seminar eligible for a financial incentive which will be funded by the city.

    Quick and Easy Home Business Ideas

    Thank you for all these ideas for a home business because it will widen one’s options. If you want to know what those business ideas are, click the title and read all about it. It is not easy though for putting up a website requires a lot of time and preparation and skill to manage it. It can be done though with determination and persistent effort.

    How To Run a Home Business Smoothly

    I appreciate these tips on how to run a business smoothly especially the last one on allotting time for the family so click that title to see the whole story. For when all is done and gone, all you will have left is your family. Besides, that should be the main priority as that is the foundation of everything one does. And their needs have to be attended to much more than anything else.

    Help Grow Your Startup Home Business Using These Creative Marketing Strategies

    Thank you for those tips. I have not been able to take advantage of the holiday seasons because my number one priority is to help my readers but now that some are asking for free supplies, I may do so in order to earn some money to buy the stuff for people who need it.

    Five Interesting Ways to Market Your Home Business

    Those are interesting ways to market the small business and I think they are effective enough if one puts the required effort into them. I most especially like sponsoring a local sports team as this will be part of the mission to help other people rather than just make money.
    Here are some more ways to advertise your small business at no or low cost:Small Business Marketing, Low Cost Advertising Ideas.

    Internet Marketing Strategies That Really Make Money

    So there are two kinds of internet marketing strategies, the long term and the short term ones. I suppose by long term the author means it is the good content that you provide for the readers. Good content is after all still king. Yes, I am doing more of this type of strategy.

    Entrepreneurs Say Fort Smith IEC Key to Their Success

    Yes, we need guidance from such agencies as Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center. That’s in Fort Smith so we will have to find something like that closer to home. I like companies like this as they seem to be objective enough to be of real help unlike those that have ulterior motive just to pad their bottom line.

    During This Tough Economy People Are Desperate To Find Ways To Make Money And With The Incredible Number Of Jobs Being Cut People Have An Overwhelming Desire To Start Their Own Business From Home. This Ebook Has Many Home Business And Work At Home Ideas.

    The Crucial Steps of Internet Marketing

    Yes, the steps of Internet Marketing are crucial, so important to the small home based business. The trouble is in the making of the right choice of the firm. There are so many who have had bad experience with the firms they hired that it is worrisome to think of the right choice to make. Perhaps a central station listing the legitimate ones and those one has to be careful about will help.

    Online Home Business Tips – Guess What? You Are Not The Owner

    This is something we have to be careful about. Before signing up to open a business with another company, get all the facts and study them under the microscope or else you may have the mistaken notion that the business is yours when in fact it belongs to someone else.

    Day 1 of the Social Media Success Summit - Twitter as a Marketing Weapon

    Twitter can be a wonderful way to let others know about things or information you want to spread around. The trouble is that those who want to follow you may just have their own agenda in mind. It really defeats the purpose of trying to help one another with the information that is necessary because then you just get too busy reading advertisement after advertisement that you really do not need.

    Home Business Ideas For Writers

    I would like to congratulate the author for this well-written article. This could help people who can write build a business for themselves. The author is right to say that content is king in the web business that is so rampant these days. Website owners will need the services of good writers just to get going. Go ahead and click the title. If you are a writer, you are going to love this article.

    How Can You Get Ahead With Internet Marketing Search Engine?

    I am sold to the idea of internet marketing but the trouble lies in who do we ask for help. We have been warned and rightly so that there are companies masquerading as the real deal and promise everything to getting you ranked and to getting the traffic you need only to leave you hanging in the dark after you have paid them of course.

    Home Business Start-Up Checklist 1-2-3

    Those 20 items in the checklist are a big help for the newly minted entrepreneur. For one thing before starting to get the feet wet, perhaps the realization that this is not a match for the person concerned will save a lot of effort. For instance, does one have what it takes to create a business plan?

    Teach Your Teen How To Start A Business At Home With Our Standards-based 45 Lesson Course! Includes Worksheets, Email Support And A Huge Resource Center With Hundreds Of Free Homeschool Links, Tutorials, Videos And Audios. No Prev Biz Knowledge Needed!

    Searching Full Time Home Business Ideas?

    Those three intangibles are really a necessary component of a home based business endeavor. It is essential to check out if you have what it takes to go into business before starting. Otherwise, it will be a waste of time and effort if you find out down the road that this venture is not for you.

    Or you can check this out:
    During This Tough Economy People Are Desperate To Find Ways To Make Money And With The Incredible Number Of Jobs Being Cut People Have An Overwhelming Desire To Start Their Own Business From Home. This Ebook Has Many Home Business And Work At Home Ideas.

    Setting Up Your Home Business with Small Business Loans

    This looks like an easy way to get a business loan but you have to watch the merchant services. They apply monthly fees whether you sell or not; there must be some though that I have heard that do not charge monthly fees, but just a proportional percentage of the purchase cost. I just have not had the time to check them out.

    Or you can check this out:
    Home Business Success Kit.

    New Blog Helps Home Business Entrepreneurs Find Success

    This blog will be a good help for all the beginners out there. In fact I am going back to visit this blog as soon as I am able. Meantime, I will put this up on my site and perhaps tweet it or go to facebook and share it with all my friends there.

    Or you can check this out:
    Home Business Success Kit.

    Online Home Business Ideas for Beginners

    This sounds like a good help for the beginners. The set-up is free but there may be cost involved in running the website. It will be good to have all the costs out in the open so that the beginners will know how much is involved. Also if they get stuck in the middle of it, will they be able to get out at no cost to them?

    Or you can check this out:
    Home Business Success Kit.

    Generate Your Own Home Business Leads

    I agree, you really do not know the person on the other side of the screen who is offering help to generate leads for some money of course so generating the leads can be a long and tedious process. It’s true there has got to be a strategy so I was left out in the dark when the step-by-step process was not included in the article.

    Or you can check this out:
    Magic Button Business Lead Generator! that is supposed to flood instant customers for your business.

    Free Internet Marketing Strategy to Make Money #4

    There are so many strategies here to learn so much so I am coming back to check them out. I just have too much work to do right now. It’s too bad you’re no longer offering membership in your Search Marketing Lab. But there will be more help so it will be a good idea to bookmark this site.

    If you want to know what others say about home business, check out The Internet Entrepreneur Exposes Secrets The Gurus Don’t Want You To Know! Discover How To Make A Consistent $100,000. Working Part Time From Home.

    10 Reasons Not To Ignore Your Blog For Facebook

    That is so true; you can’t put all your eggs in one basket and I like the way the author said, “especially if you do not own the basket”. I have been posting in Facebook and I have no idea what good it is doing. It is the same way though with your blog. If you don’t own it like at blogger.com, you could lose everything. But thank you for this article for it feeds me some food for thought to consider.

    But if you still want to monetize your blog with Facebook, here is something you can consider!

    3 Steps to an Awesome Home Office

    Those are all good ideas that will help those new in the business on how to set up their home office. Making a plan first is basic for just setting it up without doing this crucial step will be counter productive. One may find after setting up the office without a plan that something is left out. This would mean one has to start all over again.

    10+ great, free Windows programs for your small or home business

    These are excellent softwares to use for a small business. I have always been wary of softwares people peddle or sell online as to whether they are legitimate or not and I have stayed away from them. But these ones you have shown will really be helpful and I thank you for them.

    Why Small-Business Owners Raid the College Fund

    I admire Paul for raiding the college fund not only because he succeeded but also because he did not do it from the ulterior motive but from making the family have the chance to make it through the obstacles. He did not steal the money for his own personal use but for the chance the business could stay afloat.

    Home-Based Entrepreneurs ‘take hold’

    Thank you for all the alerts in this article as there are quite a lot of predators online looking out to scam people. It is a thin line between needing a mentor and getting one that is only out to get some money from you. Hopefully there will be a central bureau online that will list down the people who scam others and the ones who truly help.

    Best Home Business

    This article will help those who want to go into the home business venture. For one thing, they will find out after reading it if they will be able to do all the things that have to be done. As for the question, I know mails are important, but is there an easy way to understand how to use Outlook? I have had it for a long time but can’t seem to get my head around it. With all the things I have to do, spending hours on knowing how to do outlook is not the way to go.

    Marketing for Small Business: Create a Referral System

    I must confess I was a little disappointed because as the title says, I wanted to know how to create a referral system but the article did not cover it. I hope the author will post a part two of this article on how to do just that. I guess I will just have to attend that webinar.

    Is An Online Home Business Easy To Start, 5 Working Tips

    I like that advice not to keep buying ebooks and other informational materials as you will not have time to follow what they instruct. There is so much to do that there is no need for anyone to buy things that will only gather dust because you do not have time to work on them.

    Attorney General Investigating Home Business Scam Operating Out of Jackson Home

    It is wise to have something like this be investigated right away so it can be nipped in the bud. In this case, it is too early to make a comment as the investigation is in the early stages. The one who was reported as having the scam could just be the victim of a larger operation.

    Be careful with scams. Like for sometime now, I can’t log into my website because someone else goes in as an online legitimate business. When you see that, just steer away from it because it’s not me and log in a bit later. I will work on getting rid of that coming into my site uninvited. Thank heavens, I found a way to get in, to add the alerts and tips.

    Online Home Business Scams

    Thank you for all those links on the home business opportunities that are masquerading as legitimate. Those who are contemplating on venturing into this type of endeavor should educate themselves first by reading some of links provided before signing up for their choice may have already been found out to be scams.

    Entrepreneur’s Journal: Insuring Your Home Business from Disaster

    Covering your business against possible losses should be in every entrepreneur’s “must to-do” list. This article guides one to information on what may be needed to insure one’s business against possible losses. I wish though that the author included the possible premium in the recommended policies.

    Down to Business at Home

    This is a helpful take on what to wear when working on the home based business. Anywhere from pajamas to a professional look will do although a psychiatrist by the name of Dr. Jain Syed is of the opinion that one should look professional in his attire.

    Virtual Reality

    That is right; I love the concept of businesses becoming a virtual reality. Instead of paying for rent space, you could hire people to do some work of top quality. On top of that you can do your business at your own pace even though you’re open 24/7.

    Work from Home Scammers Nabbed in Phoenix

    I am glad those scammers got caught. The trouble is unless the penalty is severe, there will be others to follow the footsteps of these scammers coming out of the woodwork, ready, willing and able to dupe others into parting with their hard-earned money.

    Abusive Home-Based Business Tax Scams Explained

    This is the reason I prepare my own income tax return. I like to be sure that everything I put down is legitimate. And the author is right that the responsibility is yours and not that of the one preparing your tax return. It is a lot of work but at least if questions come up later, I will know the answer to them.

    Officers Raid Work-From-Home Business for Fraud

    That’s true; these three business ideas will make you earn money sooner than others and I don’t think you need to have a website. It is better though if you have one especially you can do it for free at Wordpress. Where else can you start a business with very little cost or none at all?

    Officers Raid Work-From-Home Business for Fraud

    Imagine scamming thousands! I don’t know how people who do this can live with their conscience unless they don’t have a conscience. Thank you for this alert so we can spread the word and avoid some of the fraudulent activities going on in the net. Let us help keep the internet clean as it is just wonderful to have all kinds of information at our disposal.

    How to Use Youtube to Promote an Art Business

    This is another great article from Suite101, which is fast becoming a favorite site of mine. With this article, although it is addressed to arts and crafts businesses, other endeavors will benefit as well because one could drive traffic to the site by way of You tube videos.

    Office A Cluttered Mess? It’s Time To Call In A Pro

    This article will certainly help with paper work organization. There is so much of it that if one just tries to get it all sorted out, there will be no time for the business. There is help out there so you can find out how much those people cost and see if they are for you.

    How to Start an eBay Home Business

    This article is a good read and will help those who are contemplating on getting an eBay business going. The author also made it clear that this business will require time an effort in order to succeed. This is so unlike the outlandish claims populating the internet on what other people offer online.

    Franklin Debt Relief Announces Great New Business Opportunities

    I thought I had died and gone to heaven to join FDR but this FDR stands for Franklin Debt Relief which has a new deal for the struggling business owners and hopefully it is a deal that will really help. The only way to know is to exercise due diligence in checking them out. The one who had this published in their site is good though so I think it is worth exploring this.

    Climbing Out

    It looks like West Linn is the city to emulate when it comes to trying to nurture the businesses so they can climb out of the recession. I like the concept that they have developed and named as economic gardening. What a brilliant idea!

    CNN: Got Student Debt? Give Yourself to AmeriCorps or the Peace Corps

    This may be a good thing if it is what the students in debt would love to do but some may have other dreams that could also benefit the society in other ways. One of these students could be an inventor who will save the world from its environmental problems, for example. So I say, they should be given a choice, by providing them with some other help to leave their options open.

    Legitimate Work From Home Business - 9 Profitable Home Business Niche Ideas

    I know there are cheaters out there and that’s the problem. You need help and yet you’re wary who to ask for help. No, some of them give guarantees of money back and so on; they just don’t honor them. Someday when I get the time, I will write about these people. There are good ones though; don’t get me wrong.

    Yesterday, I could not even go into my site. Every time I tried, someone else comes on purporting to be a legitimate business online in effect masquerading as me, making use of my hard work and destroying my credibility in the process. The lesson? Make sure if it does not say homebusinesssteps.com in the URL address, then it’s not me.

    Marketing Your Working From Home Business Online

    I appreciate those steps on how to market the small home-based business. I am optimistic they will work on getting the business available for others to consider. Yes, I know guidance is necessary but who to get as one’s mentor is a problem.

    The Poor Economy is the Perfect Time to Start an Internet Home Business

    Yes, the author is right to say the recession is the right time to try to have a home based business especially with job losses left, right and center. People who have become unemployed need to find means to earn money but one has to be honest in dealing with others. Unfortunately there are some dishonest people around so be careful.

    Small Business Owners Skeptical of Economic Recovery

    I do not want to be pessimistic but the figures in the statistics that support the statement, the recession is worse, do not lie. With the capital spending, sales and earnings remaining low, one cannot blame any conclusion that the economy has not rebounded yet. But I remain optimistic that it will.

    Need to Know About Internet Marketing

    Thank you for this article that outlines what one must do to achieve success. I know that mentoring is important but how and where to get one that is truly reliable is the problem. They all promise things that do not materialize and a few have even reneged on their guarantees.


    That is so true it is possible to make a living online but you have to give it 100%. There is no such thing as get rich overnight without doing anything. So one hears this advertisement, run away from it for a scam, it is coming. Even when they say they will give you a 100% guarantee with money back, don’t believe that easily as I had already three people who reneged on this promise. Someday, I am going to write about these people so others will not be victimized.

    Guide To Starting An Online Home Business

    All the guidelines the author mentioned are essential to success so I guess the problem is where to get this kind of help. There are a lot on the internet purporting to do all the help you need but it did not happen with the ones I signed up for. So all of you guys, be careful out there. And keep coming for I will report on my experiences that I will find helpful for you.

    Internet Marketing Tools: Web Analytics Service

    It is good to know where to go for some help with prices that are not outrageous. As soon as I am ready, I would want to sign up with one of the plans outlined in the aforementioned article. Just click the title and you will know what it is. For instance I have heard of the heat map before but didn’t know the hotter colors are where the traffic is coming from.

    Beating Competitors at Internet Marketing

    This article is about how to outsmart, outlast, and out-market online competition and it offers four suggestions that are priceless but I guess have to develop my competitive spirit first. I love the point the author made though on the use of software to make the job easier but which one to get is the problem. There are lot being sold and I am wary of all the promises that are not kept after making the purchase.

    Saving When Starting a New Business
    Is it possible to save money while managing a home-based business? Well, I am glad to come across this article where the Consumer Reports recommend the type of computer to use and how to print while saving money. I didn’t know one could print the draft and save money to boot.

    Key Statistics on the Growing Home-Based Business Market
    It’s good to know these statistics on the growing home based business. This really not a surprise with all the unemployed around but the good news is that the success rate is 70% which is a far-cry from what some people are saying all over the internet.

    Home Business Ideas For You - 2. Web Design Business Part 3

    September 11th, 2011

    Home Business Ideas For You - 2. Web Design Business Part 3 is on web design for affordable websites and able webmasters that are in demand especially in the world of Small Small Business. With economy the way it is many are starting out on their own home-based business. The only trouble is that sometimes they do not have the business acumen to get their business on the road.

    But this should not deter one from starting out because there is help along the way. What you have to do is attach yourself to an honest mentor who will be willing and able to help you directly. Not the type to whom you will go through a help desk because many a time that does not work. So you should be able to email him directly. Ready? All set? Fasten your seat belt for you will be on a wild but joyful ride.

    Now you are ready to set up your business structure. A business is a legal body with its own rights and responsibilities. It can open bank accounts, generate income, write checks and pay taxes. As for the type of options, find out from the country where you reside what kind of business structure is best for you. Are you going to run it as sole proprietor, a partnership or as a corporation? The right structure for your business will depend on different factors including taxation, where the business is located and legal considerations.

    A sole proprietorship is the most simple form of business organization. It is the easiest to start and maintain. The business is non-incorporated and is entirely owned by one person. The liabilities of the business are the personal liabilities of the business owner. The business owner undertakes the risks of the business for all assets owned. The income and business expenses are included in one’s personal tax return.

    The other form of business structure is the business partnership that is between people who run a common enterprise in the belief they will make a profit. Each partner contributes money, labour, skills, property and will share in both the losses and profits of the business. The partnership can have or not have a written contract.

    The third form of business structure is the corporation and it is the most popular. It is a separate legal entity and can own a property separately from its owners. It has to pay its own income tax. There are two jurisdictions under which a corporation can be created. If the business will operate only in one province, the company is provincially incorporated. If the business is across Canada, it has to be incorporated under federal law.

    There are different types of corporations and one has to select the kind that describes the type of corporation at tax year’s end. This will determine whether the corporation is entitled to certain deductions and rates. The calculations will depend on whether the corporation is a CCPC (Canadian controlled private corporation ) or a private corporation the whole tax year, at the end of the tax year or at any time of the tax year.

    A corporation is only a CCPC if it meets all these requirements: It is a private corporation, it is a resident in Canada or resident in Canada from June 18, 1971 to the end of the tax year, it is not controlled directly or indirectly by one or more public corporations, it is not controlled by a Canadian resident corporation and lists the share in stock exchange outside Canada. There are some other requirements but they seem related to the previous ones.

    Other private corporation has to meet all these requirements by the end of the tax year: It is resident in Canada, it is not a public corporation, it is not controlled by one or more public corporations, it is not controlled by one or more prescribed federal Crown corporations or it is not controlled by a combination of corporations described in the two prescribed conditions.

    The corporation is a public corporation if it is resident of Canada and meets any of the following requirements at the end of the tax year: it has elected or the Minister of National revenue has designated it to be a public corporation and the corporation has fulfilled the prescribed conditions. If the corporation is a Canadian subsidiary of a public corporation, then it is not eligible as a public corporation.

    Other corporations are those that are not Canadian controlled private corporation, or other private corporation. Neither are they public corporation or corporation controlled by a public corporation. Credit unions, general insurers, cooperative corporations and Crown corporations fall under this category.

    These three basic business structures have other variations. They are the subsidiary, the joint venture and the branch office. A foreign corporation can enlarge their business in Canada by incorporating a separate subsidiary corporation under Canadian Federal laws or any of the provincial statutes governing corporations. A license or registration may be required.

    The joint venture exists when two or more reach an agreement to put in capital, services or goods. The joint ventures are managed through the contract among those involved. The contract should specify the terms of collaboration, the contribution of each and how the profits will be shared. The branch office may be established by a foreign incorporated venture due to tax benefits.

    Hopefully this has cleared up some cobwebs regarding sole proprietorship, partnership and corporations along with the other variations. After you have figured the way to operate your business, now we may be ready to tackle the Home Business Ideas For You - 2. Web Design Business Part 4 Business Plan after clearing up how to start Home Business Ideas For You - 2. Web Design Business .

    Home Business Ideas For You - 2. Web Design Business Part 4 The Business Plan

    October 11th, 2011

    Business plan is part and parcel of any business endeavor. It will be your guide in the operation of your business. It can lead you to profitability. Compare that to a business without a plan. You will be like a rudderless boat sailing aimlessly on the rough sea.

    Here’s an easier way to write a Successful Business Plan: Secrets & Strategies

    What is a business plan? It is a written document that describes its purpose, the products and services offered, a projection of who the clients will be. For some it is the hardest part of starting the business because not only that you don’t know what is going to happen but also it is not easy to make plans for something you have not done before. So how do we develop a business plan? There are quite a few steps involved.

    1. Start with the name of the business like this, for example:
    Business Name: Avalon Website Design

    2. Describe briefly in a statement the kind of business you’re in. This is a web design business so for type of business, here’s what you can put down: Type of Business: Web site design and consulting services for small businesses.

    3. Determine the ‘Statement of Objective’ or a ’Mission Statement’ for the business. Explain what your business is all about, what it does and the features and assets that will benefit the clientele and what makes your business special.
    Mission Statement: Avalon Web Site Design is a home-based design company that offers quality work in web design, consultation, writing updates at Facebook and tweets at Tweeter and content writing for small businesses at reasonable prices. Our main store and advertising is our web site (mention the web site here) that is available seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.

    The business derives its strength from a long experience of the owners and their staff who have been in business for more than five years. This skill and the experience can support the business operations.

    At this point make sure that whatever you choose is something you have the interest and enthusiam and that you have the necessary skill to keep it going.

    4. Write down the services your business will provide.
    Products and Services: Avalon Web Site Design offers a web site design and development services including -
    Web Site Design
    Consultation Services
    Logo development
    Facebook Updates
    Tweeter Tweets
    Web Site Maintenance Services
    Google Adsense
    Affiliate Marketing
    Preparing Own Products

    5. Create a list of potential clients who will be willing to compensate you for your effort. It is wise to have a variety of markets who will be willing to pay you.
    Prspective Clients:
    The clientele will be composed of those wishing to have a web site, professionals, restaurants as well as visitors to our web site.

    6. Identify the business goals clearly. Be realistic so you will have to determine how you can accomplish your goal. Make the goal challenging yet not too difficult to achieve. Consider your services and potential clients. You will have several choices.
    Business Goals:
    Our goal is to be on the black, that is earn an income that will pay for the expenses within the first year. We will do this not only to create web sites for clients but to have a combination of strategies to earn some income in the form of Google adsense, promoting affiliate products and creating our own products.

    7. List ways you can be contacted and this can include:
    a. Location of Main Office:
    Avalon Web Design
    20 Main Street
    Clearwater, Florida 33763

    b. URL (State your web site here.)

    8. Describe the legal construction and how your business is operated:
    Legal Construction:
    Avalon Web Site Design will be structured as a sole proprietorship.

    9. Describe who is running your business and their position in the company:
    Name - President
    Name - Vice President
    Name - Secretary-Treasurer

    Now you have written down what the business is all about, what the objectives are, the services offered and ways of reaching the objectives plus the names of the officers. Don’t think this is done for all ages as this should evolve. But for now this is the business plan.

    Home Business Ideas For You - 2. Web Design Business Part 5 - Marketing Secrets

    November 14th, 2011

    Marketing secrets for home business can make it profitable. That is, if an effective strategy for marketing has been thought of and laid out properly. Otherwise it will just be a demanding proposition unless the marketing strategy and business objectives have been established at the start.

    Marketing secrets to adopt is an important aspect of any business. No business can succeed without it. It is the marketing effort that will bring in the clients. And these are the ones that will bring in the money that will keep the business alive and growing.

    One will have to keep up with ongoing changes in the tools and the trends that will help the business grow. For a small business, marketing is essentially promoting the business. Do everything (moral and legal of course) to attract potential customers. Anything done to produce income is marketing.

    A web design especially is really marketing because your customers are the ones who will try to promote their business and will pay you to help them build their websites that will attract traffic and customers. They want to promote their services and products and need help to do so. You can send them to products that can help them like this Automated Super Affiliate!

    Your job will be to build a website that will help them sell their products and/or services. And they will pay you for doing so and in return the website you build for them has to deliver what they expect to get in return for the services they pay you. So how do we do that? What marketing secrets can we employ to achieve the expected result?

    So your job should achieve what they want to get out of your web design. Will it make them rank well with the search engine? Will it bring targeted visitors to the website because it is focused on what they need? Do the visitors return and are they encouraged to make contact and buy the services or products offered? This is the first of the marketing secrets which makes the site a marketing tool.

    The second of the marketing secret is getting targeted visitor. One does not want thousands of visitors when they are not really interested to buy or make contact. For the web design business, who are your targeted audience? Is it the big companies and corporations? Or is it the middle or low-end small business with a little bit of advertising budget? Of course, it is the latter, In this sense therefore, you have to address these possible clients in all the emails you do and articles you write. You have to focus on this audience.

    Once you know who is the targeted audience, you can direct all your marketing effort to this niche that is neither too large with a lot of competitions nor too small that there is nothing to say much about it. Then focus your marketing effort on that niche. All the phone calls and advertising plus direct mails should target this niche. This is the last of the marketing secrets.

    Can You Turn a Passion into a Profitable Home Business?

    October 23rd, 2012

    Can You Turn a Passion into a Profitable Home Business?

    You can turn your passion into a home business. As long as you are tracking something you love, it is possible to build a successful business out of it. Once you decide the passion that you want to develop into a business, then you can start to do some research on it. How do you do this?

    Read books, articles in the newspaper and magazines in the library on the topic you have chosen. Talk to people who have done the same thing you are contemplating to do. Then look for organizations engaged in the same business you are thinking of going into and find someone to mentor you for free at http://www.score.org .

    Part of the research is to find if your personality suits the business environment. There is a free evaluation on this at http://www.sba.gov/. Now you are ready to choose which type of business that fits you the best. Is it going to be in sales, manufacturing or will it be service-oriented?

    With sales, you have to decide which way to go. Is it going to be wholesale or retail? Or are you going to sell directly or do network marketing? Doing it through mail order, internet sales and consignment are all possibilities. You have to consider that there will be bookkeeping involved. And if it is direct sales, you may have to keep an inventory.

    As for manufacturing, products are limitless and should depend on your passion. Jewelry, crafts, clothing, pottery, home decor and even cakes and cookies are samples. Whatever it is, it should be something you love to make and that other people like to have. This is crucial because if people will not be interested in what you are offering, then you won’t have a business.

    The service-oriented business is much simpler to operate but you have to have both the skill and the experience. Anything you are good at doing well is something you can offer as a service like home decorating, painting, writing including editing, hair-cutting and fixing computers. You could even become a coach teaching others the skill you have.

    Whichever is your choice, know that it takes time for a business to become profitable but there are some perks. There are legitimate expenses that are tax deductible the computer and other business equipments, office supplies, food and travel. You can even deduct payment for an employee and your child (up to $600 per child) who helps with the business. Make sure though you keep receipts and a paper trail.

    These are uncertain times. The economy is down and so are some people. Don’t be in that situation. Choose financial security instead of being at the mercy of the economy. And this author says : A Lifetime of Homework will put you on the right track. It is not really homework but that is what he calls working at home on your business.

    This has been a winning formula for him which is offering you everything you need to succeed, step by step. This plan is not a phony product, a manufacturing set-up, addressing envelope scheme, a real estate investment, a franchise, multi level deals, a gambling plan, a personal or telephone or party plan sales. You don’t need employees and you can operate it anywhere.

    What the plan is getting his secrets that provided him a comfortable living. He will show how it all works so easily for the outlines and instructions are easy to follow. He said he can’t promise the same success he had but some will probably do better because for one thing he was lazy. But the trick is to have a plan. The best thing about this is you can try it for 60 days and return with all your money refunded.

    Here is the link again: A Lifetime of Homework

    8 Link Building Methods That Market Your Site

    1. Comment seeding is something I have been using with my two blogs but it does not seem to be working. Mind you, I am not targeting authority sites. But I will try to implement the suggestions. I don’t even have a gravatar. Perhaps a real photo will be better?
    2. I have not really done any forum marketing. There are only so many hours on any given day and I already work 8 hours on my sites. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not complaining. It’s just a type of work that takes long to build.
    3. Link reclamation, I never even knew this existed but I will try it.
    4. Press coverage I have tried once but didn’t really amount to much of anything
    5. Guest blogging I have never even tried yet
    6. Newsletter link acquisition is something I have never done although believe it or not I even have a monthly newsletter that is already four years old.
    7. Q&A links - I have done Yahoo answers and even received best answers.
    8. Pinterest marketing is something I did not find time for. I am already with Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and My Space. I am somewhat concerned about Linked In because they allowed some people to put in false information about me earning this and that which is not true and when people click that, it goes to the landing pages of those people putting the wrong information at Linked In. I wrote to Linked In about that but I have not heard much about it.

    Internet Marketing: 5 Ways to Spot an Internet Charlatan

    How do you detect a scammer? Now that the web has become hot, it is imperative that you be able to tell who is going to try to con you into getting into their web of lies and make you a victim to lose thousands of dollars in the process. When someone comes up to tell you any of the following, beware:

    When they tell you that what they are selling you works like magic and that you won’t have to do any work, watch out. They may also promise you that you will be on Google’s first search page and what matters is links and more links. Both require hard work and the second one is only partly true for some links could lead you down the garden path.

    They may also tell you that they hold the secret to internet success and that once you buy this secret, you will be living the millionaire lifestyle. And then there are people who will promise you the moon, that they can do anything and everything and then not show you samples of the work they say they have done. So be careful out there for these are just samples of lies and more lies in the web!

    For any questions on anything in this website, just post them on this contact form and specify that you are from Home Business Steps.

    Reaching Customers Through Email
    You have to have a plan to build your customer list. One strategy is to reach them through email, but never ever send them spam. Some advocate renting a magazine’s subscriber list and this may work and has worked for some but I am wary of sending emails directly to people who have not given the permission to receive email from me. I have a better way through autoresponders. I can help you with this so just let me know by contacting me at the bottom of this page where you will see the contact form. In that form make sure you specify autoresponder as the kind of help you want.

    Meantime, you research the type of target market you have, what your competitors are doing, where they’re advertising and follow their lead. The next thing to do is to find your unique selling point, how your offering is different from the competitors and capitalize on that. Only then you can start advertising your business.

    You can do this online and if you can afford this go through the major search engines like Yahoo and Google adwords. But don’t forget the offline advertising like the classified ads in the local newspaper. Also spread the word through family and friends and offer incentives to those who can bring in sales.

    Networking is important too. Attend events where you can offer sample of your service along with your business card. Be ready with some promotional materials like brochure and flyers to give. At this point, it may be time to send out a press release. But never stop here for there is always something new to learn.

    70+ Online Home Business Tools

    One has to be resourceful when running a home business especially if you do not have a large budget for it. Thank goodness, there are resources in the world wide web that you can make use of. Some are for free while others may cost some but would still be affordable.

    Among the more than 70 online home business tools in this post will certainly help. There are many facets in a home business that you will have to do on your own like setting it up, marketing, branding, operations and accounting. You may even have to build a website.

    This why I thanked the author of this post for these wonderful tips especially the 10 Free or Affordable Small Business Website Design Tools. All we need is time. At least we do not have to navigate through the other alternatives that other people are offering us which may not work anyway.

    50 Home Business Clarity Questions Answer these 50 Questions honestly and truthfully and they Will Change Your Life. This magnificent work hands you 50 Simple Questions that you Absolutely Must Answer if you plan on starting and running a home based business that succeeds.

    5 Best Internet Marketing Services For Small Business In 2012

    This is the first time I’ve heard of someone writing about the top five best internet services for a small business. This is good because then the list of so many things that a small business could do is narrowed down to five and this will make it easier to choose which one to tackle first.

    Here are the first five and I agree with the list of SEO, email, affiliate, social media, local and advertising. Now we can choose which one to work on first but if you need some explanation on those five so you can make a wise choice, just click the title above and if the news provider has not taken it down yet, you will be able to read the full report.

    How to Keep Your Files Virus Free

    We need help from all those scammer populating the internet. This post just came in time for me so I can be on the watch for possible predator. I don’t know why people do such dastardly deeds. Don’t they know they have to pay for that somehow in the future in the form of evil things that could happen to them? But thank you for this post for now I know how to keep my files virus free.

    Mompreneurs: Relying on Facebook to Grow Biz

    Some stay-at-home moms go into business when they find out they can make money out of their hobby. They do their business when the children are in school or when they are having their afternoon nap. Mandy Miller did her business through the cakes she loves to bake and Jenny Robertson with photography. They became mompreneurs and their hobbies changed their life.

    They did what they could and soon found out the missing key was social media. Mandy was reluctant at first to join Facebook but when her sister signed her up, Facebook helped spread the word about her cakes. Her business page is her store front and it’s there that she re-connected with a grade school friend, Jenny, who dreamed to be a photographer. Well, Mandy mentored her and the rest is history.

    To read the whole story on how these two mompreneurs succeeded with their home based business, click the above title “Mompreneurs: Relying on Facebook to Grow Biz” and it should get you to read all about it if the news provider has not taken it down yet.

    Work from Home: Home Business Challenge Unveils New Educational Initiative

    Nowadays, people can open for business with the help of the technology that is all over the internet. The trouble is that despite the availability of help, some do not have the skills needed to make use of the help around the net. Thank goodness, Home Business Challenge has opened up a new educational initiative.

    Home Business Challenge is offering tips and strategies that generate profit. This was founded by a group of internet marketers who would like to show people how to build their business by learning how to connect with solid business opportunities and use social media and other technology to get traffic and make conversions.

    To read what this company offers as tips and strategies, just click the title above, scroll down to find today’s topic on “Work from Home: Home Business Challenge Unveils New Educational Initiative” and it should get you to read all about it if the news provider has not taken it down yet.

    Building a Business, One Happy Event at a Time

    Here’s a woman from Lutherville who owns a home based business and was awarded state honour for her work. She makes custom promotional products for which she received the Home Based Business Champion Award. Jeannie Noll feels honoured for the recognition she received.

    Pretty much of her business comes from referral. She also gets some work from her website. She has provided uniforms and corporate apparel for companies, awards and plaques but she said her business was built on pens, mugs and T - shirts. Much of her work get her involved in happy events.

    To read how this business award winner built her business, just click the title above, scroll down to find today’s topic on “Building a Business, One Happy Event at a Time” and it should get you to read all about it if the news provider has not taken it down yet.

    Bookkeeping Tips for Your Home Business

    Proper book keeping is important if the home business to go forward. There are some tips to make this easier. No, it does not involve putting the receipts in a shoebox. It is getting a ledger or an accounting journal. It is here where you record gross income, and the expenses you encounter. There is also a financial software which you can use so you do not have to calculate.

    Record all the transactions cash and credit sales, insurance payments, transportation and travel expenses, compensations, entertainment, and taxes. This will help keep track of the status of the business because the daily, monthly and yearly summary is calculated. As a result you can create financial statements for the month and the year.

    To read the rest of the tips, just click the title above, scroll down to find today’s topic on “Bookkeeping Tips for Your Home Business” and it should get you to read all about it if the news provider has not taken it down yet.

    Google at Ad:tech San Francisco: Three Steps to Make Web Marketing Work for Your Business .

    Senior manager at Google, John Nicoletti, spoke on the three steps to make the web work well for businesses. He said that many consumers buy online now so marketers need to be aware of the zero moment when consumers arrive at the decision to buy. It is therefore essential to know the secrets of success in internet marketing. Here are the steps:

    1. Win all the moments that matter. - To do this, marketers have to be aware of the value of the multi-channel approach to marketing effort. From article marketing to video and social media, they all matter.

    2. Decide better and faster. This is understandable as you could easily be left behind if you do not input the right data into the right media mix in a timely fashion.

    3. Go bigger, faster. Build campaigns as fast as you can, track and measure them so you can make informed decision on where to go next to something faster and bigger.

    If you like to read the full report, just click the title above, scroll down to find today’s topic on “Google at Ad:tech San Francisco: Three Steps to Make Web Marketing Work for Your Business” and it should get you to read all about it if the news provider has not taken it down yet.

    Need Money Financing Your Home Business? Your Answer is Here!
    With the economy the way it is, many are inquiring on how to start a business. After obtaining quite a few small business ideas, they come to the question on how to finance their endeavour. If you need information on getting financial help, you may contact Small Business Administration at 800-827-5722.

    In addition to the above you can also contact the chamber of commerce closest to where you live but before you do so, you should have a business and smart marketing plan, a budget with pertinent financial information and recommendations from other companies who have gone through the path you want to undertake. You should also by this time have a business license where it is applicable and some networking connections.

    If you like to read the full report, just click the title above, scroll down to find today’s topic on “Financing Your Home Business? Your Answer is Here!” and it should get you to read all about it if the news provider has not taken it down yet.

    Tips on Deducting Home Office Expenses

    The question: I set up a consulting business and I work at home. Can I claim a deduction for my home office?

    The answer: Yes, you may claim a deduction for your home office, if you meet some criteria. To claim the deduction, the part of the house you are claiming a deduction on should be used regularly and entirely as a principal place of business. You can also claim a deduction for the part of the home that is a separate structure from your home.

    The claim you can deduct depends on the portion of the part of the house that is wholly used for business and is limited if your gross income is less than the total expenses. Those who are self-employed can use Form 8829 to figure out the deduction and report it on Form 1040, Schedule C. Additional rules apply and you can see them at www.IRS.gov and the IRS Publication 587. You have to be ready with the receipts when called upon to produce them.

    If you like to read the full report, just click the title above, scroll down to find today’s topic on “Tips on Deducting Home Office Expenses” and it should get you to read all about it if the news provider has not taken it down yet.

    Internet Marketing Strategy: Going Inbound

    Inbound marketing is much more important than outbound marketing which is essentially advertising. Anyone can do this but inbound marketing puts together content marketing, search engine optimization and social media marketing. It is making yourself the authority in your market. How do we do this?

    Start with your blog and great content. Then share every post through Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, My Space, Digg and others. Answer the questions the customers ask and teach them about things they should know. Posting great content constantly will get noticed and result in more traffic and sales.

    If you like to read the full report, just click the title above, scroll down to find today’s topic on “Internet Marketing Strategy: Going Inbound” and it should get you to read all about it if the news provider has not taken it down yet.

    Known as the ‘bible’ of Affiliate Marketing, Rosalind Gardner’s Super Affiliate Handbook is a MUST-READ for anyone who wants to become an affiliate marketer.

    In a style that is friendly and humorous, the Super Affiliate Handbook is peppered with real examples of what Rosalind did to become one of the most recognizable Super Affiliates in the world. And she doesn’t just tell you what she did right — she exposes the mistakes she made as well — to help you avoid potential problems.

    Exceptionally well written, Super Affiliate Handbook covers absolutely everything you need to know about making money as an affiliate marketer.

    I HIGHLY Recommended it.

    Get the Super Affiliate Handbook today!

    Conquering Internet Marketing

    Don’t believe anyone says that a home business is a piece of cake. It is rewarding, yes, but it is a lot of work. The thing is if you choose the right business and you love it, it will not feel like work at all. They conducted a poll on what works and the surveys says the small business owners don’t know what works best among PC, Video and Social Media Marketing and almost half of the responders are not sure what to invest in. But here are some suggestions:

    1. Find out what your goals are.

    What do you want to happen with any marketing strategy to undertake. Then check out what the so-called gurus are doing. The trouble with this is that you don’t know which guru to listen to.

    2. Determine what you want to do but since everything requires a lot of work, focus on one thing at a time and master it enough so you can offer the service to others.

    Remember that nobody can do everything so you really have to outsource some of the work, which brings us to the next thing to do.

    3. Do outsourcing the right way.

    Don‘t just hire anybody before asking these questions:
    a. How do you research the marketing goals of your clients?
    b. Can you show me some quantitative results from your past work?
    c. Can you tell me your background, experience and education regarding marketing strategies? .

    4. Monitor results and make adjustments to reach the desired goal.

    Check to see which pages are making money and make the necessary corrections.

    5. What methods are you using now?

    How are these marketing strategies working out? What is your next step?

    If you like to read the full report, just click the title above, scroll down to find today’s topic on “Conquering Internet Marketing – A SPN Exclusive Article” and it should get you to read all about it if the news provider has not taken it down yet.

    9 Steps To Success with Your Home Business

    You must be wondering why here we go again, another post on the steps for home business. This is different though for this is more like tips. These have helped the author succeed at her business venture despite the fact she was uneasy at first, but she learned her lesson fast and this is what I hope will happen to you.

    First she advocates getting up early and going to bed early which makes sense. She said eating regular meals and exercising will keep your energy up for your business. She also suggests keeping home and work separate and having a start and finish time for work. Scheduling your day activities is also a good idea.

    It is good to be organized too or you will lose time looking for things. Then knowing you can’t do everything by yourself, outsource some of the tasks or hire a virtual assistant. Building a team like this will get you on a faster track. Then last but not least, have fun with family and friends.

    If you like to read the full report, just click the title above, scroll down to find today’s topic on “9 Steps To Success with Your Home Business” and it should get you to read all about it if the news provider has not taken it down yet.

    Your Home Business Can Make An Impact

    Operating a home business is becoming popular and some have experienced success and made an impact like this mom who re-invented herself and launched an online business called Tin Soldier where she creates military themed clothing and custom embroidery. A portion of what she sells goes to care packages to members of the military. What business do you have in mind that will have that kind of impact?

    If you like to read the full report, just click the title above, scroll down to find today’s topic on “Your Home Business Can Make An Impact” and it should get you to read all about it if the news provider has not taken it down yet.

    8 Ways to Finance Your Startup with Debt: Parts 1 and 2

    Let’s face it, you will need some money to start a business although with an internet business, it is negligible when compared to other types of business. You need to have a website: which you can get free at Word Press but you won’t be allowed to put affiliate links. What good is that if you can’t earn money from it although there is a way to go around it and that is to get Hosting Services from an independent company which can cost anywhere from 8.95 a month.

    I do like Site Sell or SBI better because I am in both companies but with Site Sell, everything is included but the higher cost of around $30 a month is worth it because it includes everything. You will find cheaper ones but you can’t upload unlimited data and get unlimited support. Then to get traffic you have to have a list and so you can do that with an autoresponder, the best of which is Aweber at $19 a month. But where else can you get a business going for roughly $50 a month?

    But of course you need money for this and we have here 8 ways to finance your start up. Part 1 is using debt which I do not recommend. Let’s take them one at a time, shall we?

    Two ways of financing your business are through credit cards which if done correctly is the least expensive and the Rollovers as Business Startups which is technically using your retirement savings which is a popular form of financing but you are really risking your future. Then there’s the Trade Credit or vendor credit from Staples or other companies where you can apply for a loan and lines of credit for the goods and services you need for your business.

    Then there’s the equipment financing for computer and other stuff you may need. I will start small here though. Then Part 2 of financing deals with SBA loan, Home Equity Line of Credit, Peer to Peer Loan like the Prosper and Lending Club which are not cheap. The last one is the Contract Financing.

    If you like to read the full report, just click the title above, scroll down to find today’s topic on “8 Ways to Finance Your Startup with Debt: Parts 1 and 2” and it should get you to read all about it if the news provider has not taken it down yet.

    Starting a Home Business in a Difficult Economy - Part 12 .

    What to do next after completing all the steps? Well, it’s time to obtain the legal documentation and small business financial support for your company to get you on your way to success. It is also a good time to start developing the marketing and advertising materials and sending out messages to prospective customers.

    You know where to send these messages because you have done the research. You also know where your opportunities are and with the well-crafted business plan you have, you can’t help but succeed at this endeavour. All you need now is a tough management personality and you should be able to get your first customer in no time,

    If you like to read the full report, just click the title above, scroll down to find today’s topic on “What To Do Next” and it should get you to read all about running a home business in a tough economy.

    Starting a Home Business in a Difficult Economy - Part 11 .

    Be future-minded for the going at the start is tough. Now that you have your business plan, you can look ahead and see what you can expect. Where will your business be in two years? How about in five years or even ten years? Setting long term goals will help inspire you to keep going on, thinking of the next success.

    Think of how you can expand the business - in terms of services and products. Keep looking for those that will help prospective clients which in turn will benefit your business as well. How about the area you serve?. The market can reach globally now and you don’t have to confine yourself to a local area.

    If you like to read the full report, just click the title above, scroll down to find today’s topic on “Be Future-Minded” and it should get you to read all about running a home business in a tough economy.

    Starting a Home Business in a Difficult Economy - Part 10 .

    Crafting the business plan is the next order of the day. The strong business plan will say exactly what the business will produce, how will the business produce these services and goods, who will be the customers, how much to charge the customers, how much profit can be expected, the overhead expenses and the annual salary.

    Having a plan like this can keep one on track. Not only that, if you need financing from the bank, authorities will listen more carefully to your presentation when you have solid data on hand. The authorities will be able to see that your business is a well thought out plan and so may be willing to invest in your endeavor.

    If you like to read the full report, just click the first line above, scroll down to find today’s topic on “Crafting the Business Plan” and it should get you to read all about running a home business in a tough economy.

    Starting a Home Business in a Difficult Economy - Part 9 .

    Are you fully prepared is the question you have to ask yourself before you dive in deeper into this venture. It’s true you have done your share of the preparation needed. You completed all the considerations outlined on the previous eight parts. You’ve researched the needs of the community and checked the viability of using your home for this venture.

    You’ve also looked at the laws and regulations that you need to comply with. You’ve also checked your insurance needs and the licenses and the inspections your business will need and go through. So you may think you’re ready and very well prepared. Wait a minute though for there are a few more considerations that you need to check out.

    If you like to read the full report, just click the first line above, scroll down to find today’s topic on “Are You Fully Prepared?” and it should get you to read all about running a home business in a tough economy.

    Starting a Home Business in a Difficult Economy - Part 8 .

    To ensure a successful business, think of the potential sales or at least estimate them. In fact, it is good to determine how large the market is but some gurus neglect to say this in the hope that you will just buy the material they are selling you. They don’t want you to know this for fear they will lose the sale. Mind you sometimes, it is not good not to know all the details as you may be scared to even try.

    Knowing what other businesses offer the same product or service could only be a good thing because that could mean you will confine your business in the city where you live. Being small like this will help you build a client base without spreading yourself too thin. This way you will learn what needs to be done.

    Now that you know what product or service you are offering and who are offering the same products, you can find out how they do it. This is key to beating the competitors. You will want to improve on what they are offering. Start talking to people you know and find out if they could switch to your service.

    If you like to read the full report, just click the first line above and scroll down to find the current topic. You should be able to read all about running a home business in a tough economy.

    Starting a Home Business in a Difficult Economy - Part 7 .

    Determining whether there is a market for the service or product you are providing is a must-thing to do. In fact it has to be among the first things one has to do before actually starting a home business. No matter how good the ideas are, knowing whether there is a market for it or not is crucial to the success or failure of the business.

    Before researching the market, take a close look at your product and service. Is it regularly in demand? How many competitors are there? Will you be able to compete with them in quality, price and delivery? Can you put a price on your product that will give you a profit? Can you create a demand for the service and product you are offering?

    If you like to read the full report, just click the first line above and it should get you to read all about running a home business in a tough economy.

    Starting a Home Business in a Difficult Economy - Part 6 .

    One of the first things a business owner has to do is to make sure he is legal and properly liable. The community where the business is located may have guidelines to follow. For example there may be zoning laws that the business will comply because the communities would want to limit the size of the business operation. .

    So be certain that if you are meeting clients in the home, to think of where they will park so that they will not put strain on the local traffic or parking. Check with the local authorities what are the limitations so you can figure out plans to limit the strain on the community.

    Make sure you are covered by insurance especially if you are selling something that in the future may be found defective or even harmful to the buyers. Ask the officials too if you are subject to any licensing requirements or inspection among the three levels of the government: local, state and federal.

    If you like to read the full report, just click the first line above, scroll down to read all about making sure you are legal and properly liable to run a home business in a tough economy.

    Starting a Home Business in a Difficult Economy - Part 5 .

    We have been discussing the topic on starting a home business in a tough economy and we have covered the necessary personality for the home business venture. As well, we’ve discussed the business skills and the work that an owner has to do. Then we talked about whether using the home as an office is a viable situation.

    This fifth week, assuming that using the home as an office is what you can live with, we are now ready to talk about how to maintain a wall between the business and the home. This will be quite a challenge as the home has distractions. You may be tempted to do some cleaning in the middle of your office work.

    The best way to face this challenge is to create an office in one room of the house which should be maintained as a separate office space where work can be done in an efficient and timely way. This will benefit not just the office but the home environment. Remember that when you work outside the home, you don’t take your family to work with you.

    Another way of separating the home from the office is to have a separate landline phone strictly for business calls with an answering machine for the evening hours. This way you and the family can have time together not to be disrupted by business calls. The government will also have an easier time to grant you deductions for the office space. If you like to read the full report, just click the first line above and it should get you to read all about running a home business in a tough economy.

    Starting a Home Business in a Difficult Economy - Part 4 .

    We have already covered the management personality needed getting into the venture of home based business. As well we discussed the business skills and the different tasks a business owner has got to do. Being a business owner is a rewarding position to be in despite the hard work that comes with it especially in the beginning stages.

    This week we are ready to delve into a new topic on using the as an office. This is the problem may new business owners face. Should they use the home as an office. To answer this, one needs to think long and hard for using the home as an office has both advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is you save money on renting a space.

    However, making the home an office will change the every day lives. One part of the home has to be converted into an office. Phones, faxes, files and scanners will fill that room. It will of course the home routine. Then there’s the problem of the monotony; you will be working in the same place every day with no relief or change. If this is not a bother go ahead for the savings on rent, transportation, fuel and clothes could be substantial.

    The full report is here. If you want to review the full report, click the title and scroll down to where the topic on what you can do differently. You should now be able to read the full report if the service provider has not taken it down yet.

    Please visit our sponsor”
    Home Business Tax Deductions

    Here’s what people who bought this book had to say: This book starts off with a very good description of what this book is all about: John and Jane both gross $50,000 a year. John gets $40,000 after taxes, Jane gets $45,000. The difference - John works for someone and goes into work. Jane works at home and gets to deduct her home office expenses. 

    The IRS allows you to deduct your expenses of maintaining a home office. At the same time, the IRS rules are fairly complex, and home office expenses are often overstated or subject to outright fraud. So the IRS tends to look at them fairly carefully, they have been known to come to your house to see what your office looks like. 

    This book explains the rules as written down, the rules as actually followed and gives you some tips as to what you should, shouldn’t, must, and mustn’t do. Beyond the official rules, which are messy enough, there are more or less unknown rules, i.e. computer software that you buy is written off one way (well actually two or three ways), software you create, either for yourself or for sale, is handled quite differently. 

    This book is well written, simple to read and up to date with current law.

    Internet Marketing Techniques People Think Work But Don’t - Part 6

    This is the fifth week we have been covering the marketing techniques people think work but don’t. We have already covered the hard sell, the email, the free gifts, the urgent message and selling the same old thing over and over again which brings us to the fifth technique that no longer works. You will laugh when you hear this. On second thought, you probably heard it already.

    The people who are trying to sell us the same thing over and over again must know that some of the things they are selling no longer work and so they have to stop doing it. The internet is always changing and what may have worked in the past, no longer works now, so why keep selling the same old thing? Every one can tell that this is a technique that no longer works.

    Stop giving us the false promises, will you? Have you ever thought of saying that to someone who is promising you the sun, the moon and the stars? Well, I have and the only reason I was not able to do so is because it is so difficult to get in touch with them. They seem to hide behind a support desk with people who are not able to address your concern.

    These are only some of them and if you want to read the full report, click the title and scroll down to read if the service provider has not taken it down yet.

    Starting a Home Business in a Difficult Economy - Part 3

    Last week we discussed the management personality this type of business requires - a personality that will make your business grow. Focusing on what the customers want is one facet of the management personality and another one is is having good human relationships with other people. This week we will focus on the business skills and the tasks that a home business owner will do.

    Starting a home business requires a lot of work. You will not be only responsible for the needs of your customers but you will also have to keep records, finances and be in charge of advertising, research and the marketing approach. And if you are selling material goods, you will have to do the inventory and the things related to it. You will have to be honest to see if you can handle it.

    Fortunately, there’s help available. One source is the United States Small Business Administration. It offers grants, loans counselling services, business planning and tax information. They even have training programs for business owners. You will be surprised to know there is a branch close to you.

    You can also outsource some of the tasks; you just have to be careful who you pick to do some of the tasks. Make sure it is a reputable company and that you will get the help you need when you get stuck with a part of the outsourced material or service. In other words, if you are determined to proceed there is nothing that can stand in your way. These are only some of them and if you want to read the full report, click the title and scroll down to read the business skills if the service provider has not taken it down yet.

    Then after that you can try this. During this tough conomy people are desperate to find ways to make money and with the incredible number of jobs being cut people have an overwhelming desire to start their own business from home. This ebook has many home business and work at home ideas.

    Starting a Home Business in a Difficult Economy - Part 2

    Do you have the management personality this type of business requires? Not every body has the management personality that will make the business go ahead and prosper. There is the need to focus the attention to the customers and what they want, for example. Having good human relations skills is another.

    Will you be able to set goals and follow them through completion? Are you disciplined enough to adhere to these goals and yet flexible and able to adapt to the change? This is important because sometimes the market has its own ideas and you may have to make changes instead of trying to impose your own ideas. These are only some of them and if you want to read the full report, just click the title and scroll down and you will see the points on management personality. Then try to see if you have the personality to manage this Beginner Internet Business: The Complete Guide To Making Real Money Online.

    Starting a Home Business in a Difficult Economy - Part 1

    Starting a home business when the economy is on a downturn is not easy. Most people think of the negative aspects like the high cost of living while the wages stay the same and the unemployment that’s all over the place. What they may forget to consider is that there are government incentives and the technology is so advanced one can start a business at a very low cost. Besides, with hard work, determination, talent and motivation, one may be able to establish a successful business. But there are issues to consider before delving into this venture.

    Web Design Business Part 6a How To Do It Successfully

    January 29th, 2012

    Home Business Ideas For You - 2. Web Design Business Part 6a How To Do It Successfully

    Web design business and the steps on how to do it successfully is the topic to cover for Part 6. On the first issue on this, we covered the first two steps and they are defining the purpose of the website and identifying the client’s target market. Step 2 should also include tweaking the marketing. How do we do that?

    The name of the company is important because it is a way of narrowing the market. The name of the company should say what the business is doing. Unless you are a big star, using your own name will not cut it. Using something like Free Diabetes Alert may help as it does make your mission clear.

    As you see in the previous step, you may have to change your approach at marketing. Once you find the target, you may also have to change your advertising efforts to go after places to generate new business. And it is not only in advertising that you do this but also in all other areas you do,

    The marketing needs should highlight where you’re good at because it is crucial to be thought of being the best at doing something. Once this is done you can improve the business through social media marketing to find more what the prospective clients are looking for.

    Please visit our sponsor:

    This Web Design Business Startup Kit Provides Web Designers With a Complete Turnkey Business In A Box Solution.. It Includes A Comprehensive 198 Ebook Along With Over 67 Ready To Use Contracts & Document Templates. The Web Industry Is Absolutely Booming.


    Meantime you continue to improve your services and products and become a specialist in the field. By this time you will know the truth behind why people buy a particular service or product. What they really want is something that will meet their needs, solve their problem and make them feel good.

    Find out what services and products will meet those three needs and be prepared to market them properly. Use market segmentation to zero in on your target market. In this case determine whether your product or service is local, national or international. If your market is local, research the demographics of the area into market segments like gender, education, income, family life, marital status.

    You should be able to get the information from the library or the local Chamber of Commerce. Then using psychographics, segment the graphic into types like lifestyle, opinion, social class, activities and interests, and attitudes and beliefs.

    You might also be interested in doing business with other business companies. If so, you need their number of employees, the location and company stability, and how they make their purchase. In addition know that companies buy services and products for three reasons. They either want to increase their income or at least maintain it or to lower their expenses.

    After the research you may be able to write a description of your prospective clients like this: My target customer is a 35-year old middle class male, who is fit, married and have two children. You may want to include females in the same age group.

    You may also know by now that there are 8000 potential customers and that 2000 of them are already loyal to your competition. Now that you know your best customer is, it is your job to target the group of people you have identified.

    How about if you find out there are only 60 in your target market and that the group will only buy your products once in ten years? Then you will have to go back to your research and perhaps expand the number of your target market. You now have the two steps to do it successfully, your web design business.

    Home Business Ideas For You - 2. Web Design Business Part 6b How To Do It Successfully Step Three

    February 12th, 2012

    Web design business and how to do it successfully is the topic for Part 6 of this series. To do this business successfully, we will have to ask ourselves some questions the answers to which will determine the type of website to create. The questions will be categorized into steps. Part 6a completed the first two steps covered in Part 6 and now Part 6b will cover the third step.

    The Third Step

    To make the web design business a success, the next step is identifying the competitors of your client’s website. You can easily check out the content and features of those sites by searching the internet for those that are similar to your client‘s theme. Of course you are not going to copy those sites. You just want to review them to make sure you are not overlooking anything that will put your client at a disadvantage.

    Reviewing those sites will also be an opportunity for you to get a feel for what the target markets need. The question is how and where do we get these competitive sites? That’s the easy part for you can put any of your favourite search engines find them for you. They will provide the URLs of the top sites similar to your client ’s business theme.

    Say your client’s website theme is on debt. Your favourite search engine will not only provide the URLs of the most popular sites on the theme but also you will find hundreds of keywords and topics on the same theme. Just type that keyword on the keyword box like so and click search:

    Custom Search

    Here are some that came out of the search out of the 80,400,000 results Google found in .16 seconds. Don’t be concerned about those 80,400,000 results for you will just check out the top ten of the websites that Google found for you. Just click each one and find out what makes them go up in Google eyes.

    1. Debt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    A debt is an obligation owed by one party (the debtor) to a second party, the creditor; usually this refers to assets granted by the creditor to the debtor, but the …
    Government debt - Corporate bond - Bad debt - Debtors’ prison
    2. U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time
    US National Debt Clock : Real Time U.S. National Debt Clock.
    3. The Debt (2010) - IMDb
     Rating: 7.0/10 - 18,627 votes
    The espionage thriller begins in 1997, as shocking news reaches retired Mossad secret agents Rachel… See full summary »
    Directed by John Madden. Starring Helen Mirren, Sam Worthington.
    4. The Truth About Debt - daveramsey.com
    May 3, 2010 – Find out why Dave Ramsey says debt is dumb and why wealthy people don’t use it.
    5. How to get out of debt - Oprah
    90+ items – Get Out of Debt in 8 Steps Getting out of debt is a step-by-step …
    12 Get Out of Debt: Step 1 Jean Chatzky explains the behavioral …
    2 The Widlunds’ Disappointment The Widlund family accepts help from …

    6. Knee Deep in Debt
    7. www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/credit/cre19.shtm
    8. Feb 9, 2011 – Dealing with Debt Collectors: The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is the federal law that dictates how and when a debt collector may contact …


    Please visit our sponsor:

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    That’s basically how to do step 3 of the different steps that will ensure success. You have to make sure you do each step carefully. You may combine steps but under no circumstances should you skip them. You don’t want to put your success in jeopardy. Those steps will ensure the success of your web design business.

    Home Business Ideas For You - 2. Web Design Business Part 6c How To Do It Successfully Step Four and Five

    March 13th, 2012

    Web design business Part 6 is on doing it successfully. We are following the steps on how to do this business effectively. Parts 6a and 6b deal with the first two steps which are identifying the purpose of the website and the target market while the third step on identifying the competitors is covered in Part 6b. Part 6c deals with the fourth step which is defining the features of the client’s site. The fifth step which is finding the right keyword is also on this page.

    The web design business can use the showroom approach. When you come to think about it, the website is really like a display of all the products and services offered by the client. The web design business will include the things functional and useful and should include the request made by the client.

    This is where your expertise will be much shown in the form of the navigation system, the contact form, about us, and photos of the products and services. Make sure you have included all the features necessary so you will not have to go back and start over.

    If it is an E-commerce and Online Selling business, there is a need to define the payment processing mechanism. It is important to have a secure check out system and to prevent identity theft. In addition, the customer’s privacy should be preserved.

    The next step is finding keywords that will help to find the website. It does not matter whether the website is big or small; it has to be found and this is only possible if the site is SEO-friendly. The search engine cannot be ignored. It is important to find the proper keywords.

    You can find keyword ideas at the following best free Keyword Research Tools. Some of the best ones are:


    And here are some of the best paid Keyword Tools:

    http://adwordanalyzer.com/ - This helps reveal the targeted niche markets and make the most of AdSense Campaigns.

    http://www.keywordcountry.com/ - This allows one to make best use of AdSense earnings and search over 600,000 niche keywords.

    http://www.keywordelite.com/ - This helps reveal the niche keywords and analyzes the competition on PPC Campaigns.

    On this Step 5, I will be remiss if I don’t mention Site Build It where I have been with for many years. I find this company very reliable and over delivers what it promises to do. One of the features is the brainstorming keyword tool they have. Over there, I can brainstorm for keywords like there was no tomorrow.

    There we have covered the first five steps to carry out what you intended to do in the first place. We have identified the purpose of the website and its target market. We have also identified the competitors and then we have covered step 4 on defining the features of the website and finding the right keywords for the fifth step. Following these steps and the next ones to come will assure you of a successful web design business.

    Web Design Business Part 6d How To Do It Successfully Step Six Develop a Wire - Frame

    April 8th, 2012

    Home Business Ideas For You - 2. Web Design Business Part 6d How To Do It Successfully Step Six

    Web design business Part 6 is on doing it successfully. We learned to identify the website purpose on 6a and the target market and the competitors on 6b. Then we defined the features of the client’s site on 6c. Now we are ready to develop the wire frame.

    What is a wire frame? It is a blueprint of the screen which is a visual guide that shows the website’s skeletal framework. Developing the wire frame is an essential step in the web design business that shows the arrangement of the content on any given website, along with the navigational systems and the interface elements and how they work together.

    So if you want to secure more clients, and follow a more professional and methodical approach with each project then you really need to consider this package. Don’t waste time writing up your own documentation, simply purchase and download this comprehensive package that will not only save you time, but improve your chances of landing that big web project.

    Impress your clients with these professional documents that cater for any web design business. Simply download and go - these documents are ready for immediate use. All you have to do is fill in the blanks.


    Back to the wire frame, what you do is put together all the information you have into the web site where you can organize and correct the integration of the information easily. The wire frame does not have color or graphic as the main focus is on functionality and how it works and not on what it looks like. It can be just a pencil sketch or drawing where you can easily see omissions.

    A wire frame has three components: the information, navigation and interface designs. These three elements can be on a page layout but the wireframe will show the relationship among these three elements. The information should be presented for better understanding and should be reflecting the goals of the website.

    The navigation system will allow the user to go from one page to another in the website. This element should show the relationship between the links so that the users will know what option they have for navigating the website. The goal is to get the customers where they want to go quickly so using several navigation systems is good for the web design business.

    The third element of a wire frame is the interface design and should include elements to enable the customers to relate with the system. The goal is to make it easy for the users to interact with the system. Action buttons, drop down menus, check boxes, text field and drop down menus are common elements found in the interface design.

    There’s an example of a wire frame I found at http://webdesignledger.com/inspiration/18-great-examples-of-sketched-ui-wireframes-and-mockups If you want to see it, clink the link and scroll down to find Coastal Capital Partners. The link does not seem to work. If so, just copy and paste it onto your browser.

    You can begin constructing the wire frame by making a sitemap where all the pages of the website are listed. For each page, put in the details needed making sure to consider the role of the site. The content pages will help build the traffic so check each page and make several versions before you are fully satisfied. Check out each page three ways from your perspective as well as from those of the clients and their customers.

    Pretend you are a customer walking through the website. Can you find the information you need? Can you pick the item you want to buy, put it to the shopping cart and place your order? If this is not easily done, it is obvious you have to do some revision. Do the same from your client’s perspective. Does it have everything you discussed in the interviews and the elements in the competitors’ sites? All these are essential in making a web design business a success.

    Review it also based on your perspective as a web designer. Is it too complicated it will be hard to have a navigation system? Will it support growth? Get people to walk through the site and give you their constructive criticism. Once you are satisfied, give a copy of the finished wire frame to your client to review before you proceed any further.

    We have just finished learning how to do a wire frame which is an essential part of a web design business. You want it to be complete with all your client’s requirements and make sure the prospective customers will have a satisfying experience navigating through the site. This will insure a successful web design business.

    Home Business Ideas For You - 2. Web Design Business Part 6f How To Do It Successfully Step Eight - Building the Prototype

    June 5th, 2012

    Web design business, to be a success, includes the step-by-step process of determining the purpose, the target market, competitors, the features for the site, finding the right keywords, developing a wire frame before creating a story board. Now how do you know if the intended audience want your ideas? This is where building the prototype comes in.

    A prototype is really a mini website and can either be online or paper but it is advisable to have both. This should really include content or ideas for content, multi-media and graphics but is a smaller version of the final website. This way you can have it beta tested to ensure that everything is working well.

    Getting the Team Organized
    Before starting the building process, get the team organized. It could be a one-man team but at any rate one has to be ready with what to do even though you wear different hats. For example, there is a need for a producer, a skilled project manager, who will be in charge to organize all the parts of the site into one logical whole that can grow with time.

    You will need an HTML author who will, with his broad HTML know-how, create a site as close as possible to the design of the planned site to have it work with the different browsers and will be able to implement forms and other technical features for the site.

    There is also a need for a graphic designer who will be responsible for the graphic needs the website requires. He will be in charge of generating all images needed for the site and so should be familiar with the available graphics programs. He will be recommending different backgrounds and colours of the links and texts.

    The content editor decides the content for the site and the schedule for putting them up and write contents as well. The server specialist should be able to organize the site and provide any server-side programs and at the same time cope with any DNS configuration issues that might come up.

    Planning the Prototype
    Start with a paper prototype after finishing the design. Having this drawn on paper will help in visualizing the finished product. Then you can start filling in the blanks as to where to put the navigation bars and the content. Write out the ideas as you visualize the site.

    After finishing the paper prototype, show it to the rest of the team and discuss what additions, omissions and deletions are needed. Everything should be discussed in detail. It will take a lot of time but it will be worth it. Make sure those who are involved in the decision making sign every page of the prototype after the final approval on the draft so no one will keep adding something anytime they want to.

    Unfortunately this is just the first part of creating a prototype. We just did the organizing and the planning stages of the prototype. Next time we are going to discuss the other steps that include building the online prototype and testing it. That is how we are going to succeed at this web design business.

    Home Business Ideas For You - 2. Web Design Business Part 6h How To Do It Successfully Step Eight Building the Prototype

    August 7th, 2012

    Web design business, and how we can do this type of business successfully has been our topic of discussion. We have covered the seven steps and on the last web page we started doing the eight step which is a two-part series. We interrupted this because we had to do the guidelines first so we can be guided accordingly in creating the web design.

    Now we can start building the prototype. There will be some pages in this step of developing the layout that the client can review. You can use your favorite graphics in this step where you will also have to identify the page header, the navigation bar, the footer and all the other features.

    Make sure each page is done right and if there is something amiss, check out the story board. Either change the storyboard sheets or the layout so things will fit together. A design form can be used to layout the different features the way you want it done and indicate the number of pages for each section.

    You can start the appropriate graphic designs in detail once the rough layout is done. Use the colors the client prefers, also the website theme, services or products along with the target market. Pick the navigation format and the links in the page. If the header and footer are part of the design, add them at this point. Keep working on the layout until you are satisfied all the requirements are met.

    Show the client what you have done and if he is not satisfied, ask for clear comments and directions so that you do not have to make many revisions. The clearer the directions are, the more smoothly the work will be approved and go forward.

    Now the prototype can be built online. The server configuration and the name of the domain should be checked. Do the same for the links so you know for sure they are working. Check if the alt tags are descriptive. There is no need for the bells and whistles at this time yet. It is enough to have an idea of how the site looks.

    However the main page should be defined along with the content that will go live and perhaps two other areas. The most important areas the people who will make the decision want are the information about the company, the services and or products and customer service area. If those concerned still don’t like the design, ask for clear directions and if they can’t ask them to appoint someone who will work with you. This is how to build a successful web design business.

    This Web Design Business Startup Kit Provides Web Designers With a Complete Turnkey Business In A Box Solution. It Includes A Comprehensive 198 Ebook Along With Over 67 Ready To Use Contracts & Document Templates. The Web Industry Is Absolutely Booming.

    Home Business Ideas For You - 2. Web Design Business Part 6g How To Do It Successfully Step Eight Building the Prototype

    Web design business is the second home business idea that we are working on. We are at Step eight on how to do it successfully which is creating a prototype. We just covered the planning and organizing part of building a prototype. We interrupt these steps by going through the guidelines so we will all have the idea how much effort we need to build a prototype.

    A prototype corresponds to the shell of an actual production of the website. It is built early in the developmental process to provide insight into the general workflow and the look and feel of the work. Some people call it at this stage a prototype but really if there are subsequent implementations, the first one is really just a pilot.

    First off the bat, build the prototype quickly so you can show this to your client. If you make it complicated, you may just waste your time when the client says he does not like the direction it is going. Here are some guidelines that will help you understand how much effort to put into building a prototype to help the web design business succeed.

    Using the traditional waterfall approach where you go from analysing and designing to coding and then testing, you may not need to create a prototype but if you do, think of it as something you will throw away, but build it in such a way that you will be able to use much of it when creating the final prototype. All you may need to do is to do some tweaks to consider what more is required.

    It is because the first time the client takes a look at the project during the integration and testing the system, he does not always know what he wants so this is a good time to get feed back as to the requirements. It is great if the requirements are well understood at the start but this is not always the case. So the feedbacks will help and he will then be in a better position to say what he likes and does not like. Only then will you be able to improve the prototype or hone the requirements in enhanced detail.

    In other words, don’t spend too much time in creating a prototype when you build it through the traditional waterfall approach. Your aim is for the client to take a peek quickly and then discard it. But it will be great if you can use it as the foundation for the final prototype for the web design business design.

    Using RAD or the Rapid Application Development approach, you still have to create the first prototype quickly but just keep adding more additions into succeeding versions. This is what the RAD approach is all about. You just keep adding what is needed until the final solution. In this case, you have to be flexible.

    You will have to spend more time at the start of the project when using the RAD approach. The idea is building the prototype through a series of additions until you come up with the final solution for the web design business. That is why flexibility is an asset in this approach.

    Some people think of the prototype as a way to record the needs while others think of it as a way to collect the requirements. Regardless, it is a good idea to keep a record of any suggested change from the feedbacks to avoid any misunderstanding.

    Now that we know the guiding principles, we can proceed with the next steps in the creation of a prototype. What we learned from the principles will help in the next steps so that we will have a successful This Web Design Business Startup Kit Provides Web Designers With a web design business. This Web Design Business Startup Kit Provides Web Designers With a Complete Turnkey Business In A Box Solution.. It Includes A Comprehensive 198 Ebook Along With Over 67 Ready To Use Contracts & Document Templates. The Web Industry Is Absolutely Booming.

    Here’s another way you can have your very own web design business: How To Set Up and Run Your Own Web Design Business

    Home Business Ideas For You - 2. Web Design Business Part 7 How To Attract and Keep New Clients

    November 14th, 2012

    Home Business Ideas For You - 2. Web Design Business Part 7 How To Attract and Keep New Clients

    Web design business is up and running but the work is not done yet. Now is the time to think and work on ways to attract customers and to keep them coming. This is not going to be easy as you know there are quite a few businesses like yours. The problem then is how to get these customers to choose you instead of the competition. Don’t worry for we are ready to explore the different ideas to do just that.

    1. Give valuable information instead of trying to sell.
    Provide them with information they need in order for them to build their trust in you first. No one is going to buy anything from anybody who has not proven himself to be trustworthy. You may not even be able to get customers to come to you if they do not know that you will be of help to them.

    So how do we do that? Offer to help them by giving away free information. Find out what their problems are and offer them some solutions to whatever is troubling them. Once they know you will be around to help them, maybe they will drop by and check you out some more. It may be then time to provide some kind of tutorial at this point.

    Your competition may have blogs to provide information and to show case what they are all about. These blogs will help them offer solutions to problems that they maybe having. Once they get the information they need, then they can start start trusting you and may even become a customer. So google a set of top articles in your area and decide how you can use these articles to have a blog, or offer a tutorial or have an ebook to give away.

    2. Choose a Niche
    When you are just starting out, it is difficult to concentrate on a huge marketplace. Instead it will be wise to focus on a niche. A niche is a smaller segment of the target market so instead of looking at toys for instance, target instead a smaller segment of that huge marketplace, say Teddy Bears You will do better than your competitors in serving this smaller segment.

    When choosing the niche, you have to consider whether there is a need for that niche and that people will be willing to pay for it. You should also determine if there are already competitors in this market and whether it would be big enough to be lucrative and has a potential to grow. Also, the choice of the niche should also depend on your ability to stop your competitors from getting all the market share.

    So how are we going to do this? You will have to do some kind of self-analysis and check out your interests along with your strengths and weaknesses. What kind of work did you do before and what interested you the most? Then work on testing the waters by developing a marketing plan and creating some products for the niche of your choice.

    3. Check Out the Daily Deal Websites
    There are some daily deal websites that offer interesting discounts during a limited time discounts. The offers give businesses some new customers. Even though the prices are at a discount, there is still profit to count on. So it should be a great place to market your services or products.

    Sometimes they say though that there may be an inducement to price the deals to the sellers or merchants. Now they are starting to see that prices may be manipulated. To avoid surprises, include restrictions not only time-wise for you never know you may get more takers that you can chew.

    So how do we go about this? Those daily deals are usually for spas and restaurants. Well if you are selling a product or service that will benefit any web professional, you can certainly post your daily deals at http://www.mightydeals.com/ This can give you a rush of customers. Submit your deal there http://www.mightydeals.com/submit_a_deal

    There you have three ways to increase your customer base: help solve problems before selling, concentrate on a niche and participate in dail deals. How about you? Share with us some of your tricks. For now, we ran out of time again but have no fear because by next web page we are going to explore more ways to attract clients and keep the customers for your web design business.

    Amazon Deals and More

    November 16th, 2012

    How good are these deals? It depends on what you’re looking for so no one can generalize but there are sweet deals to be had especially on toys and electronics. Besides it is no longer just on one day. So take advantage of the daily deals too. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for! Just click the following link and away you go! Go ahead and click that Amazon Deals for You Link and check out what they have for you. Tell your friends!

    Amazon Deals For You


    June 8th, 2013


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    7 Most Outrageously Talked About on the Good, the Bad or Ugly Things of Starting a Business at Home by Evelyn Guzman

    August 1st, 2013

    So many of us want to venture into that land of home business. Why is that do you think? Is it the thought of easy money? Not at all for some. Some people just love the challenge. They get that high in finding a challenge just like Warren Buffet when he finds an investment worth getting into. Here’s what some people talk about when launching a home business from home.


    1. The investment is minimal, a pittance really. Compare this to having to rent a commercial space. That will be a laugh, don’t you think? It’s like comparing a mountain with a mole hill.

    2. That’s not all the savings you get. There’s the travel back and forth between home and office. Why, in Toronto alone, getting to the office and back at home can cut down three hours of your precious time.

    3. Then there’s the savings on clothes, not that you aim to look like a model when you go to work. But at least you have to look presentable. But this could boomerang at your home office. Your clients may start thinking you’re not professional at all and may start heading to the door instead of talking to you, that is, if you’re still in your pajamas.

    4. You might save some money too in claiming a deduction for the portion of your house you use for your home business. But if you’re not Math savvy, forget it for the IRS and the CRA will get you to fill out forms.

    5. Then when the sun is shining out there, you have to fight the urge to head for the beach and get some downtime without having done any work yet. It will certainly be difficult to concentrate on your work.

    6. There are other distractions as well. The call of your friends and your kids will be difficult to ignore and pretty soon you’re in the mall licking an ice cream cone or playing hide and seek with the golf ball because that darn golf ball won’t behave and go where you want it to go.

    7. You can lessen the distractions by letting folks and friends know that you adhere to business hours. Arrange your office with professional looking furniture even though they’re just from the thrift store.

    There you have the 7 most talked about the advantages and disadvantages of launching a business from home. With a lot of firm determination and focus, anyone should be able to survive them. Just think of your goal and imagine what it will be like when finally you succeed and achieve your dream What do you think? Are you up to it? Leave me a comment, will you?

    Niche Profit Classroom - A Review

    August 8th, 2013

    Background of Niche Profit Classroom
    - This is a  marketing training unlike any others I have seen.  It is done in step-by-step fashion that is easy to understand.  I signed up for a $1 trial and I was intrigued by the scope of the materials included in this classroom.  I therefore decided to review it as I think this is something that will help people put up their website and get their business launched.

    Clear Definition of the Problem it Purports to Solve
    – The founders of Niche Profit Classroom knew people were having a hard time earning money on line.  I think I know from my experience that they realize that information on how do things to get a website up and running to make money online come in bits and pieces and no one has really come up in putting the entire thing as a coherent whole.

    This is what is holding the readers back in their quest to succeed.  For example, all the gurus are saying the money is in the list and they will let you know how to get that list but the whole process is like a mine field because there are technical issues to surmount.  I believe this is the problem that the founders of this system tried to solve and voila, Niche Profit Classroom is born.

    Pencils for Classroom

    Pencils for Classroom

    List of Things I Like – I was intrigued by the wholeness of the process with coaching even included.  So when I was offered to get a bonus, I grabbed it and signed up for a $1 free trial.  I was hesitant at first because I was busy with two other projects but I really wanted to know if it is possible to have the whole thing in one shot.  And if I find it good, I promised myself to write a review on it to let other people know of its existence.

    I was astonished by what the bonus pack included.  It had ready-made niche packs containing everything one needs to get a website up: ebooks, email course, articles, sales letters, templates and keywords.  The niche packs included such topics as baby showers, bass fishing, a beginners guide to yoga,  boating, fly fishing, body building, crochet, bronchitis, golf, forex trading, genealogy, iguana care, identity theft,  hybrid cars, irritable bowel syndrome, and lots more.

    The bonus came with Turbo Power Graphics that come with 20 sales pages, 10 one-time offers, 10 thank you pages, 30 squeeze pages, 30 testimonial box designs. 10 adsense ready pages, ten review pages and a lot more.  Can you imagine the time you save with all of these?  Of course you have to tweak and personalize them to make them your own, but still, you don’t have to go manufacturing them on your own.  To top it all, it comes with all the training, coaching and software you have access to.

    List of Things I Don’t Like – The one thing I don’t like about this is that most training is done through video but it is because I am a visual person.  Anyway, what is the other choice?  Learning things one at a time without tying them up together into a profitable website will get you stuck and frustrated.  So I went through the video training; it was a little slow for me but I learned what I came for.

    You have to sign up for an autoresponder with Aweber which I did before for over a year and that didn’t get me anywhere but with this Niche Profit System, I am confident I will get extra help from these people.

    Some said, “Customer support people are extremely rude and condescending.” There was even one who quit NPC just because of the lack of support.  This person even said that the NPC’s support staff has to be the worst and rudest people he ever encountered, but that is not how I found them.  In all my interaction with the customer support, they have been kind and sympathetic and answered my questions fully.

    One review also said that you have to have a lot of money to buy their additional software but I have not been asked to buy any software.  In fact we are told we have access to all their software and except for Aweber and the NPC monthly fee, there is no other cost involved to get your site up unless you choose to have the extra bells and whistles.

    My Final Verdict – Niche Profit Classroom is easily the best information you can get to get your websites up and running.  With free hosting for 15 sites you can’t go wrong with this.  If you are willing to be patient and work on this, you can easily succeed for everything you need is at your fingertips.  So Get Your $1trial Niche Profit Classroom here.

    Recession and Work at Home Moms

    August 15th, 2013

    How are “home businesspeople” dealing with this recession?

    There is an Association of Home Businesses.  This is the business association for those who work at home.  They have a monthly meeting where they discuss the current issues that home businesses are facing.  It is good to be associated with like-minded people.  Visit online at:   http://www.ahboregon.org.

    You can start your own organization like the above.  It will be great to share ideas with the other people who are in similar situation you are in.  The give-and-take ideas among the members will be priceless.  With the internet and social media to use as tools, how can we fail at this?

    With Income Drying up, It’s Moms to the Rescue
    To supplement the monthly income moms are seeking work at home enjoying the best arrangement.  They will still be available for piano recitals, ballet lessons and soccer practices.  But this flexibility is not what is driving them.  It is the fear that their husbands might lose their job.  So what do they do?  They sell jewelry in their living rooms, pots and pans in the kitchen and look for internet marketing opportunities to help with the shortfall in the budget.

    By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

    12 Reputably Easy Ways to Avoid a Home Business and Job Scam

    August 22nd, 2013

    Avoid a homebusiness scam should be an advice to take to heart. Why? It is because there are a lot of scammers around looking for people from whom they can get some easy money. These people pretend to have a legitimate home business opportunities to make one rich. Don’t be fooled by them!

    1. Research the company who is offering you such home business opportunities. Find out who they are and Google them. This way you will know if there had been complaints on the people you are thinking of joining. Besides those who have been scammed usually tell others online.

    Avoid Homebusiness Scam

    Avoid Homebusiness Scam

    “Photo courtesy PDPhoto.org”

    2. Learn to read an advertisement effectively. Do this with every company you’re interested in. Make sure it has a listed telephone number and the hours of operation are spelled out clearly. Check the way to contact them, the email address and physical address. Check the testimonials carefully whether the reviews are too good to be true.

    3. Call the Better Business Bureau for any complaints about their offerings. Don’t put all your eggs in this basket though. Why? Because those who have no record may not have been reported. Check to see if there are logos of known establishments that endorse the company you’re interested in.

    4. Don’t pay any start up fees. Consider work at home jobs like work in an office. These people don’t pay to work for their employers, so why should you? You don’t need to pay for a system to work for them. If you need to learn some skill to get a job, go to the nearest college and enroll there.

    5. Learn as much as you can as to the kinds of jobs that allow people to work at home. A good education to gain knowledge on this will go along way. Your research will show that envelope stuffing is not one of them.

    6. Don’t believe in a money-back guarantee because it is easy for them to say this. Usually it is not true unless it is backed by a solid company like Clickbank. If there are guarantees, read and understand them carefully.

    7. When you want to find a job working at home or a home business, search for them at legitimate sources instead of online where there are many scams. There are books of authority on this like “The Work at Home Sourcebook.”

    8. Stay away from home based business opportunity that promises you the moon like income that goes through the roof. It is most unlikely to earn thousands of dollars overnight.

    9. Check the registration details of the domain that is advertising jobs and home based business.

    10. Don’t get involved with lotteries and pyramid schemes.

    11. Your friends and family might be able to tell you about the job or home based business you’re interested in.

    12. Don’t be quick to sign on the dotted line. Keep looking around for there are legitimate ones online.

    Let your brain work for you. If you read something like you will earn thousands of dollars every day, then why is it that only very few are making money online? It does not make sense, does it? This is certainly a scam, so avoid it like the plague! No one can earn that much money without working hard at it.

    Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

    Tell a Friend

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    Top 10 Mistakes When Starting a Business

    August 29th, 2013

    Watch this section for those mistakes so you can avoid them. For even though you have a great idea, and I am sure you do, you get so excited you want to get started right away. So what do you do? You went and ordered some business cards and printed some ads like I did.

    Then you paid someone to get your website ready and boy, was it expensive. Then you started waiting for the customers to come by. After all, you have such good credentials and your skills are beyond the ordinary. So you kept waiting and waiting.

    Here’s a person who has been through this before. She is saying that you just made the top ten mistakes. Huh? What mistakes, you asked yourself. I worked hard at this and I got ready everything. Well, let us just keep an open mind, shall we? Let us listen to the voice of experience.

    Here’s mistake #1. You have to make a plan. Without a plan, it is easy to fail. You have a great idea but that is not a plan. Planning may take a long time and it is boring but it will benefit you to have a blueprint of what you are going to do. I have been online for over five years and the following are the resources you should have. The others I tried came in bits and pieces. These are the only ones that came in such a comprehensive manner that you won’t help but do well as long as you’re willing to work!, review,

    How are you going to start? When will you get the funds? Who will help you? Do you know a person very well who will do your website for you? How much will it cost? How are you going to get people to come? You see, this blueprint is your guide. Don’t waste your time like I did. The following are the resources that should help you as they are helping me, not like the others that I wasted my time and money on.

    Marketing With Alex This is an amazing resource if you want to make it big. As long as you follow what they say for you to do, you will! You have to have the time and the determination to follow through.

    Get Your Niche Profit Classroom Everything is ready for you when you get this, I mean everything: ecourse, eBook, website builder and all, the whole enchilada. Everything is there but the kitchen sink! I was so blown away by this when I signed up for a $1 trial that I wrote a review on it. Read my review on it at http://www.homebusinesssteps.com/2013/niche-profit-classroom-a-revie/

    Blogging With John Chow! // He is earning $40,000 a month blogging. Can you imagine that? When you get this product, you will believe it as I did! See if you can duplicate his system.

    As for traffic to go to your website, this will help you as it did me! The only problem with this is that the instructions are in the video and you know some of us learn better in other ways like me. So I transcribed the lessons and if you buy this product through this link and send me your receipt, I will send you the transcripts one module at a time.

    By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

    Mistake #3 of the Ten Mistakes When Starting a Business

    September 12th, 2013

    Mistake #3. A tiny ad that is all you can afford will not stand out so it is best to wait before putting up an ad or until your marketing budget can afford it so you will not waste your money. A tiny ad in the corner or a one-liner will not call attention to your ad.

    Some people think otherwise though. They say to get started advertising even though business owners are not that confident it is going to work. Besides being expensive, some do not know how to measure it relative to ROI (return on investment.

    We can understand why some of us will not know how it works despite the fact that we are bombarded with advertisements all day long. All a small business operator knows is that if the business is not growing and is stuck, advertising might be able to perk up the situation.

    Advertising, Will It Work? Courtesy of freefoto.com

    Advertising, Will It Work? Courtesy of freefoto.com

    At this point it is good to see the pros and cons of advertising. What can it do for the business? Besides promoting and informing the prospects of the benefits the business can offer, it can help build credibility and boost the brand and reputation.

    However, there are things advertising cannot do for the business. It cannot make the business better if the products and services are not up to par. Neither can it produce an immediate customer base nor help with gains and losses and improve the customer service.

    To ensure success, one must plan the ad carefully and to make sure it targets the correct audience. The advertisement should also be seen frequently for no one is going to jump and come to buy something from you right off the bat. It has to be distinctive and compelling. Then give it time to work.

    What are the different forms of advertisement can one employ? One can advertise online and get some banners to put up in websites. Then there are the ads one can have in newspapers, magazines, radio, and television. One can print flyers or even mail prospective customers.

    So what are we to do? To advertise or not, that is the question. We know it does not guarantee success or sales and it is expensive. Someone said though that if you do it right, prospective customers will become aware of you. On the other side of the spectrum, the advice is don’t advertise. It takes time to make it good and it’s expensive.

    By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

    Reference: “101 Ways to Advertise Your Business” by Andrew Griffiths

    You already know that the key to finding customers… making sales… building a list… banking profits – and ultimately, making the money you want, to be able to live the lifestyle you want – is
    Advertising & Marketing. Go ahead and click that link and use this very powerful, but very easy-to-understand “Free Advertising”.

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    Mistake #2 of the Ten Mistakes When Starting a Business - Fail to Plan

    Top 10 Mistakes When Starting a Business - Featuring Mistake #1

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    Mistakes #4 and #5 of the Ten Mistakes When Starting a Business

    September 19th, 2013

    Mistake #4. Paying a professional web designer a lot of money to build you a website is something I consider a mistake. The best thing to do is to get a good hosting service that gives a lot of help in website building and you can do it yourself for nothing. It happened to me. I paid thousands of dollars that did not deliver. Only after I signed up with Site Build It that I began to see the light.

    But there is the other side of the spectrum who believe that trying to do it yourself to save money is an expensive mistake. They believe that people who do this waste a lot of time and money instead of sticking to what they do best. Besides hiring a professional web designer can make your website attractive to visitors and search engine optimization can also be looked after.

    Let us look at an example. Mary wants to set up a business online. She finds it expensive so she decides to do the website by herself to save money. So she goes online and spends hours, weeks and months trying to find the best hosting there is only to find that some just promise her the moon and then she has to go and find another hosting company.

    Can you see how much time she is wasting to do that? It is time that she could have spent marketing her products and services. I bet she spent as much money doing it herself compared to hiring a professional web designer. This is besides the time she lost that she could have used doing more productive stuff.

    If you don’t want to make the mistakes Mary did and would like a step-by-step internet marketing training for quick and lasting online income then get Niche Profit Classroom where they will give you everything you need. I was so impressed with this program I reviewed it and you can read it at Niche Profit Classroom - A Review

    Mistake #5. There is no need to buy business cards and brochures at the start of your online business. Your business could change from month to month which will just make your business cards and brochures obsolete. So you see, it will just be a waste of time and money. That’s what some people think.

    Business Cards as Essential Marketing Tools

    Business Cards as Essential Marketing Tools

    Then there are others who believe it is good to plan early. They say you may even get 10% off your purchases. So it is good to buy brochures, stationary and business cards? Absolutely, if you need them because there are other ways to keep your other expenses low.

    For example, you can buy second-hand furniture for your home office, get only supplies and equipment that you need. You can also shop for bargains and hire workers only on contract and as needed. In addition, you may be able to get your suppliers to agree on an extended period of payment until your own client makes a payment to you.

    Brochures are important though as it shows in an attractive manner what products and services you are trying to offer. So be very creative in designing the brochures you want to publicize your business. It should really give information about the products or services you are offering.

    Then there are the business cards that are really an essential tool for marketing one’s products and services. They are easy to distribute, that is true, but too many marketers fail to see how important business cards are especially if that that is their only marketing tool. It should include the name address, phone number, email address, website, services offered and quotations.

    Now it’s your turn; tell us your thoughts on this issue by leaving a comment down below.  Thanks.

    By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

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    Top 10 Mistakes When Starting a Business

    Mistake #2 of the Ten Mistakes When Starting a Business

    Mistake #3 of the Ten Mistakes When Starting a Business

    Please sign up for our free ezine entitled “Save Money Today” Newsletter. We will publish this once a month where you will read about some encouraging news, positive experiences from others who want to share them with you. And you can unsubscribe anytime.

    If you want to make any comments or other feedback, please leave your comment below.

    Copyright 2013 Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman All rights reserved.

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    Mistake #6 and #7 of the Ten Mistakes When Starting a Business

    September 26th, 2013

    Mistake # 6:  This is about some people who promote themselves instead of trying to offer solutions to other people’s problems.  What they don’t know and understand is that people can’t care less what degree you finished in school to work in specialized field.  What they are interested in is what you can do to help them.  If you hit on what they need and you can offer solutions to this need, then you will have a good paying customer.

    To succeed in home business, you will really have to market your product and services.  You have to determine whether your products and services are the right ones and see if they are in the right place.  They have to meet the needs of your clients.  Now the question is how will you know this?

    It’s simple; just talk to potential customers. See what they need.  This can also be done through questionnaires and surveys.  In addition to talking to them conversationally, do some interviews.  You will be able to obtain important information so you can hone your product and services to meet the demands of the potential customers.

    Know Customers' Needs

    Know Customers' Needs

    It is also important to know where to sell the product and offer the services and what price you are going to offer them for because you should find out what the market will pay for your products and services.  How to sell them should also be focused on but most especially who should you sell them to.  As to how to sell them, there are different ways.  You could do it by having them on your retail shelf, at the shows and at fairs. If they are digital products, you can sell them online electronically.

    And this is not all.  The way to promote what you are selling is also an important thing to check out.  Are you going to advertise, do networking or offer coupons?  As you can see, there are so many things to think of and do rather than to be promoting yourself.  This is a mistake you have to avoid at all cost.

    Mistake # 7: Some marketers distribute their fliers to promote to their business in the wrong places. For example, if your business is on carpet cleaning, you should not distribute your fliers in the grocery stores.  Rather you should hand them out at the furniture stores and such.

    Clearly, the above does not belong to a strong marketing plan.  That is why so many businesses fail within three years of their launching.  Not determining the target market before you open for business is not the way to go down the road to success.  So is not developing ways to promote the business.

    There are brochures and ads to think about.  Web sites can also be considered and so are trade shows.  If your product is book sale, then join the book fair that is sponsored by the library.  They even give a small honorarium for those who participate in these book fairs.  And don’t forget your brand.  How you present yourself is part of the success you can have.

    By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

    Here is an internet business that I have not seen before. It is worth trying it out because there is a 60-day money back guarantee. Here’s what you get for a one-time payment where you do not need to spend anymore money and you will be able to build your own list. It is called
    CB Passive Income License Program.
    The CB Passive Income License Program will give you:
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    2. A Valuable Free Gift To Giveawayi s already “integrated” with your clone webpage. YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO ANYTHING HERE, IT’S ALL AUTOMATED.
    3. A Continual Income Stream
    4. A LIFETIME Commission when you get people to subscribe to your “secret web page” for free.
    5. A Solid Internet Business where you don’t need to hire designers, content writers, a copywriter and even an email marketer! Neither do you have to pay for a domain name, hosting fees and an autoresponder which are essential to get an internet business going.
    6. Access To My Promotion Training Courses where you will be trained how to get traffic to your webpage.
    How do I make money?
    Our software creates the “Secret Web Page” for you. We’ll provide you with the training on how to promote it (in case you’re a newbie). Your webpage builds your list and our marketing system monetize it for you. Basically, it’s a complete turnkey of my marketing system – the difference is, my marketing system is now WORKING FOR YOU, to generate affiliate commissions for you.

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    Refresh Mistake #6 and #7 of the Ten Mistakes When Starting a Business

    Mistake #2 of the Ten Mistakes When Starting a Business

    Mistake #3 of the Ten Mistakes When Starting a Business

    Mistake #4 and #5 of the Ten Mistakes When Starting a Business

    Top 10 Mistakes When Starting a Business

    Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape

    Copyright 2013 Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman All rights reserved.

    Mistakes 8, 9, and 10 of the 10 Mistakes When Starting a Business

    October 3rd, 2013

    I hope you’re having a good day; I am concerned because we are looking at all these start up mistakes that are depressing to think about but it is good to go through in order to be better prepared on this venture that we like to go into. We have done the first seven of the mistakes to avoid when starting a Business.

    Mistake #8 is on not giving up so easily. There will be bumps on the road that are expected and one should not give up at the first bump. This is the reason why most people fail when starting a business. Once they hit the first bump, they get desperate enough to quit.

    There was one woman who gave up because she felt everything went wrong. It seemed like everybody and his dog wanted to use her office computer because it was newer than the one they had. Not only that, even her office supplies went missing, including her pens. If only she had told them the rules that her office is off limits during office hours, then limits would have been set!

    Rules to Follow During Office Hours

    Rules to Follow During Office Hours

    And everybody wanted to talk to her. Sometimes they even wanted her to drive them somewhere because it was not supposed to take long. But a short drive would go longer than anticipated. There was the stop at the ice cream parlor. Then there were stamps to buy at the post office and so on and so forth. You follow me?

    One should stop all these interruptions from the get go. At the start there should be rules that hours for the office are what they are supposed to be. Put up a sign that you cannot be interrupted. Better still, type up all your requirements and distribute them to all who may think of interrupting you at work.

    Mistake #9 is to think that what happens to other businesses will also happen to you. All businesses are different. What may happen to one may not happen to you. Just keep plugging away on yours until things work out. Mind you, it is not bad to study what others are doing and determine if that will work for you as well.

    Mistake #10 is to keep being positive. Don’t feel let down at the first problem you meet. Think of it as a challenge and find ways on how to cope with it instead of wanting to quit. Starting a business takes time to see the reward. But you will soon see the light at the end of the tunnel, just you wait and see.

    Phew! I am glad we got that out of the way. That’s all for now. See you next week when we can address some other issues. Thank you for being my subscriber. There will be some things brewing in my head that will surprise you. I have been mulling on this for sometime now.

    You see I took a traffic course and a marketing course. I like them both and learned a lot from them. The reason I took those courses is because I know there were things I was not doing. You see, working on this was just kind of a hobby for me. But I have grown to like it so while I am at it, I might as well do it right.

    Going back to those courses, I need your help as to which one should I share with you. The traffic course is only on traffic while the other one is more complete. So email me as to which one you want me to share with you. Is it the traffic course or is it the complete course? So the ball is on your court. Let me know, okay?

    By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

    Here is an internet business that I have not seen before. It is worth trying it out because there is a 60-day money back guarantee. Here’s what you get for a one-time payment where you do not need to spend anymore money and you will be able to build your own list. It is called
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    The CB Passive Income License Program will give you

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    3. A Continual Income Stream
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    5. A Solid Internet Business where you don’t need to hire designers, content writers, a copywriter and even an email marketer! Neither do you have to pay for a domain name, hosting fees and an autoresponder which are essential to get an internet business going.
    6. Access To the author’s Promotion Training Courses where you will be trained how to get traffic to your webpage.

    How do you make money?

    The software creates the “Secret Web Page” for you. We’ll provide you with the training on how to promote it (in case you’re a newbie). Your webpage builds your list and our marketing system monetize it for you. Basically, it’s a complete turnkey of my marketing system – the difference is, the marketing system will be WORKING FOR YOU, to generate affiliate commissions for you.

    So click CB Passive Income License Program . and see for yourself if that is not what you have been looking for. It is something where you do not have to pay for hosting fees or an autoresponder and at the same time you will be building your own list. And that’s what everybody is saying. The money is in the list. Actually, the money is in the relationship you have with your list. I will explain that later.

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    Refresh Mistakes 8, 9, and 10 of the 10 Mistakes When Starting a Business

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    Mistakes #4 and #5 of the Ten Mistakes When Starting a Business

    Mistake #3 of the Ten Mistakes When Starting a Business

    Mistake #2 of the Ten Mistakes When Starting a Business

    Top 10 Mistakes When Starting a Business

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    Copyright 2013 Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman All rights reserved.

    Marketing With Roger and Evelyn - Part 1 Introduction

    October 10th, 2013

    A. What To Do to Ensure Success
    We badly need this part so we can be ready before we jump into building a website. I don’t want you to make the mistakes we made when we jumped right into it before we had all the information. Getting you ready first will help position you and your business in the right manner right from the start. This way we can ensure that you become a success with this. Take down notes though as you go along this marketing program.

    This introduction could be a long one but it will help you establish a structured business right from the start. Use the strategies we will teach you every day until things become a habit. Develop this mindset of building an online business that provides value to your readers and followers. And as such you may need people to do some tasks for you. So a change in the mindset is important. As this guru said, “This is NOT a get rich quick scheme; It’s a get rich forever system.”

    Why do some people fail? There are a number of reasons and one of them is information overload. Now you don’t have to expose yourself and be confused with more information if you stick with this site. Those you get elsewhere come in bits and pieces anyway. But there are other reasons why most people fail. Some are afraid of technology, they have no system, no plan, no mentor, and no focus. They love the hype they see in their emails and so they are just lost. And some, you won’t believe this, are just afraid of success.

    Overcome Information Overload

    Overcome Information Overload

    This is just the beginning. We will be doing a lot of things, building a list to create a following. We will make sure that we provide value and making money will come later. As this guru said, “Don’t chase money…Let money chase you.” You position yourself to do this. And how do you position yourself? Provide valuable content. Get an idea going. Don’t worry about it not being right. You will have time to go over it again.

    The difference between the winners and the losers is action. The winners take action. What do you think the people who made millions did with their ideas? They took action. They created something in the cyber-space, created value and that brought money to their bank. They didn’t moan, they just kept plugging away. They started with zero in their list and made that grow one by one when they started.

    The first pages in your work may all be failures but you can make the last chapter a happy one by taking action. Learn all what we are all reading now fast and at the same time you can apply what you are learning. It is up to us to make the last pages the best ever. You can do this because we will show you what we learned from these successful people. These things appear simple but when put together and you take action, goodbye being poor, hello wealth!

    The problem is that too many of us are in a rut and we have to climb out of that to succeed. We have to do a lot of planning first or risk failing because we will just keep on working with no focus. We will just be confused and overworked. Besides, without the planning, how can you run a business? This introduction will do that for you. It will help you get organized so no matter how many things come to you, you are prepared not to lose focus.

    With focus you will be ahead in the game.
    Without it, you are lost. Focus on how the successful people make money online. All the rest of the work you can outsource. This is probably why this guru wants us to write a pledge so that we will be more productive. He gave some examples like “Use a countdown timer when doing productive tasks, emails only twice a day, do daily sheets and the daily did sheet and plan tomorrow today.”

    We must explain the daily did sheet. You see when we plan today the work we will do tomorrow, we list down the tasks we have to do. Then at the end of the day, we list down all the work we finished during the day. We guess this will make us more accountable because what good is a daily do sheets if we do not actually do them and have them listed in our daily did sheet? Do you follow us?

    Now is your turn, comment on this post, will you?

    By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

    Here is an internet business that I have not seen before. It is worth trying it out because there is a 60-day money back guarantee. Here’s what you get for a one-time payment where you do not need to spend anymore money and you will be able to build your own list. It is called
    CB Passive Income License Program .

    Go ahead and click that and try to see if it will generate affiliate commission for you.

    The CB Passive Income License Program will give you:

    1. Your Own Clone “Secret Web Page” that is ready-to-go, whereby you DO NOT need to do anything else with it, other than to promote the unique link that’s created for you.

    2. A Valuable Free Gift To Giveaway is already “integrated” with your clone webpage. YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO ANYTHING HERE, IT’S ALL AUTOMATED.

    3. A Continual Income Stream

    4. A LIFETIME Commission when you get people to subscribe to your “secret web page” for free.

    5. A Solid Internet Business where you don’t need to hire designers, content writers, a copywriter and even an email marketer! Neither do you have to pay for a domain name, hosting fees and an autoresponder which are essential to get an internet business going.

    6. Access To My Promotion Training Courses where you will be trained how to get traffic to your webpage.

    How do I make money?

    The software creates the “Secret Web Page” for you. We’ll provide you with the training on how to promote it (in case you’re a newbie). Your webpage builds your list and our marketing system monetize it for you. Basically, it’s a complete turnkey of my marketing system – the difference is, my marketing system is now WORKING FOR YOU, to generate affiliate commissions for you.

    So click CB Passive Income License Program and see for yourself if that is not what you have been looking for. It is something where you do not have to pay for hosting fees or an autoresponder and at the same time you will be building your own list. And that’s what everybody is saying. The money is in the list. Actually, the money is in the relationship you have with your list.

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    Refresh Marketing With Roger and Evelyn - Part 1 Introduction

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    Home Business Ideas For You - 2. Web Design Business Part 5 - Marketing Secrets

    How to Make a Fortune Promoting Other People’s Products

    Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape

    Copyright 2013 Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman All rights reserved.

    Marketing With Roger and Evelyn- Part 1 Introduction

    October 18th, 2013

    B. Plans and Tips to Ensure Success

    So what plans do we have to create? We have to create a plan for the year. From that we do a three-month plan. Then break it down to a three monthly plans. Each monthly plan can then be broken into a four weekly plans. Each week is then broken down into seven daily plans. Lastly, but not least, plan what you will do the following day before you end up your tasks for today. If we don’t do this last one, we may just end up doing the emails, trying each shiny offers we see and talk on the phone.

    To plan the daily tasks, ask yourself what you have been doing online. It could be just doing emails for half an hour, going to social media like Facebook and Twitter for an hour. Perhaps you wrote an article for an hour and surfed the net afterwards. Before you know it, it was time for lunch. In the afternoon, you checked your email and surfed the net and then the day is over.

    Have a Daily To-Do Sheet

    Have a Daily To-Do Sheet

    Here are some tips he gave to make us more productive:

    1. Have good lighting in the office space.

    2. Listen to calm music.

    3. Take breaks once an hour.

    4. Work station should be quiet and clean.

    5. Don’t read emails all day.

    6. Go out for walks.

    7. Have a plan of attack.

    8. Drink water.

    9. Prioritize the tasks into abcs.

    10. Work to a count down timer.

    11. Don’t let people interrupt you.

    12. Turn off email, Skype, MSN-Yahoo Messenger, and cell phone.

    13. Plan tomorrow today in order, with the most urgent tasks first.

    Here’s this guru’s rationale for this way of working:

    1. If you work for 60 minutes on your A-list task in productive session and did that four times a day, you would be doing more productive work than others would do in a month.

    2. In 12 days, you would have done more productive work than others would in a year.

    3. You are working on productive tasks, they are working on nothing.

    Don’t multi task. Instead follow your daily to do sheet and then write them down on your daily did sheet. Since he has been doing this, he’s been making $50,000 a month. So remember to use the daily did sheet to work out what distracts you. You can use this information to become more focused. Anyway do the most urgent work of the day first before doing the non-productive ones.

    Now we are ready to go to Part 2 which is building a website. But before we start buying a domain name and a hosting plan, there are things we have to learn first. We just don’t jump in and get a domain name. It is not as simple as that. Well, it is simple but it is good to do it the right way so there will be no looking back. Mistakes could easily be avoided if we do all the necessary elements first. See you in Part 2!

    By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

    Here’s the guru who believes so much in doing the daily tasks because that was among the reasons when he started earning millions a year. He was not the only one who earned millions for his students earned millions as well. There are countless of reviews all over the internet to attest to this. So click this
    Marketing With Alex and see it for yourself.

    This is a product you can promote til you’re blue in the face. With $4 Epcs in tests and a nice recurring income, it’s a no brainer to promote! Here’s the link again. Open and click Marketing With Alex and you will be surprised.

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    Refresh Marketing With Roger and Evelyn - Part 1 Introduction - Plans and Tips to Ensure Success

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    Marketing With Roger and Evelyn - Part 1 Introduction

    How to Make a Fortune Promoting Other People’s Products

    Marketing With Roger and Evelyn - Selecting a Niche - Part One

    October 24th, 2013

    Read the rest of this entry »

    Marketing With Roger and Evelyn - Selecting a Niche - Part Two

    October 31st, 2013

    Now we come to how do we find the right niche. Well, one way is to go to Amazon and find the best sellers. Once you’ve found a topic that you want, enter it into Keyword Planner and find the average monthly searches. The higher it is of course, the more popular it and so it is a topic that could be more profitable than others. And you can find keywords there.

    You can use phrases for your keywords or what you call long tail keywords and many related keywords which you can write about and add content to your website using these keywords. You can look up these keywords at the aforementioned Keyword Planner where the keyword planner has replaced the google adword tool. You need an Adwords account to get keyword ideas with Keyword Planner. You can create an Adwords account right here.

    Then you type it in google search and find phrases with 10,000 or less competing pages which is the number of supply out there. Then find the demand looking for the keywords that have people searching for at least 1000 every day. You can find profitable topics this way looking for those searching for this topic for the demand and finding competing websites for supply. The more demand it is for the topic and the less supply, the better it is.


    You can research for a topic the same way by looking for the best sellers at Clickbank. Think of which one you want to enter, buy that product and see how they sell it to you. Find out how you can improve it. Then you can either offer larger commission and make it into a multi-media product. You can also use a better sales page and whatever else you can do to improve this product.

    The Wordtracker is also a good place which you can try for free to reveal high-performing keywords in minutes. You can start your research by entering a keyword to start exploring your market. Then at Wordze you can have a free 30-day trial where their patented WordRank tool will show you exactly which keywords to target! The Worddiscovery also has a free trial where you can discover the best keywords to target on your website

    You don’t have to reinvent the wheel because you can just go online to find the websites that are already doing well by using these spying tools: You can try SpyFu for free, SEMRush where you can register for free and Compete.com which also has a free trial. These sites can assess how much traffic they get and what keywords they target.

    Then you can also go to forums on the topics you have chosen where you will find like- minded people asking and answering questions. On researching a profitable topic you will find one you enjoy the most. Then on the next task that we have to do, you will find what your strengths and where you need help. For these you have to ask people for help.

    I have to point out at this point not to over complicate this process. To simplify it, we can go through three steps. The first one is to find what people need or want. Then look for the solutions both online and offline and decide on the business that will meet those needs. The next step is to create a website and start the marketing process. Of course, you will need to do some keyword research but not necessarily to determine the business but rather use the keywords for content-writing.

    In other words, pick an area that will be both a passion and profitable too. The trouble is the top areas like insurance and cars are competitive and saturated. But you can get smaller niches out of them. You probably will not get the traffic of the big ones but you will be able to get a slice of it.

    So this issue goes back to your own reflection of what you enjoy most in life. You’re the only one who can tell what your passion is. Nobody else can, but if you find an untapped niche and drive traffic it, that could be a gold mine. Don’t spend too much time on this though. A week or two should be enough.

    By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

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    Refresh Marketing With Roger and Evelyn Selecting a Niche Part Two /

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    Marketing With Roger and Evelyn Selecting a Niche Part One /

    Marketing With Roger and Evelyn - Part 1 Introduction

    Marketing With Roger and Evelyn - Part 1 Introduction - Plans and Tips to Ensure Success

    How to Make a Fortune Promoting Other People’s Products

    Marketing with Roger and Evelyn Step 1 Selecting a Domain Name

    November 7th, 2013

    Now that we have picked a topic, it’s time to seriously think more deeply on what and how we are going to blog. Where is the website, you asked? Don’t rush for that will come. There is no sense paying for it now when we are just going with Step One. Picking a domain name for your niche or business will at least take a week.

    We know what our topic is about and from the keyword research I showed you, you can pick your domain name that is searched by at least 1000 times every day and has a supply of 10,000 or less competitors pages. You will be able to identify the need from the 1000 searches every day. Determine exactly what your blog will be about and what it will do.

    Outline your Site
    Now that you have selected a domain name for your business, it is time to write down an outline of what your site is going to be, the readers it is going to target and how you are going to make it grow. This first day is very important. You have to know how you are going to present your site and what you want the visitors to your site do and the resources you will need.

    Here are the things you might need in your outline:

    Your challenge is to identify a need with enough demand and then develop something to help people get what they need.

    1. Write down the plan or the design of your site and how it will look like. What type of content will you have and where are they going to be on your site? Where will you put the ads?

    2. How often are you going to upload content? It is important to have a regular schedule for uploading content and be consistent with it. So choose a schedule you can keep up with. Regular scheduling is better than sporadically uploading a post. The more consistent you are, the more traffic you are going to get. Do a research on what contents you are going to write about.

    3. Determine which sites you are going to build a relationship with. These are owners of the sites that you are targeting to be like yours. Start building a list of these sites that you will be contacting later on.

    4. Determine the products you are going to endorse or promote. Of course you have to know your readers first before finalizing the products.

    5. Think of the plan of action you will need to do to make money off your site. How are you going to get traffic to your site? How are you going to convert this into cash? Should you try to make money right away? There are two schools of thoughts on this issue. Start monetizing right away or wait awhile?

    Things To Do
    1. Determine who your audience is going to be. You will have to learn to know them because you are going to write for them. After you have identified their need then you can create something to meet the need. Will this audience be able to spend money to meet their need?

    2. What do you want to write about? Are you going to find this interesting because if not, you might as will change to another topic that you will love to write about. Do you personally know something about this topic and can write about it? Will you find it enjoyable?

    3. What can you offer your audience better than your competitors? Do you have expertise in your chosen topic?

    These are just the things you will need to cover before you start paying for a domain name and a hosting fee. That is why I didn’t want you to get them before you are absolutely sure what you are going to do and love it at the same time.

    Tasks to Finish

    Hopefully by the end of this post, you will have been able to choose a topic and your domain name

    Now it’s time to buy a domain name at Namecheap

    Now we are going to buy hosting from
    Hostgator for as low as $4.95 a month with unlimited bandwidth

    By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

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    Refresh Marketing With Roger and Evelyn Selecting a Domain Name

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    Marketing With Roger and Evelyn - Part 1 Introduction

    Marketing With Roger and Evelyn - Part 1 Introduction - Plans and Tips to Ensure Success

    Marketing with Roger and Evelyn Step 2 Building Your Brand Name

    November 14th, 2013

    It is important to build your brand right from the start. You want to know how to convey yourself to your audience in a consistent manner. Otherwise it will be difficult for them to believe in you. The heart of your business is your connection with the audience. Earning money comes after this connection, after your audience has had a positive experience.

    How to build this relationship is through story telling. This will bring you and your audience together and will keep them engaged. Good stories will capture the audience attention and make your small business heard. People know there is a connection between marketing and story telling. So how can you make your story and your brand stand out?

    Stories to make your brand stand out should tell why and how your company got started although they are not really about the company but it’s all about the readers and the benefit they will get. They are really the stars of the show, with you just in a supporting role. The stories should tell what makes you want to work on this every day and what kind of people work for your company.

    Tell the audience about your mission and how you intend to get it accomplished. Talk directly to your readers on the difficulties you’re meeting. Stories you tell should not be like an essay, boring and isolated. Neither should they be a post on your blog that just manipulates your audience into becoming customers. In other words, it should not also be a publicity ploy or just a video that you want to go viral. Stories should be real that can only come from the heart.

    Build Your Brand

    Build Your Brand

    This means you have to assess your own website or any marketing materials. To do this, I suggest you ask yourself the some questions or ask your audience similar questions. You reply to them and see if they understand. See also if they can get the answers by checking out your website. What questions to ask? Read on.

    So ask yourself why you started your website. Why do you think readers or visitors will come and check it out? Why did you build it? Or if you do not have a website yet, ask yourself before you start anything, why you should have one and ask why people should come and visit it.

    This brings us back to the same question. How do we go about this? Should we hire an expert to do this work for us? Will outsourcing this job do the work? Will doing this be counterproductive? Remember this has got to come from the heart. This should come naturally. If the reason you started your website like we did is to help people, then this should come easily and the stories will flow naturally.

    Just in case you are at a loss for words, let me tell you about a person who overcame the problem. He got personal with his audience. He spoke to them in his blog by simply asking them questions. This way he was able to tap into their knowledge. He let his readers supply the stories for him. He surveyed his readers through such tools as Survey Monkey which I will explain to you later.

    This way, he found what it was they needed and he based his work on an ebook on the results of that survey. He offered the ebook for free and his list grew exponentially and the rest is history. Now he has got it made. He does not have to rely on traffic from Google as he has his very own.

    That became his own unique way on the road to success. You can tell other unique ways from all the offers your receive or even all the blogs you read. Some are of the same subject matter but if you look closely, they are approached from a different perspective or angle, making their offer unique.

    Why are stories important? For one thing, that is how you build a relationship with your readers. They are a way for you to market whatever it is you will be selling later on. People usually listen to stories. Just think of why they buy novels and see movies. They want to know what is happening to others and how those experiences mirror their own.

    For example, when eventually you are going to sell a cream for acne, you could tell your own story or of someone you know who struggled so much about the acne and was so miserable he did not even want to leave the house. Tell about the struggle in detail and his trying out all kinds of treatment to no avail. Now don’t tell a fib.

    The stories you tell should be real and true. They should immediately catch the eye of the people you want to reach and get the benefit to be experienced right away. You can use these in all kinds of media. You can use it in your blog, in your sales letters and even when you’re trying to presell something. This works in all kinds of products.

    So let’s get down to the nitty gritty of this story telling technique. What steps do we take to ensure success? Hold on to your hat for here they come: 1. Tell the story of a problem that will not go away. Tell of the misery you went through and how your life became a living hell. 2. Share with them how you tried to solve the problem, how you went from doctor to doctor to get your problem solved. Tap their emotions and ask for help. 3. Then all of a sudden here comes the answer to your prayers.. In a month’s time, problem solved.

    So think of the image you want to project and what your content should portray. Then find out how you can develop that image. Plan how you will present yourself to your audience. How do you want your audience to see you? What do you want people to think of you?

    Answers to these questions will help you know how to present your content. Be true to yourself though. You cannot build an image that is not what you are. To answer these questions, you will have to determine what you enjoy the most. What are your qualifications? Can you be an expert on something about your topic?

    Don’t feel disheartened if you can’t be an expert the way you want to be.
    You can start as a beginner and work along with your audience. Remember what we said before that you can let your readers do the stories for you. Later on, as your website grows you could end up an expert yourself

    Next build a list of blogs that are similar to yours. You can find ones that you want yours to look like. Find websites that match your style and brand. You are not going to copy them but you want to get some ideas how those website owners are building their brand. You can even ask the owners for help. You will be surprised to know how many will offer a helping hand.

    Now how will you know if your idea is working or not? That’s right, by taking action without being entirely blind. In our case, we knew what we wanted to do, help the diabetics. We were thinking more of the fun we have in helping them rather than make money so we were prepared to fail but even if we do fail, we know we will not be able to leave them behind, not until a cure is discovered or we get sick, whichever comes first.

    So you see, your brand is the real image of yourself. And you have to start developing that brand right from the beginning. This will help you know what the content you are going to upload to your site should portray. The audience will get engaged if there is consistency in your brand.

    By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

    Speaking of brand, you will discover valuable chunks of branding advice at
    Online Branding Secrets

    I have not tried this but with a 60-day money-back guarantee, you will have learned the branding advice and secrets before the sixty days are over. So here’s the link again. Online Branding Secrets

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    Refresh Marketing With Roger and Evelyn Step 2 Building Your Brand Name

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    Marketing With Roger and Evelyn - Part 1 Introduction - Plans and Tips to Ensure Success

    How to Make a Fortune Promoting Other People’s Products

    Marketing with Roger and Evelyn Step 3 Starting Your Blog

    November 21st, 2013

    Now finally we are ready to create our blog. The best one to use is wordpress.org instead of the wordpress.com and I will tell you why. If your blog is only going to feature a hobby or similar topic instead of having one that could earn you money, then use the wordpress.com but if you intend to earn money from it, then using wordpress.org is the way to go.

    Blogger.com is another one you can use and I like this one for I have been with them for years. I have read that it is not a good idea to have your blog at blogger.com because you won’t be able to put in affiliate links, but that’s not true at all. I have also heard that they could close you down and again that’s not true.

    Starting Your WordPress Blog
    You can start creating your blog as a hobby by just going to WordPress.com. They will ask you to create an account and to set up your very first blog. This is very simple as they will give you the steps to follow. Creating your business blog is not as simple but it is easy because you will be guided through step by step as shown in this video at How To Set Up a WordPress Blog From Scratch .

    1. Go and Buy a Domain Name
    Some of you have probably already bought this but if not, go to NameCheap. which may cost you $10 a year or even much less than that depending on what they have on special when you buy your domain name. Pick a domain name that will end in .com and avoid the new ones they may suggest to you like .mobi, .co, and .info. Just go ahead a choose a name that goes with the content of your blog and your personality.

    2. Go and Buy a Hosting Plan
    We have already discussed this before so if you have not done so yet, go to Hostgator . starting at $3.96 a month. It is Unlimited Web Hosting that is easy and affordable. How do I know this? Because I have been with them for years. They offer:
    Unlimited Disk Space
    Unlimited Bandwidth
    Easy Control Panel
    1-Click Script Installs
    $100 Google AdWords Offer
    4,500 Free Website Templates
    99.9% Uptime Guarantee
    45 Day Money Back Guarantee
    24/7/365 Technical Support

    And oh, before I forget they have a tutorial video on just about anything that you may find an issue where you may experience a challenge. That challenge will just evaporate into thin air when you watch the tutorial video, because the issue is explained in a clear and concise manner.

    You may be wondering why in heaven’s name should one get a hosting plan when you can easily do it in the same place where you buy your domain. You see, it is good to get these two separate because when you get into a problem and later have to move your blog somewhere else, you will have a difficult time doing so if both your domain name and hosting plan are together.

    3. Point the Domain Name Server (DNS) to your Hostgator account
    Your hosting company which is Hostgator will send you an email tellin
    g you among other things your domain name servers (DNS). These domain name servers you will have to input in Namecheap. This is the way to do it:
    a. Login to your account at Name Cheap.
    b. Go to My Account and click Manage Domain which is on the right hand corner of the upper part.
    c. Select by clicking on the domain name you just bought from Name Cheap.
    d. Down below, click the Domain Name Server Setup.
    e. This is where you will input the domain name servers you received in an email from Hostgator. It will say Specify Custom DSN Servers 1. _____ 2. _________
    f. Don’t forget to save your work.

    4. Now We’re Ready to Login to the Hostgator cPanel Account to Set Up the Blog
    How To Set Up a WordPress Blog From Scratch . That’s the blog we have at the beginning of this post but go and watch it again because that’s basically how you install WordPress. But for those who are video-challenged and learn better through written instruction like me, here are the steps:

    Step 1: Go to the Control Panel of Your Domain Name
    Let us say your domain name is www.DesignerJeans.com. To go to the control panel for this domain, one would have to type in the URL of the domain followed by forward slash cpanel like this: www.DesignerJeans.com/cpanel.

    Step 2 Then gain access to the cpanel.
    Simply type in the username and password that the one who sold you the domain name sent you in an email. Click the login button and the cPanel appears:

    Step 3: Scroll down to the “Software/Services” section of the cpanel.
    Now just press the button or icon called “Fantastico De Luxe”. 

    Step 4. On the left side bar, find the word WordPress and press it.

    Step 5. Press “New Installation” and you should see the domain you just bought.
    Do not write anything on the “Install in Directory. Just leave it blank. Login by putting in admin (I suggest you change this later on as this is the default sign in information which will make it easy for anyone to hack your website. Enter the password that they sent you.

    Step 6. After entering all the above details, press the “Install WordPress” button.
    Now press the button that says “Finish Installation”. 

    Step 7. Log out by pressing the red “x” on the top left of the screen.

    Step 8. That’s it, you’re done. You can now login to your website at www.YourDomain.com/wp-admin. Make sure you replace YourDomain.com with your own domain name.

    Setting Up WordPress
    You can start blogging now if you have something to say or wait until you have investigated the ins and outs of your website. There are things you need to familiarize yourself with so you can be guided accordingly when writing your content. We will cover that in the next post when we will look at the dashboard of your site as soon as you login using your ID and Password.

    By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

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    Marketing With Roger and Evelyn - Part 1 Introduction - Plans and Tips to Ensure Success

    Marketing with Roger and Evelyn Step 4 Setting Up WordPress

    November 29th, 2013

    On the left side of the WordPress dashboard, you will see a list of options including the plugins you may want to install. Let us explain each one at a time so you will know what to do as you write your posts. The first on the list is Posts. Clicking that will bring out all the posts you have written so far.

    There is also a link there that says “add new” posts which you have to click if you intend to write a new post. In this case, you have to write the title where it says to do so, and then just fill in the rest of the post. Click the visual tab so you can edit your work as you type in. If you know HTML and prefer to edit in it, just click the HTML beside the visual tab.

    After you have written the post, you can set under which category the article is all about. Write down also the keywords you used in the article so it can be found by the search engine. After you’re satisfied with your post, either save draft or publish it right away. If you want to publish it in the future, then specify when you want it published.

    If you have an old post that you want to edit, click that and you can edit that old post to your heart’s content. You can add an image or upload a video but make sure they are all related to the post. I have heard though that there is danger in changing the title which in this case, you’ll never be found. But it didn’t happen to me.

    It is quite easy to start a blog with the use of WordPress.

    It is quite easy to start a blog with the use of WordPress.

    Pages On the left side you will see the word Pages. They are added and edited just like the posts but there are differences. In the blog you don’t have to create a hierarchy but if you want you can create a parent page and then if you create a new related page you can select that page as the parent. Usually though Pages are used for permanent things like about, contact and similar pages.

    Media As mentioned above, one can upload and manage media directly from the media menu on the dashboard. There are icons on top of the content area. If you hover your mouse over each one, it will show what each is called. Basically they are for uploading images, videos and other media to your blog.

    If you want to upload an image, browse for it in your computer, open it and it will appear in a new window where you can edit it, put a title, caption, alt tag (so Google will know what the image is all about). Then click the link that says “insert to post” and voila, it’s there for all the world to see. Make sure though that you use an appropriate keyword and use it as the filename of the image and that it is free to use and there is no copyright issue you have to contend with.

    Appearance There are four options under Appearance. The first is to change your theme if you want to upload a new one. You can change or add widgets in the second option which are the blocks of contents on the footer or the sidebar of your site. This varies depending on the theme you select to use. You can change the menus in the third option as to which pages you want to put in the sidebar or on top of your site. The last is the editing option you can do for the theme but I don’t touch this.

    Plugins These are pieces of code that help with changing the functionality of your WordPress blog. WordPress is an open source so anyone can create a plugin for it. There are hundreds and hundreds of plugins but you don’t want to use them all. For one thing, they may need to be updated and old ones may not work properly,

    It is therefore wise to stick to some core ones that will likely always work to help with the running and marketing of your blog, keeping it safe from harm and optimizing it for SEO. We will discuss some essential plugins later. We will also explain how to install each one of the plugins.

    Make sure to change the default username to your own choice of a username. Otherwise hackers could use that default username and do damage to your blog. You see, at the start of setting up the WordPress blog, the default username “admin” is used. If you don’t delete that and have your own unique username, a hacker could use that to login to your blog.

    Settings is a big area to cover. Finally, here we are in the settings menu. This is a big one as there are quite a few options in here you can change. To gain access to these settings, just look for it in the left hand menu and click settings. For example, in the first one General settings let you modify many of the items.

    The General Settings can control the way your blog is presented like the title, tagline, time zones, user default roles and date and time formats. The site title can be anything you like. It does have to be the same as the URL but the address will be the same. It will show how the actual URL of the site is displayed, the email address of the administrator and the membership setup.

    The writing settings is where there are some tools that will have an effect on how you write your new posts. If you forget to have a category in your post, the Default Post Category will assign one and it is the same for the Default Link Category. It will show when you are posting and how big your writing box is going to be. There also the types of emoticons that will show up and tools to post by email or post by button.

    Reading lets you choose which blog post appears on your front page. You may choose a static page to appear on the front page. By default, it will show the latest post but choosing a static page can come in handy if you want it to be a landing page or a welcome message. You can also define the length of the pages that appears in the RSS feed.

    The discussion settings let you change the number of options for commenting. You can choose a gravatar, moderation settings and when you can get emailed. You can also change other comment settings and how long they can stay in moderation. And if you install a plugin like GASP, you will be able to control the activities of the spambots.

    The media settings have been covered to a certain extent and I know this part of the game. What I don’t know is how to define thumbnails, how they are created and stored. As for embedding YouTube videos, I have uploaded quite a few of them before but as to how my web host organizes them, I will have to find out for sure.

    Privacy refers to whether your blog will or will not appear in the search results. You can change the privacy setting by going to settings and in privacy, specify if you want or not want the search engine to index your post. Similarly when you are not done with your post yet, just save it as draft and not publish.

    The URL will look like this when you don’t change your permalinks: http://www.yoursite.com/page1/page2/ As you can see permalinks tell WordPress how to display the URL for your post. The default is putting in a number which is not user friendly both to the user and SEO. To make it include the name of the post, go to permalinks and change it to custom: /%category%/%postname%.

    There are other things to learn but the above will cover 91% of the work for your WordPress blog

    . You are lucky you have this because I didn’t have any of these when I started out; So I was just like a blind person going through the motion. Only lately Ming Jong Tey has opened my eyes and so I started researching and doing this because I don’t want you to experience what I did.

    Obviously these are not all what we need. There are plugins and themes that we will discuss in details so your blog will look and act like you envision it to do and be. You can always be adding things in the future so that your blog will grow the way you want it to do.

    Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

    Learn how to build a WordPress website from someone who cares for you to succeed. He covers not only how to build it but also how to drive traffic to it, plus all the tips, tricks and strategies to monetize your blog, that is, earn money from it.
    Watch a Website Built From the Ground Up From Start to Finish.

    Not only that, you will get lifetime access to all future videos. There are also bonuses like the 130 WordPress themes, 27 Video Gimp Tutorials so you will learn how to add graphics to your site. There is also a money back guarantee for 60 days, no questions asked and you will get your money back.. Here’s the link again: Watch a Website Built From the Ground Up From Start to Finish.

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    Refresh Marketing With Roger and Evelyn Step 4 Setting Up WordPress

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    Marketing with Roger and Evelyn Step 5 Selecting Plugins for Word Press Blog

    December 6th, 2013

    WordPress plugins make it easy to modify and customize your blog. These plugins are hard working and can enhance the functionality of your blog. The good things they do run the gamut from protection against spammers and robots to transforming your blog into a mobile site and if you like, it could even act like a pod cast.

    There are some plugins you may want to upload. But first, let’s deal with the different ways to upload a plugin. If you don’t find the plugins screen in the dashboard, it could be because you are using WordPress.com and that has some drawback. You may have to go to self-hosted WordPress.org. It takes less than half a minute to install a plugin but check the settings after installation as it may need to be configured. Let’s take a look at the three different ways of installing a plugin.

    Install a Plugin through the WordPress Admin Panel Search Option
    For the first way to install a plugin, go to WordPress Admin Panel and click on Plugins. Then click Add New. You will then see the description, the method of installation and other related info. If this is the plugin you want, click the Install Now button. The plugin will be downloaded, installed and then it will say the installation is done. Don’t forget to click on “Activate the Plugin”.

    Install a Plugin Through Upload Method in WordPress Admin Panel
    The second way to upload a plugin is for beginners when they can’t find their chosen plugin. You will have to download it as a zip file from the source. You can then go to the WordPress admin panel. Over there, you have to click on Plugin and Add New. After clicking on the Upload Tab, don’t forget to click on “Activate the Plugin”.

    Install a Plugin using FTP Manager
    This is the third way and is not user-friendly for the beginners especially if you are a newbie and have no idea if the FTP Manager is something or someone who will give you something to eat or what. You can gain access to your host via the FTP manager. Here is the path (/wp-content/plugins/) where you can upload the files.

    Here are some plugins you may want to install.

    Odiogo Listen Button This plugin puts a listen button underneath the title of every post allowing you to offer an audio version of every post. You have to register your blog’s RSS feed with Odiogo though. It does not consume any bandwidth from your server system. Imagine that, it\s like even having your own podcast. People not only read your blog, but they will have the option to listen to it.

    Transform Your Blog Into a Podcast

    Transform Your Blog Into a Podcast

    Login Lockdownis a plugin that will protect your blog from hackers and scammers because it will automatically block IP addresses that cannot login after a few attempts. You see what hackers maybe trying to do is login with different usernames in the hope that one will work and then find your password with a decoder. You can block these attempts for a day or so.

    Google XML Sitemap Generator is a plugin that will create a sitemap for your blog. This way, the major search engines will have an easier way to index your blog. Make sure you check “Notify Yahoo about update of your Blog.” Then apply for the yahoo free application ID. This is the way Yahoo will be notified whenever you have a new post.

    WordPress SEO by Yoast is an important plugin as it helps secure organic traffic to your blog because this will allow you to change the title tag along with the description and keyword tags to make would-be readers choose to read your post when they find it among the search results. This enables you to become a better content writer.

    SEO Slug is a plugin that removes common words like ‘a’, ‘the’, ‘in’ from post slugs to improve SEO and make it more search engine friendly. For example, if your blog is on “How to Write Better Content”, it will turn it into “/Write Better Content” However, when I checked it out, this is what I saw, “plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.”

    G.A.S.P This plugin will add a client side generated checkbox to your comment form and ask them to verify that they are not spammers. This is so much easier than having to enter a captcha. The checkbox is generated in the commenter’s side so the robots cannot see it. It should therefore stop 99% of automated spam bots. Something new has been added that prevents spambots from thinking they have links of your website by removing the links from comments that have not been moderated yet.

    CommentLuv Reward your readers by placing a link to their latest blog post at the end of their comments This encourages them to leave comments. This will also encourage them and the community to discover new posts. CommentLuv attracts the readers and includes anti spam features that will protect you and your blog from robots.

    WP Greet Box displays a different greeting depending on where the visitors come from, be it from facebook, twitter, delicious or Google. It will keep showing the greeting until the visitor closes it, After that it will not show up anymore for that visitor. It also has a timeout feature so the visitor will not feel being nagged. It requires 2.7 or higher version.

    No Follow Free removes the No Follow Free tag from your WordPress blog’s comments with a lot of custom options. There is a warning though that it has not been edited for two years and so may have compatibility issues with current blogs. Anyway, this plugin will encourage the readers to leave comments so their link will become do follow,

    CBNet Ping Optimizer Wordpress has a built in feature that makes it able to automatically ping your blog every time you hit update. The trouble with this is that if you’re editing and updating your blog often, you might be mistakenly regarded as a spammer. But don’t worry there’s a solution to that in the plugin called Cbnet Ping Optimizer.

    WPTouch can easily create a slick mobile WordPress version of your blog with just a few clicks. Now that people are into their smart phones, this is one way to increase traffic to your site. This will also allow the mobile visitors to switch between the mobile version and the regular one. The beauty of this is that you won’t even have to change a bit of code to have this plugin work.

    Add Post Footer will allow the blogger to add any custom paragraph, html code, ad code or any call to action you want the readers to do at the end of your post. You can even leave an opt in box. It is flexible and easy to use and you can customize it through the administration’s option panel.

    404 To Start 404-to-start/ is here I am glad because I don’t like 404 page not found error, do you? It could make you lose some traffic but it is something that routinely happens. URLs could change and there you go. But don’t worry because there is a plugin for that. The 404 to start plugin can redirect your visitors to the home page or any other pages of your choice. This plugin will help solve problems with the search engines which regard external bad links as a no, no.

    Yet Another Related Post Plugin This plugin displays a host of related links to your posts. Installing this will make Google love your posts because it will automatically add related posts to the one you just published. I put mine on manually most of the time though.

    There you have quite a number of plugins you may want to use. You might be tempted to upload them all, especially they are so easy to install. It does not take a brain surgeon or a rocket scientist to install any of them. But don’t install them all, just the essential ones. And remember that WordPress runs faster with less number of installed plugins. That said, plugins make the blog more interesting.

    By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

    Having trouble with your email marketing campaign? Here’s a
    Wordpress Subscription Plugin To Dominate Your Opt-in Email Marketing Campaign.

    100% Money Back 60-Day Guarantee
    Get WP Subscribers. Put it through the paces for 60 days.
    If you don’t love it, just ask. I will give all your money back.
    You get the WPSubscribers Plugin, Lifetime updates, support
    and tutorials and more subscribers than you’ve ever seen before.

    To succeed at Your Opt-in Email Marketing Campaign, here’s that link again: Wordpress Subscription Plugin

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    Refresh Marketing With Roger and Evelyn Step 5 Selecting Plugins for Word Press Blog

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    Marketing with Roger and Evelyn Step 6 Selecting Themes for Word Press Blog

    December 12th, 2013

    By default, when you install the WordPress.org, they say the theme twenty eleven is in use. It is not bad to use it because if it is done right, it will look attractive. It will not have the functionalities of the paid themes of course, but whether you get some power features or not, you will still be struggling with the technical stuff.

    As you can tell, the default theme is a custom one. You actually have two options You can either use a free theme or a paid theme. The free ones could be attractive enough if done with care. However, they may not have the power features you will want for your website to have. As long as you understand that it is kind of limited, you may want to use the default theme.

    WordPress Theme Blog Layout

    WordPress Theme Blog Layout

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Themes

    The obvious advantage of the free theme is that it is free. They are also easy to use and edit. They are also easy to install so you can try as many of them as you can until you find something you like. The trouble is that they are very basic and later on you may want something more powerful. Support could also become a problem so if you choose a free theme, get one from Rocket Themes or Woo Themes because these offer paid themes and so you may not have some security issues when WordPress is updated.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Paid Themes

    Paid themes have many advantages. They have great support and are updated regularly. They also have unique features that are lacking in the free themes. Due to the competition and because it is a way for them to make a living, the developers try hard to make their theme the best. They pay attention to details and can make your blog look more unique.

    However, unlike the free themes, paid themes usually do not go through a review process and so may not be added to the official WP repository. In this case, they may or may not be standards compliant in terms of licensing. Besides, why spend money on something that may just turn into a hobby? In addition, all the bells and whistles they feature may not be of use to you..

    Rocket Themes is the one where I read there were some problems like that it slows down your website unless you remove the rocket plugin but they have been around a long time and for $50, they have great-looking themes. They also have a good selection of free themes.

    Woo Themes have a huge portfolio of themes for all kinds of niches but are generally for eCommerce Site. You will get a beautiful site with unbelievable flexibility. They are very popular but it is expensive, starting at $70 for each theme or you may want to pay $125 plus $25 a month to gain access to all the themes.

    Theme Forest is a customizable and professional, multi-layout, ultra flexible WP theme but someone said it may not be updated often. They say to be careful with this theme because you may get the same type of support issues as the free themes. Why? Because the creators are freelance developers.

    Genesis Framework is one powerful theme created by Studio Press. It enables one to build great websites with WordPress easily and quickly. Both the advanced webmaster and newbies will have a search engine optimized website and a secure foundation that would take them to places they never thought they could go. It’s expensive but worth it if you want a powerful theme.

    Thesis Theme This is a perfect choice because it will make you able to do things the other themes can’t. It has boxes with point and click add on that will enable you to do more without having to write your own code. You can drag and drop your way to a customized design and use essential tools like Google authorship and branding,

    Elegant Themes are beautiful premium wordpress themes. They go for simplicity and good looking designs. As of this writing, for $39 you get completely 100% access to their entire collection of 86 themes. They come with advanced features like page templates and theme options that give you full control of your website. They come with powerful features and with great support, who can beat that?

    The aforementioned themes are the top six ones. There are a hundred others of course. But these are known to be all user-friendly, with great support and the most diverse options for upgrades. There are a great number of people using them and they seem to be happy and content with them.

    Theme Installation

    It is pretty easy to install a theme. John Chow says there are two ways of installing it. In the WordPress Codex, search for free themes. You can download it from a zip folder directly into WordPress. Or if you are getting a paid theme, you can upload that directly from the site where you bought the theme. The other way is to upload the files through FTP.

    FTP Upload

    If you cannot find the zip folder in your hard drive, or you cannot make the back uploader to work, here’s how to do it:

    1. If you have not done it yet, unzip the folder.

    2. Find the actual file. Read the ReadMe file which you will find after you unzip the folder.

    3. Upload the theme folder to wp-content/themes/ on your server.

    4. Under the Appearance menu, go to Manage Theme and activate it.

    Ming Jong Tey has a different way of doing it which I prefer because it’s dead simple. Besides first, you choose and specify the layout you want in terms of widths, columns, features. Here he goes:

    1. Go to appearance and click themes.

    2. Click on the install theme tab.

    3. Select your preference as to the layout like the width, columns and desired features. Then click find themes.

    4. Preview the different ones that appeared when you search for a theme that suits the layout you prefer.

    5. Once you are satisfied, click install the theme.

    Choosing a theme for your blog is a necessity. For one thing, it will make your business stand out from all the competition. Presentation is the key. It has to be a suitable theme that will meet the needs of your prospective customers. They say you can even switch themes without having to re-enter all your pages and posts. Switch themes to check which one conveys your brand the best way.

    By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

    Here’s another theme you can try out. CTR Theme for WordPress That Has An In-built Ad Management System For Google Adsense which can increase adsense earnings.

    This can help you create and manage ad slots on your website easily. This will make it dead easy for you to build an army of high-earning AdSense sites. This will save you development time and will improve earnings

    But they’re sweetening the pot by throwing in a bonus and a guarantee. What’s the bonus, you asked? They will give you the e-book “AdSense Link-Building Secrets,” that will walk you through the tactics to help you earn money and They Guarantee It!. You have 60 days to try it out — if you’re not thrilled with CTR Theme Plus just let them know and they’ll refund your purchase price. Here’s the link again: CTR Theme for WordPress That Has An In-built Ad Management System For Google Adsense

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    Refresh Marketing With Roger and Evelyn Step 6 Selecting Themes for Word Press Blog

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    Marketing with Roger and Evelyn Step 7 Researching Keywords for Word Press Blog

    December 20th, 2013

    What is keyword research? It is finding the words that people use most in search engines. This is an important aspect in building a business online that people miss. If the target market is not properly researched, you won’t know if people would actually be searching for your topic and if you ever would be earning money from it. You will end up working with no idea if there is a potential profit from your work.

    Research keywords to find out what people are searching for. This will give you better understanding of the difference between what people really want to read and what you think is a good niche. Keyword research is very helpful in discovering a good domain name. There are tools and resources that will help you deal with this.

    Keyword Research

    Keyword Research

    Step 1 Find a Main Target Keyword Phrase. You have to choose keywords to use to promote so that you so that you can get some targeted prospects. To do this, select three websites the topic of which are of interest to you. Now check and see if the target keyword phrases are good to go after. How can we do this? There are quite a few ways to do this. The first one is to use free Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Actually this has been replaced by the Keyword Planner where they combined the functionality of the Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator. You can get keyword ideas here. To gain access to this tool you have to have an AdWords Account. If you don’t have an Adwords account, here’s how you can get one

    Once you’re inside the Keyword Planner, enter your keyword phrase, landing page and product category under the following setting: Choose all locations and English for language and to target Google and negative keywords. You can also customize your search. After you hit the search button, you will be amazed to see hundreds of relevant keyword ideas.

    But don’t worry, just narrow this down to keywords that have at least 500 searches a month but for each group of keywords that contains a few keywords, it should at least have a total of 3000 monthly searches. Get the other keywords as well that have high monthly search volume so you can write articles on them and attract some traffic.

    Now search for your keyword phrase again this time with the word review at the end. This is great because people who come to this review are already ready to buy and would just like a confirmation that they are getting a good product. Some may be wanting to find a review first before jumping in to buy. For a more in depth way of finding keywords, use Market Samurai where they have a week of free trial that changes from time to time.

    Step 2 Find secondary keyword phrases. It is also important to find secondary keywords phrases that can help people find your website. Another tool that can help you find the keywords that people use to find your website is the Micro Niche Finder where you will discover how to uncover the hot niche markets. Keyword Elite – is another very powerful keyword research tool.

    Now there are some unconventional ways of researching for keywords. One of them is to use Ming Jong Tey’s Buyer Keyword Hunter book which is a favorite of mine. Why? Because this targets the customers who are looking to buy the product which solves the problem of selecting the right niche and keyword in order to earn money online.

    With affiliate marketing which is the easiest way to earn money, you need prospective buyers instead of those who are only looking for information. What could be better than pick the buyer keyword hunter? But wait there’s still work to be done. First you have to do some brainstorming.

    You have to check out Amazon, My Simon, Google Trends, Ebay Pulse, Clickbanks and Dummies to see what are the hot sellers. For instance at Amazon, you can check out the best sellers on iPad. Now that you know the hot sellers, you can target the buyers instead of those who are just looking for information. I presume you are already an affiliate for Amazon, Clickbank, Commission Junction. If not, apply so you can sell their product.

    Search for a product at Amazon sorted by popularity or better still, the hot seller lists and they’ll show you what are selling and where. Look for the reviews on the product. Usually for every 1000 sales, there is a review for that product. So if a product has 10 reviews, it probably sold 10,000 and probably sold almost a million with 1000 or more reviews. The forum posts also can tell you something. This where people discuss their purchases.

    At Google Trends, there are tools that can tell what topics to write on. Google Trends has a hot list of searches. Search for your keyword here and Google Trend will inform you how it has trended since it first got indexed. Click on Hot Searches and it will give you the hot searches. This can help you get ideas so you will be able to attract traffic. They’ll show you what keywords are trending each day and what is written about them.

    You can also find keywords and topics to write on at Facebook where you’ll see what is being searched most and Twitter where they track which has high number of tweets per hour. Whenever you’re looking for keywords make sure they are related to your site. You can also search for anything related to your site at You Tube. You will be able to use the contents created by other people. Just search for hot topic in your niche and voila, you will have ideas galore.

    I am a fan of Google alerts because they allow you to define certain terms and then track those pages that mention them that come with your specific terms. Then they come and report to you in an email. Your posts could create an alert and the same is true with topics and the keywords you specified.

    At Clickbank you will see which products are selling well and which ones are being heavily promoted. They show how the products are doing through gravity. The higher the gravity is, the more affiliates are promoting and selling the product. They are being sold successfully through heavy promotion by the affiliates.

    That done, you still need to choose the proper keywords. And you can see how that is done, above in the first part of this report. Pick three best sellers at Amazon. The names of those products could be your keywords which you can enter in the keyword planner above. Find the keywords that at least have 1000 monthly searches. These people already know the product and what they want to buy so this is a time saver for you.

    You do not have to guess who are the prospective buyers to warm them up into buying mood. Now you can checkout the competition among the top ten sites. Get the average Page Ranks of those ten and if the average PR is 2, then you know it is easy to beat the competition. Competition is moderate if the average Page Rank is 2.5 and hard if it is 5.

    Another keyword research you can use is Flippa Keyword Research Guide. They say they use the Keyword Planner very rarely because it does not give them the necessary niche and keywords they need. They give an example of a 4-month old website that received 816 links in 3 months.

    They gave another example of a website ranking high yet has only three pages: The home page has a video which is not even owned by the website and the other two pages are a contact form and an about page. It just goes to show that content is not really king, that old domain performs better, and that the SERP is gone. So you see as long as you get the right keywords, the battle is half won.

    Basically, though just make sure that the keywords you would like people to search for are at the beginning of the title and in the description. You should never keyword stuff your blog posts, nor should you worry too much about the cost of keywords But with that in mind, there are a few things to look for.

    Now you can see what an important tool keyword research is. A lot of those numbers show what your readers want, Whatever it is, it is nice to know what your readers are searching for and the keyword term they use to find what they want. So when you write a topic and make it broad, it could be watered down and not get the same impact with a narrower niche. And keyword research makes all these possible and easier.

    How is this related to engine ranking? Plenty. If Google will see all articles on say how to do something all in different ways, then it will think it’s authoritative enough and become quite a resource. Now if you spread yourself too thin among many topics even related to the main theme, then it would be difficult to do very well.

    Also, whenever possible, use your main keywords in your articles. Your articles could appear on page 1 or 2 of the search results for the right keywords because often times article directories rank high on search engines. It is the same in Squidoo. Use the keywords in the beginning like so: My Lens is about …..

    So use the keywords in the title and Squidoo URL. Squidoo gets a lot of traffic. Anyone searching for a keyword could make your related Lens page be displayed. A simple Google search can bring up plenty of potential JV partners. So use keywords for higher search engine ranking. It just makes sense, doesn’t it? How about you? What is your take on keyword research?

    By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

    To find profitable keywords faster than ever beforeLong Tail Pro is the quickest way to get targeted traffic and leads and buyers. This will save you development time and will improve earnings. They have a 10-day free trial with no credit card required to find out yourself how Long Tail Pro works and why you need it so.

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    Refresh Marketing With Roger and Evelyn Step 7 Researching Keywords for Word Press Blog

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    Marketing with Roger and Evelyn Step 8 Writing Content for Word Press Blog

    December 28th, 2013

    It’s time to start writing your content but before you do, let’s give it some thought, shall we? We have to take time so that we can do it right. Install the plugins that we talked about before. We have to get all the tools we need to make sure we will attract the traffic and get some readers to the blog as early as possible.

    Set the permalinks to “%category%/%postname%/. Install the theme you want and then get to know your dashboard. Set the widgets and sidebars but don’t let them become overcrowded. You will have time to change things as you go along. Just fill in the white spots as soon as you can.

    How Much Should We Write?

    Then comes the question of how much to write. Some say write as much what the article needs as to the information it tries to disseminate. Others say one should not write posts that are too long lest the audience finds it boring. Now what I am hearing is that longer posts do much better. And by longer, we mean 1000 to 1500 words. The important thing here is to make the posts thorough, complete and helpful. Not like others you have seen that are just thrown together half hazardly.

    Writing Content for the Blog

    Writing Content for the Blog

    How Often Should We Write
    Now comes the next question: How often do we post? You have to commit yourself to a regular schedule. If you can’t write a post regularly, then it will be difficult to build a readership. They say one who writes three times a week will do better. But wait! It is not as easy as all that. Three times may just make you stare at your computer and then before you know it, you will be rationalizing that you just can’t write that day. The muse has just abandoned you!

    The lesson of the story? Commit to something that will be easier for you to stick to. Besides, if you are writing three times a week just for the sake of keeping your commitment alive at the expense of quality, then that’s defeating the purpose of having a website that you can be proud of. So you see quality is still better than quantity. So commit to the number of posts you can write regularly without sacrificing quality.

    Keep your commitment according to your schedule. And then if you are particularly inspired one day and are able to write three quality posts in one day, you can just line them up for publication, one for each day of the week, one after the other according to the schedule you set up. You will just have extra posts waiting on queue So the point is to start writing instead of staring at the screen.

    Just set a schedule you can commit to. Then later on, when you find you can easily produce more quality posts, then you can up your schedule to twice weekly posts. That is why some successful bloggers (and they are successful mainly because they publish quality posts regularly) have prepared posts for a month just in case something happens that will prevent them from writing one.

    What to Write
    But what do we write? There are many different types of content you can write about. Some popular ones are writing a list post and writing about a product, service and application or a link. Others write about the things they have learned in life and what is something worth to them. Still others write about the mistakes they have made in life. Whatever it is, write on topics you know your potential audience wants based on the keyword research you undertook.

    Write Lists
    Let’s take the different forms one at a time. Writing a list post is a no brainer. People love them. And you know what else they say about lists? Odd numbers do better than even numbers. I don’t have a proof for this because in my experience it does not matter much whether 7 best movies is better than 8. If you find a proof as to the veracity of this statement, let me know okay? That way we can update this post based on your findings.

    It is no wonder why a list is a common and popular form of blog posts. It offers a lot of information that is easy to read. That said, how do you create a good list for your blog? There are things you have to consider. What do you think your audience wants? What will be of most value to your readers? Let’s look at some we have seen around the web.

    Writing up a list of tips on one issue in your blog comes to mind. How about writing a list on the plugins for your blog that you cannot live without? Specify why this is important for each plugin in your list. How about creating a list on free resources people in your niche need? People love this sort of thing and may copy this for their site and give you a link back.

    Then there are websites that are worth visiting often for the value they share. Make a list of websites to share with your readers the undeniable value they will get. How about creating a list of awesome things you’ve seen around the web? They will love getting this from you and thank you for them. They will become loyal readers, that’s for sure.

    How about a list of secrets to your or someone else’s success? People love secrets especially if you tell them not to spread them around. You can also create your very own list of helpful blog posts on your site. You now see that there are many kinds of lists you can write about, Make sure though that they create value to your readers.

    Write Reviews
    Reviewing a product, service and application or a link is something worth writing about. Readers want to know how the products or services they are using or plan to use are perceived as to their usefulness in the reviews. But make sure you make your site effective and straight forward. This is a blog after all and it is supposed to do the talking.

    If there are two products to choose from, what is one worth to you compared to the other one? This is a good reminder to see the importance of a product to the audience. That is why right from the start, you want to determine what you want to write for your audience, what you want to offer them.

    Write About Lesson Learned
    Any lesson learned in life is a good post to write. This could be such a value among those who are just starting out in your niche. Or a useful guide for those who are struggling. Besides people love to read a good story. Tell them a story about your personal life and this may make them want to come back and read some more.

    The trouble is that some of us do not have that gift to incorporate a personal story in the post, but there are ways. Before you write, ask yourself if the topic has something related to you. For example, is there something funny that happened lately that is related to the post you plan to write? But don’t make it all about you. Find something also on how it relates to the readers as well.

    Write About Mistakes Made
    Then there are the mistakes committed by even the best of us. People love to hear this type of stories not only to learn more about famous people but as a reminder that we are all humans and so to err is human; to forgive divine. Then write how to correct these mistakes. This way you will be providing value to your readers who will want to come back for more.

    Whatever it is, write on topics you know your potential audience wants based on the keyword research you undertook. From your keyword research, you know what they are looking for based on the searches they did. Answer that need and you’re good to go. Find out what others have done and do it better. Or do it from a different perspective.

    And as you write, do it in a way the words just flow. At this point you do not have to worry about editing it. This can come later after all the writing has been done. You will see, if you do it this way, you will find yourself more productive or prolific as they say about authors who write a lot, cranking out post after post that will delight your audience.

    By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

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    Refresh Marketing With Roger and Evelyn Step 8 Writing Content for Word Press Blog

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    Marketing with Roger and Evelyn Step 8a Writing More Content for Word Press Blog

    January 3rd, 2014

    One can make money with a blog but you have to exercise patience because the early times should be devoted to growing the number of readers. It will take months, sometimes years to develop the kind of readership before monetizing the site. The goal and focus now is to provide content that will engage the readers to make them want to come back.

    Step One: Four Basic Essentials
    First, let us have a mental picture of the road we are taking. We have to find out exactly what you want to accomplish and what your audience will need. Then there are things we need to decide on. What do we need to accomplish our objective? What do bloggers need? Word Press of course. Then you will need to establish how to get started with a mailing list.

    Social media is big these days so plan on creating a page and a feed for the blog early on on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, MySpace, StumbleUpon, and Delicious. Create a profile on these sites and post on these whenever you can, especially when you have just published a post. These sites are easy to go to and open an account.

    Next on the agenda is to determine the blogging frequency you are going to make. They say blogging three times a week will catapult your blog to the tendency of becoming a popular site. The important thing here is to blog regularly. I have said it before. Blogging regularly is key to growing your readership and this, in addition to the aforementioned three elements will help you on your road to success. They help get a clear plan of action, a basic plan on where you are going.

    One way to make sure you blog regularly is to stock up on posts. Some keep a whole month’s of posts ready for publication. That way, even if you get run over by a truck, you will not miss posting on your regular schedule. Another way is to accept guest posts. This not only allows you to keep up with your commitment but also you get a different perspective in your blog. It may also bring in new readers.

    Beyond the Basics To Keep in Mind As You Write the Contents
    Over and above the four basic essentials, are the contents, you are going to post hopefully you are mixing up contents to meet the needs of your diverse audience. Then there is your brand you want to develop as to how your audience and others will perceive you. The type of audience you have is also a consideration as you will have to determine what they need so you can provide value to them. Later on, monetization will come into play but it is good to think of it now. Keep all these five things in mind while you write contents for your blog.

    Step 2: Tell a Good Story
    People love a good story but don’t make it all about you. Ask them for their story as well. Remember, you are supposed to build relationship with your readers. You are to give them what they want before you can get anything. Something is wrong if you’re getting more than what you’re giving. Make your story consistent though on topics that people are interested in reading.

    Be awesome when you write your posts for it is going to show. Of course you have to do a lot of research both online and offline. Then be short and sweet about it and add your take on it. Above all, have fun writing all that content and do over deliver as much as you can. Love what you write and your audience will love it too. Then you will truly be awesome.

    Create value for your readers. Find out what they think are of value to them and write about it. It means that when they are looking for information they will find it in your site be it news, your posts, Q&A, Reviews, Social Platform and Inside Information. I already have for tips, alerts and around the web. Ask your subscribers what they want to see in your blog and create content to meet that need.

    Write Content That Creates Value

    Write Content That Creates Value

    But how do you know what is of value to your readers? There is a way and I will let you in on a secret so don’t tell everyone else. Use Google Ad Planner for Gathering Demographic Info. I just found out this has been replaced with Google Display Planner. First, find the top websites in your niche and copy their urls. Then paste one of those urls into the search box and hit go. Voila you will find demographic info like gender and age groups.

    More importantly, you will also find topics that are most important to the target audience. You will find what they like most to see in the niche similar to yours. Another tool you can use to gather demographic information is Alexa. It is similar to the Google Ad Planner. Paste the url of one of the top websites in your niche in the search box and you will be rewarded with information on the readers like their education level and income.

    Step 4: Build a Relationship with your Readers and Do Net Working
    Ask your audience what they want and provide the answer to them. Get in touch with the other bloggers in your niche and add comments to their blogs. Don’t just say, “Great Post”. Rather add your opinion to their post you read. In other words communicate not only with your readers but also with the other bloggers in your niche and in the social media as well.

    Dig deeper into the mind of your target audience, what concern them the most, what interest them the most and what they want the most. Check out the websites they visit, the forums they go to and what they say there. Go to Yahoo Answers and find what questions they ask there. Search in Facebook by typing in the keywords in the search box.

    Step 5: Monetize the Blog Properly and Automate Everything
    In time, not now, you can monetize your blog. You can sell ad space or links. But automate it so it can be done effortlessly. For now, just know how you will monetize your blog. This will help you follow a clear plan of action to avoid mistakes. This is a good time to know how you will monetize your blog as you get to know your audience.

    Stocking up on posts for at least two weeks at a time will help automate the process. When someone asks to guest post with you, accept it and this will help a bit with your posting schedule and commitment to regular posting. Have a ready template to follow when you prepare for posting so everything you need is there. You don’t have to scramble to look for how to upload a graphic, for example, because the instruction is already in the template.

    Social media is time consuming but it is necessary. Thank goodness you can automate it with HootSuite which allows you to post content in advance. It can also automatically send your blog posts. You can have it send messages to your cell phone so you can reply to them immediately.

    Social Media Helps

    Social Media Helps

    More Content to Prepare
    Most blogs don’t get posts that are jaw-breaking but contents you must have. What kind of contents do we want? I gave you two tools to find the topics your readers are most interested in so that is what you are going to write. You may not get a lot of traffic from all the posts but you are growing. Now let’s take a look at some more content to prepare.

    People who read blogs are not created equal. Some like reading long blogs. Some like a video here or an infographic there. They have different choices as to the type of content they prefer. Some prefer summary type of blogs so I try to put sub topics so they can scroll down to the topic they want to read. As a blogger you want to cater to these needs as much as possible.

    Viral Content
    Have you heard of viral content? Just like in YouTube, when a clip comes on and people love it, it spreads like wildfire and before you know it, thousands will be uploading it and watching. Viral content is the same way except they will be reading it in text. For content to go viral, it has to be timely and effective. It has to be funny and entertaining and yet authoritative in a way,

    Some controversial topics can go viral simply because it does not follow the norm but just the same it can be powerful, driving some hot traffic to your site. Be careful though because you may hurt some people in the process and you may not like to get that kind of attention they may shower on you.

    For the Video Lovers
    They say it’s so much easier to create a video content but truth to tell, I am not among them. It’s true that my Ipod has a function for creating a video but I am still not comfortable with it. Even the simple process of embedding a video from YouTube to my blog is a daunting process. But this I have to say when you create a video content, it has to be interesting and should feature your personality as well.

    The phone and internet can make it so easy for anyone to prepare a pod cast. It offers you another way to spread content to your readers. First find a specific topic to talk about with someone. You should have some form of script to guide you what to say in the podcast. Though you may have webcam and microphone in your laptop, they may not be enough to cancel the noise so get a headset and microphone that cancels the noise for a low investment of less than $50, then practice enough to get your podcast worthy to record and distribute.

    You can also have an infographic which is a representation of text content in the form of an infographic. Here’s a sample of an infographic.

    Social Media Monitoring ToolsKISSmetrics Web Analytics

    More Ideas for Content
    1. Curation is popular but it has to be done right. You can’t just plagiarize a site and think of it as your own. Curation means you take bits and pieces of something, put them together and personalize it by adding your own content. For example, find five favorite websites and the post you like best in each of them. Write a post listing them and tell why they\re your favorites.

    2. Case studies that are not longitudinal but rather short term and just observational on what some companies do with their say presence on Facebook or Google + , comment on them and offer solutions as to how they can do better. Find a favorite blog and write about it. Explain why you like it. Or find a blog you hate and write about it explaining your frustrations over it.

    3. You can have a case study of your own successes and failures and write a post on them. I am sure the readers will eat them up and may even send traffic to check out where you failed and how. For me it just makes me feel just like everyone else. My life is not a bed of roses although I have been lucky in life so far, not in internet marketing though. Explain the steps that led you to succeed without bragging. As for the failure, tell what lessons you learned from them.

    4. Interviews will also come in handy as a post which people will like to hear what you have been up to. Maybe they will learn some lessons from the merry-go-round life I am having. You can easily write a blog post on the interview plus it might give you some credibility for being able to interview a big name. It is also easier to write some interview questions instead of writing a post especially when you don’t have a clue what to write.

    5. Pop Culture – A blog post that employs pop culture can help fill the gap of content creation. Think about how your niche relates to pop culture and write about that. Or watch a movie your readers might enjoy and share with them your experience or write a post like “The Sound of Music Guide to Marketing Your Talent“.

    6. Two Unrelated topics can be put together to write a post on. For example if your niche is on debt challenges you can write about What Robin Hood Taught Us About Money. Actually that is not right for Robin Hood did teach us about money. Or you can write a post like this: “Elvis Pressley’s Guide to Writing Great Content“.

    7. Old content can be used for videos, podcasts or made into infographics. Or create a short list of your favorites and tell what was in your mind when you wrote those posts. Then tell them what worked and what didn’t. New readers may not have read them so it is a win, win situation.

    8. Write personal stories related to your niche. Tell some powerful ones that change your life for the better, crises and all like “Michael Schumacher’s Fight for Survival“.

    9. Ask your friends what they would like you to write about.

    10. Ask your readers in a post what they would like you to write about or ask them how they will solve some kind of a problem.

    11. Request for guest posts from blogs smaller than yours or the same size if you like their content. They will be happy to do this and they will tell their followers and bring in new readership in the process. $$$ leave url for below

    12. Write a review about a product like I did for Niche Profit Classroom, explaining why you like it. You can also request the company to donate a product or a free trial to raffle off to those who leave comments.

    13. The television can be used to write a content with two unrelated topics like “The Law and Order Guide To Stop Hackers in Your Site“.

    14. A book can help you write a content. It does not even have to be a book but the author’s name or a character like “What James Bond Can Teach You About How to Spy on Your Competition“.

    15. A comic can help you write a popular post like “Robin William’s Guide to Getting the Job Done”.

    16. Using a celebrity can be useful in writing a blog post like “Miley Cyrus Guide to How Not to Wreck Your Website”.

    17. New trends at Google can help you write a good post on something like “Lovie Smith Shows How To Love Your Subscribers”.

    18. Go to the movies and find inspiration there when you find you don’t have a clue on what to write.
    19, Walk around the neighborhood or play golf; you’ll surely find some inspiration there.

    20. New Cultures can spur an idea. You don’t have to go around the world like I did, Trying a new sushi restaurant may inspire you to write great content.

    21. The important thing to do when you are not inspired is not to post at all. That is why you have posts ready to go in times like this.

    That is it folks. With all these suggestions you will not run out of any ideas at all. You will always have something to write about. Really the only problem will be time. That is what holds me back sometimes. There are always things to write about but there are only so many hours in a day to do everything you want to do. How about you? Tell me how you do it.

    By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

    Tell a Friend

    If you like a step-by-step internet marketing training for quick and lasting online income then get Niche Profit Classroom where they will give you everything you need. I was so impressed with this program I reviewed it and you can read it at Niche Profit Classroom - A Review

    Refresh Marketing With Roger and Evelyn Step 8a Writing More Content for Word Press Blog

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    Marketing with Roger and Evelyn Step 8b Writing More Content for Word Press Blog

    January 9th, 2014

    Look Ahead and Create a Plan
    Set up a schedule for creating content. Some post every day. Others do once a month. Your schedule to publish posts will truly depend on your time constraints. After the decision has been made you will need reminders, be it on pen and paper or Google Calendar. Then think of the resources you may need like content ideas from other blogs, guest posts, and contributors.

    Remember that every content written has a purpose so think like a publisher. You are writing content to attract people you want to work with. You may need to ask your audience what their challenges are so you can write the content they need. And as you write, build up momentum in order to build up your business. Make people easy to find your work and share it in all social media sites. Also, stick to what you do best.

    But it is not all about you. Rather show your readers it’s all about them. That is why you are giving them helpful content in a conversational way, something that will help them solve their problem. Build a community with them through the content you write. Then may be they will talk to other people about your work. What could be better than someone else telling others you’re a helpful person than yourself talking about how great you are. Hmm, that will be the day.

    At this point, it is good to ponder on the four pillars of writing excellent blogs but I don’t agree with all of them. Can you guess which ones I don’t care much about? Let’s put them down here and see. Design, which in my case will probably scare people away, is a pillar but I try to deliver content so hopefully they will stay. The other pillars are SEO, Monetizing and social media which I believe I got covered. I usually forget about SEO and monetization, so there!

    Content Marketing

    Content Marketing

    Now think about how to make a great blog post. Next to understanding your readers is knowing your topic so research is a must. We know it has to be compelling and engaging. But how do we do that? Okay, let me count the ways. First off is choosing the topic. Take time doing this and you will find your writing will flow better. Then comes the make or break part of crafting the blog’s title or headline.

    Suffice it to say that if you can follow Michael Masterson’s sales-generating headlines called Four U’s Formula, you‘ll be fine: 1. Make your headline urgent like “Stop Your Arthritis Pain Today” 2. Make Your headline unique like “Vitamins Could Save Your Life” 3. Make your headline ultra-specific as in “Vitamins Z Can Stop Your Arthritis Pain Today.” 4. Make your headline useful. “This Time Plan Can Make Your Work Easier Today.”

    Next comes the opening line which should grab the reader’s attention so he will dive deeper into your post. At this point, don’t think, just write. Then show them the point of the matter. What’s the point of your post, the reason for its existence? Focus on the benefit, not the features they will derive from the post so they will keep reading after which you can ask them to do something, a call to action no less.

    And you are not done here yet. Find out how you can add depth to it to make the post more memorable. There are lots of contents here so I break them into sections. Conclude your post with inspiration; don’t let your post fizzle out or die a natural death. Save the best line for the last. In the conclusion, of course!

    Polish up your posts by correcting errors. Get your friends to read it and critique it. After all, what are friends for? Psst, don’t tell them I told you, they hide from me, you know. Some friends I’ve got but I love them and they love me; we all just get busy. Time your publication so the post will get the most people to read it. I read a research that publishing on a Tuesday at 10 am is good, but what do I know? Do your own research and let me know.

    You can’t just rest on your laurels just because you got it published. Go and tweet it, share it with your friends in Facebook, go to Delicious and see how they can make it tastier, share it with MySpace where all my circles are rappers, believe it or not and then go to StumbleUpon and let them well, stumble upon your post.

    And now the comments come in and we have to interact with them. I get a lot of spams though and I hate to report them as spams so I just delete them. I get a lot of videos too; I think they’re trying to promote their videos. And you know I have Akismet set up in my site. Can you imagine if I didn’t?

    When you’re ready to write, read up on how you can write better content. Using power words like easy, dependable, and guarantee can make people take action. There are other power words here you can use. And then we have this infographic that tells us sort of in a nutshell the “11 Essential Ingredients Every Blog Post Needs“:

    11 Essential Ingredients Every Blog Post Needs [Infographic]

    Like this infographic? Get content marketing advice that works from Copyblogger.

    There you have it, everything a blog poster needs and that will just effectively shut me up. For what else can I say after that? I don’t much like infographics for they occupy so much space, more than a page at a time sometimes. Besides, I am a text-kind of girl. I leave the graphics to more skillful people. But I just can’t resist showing you that because anyone who compares his blog with those 11 ingredients before publication will just know in his heart he has a great blog post, worthy of Google‘s blessings.

    But this I have to say, okay, sorry I lied, right at the start keep a record of all the titles and categories of your posts. This way you can easily look for posts you’ve written especially when you are planning another one. You want to make sure it is something you have not written about before or at least refer to it when something has changed in your old posts and need to update them.

    From time to time, review your blog posts so you can be consistent with the facts and opinions you have on such things as reviews. I am not saying you can’t change your mind about a review but at least you can make a reference to the old one and explain the difference in what your thoughts and opinions now. The readers will respect you more rather than feel manipulated when they think they caught in a lie and so will go away in droves.

    I think WordPress has a way of notifying you when someone comments on your blog. Or during the set up, there is a way for the comments to be sent to your personal emails that you usually open. Apple can do it too. I know Facebook always notifies me of a new post from my friends.

    How To Attract Comments to Your Blog
    It is a good feeling to get people to comment in your blog but participation is usually low. Readers of your blog don’t really like to leave a comment. They feel they should have something important to say and this should not be the case so you should remind them of this. Or get this, they like to say something negative. It is just human nature I guess.

    It is important to respond to comments as soon as your receive them. This may help with repeat comments and so may attract others to do the same. Once some leave comments it may drive other people to do the same. How about if they leave just spam or they are there because they want to sell their own product or promote their video? But don’t worry about that as long as you are delivering value.

    Now that we have an idea it is crucial to have readers return to your blog if it is to be successful, we have to find ways and means to encourage readers to leave comments. There must be ways to do it without resorting to black hat techniques. My research led me the following ways to get people to leave comments. Here they are.

    • Write reviews as some will disagree with you and leave comments at your blog.
    • Ask for comments at the end of your every post.
    • Mention your opinion clearly and strongly which may strike a nerve enough to leave a comment.
    • The comments.Ho leave

    • Talk about other sites where the owners or their readers may leave comments at your blog.
    • Write a long post but leave something so readers will be able to leave a comment to add to your post.
    • Respond to comments as soon as possible,
    • Give rewards to the commenters by mentioning their name in the next post.
    • Post a response to a content in another site.
    • Write a post about the comments you received.
    • Allow your readers to post negative comment.-

    What To Do With Comments
    Comments, positive or not are most welcome. That means your content is resonating with your audience and you are at least being heard. This is one of the difficult parts of maintaining a quality blog - that your readers will return. To ensure this, you will have to respond to comments immediately. And their comments is showing that what you are doing is working.

    The beauty of this is that you will have the opportunity to write content based on what your audience is saying in their comments. Not only are you getting some ideas for content but also you’re showing appreciation for those leaving comments. You can also request your other readers to have feedback similar or opposite to what you have been receiving.

    You will also have to leave comments at the other blogs in your niche. This means you will have to set aside time to reply to the comments your audience leave and leave comments at the other blogs as well. When you go around commenting on the other blogs, don’t just say “Great post.” Rather leave something related to the post yet insightful so the readers there will get curious enough to visit your blog.

    How To Handle Negative Comments
    Just accept them and move on. Sometimes this negativity is a fodder for a new post. Negative comments show your blog is growing. They can be used to your advantage and is not necessarily a bad thing. How can that be a negative thing when they are giving you ideas for a new post? Discussions will come out of the negative comments and there you go. You have a blog post to write.

    As you can see, engaging in your own blog and reading and responding to the comments left in your blog takes so much time. Really. It takes so much time that I always have to scramble to finish all the other stuff I have to do, But I think it’s all worth the effort. You are showing your audience your appreciation for their effort to engage with you.

    How To Moderate All That Content
    Eventually you may find yourself with quite a lot of posts and comments which you will have to moderate. You have to put a system in place now so you will keep track of everything along with the comments that come with them. This way when you’re planning a new topic, you know if it is going to be unique. What I do with mine is write a list of posts I have written and add to it as soon as I write another posts. But my friend is smarter for she prints all her posts and so gets a hard copy which she can review offline.

    Have a comment policy whereby people are encouraged to leave comments but ensure that you are not getting spams. The ways to do this is to have Akismet up and running keeping guard and for you to check the comments right away especially at the start so you can delete the spams early on. That will discourage future spammers.

    Content and the Search Engines
    Your blog is for your readers, not for the search engine. You should not try to guess what the search engines will do and stuff keywords into your posts. We should not have to optimize for the search engines. Rather we should optimize for our readers by giving value. That way, when Google comes up with its algorithm update, whether it is panda, or penguin and then it’s hummingbird, you know you will be safe because you did not engage in trying to please the search engines and just focused on delivering value to your audience.

    What To Do If We Are Running Out Of Ideas
    There are ways to get over the hurdle of Blogger’s Block when you hit a wall. Reading is one way to get over this. That is why I do not have this problem. I read a lot! Other ways of beating the Blogger’s block are write for fun, conquer your fear of making mistakes and thinking people may say what you’re writing is stupid and brainstorm for ideas properly instead of going at it when you‘re already frustrated. Then relax, my friends, instead of getting into I’ve-got-to-finish-this-today mentality.

    Look at this. This is cool. With the following Blog Matrix, you will never run out of ideas.

    You see with that topic on Proper Etiquette on Social Media, you can write it so many different ways. In the aforementioned example, it is written for the executive in mind, using list as the form of the post of the article. Then one can also write it for a beginner, in the form of Question and Answer and as a video. Can you see how many ways you can turn one blog post into many different ones? Cool, huh?


    Despite the above, you could still be running out of ideas for a Blog Post. I don’t have this problem because I write down possible posts whenever an idea comes to mind while I do my other work so I don’t run out of what to write. I run out of time though. When you’re experiencing the writer’s block, go for a walk and take time off from writing. You will have other things to occupy your mind. But if you find that you have to write right away, here are some things you can do:

    Read other blogs - I do this every day not for content ideas but to see which blogs I can go to leave comments and for networking purposes.

    Read the comments as there may be something there that will give you an idea for a blog post.

    Take a YouTube video that is related to your niche to post in your site and write a comment on it.

    Check out your contact form for ideas left behind by your readers where you might get an idea for a blog post.

    Search Twitter for ideas on your niche.

    Rewrite an old post infusing it with new life from all the changes that have been happening. It is good to recycle content that has resonated with your audience. Put it in another form like podcast, webinar, video.

    Wow, that concludes the last of the Mohicans, on content that is. With all these ideas, creating killer content is no problem. Taking extra time with points in this post will pay off in the long run. And you will be helping people craft their own posts thus contributing to making the wide world web a better place to hang around in.

    By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

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    Refresh Marketing With Roger and Evelyn Step 8b Writing More Content for Word Press Blog

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    Marketing with Roger and Evelyn Step 9 List Building, First the Bribe

    January 17th, 2014

    Success depends on the relationship you develope with your readers. They like what they read in your blog and are interested to hear more from you. So they sign up to join your list and it is after this that building a real relationship begins. Staying in touch with them is a great way to build a real relationship with your audience.

    They become comfortable receiving emails from you giving them free and useful information. They trust you and your recommendations. The beauty of this is that you can send them emails regularly in such an easy way because the whole process with your auto responder is automated. Once the system is set up, it functions smoothly on autopilot whether you have a dozen people or thousands joining your list and no matter where they live.

    A lot has been said about the money being in the list. And it is right. I don’t have any problem with that. The problem lies in the fact that all that information come in bits and pieces. And no one really has said it right off, “This is the way to do it, step by step.” Oh some said it, I stand corrected, but then they give info on traffic and other things that got in the way.

    So I decided this is going to be my mission. This is what I am going to do for this series, but you have to bear with me because this is going to be a long one. We will be talking about free giveaways, squeeze pages, autoresponders but I am not only going to give you the information but also put them in proper sequence and how each one ties in with the whole issue of list building.

    Before you start building a list, you should already have been over delivering value at your site. In other words, you have to invest up front by writing all those blog posts that will be of help to your readers and provide them with valuable information to improve their life. And this has to be done regularly. It will take longer to get what you want but it will be all worth it. Remember patience is a virtue.

    Building a List

    Building a List

    I know some of you are frustrated and desperate to try all the information, but the problem is not the information for you have them all but the nuts and bolts on what is that frigging first step going to be and how to put that in place before even talking about other stuff that are related, that‘s true, but should only be dealt with when the first step is clear and ready to work.

    We know we need traffic but if we divert our attention to that, then we will never be able to get started. For what good is traffic when we do not have the system in place to start with? What good are all the information we are bombarded and inundated with if there is no place for that traffic to go and sign up to join our list?

    The problem for a lot of people is not because they don’t know what a list building machine looks like. They have an idea what that looks like. It’s just that the information comes in bits and pieces with distraction galore making the whole list building process looking like a puzzle that no person can put together.

    So we will start from the very beginning like the do re mi in Sound of Music. We will not confuse ourselves with automation and traffic, but just concentrate on what will make us able to start the process. Especially if you give people what they want, you will get what you want too. At this point we will not even think of driving traffic to the offer we have in place to start building a list. No siree! That will only distract us to do the very first thing which is the bribe.

    Here’s the List Building Machine in a nut shell. Squeeze => email => offer. Don’t worry, we will take these one at a time and not in that order. So you see the three elements are the squeeze page which is also called a landing page or an optin page. They sometimes come in different names just to confuse us, but really once we discuss each of them it will be like the heavens will open up and you will have a clear vision of the whole process.

    List Building

    List Building

    It really is very basic. It just looks complicated because people make it so. Sometimes, a crucial key is left out keeping you in the dark. Not this time. This time it will look like the waters of the Red Sea will divide into two parts and you will be able to walk through and see yourself arriving in that promise land, (drum roll please) the List Building Land!

    The Offer or the Bribe

    Let us look at the offer. This is what the people join your mailing list for. If they are not interested in your offer, they will not join your mailing list. It has to be an Irresistible Offer, an eye-catching one, you follow me? The thing left now is traffic but let us not allow that to distract us. That is a whole different topic to which I will share with you everything I learned about it. For now let’s stay on focus, on building a list. That’s the only thing we should care about.

    Notice too that I changed the order from squeeze to email to offer. Why? For the simple reason that when we are doing our squeeze page and come to the offer part, what do you think will happen? That’s right. When we get down to the offer part in the squeeze page, we will be stuck again. That is what is going to happen for sure when we have not selected our offer yet.

    By the time another guru tells us about the offer, our step-by-step plan is gone into oblivion and with all the overwhelming information we are getting, it will be like looking for a needle in the hay stack, just to get back to the squeeze page. So where do we get the offer? Don’t make the mistake of offering just any free give-away. Make sure your visitors are getting a good deal in exchange for their name and email address.

    For List Building purposes, it is good to know that people love freebies. Think of a freebie to give away and they will join your list. One of the ultimate bribes are ebooks. There is a huge perception of value for this in exchange for a simple email address. Make sure it is valuable or they will just get the freebie and unsubscribe.

    A good eBook has high perceived value with free content and it offers something your audience needs. It actually should offer something so should be long enough like it’s 50 pages long, is up to date and is loaded with useful and actionable tips. It should be so interesting they can’t put it down. Make sure you link the ebook to your sites.



    Now let us tackle the question on what free offer can we use to encourage our visitors to sign up for our list. Actually a free offer takes many forms. What do you think your prospective readers want most? What will provide them so much value they will not be able to resist signing up? Provide an offer with quality content that focuses on solutions. This is part of building trust.

    So what kind of incentive can you offer them to join your list? The possibilities are endless. There is no limit for materials you can offer them so they will join your list. Get creative and come up with a lot of possibilities. Make sure they are related to your niche or your email campaign. Here are some of them:

    • Templates - Of course this will depend on your readers. But whatever their interest is, there is a template for that. Examples are fonts, themes for WordPress and free graphics that will benefit them.
    • Video Course - Readers will perceive a set of 10 videos, each 20 minutes long a valuable offer. They may even think this is more valuable than a 40-page eBook and yet the latter will be more time-consuming than the videos. Or you could give them links to videos that are not accessible to everyone.
    • Free eBook or reports - This could be a compilation of your best blog posts converted into a PDF. This is the most common type of freebie given by quite a few webmasters.
    • Free tools - There are available tools in the world wide web that you can compile and will motivate readers to optin.
    • Prize - A chance to win a prize for joining the list among the first hundred or by a certain date.
    • Product Discount - A discount for your own product could be a good offer.
    • Free Services - You can offer a free service like posting in Facebook for them, editing and copywriting or a free article. Offer some time for a free consultation, but you have to be careful with this one as it could get too much for you.
    • Insider Information - You can offer free tips on timely information that help them build their wealth faster. Offer them some insider information they want.

    Those are just a few ideas you can use to motivate people into joining your list. Be careful though in so doing you don’t give away the farm and devalue the benefits of joining your list. Giving away too much will have people join your list, just to get the freebie. No, you don’t want any hit-and-run subscribers. Make it clear that the best part of the offer will come through the emails you will be sending them.

    Email - A Way to Build Relationship

    Email - A Way to Build Relationship

    We want to persuade them to sign up in our list. To do this here is what I learned from a guru. He said to employ the three P’s of Persuasion. What are they, you asked? Well, it’s pain, potential and proof. Tell them you feel their pain of the problem in your offer and show them how the offer could ease the pain, offering them some hope. Lastly, show them the proof the product will deliver the claim. Be specific in all of these and before you say your Hail Mary, you will have them hook, line and sinker.

    Here is another pain-free way of crafting an offer. Buy a PLR from Tradebit http://www.tradebit.com/ Search for building a list. Pick the best parts of the PLR and outsource it to fiverr.com for $5.00 http://fiverr.com/ to put together all the best parts in the PLR in a report that you can offer as a bribe so readers will subscribe to your list. Or you can even have them put it in a five-minute video at Jing http://www.techsmith.com/jing.html

    Choose which one you like to offer people in exchange for their signing up for your list. In addition to the above, if your hard drive is like mine, it will be full of ebooks that you are free to give away. Also, you can interview an expert on list building, write a transcription on that, convert it into a PDF and voila, you have something to offer or bribe the readers into joining your list.

    That out of the way, let us go to the next step which is the squeeze page. But make sure you have your offer ready before you go to the next. That is why I will stop here to give you time to get your offer or bribe ready so that there will be continuity as we work on building our list. That way we will avoid the confusion that we usually get at this point.

    By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

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    Refresh Marketing With Roger and Evelyn Step 9 List Building, First the Bribe

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    Marketing with Roger and Evelyn Step 9a List Building : Squeeze Page, The Theoretical Side

    January 24th, 2014

    There is no question about this. We all need to build a list. And to build a list, we need to give away an offer. These are the two things that are essential to succeed online - the things you need to focus on to be in the game. This is the only way to become a pro at building a business. For to build and grow a business, I repeat, you need only two things. What are they? That’s right. You need to have an offer and you need to build a list.

    Oh, a lot of things are pulling us at every direction making things complicated and distracting us from the only two things we should focus on. What are they again? The offer and the list building. You focus on these two and you will be fine. Keep improving your list building technique and keep working on better offers and you will win. Just rinse and repeat.

    We covered the offer or the bribe last time in three steps. It’s the simplest way to build a list. So, we checked out what our target market wants and not what we think they want. Then we chose the offer that will satisfy those needs and now we will present the offer to our visitors and to our list if we already have one. So I hope with the one week I gave you, you have chosen the offer you know your target market wants.

    But let me show you this first because as I write this, a seasoned marketer is giving away a FREE Software Builds Email Lists Automatically For You As you know, having an email list is like “profits on demand”. With the right relationship with your subscribers and the right offers, you can hit the “send email” button and see sales and profits coming in instantly. Get this List Building Software while it’s still available for FREE. Here’s the link again. FREE Software Builds Email Lists Automatically For You

    List building really comes down to three steps. First is to choose or create the offer. The second is to put up the squeeze page and the third is to drive traffic to the squeeze page which we are not going to look at until we are done with the squeeze page. Since we are not going to have the traffic distract us, let us concentrate working on the squeeze page, which is really a simple web page designed to build a list.

    The Squeeze Page
    When you start your website you should also begin thinking of building a list because as the blog grows and traffic develops, you’ll try to squeeze people onto your list. Your visitors will come from the free traffic the search engines will send you but you don’t want to wait for them. You’ll want to add people to your list as soon as possible.

    A great way to do that is to funnel traffic, that is, make the visitors go through to a squeeze page. This is a page in your website that is designed with one purpose in mind - to receive the visitors and give them a chance to join your list in exchange for a freebie. The page will try to squeeze contact information from the visitors. So pay attention because all successful marketers use a squeeze page. And here’s the thing. You will also need to build a squeeze page for every product you sell online.

    Here’s an example of a Squeeze Page: It’s one webpage that you write to capture the names and email addresses of your visitors. Why do we need this optin page? It’s obvious, isn’t it? Some squeeze pages I have seen are on the side bar but some think it is better to have a whole page devoted to it. It is just more effective that way. Why? Because there is no choice for them to do on this page except the optin box plus the disclaimer and privacy policy below it. So they have no choice but to read the headline and the rest before they can decide what to do.

    Some successful online marketers even use the squeeze page as their own one-page website that they say it works like a charm. Why do they do this? Because they are focused 100% on earning money through email marketing. For this they need only a list and as long as they have a list of subscribers to email to with their promotions, they earn money from it. Not for me. I still want to deliver value. I still want to build a relationship with the subscribers. Besides, how long do you think will it take Google to find these one-page websites?

    Here’s how they do it: #1. They drive traffic to their #2 Squeeze page which is the entire one-page website. Those who sign up are then sent to #3 & 4 the Thank You page which they say is 100% automatic where all you have to do is input an affiliate link into the system. I think those who don’t join the list along those who signed up are sent to #5 & 6 the database where the emails are stored.

    Then all these people now get automatic emails for #7. Then you send manual emails for #8 when you want to sell something. It’s just like printing money, they say. They do nothing special for this, just spend about 20 minutes to write the email and send it to the list. And that’s it. Easy peasy, isn’t it? Not so fast, for where’s the value in that? Besides, won’t the subscribers opt out and run for the hills? I know I would.

    Some bloggers think there are two ways to capture people’s names and emails. It’s either an Opt In from the Sidebar or Opt In from a Popover. People often ignore sidebar optin because they think everything in the side bar is an ad. You can overcome this by having a video to introduce the opt in. I can’t tell you about the Popover because I have never done that. Besides, every time I encounter one, I get annoyed so I don’t want to inflict the same to others.

    Just keep the squeeze page simple. There’s no need for banners and flashes of lightning. Besides, this is just one piece of the puzzle that we are trying to put together into one cohesive whole. What you have to do is experiment with it. Making small changes can spell a difference. So what should you include in your squeeze page? And what will you have to do for each one so the visitor will not be able to resist not to join your list?

    Headline, the Most Important Part of the Squeeze Page

    Headline, the Most Important Part of the Squeeze Page

    1. Headline - This should catch the attention of the visitors so it is the most important part of the squeeze page. This will make them interested in the benefits they are going to get from this offer so it has to be specific enough to get their interest. In the example we have, it says it only takes 9 minutes for which they have a chance to earn a specific amount of money. This is specific enough to motivate the visitors to go ahead and read some more.

    So make sure the headline presents the problem, provides the solution and defines the terms. The features are not important to them but rather they are interested in what’s in it for them. Clearly, the benefits are what they are going to be after. Those interested to learn to jig, for example, don’t care if Justin Bieber can dance the jig; the readers will want to know if they can learn to dance the jig.

    Exciting headlines make all the difference and it can make or break your offer. They are so important because they perform four functions. They grab the readers’ attention, deliver the essence of the message in a few words, select the target audience and make the readers jump into the rest of the page. Michael Masterson has developed a formula for writing successful headlines called the Four U’s Formula. Make the headline urgent, useful, unique and ultra specific.

    Adding a snippet of useful info in your headline is an excellent way to grab the readers’ attention. Some people use a video to show case their squeeze page. If you do, make it short and sweet so they will not run and play hide and seek with you just like my curser does with me. Some say it could be just two minutes long at the most, but what do I know? I am a text kind of girl; I like to see what I am getting into.

    2. Subheadings
    - This is to remind the visitors of their problem and that this offer will help solve this challenge. Do this in such a way they will be eager to join your list.

    3. Bullet Points - These show features and benefits of the offer that will help convince the visitor to sign up. Showing them the features is not enough because what they want is how those features will benefit them. Tug their emotions as the decision to give their email is an emotional decision.

    How? By telling them the specific number of benefits and what’s in it for them but don‘t tell them how because if they already know how this is going to work out, they may decide not to subscribe. If they already know how the benefits will work for them, why would they have to sign up? The reason to sign up has gone out the window.

    There is no need to use high and mighty words in the bullet. Simple language will do. Letting them know that your work is opposite to what some people recommend, like the use of flu shots, will create a “you versus them” scenario. And as I’ll mention later again, creating an urgency or a sense of immediacy might encourage them to sign up. Using the word “you” instead of “we” has also been known to help. It’s the same way for using bold, italics, underline and other formatting styles.

    Use formatting styles to catch the attention of the audience.

    Use formatting styles to catch the attention of the audience.

    4. Optin box - This is the next point where the visitors can enter their name and email address, which I think is the missing piece of the puzzle. Here we go again, another snag on the horizon. What is it, for heaven’s sake, you asked? It is none other than an autoresponder where you can create an optin box and customize it. Site Built It, a web host, has an autoresponder built in and so is Hostgator which has a tutorial on it.

    Believe it or not, I have seen squeeze pages without an optin form. That’s like driving a car without an engine, don’t you think? Think of it this way, without an optin form, there is no squeeze page. Why would one try to squeeze some information when there is no result in sight?

    There is also an Aweber plugin for WordPress. At their site, Aweber has a default optin box which is not recommended by most but you can modify it to your own liking.

    Aweber Default Optin Box To Modify

    Aweber Default Optin Box To Modify

    For one thing you can remove the link “Powered by Aweber Email Marketing Software“. As for the submit button, change that to either “Let Me In” or “Download Now.” Just make it something that will tease the visitors into signing to join your list. After you finish designing the form, you can then specify the basic settings like the name of the form and a Thank You page.

    Your autoresponder will supply you with the optin form. Make this form simple which your visitor will fill out when they want to join your list. Don’t ask for a lot of information. Just a simple name and email address will do. If you ask for more information, chances are some will not bother to join.

    The Autoresponder
    This is the missing piece of the puzzle. It looks like without this, who will be recording the names in your list? Some web hosts have these like SBI but there’s none like Aweber, people say. When people come to your squeeze page, they arrive here at the Autoresponder. You use this to follow up the people who join your list. The beauty of all of these is that as soon as you have your offer, the squeeze page and the autoresponder in place, you can automate the whole process.

    But really and truly, any reliable autoresponder you sign up for will have a tool for automating the creation of a web form. Choosing an autoresponder comes with the first step in list building. And you have to be careful in deciding which one to take on. Moving one from another is not going to be easy. So you have to consider all angles before making a decision.

    Most popular autoresponders are pretty good although they come with pros and cons along with a variety of costs. Your list is the bedrock of your business and so you should choose a stable autoresponder, a company that has been around for years. Find out if the autoresponder will allow you to set up multiple lists because you may have more than one niche. Even if you are working on one niche, you may still need more than one list.

    Price is important but it should not be the sole criterion in choosing the autoresponder you want to use. The quality of the service is paramount like the multiple list allowed, the full range of tracking features the service offers like checking the open rates, click throughs, subscribes and unsubscribes, location of list members, tracking the ad as to where they signed up for the list and delivery rates because you will want to know how your emails are working out.

    Let’s take a look at some of them. Aweber has been doing this for a very long time and for the three or four years I had been with them, I only had one bad experience in the customer service. Otherwise their customer service is good. And they have a lot of features that I like. You can start for a one month $1 trial but make sure you understand that as your list grows, so does the monthly price. Last time I looked it was $29 for up to 2500 leads.

    Aweber does get your emails delivered with no delay or just a minimal one. The emails sent through Aweber are not blocked or marked as spam because it has rigorous anti spam policy. It has a spam checker that scores your email accordingly to the point you can correct your email to an acceptable level, spam-wise, before putting it on queue to send out.

    I love it when the confirmation of the email comes in with a musical tune. Then there are also quite a few web form templates you can use. You can create as many lists as you want, write your emails ahead of time and send them anytime you want. You can also automate your buyer list with the help of the automation rules and know exactly how many subscribers you have.

    You can also import follow-up messages from a different account in which case you just click load campaign after copying and pasting the campaign code. This will be quite a time saver because you do not have to type all the follow-up messages. The support is also good with different ways to do it, by telephone, email and chat but this last one I find quite slow. Now is the best time to get started because of the Aweber $1 Trial.

    Autoresponder Takes Care of the Mailing List

    Autoresponder Takes Care of the Mailing List

    I have been toying sometime now about joining Mail Chimp as their service is free if you have only 500 or less subscribers. You start paying if you go over that. They also have restriction as far as the number of emails you send out and I have no problem about that because I do not plan on sending emails often, perhaps at the most, it will be once a week. But the thing that’s making me rethink this decision is what I have heard that they do not want affiliate marketing.

    Constant Contact is also good and has been around for years. They have good customer service and their prices are reasonable with a free trial period of 60 days. It costs less for 500 subscribers than at Aweber’s but just like there, the cost goes up with the increase in the number of subscribers you have.

    iContact is another good autoresponder according to some who have use it. It has great features and services. You will have everything you’ll need here like features and tools. Their price is just like the others; it goes up according to the number of subscribers you have. It is good to consider this.

    Then there’s Pure Leverage that has a $1 trial and then $25 a month for up to 50,000 leads. Traffic Wave costs $17.95 per month for unlimited leads. Get Response is where you don’t have to worry about looking professional either! GetResponse provides over 300 gorgeous templates so you’ll never have to spend money for a graphic designer again. It is $25 a month for up to 2500 leads.

    So you see there are quite a few good services available but compare all the autoresponders in the market and check them out according to the above features if they are important to you. I think I am going to try Get Response because they have a free trial period and it’s much simpler to navigate their site. because I can tell you now those sixty days are going to fly.

    5. Call to action to sign up. Tell people what they need to do so they will receive your free offer because some who are not used to this sort of thing may not know what to do. Always make it clear that they have to fill in their name and email address in order to get the download. Adding a red arrow to where they will add their name will help increase the number of sign ups.

    Make sure your call to action is clear. Be very specific when you tell them what you want them to do. It’s just like in your blog, after you have given them the freebie and providing valuable content regularly you can then call them to action. They won’t mind if you recommend a product every now and then or tell them to visit your blog.

    It is not easy to create Call to Actions without your visitors wanting to leave your site. The thing is some people are so blatant about it making them sound like an ad on TV or radio. What they should try is to be soft and gentle instead and be personalized. You can mention the benefits in the offer and why you want them to learn from it and what they should do to get it free.

    6. Disclaimer and Privacy Links will help show the visitors you are a legitimate company. These will help protect both the readers and yourself. Besides people hate getting spam (short for “She’s Posing As Me” NOT!!) which is actually unsolicited emails. So let them know on the squeeze page that their contact info is safe with you, that you’ll never give it or sell it and that you’ll never spam them.

    Here’s the best video on List Building I’ve seen on the web. It’s by Ming Jong Tey and it’s about the “6 List Building Tips for Your List Building Machine” that will increase your opt in rate.

    When someone enters the email address, the autoresponder sends the email to congratulate and welcome them. Then they continue to receive email every day for nine days. Make sure that you know that the key to making money is to deliver value. If you don’t, you run the risk of them unsubscribing as fast as a bolt of lightning. This is not good, for you exerted the effort to have them join your list so you will want them to read your emails at least.

    The key is to deliver value. Tell them how your blog grew and what your mission is. Let them know how to contact you when they need any help. Tell them you will love to connect with them soon. Say, please visit my sites at http://homebusinesssteps.com/ and http://www.debtchallenges.com for the latest information on both issues.

    You don’t want to bombard your subscribers with advertisement too often but to send them something of value that they will need. They will be eager to open your emails and they may want to visit your blog and check out some of your promotions there. And best of all, they will not unsubscribe from your list, faster than you can say adieu.

    What do you think of this? A lot of information, isn’t it? And this is only the theoretical side. Wait till you see the practical side of the Squeeze Page, in the next issue. For any comments, questions or help you may need, please write it in the comment below.

    By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

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    Refresh Marketing with Roger and Evelyn Step 9a List Building : Squeeze Page, The Theoretical Side

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    Copyright 2014 Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman All rights reserved.

    Marketing with Roger and Evelyn Step 9b List Building: Squeeze Page, The Practical Side

    January 31st, 2014

    List building
    , why is it so important? As I read all the things I’ve learned online, it came to me one bright sunny day. I’m telling you; it was like an epiphany. Why am I telling you this right off the bat? I should wait until the end to see if you will come to the same conclusion I did. But no, you have suffered enough. You have to know it now to help motivate you into going through with your list building task, doing it step-step correctly focusing only on a few things and getting rid of information overload.

    This is it. The light-bulb moment when it illuminated full blown. And it is that the secret to making automated money online is traffic on demand. That almost made you fall off your chair, didn’t it? But have no fear for traffic on demand is all about your list. This is better than driving traffic. And what it is you asked? What is better than traffic is owning your own traffic. And how do you own your own traffic? Well, by building a list of course!

    Make Money Online Requires Providing Value

    Make Money Online Requires Providing Value

    You will make money with your list but it will take some upfront work and a bit of money to start for a domain name, an autoresponder and a web host. You may want the money right now but it does not work that way. You have to put in some work delivering value and you will have to undergo some delayed gratification first. You can’t have the lifestyle you’re dreaming off right away but the wait will be worth it.

    Preparing To Write The Squeeze Page

    Here is another obstacle that people neglect to tell us about. They told us we need to have an offer. They told us we should have a squeeze page and they even told us what should be in the squeeze page to make it as enticing as possible. Then what? What do we do next? Do we just twiddle our thumb and wait for a friendly soul to tell us what to do next? Oh I know, we have to read in between the lines. You see all we learned are just the theoretical side of building a list. What do you think comes next? Yes, it’s action time!

    After studying the things that should be in the squeeze page, no one really tells us that now is the time to write the squeeze page based on the offer we chose to give away. So the first part is the headline. We should write the headline in such a way that it is not from our point of view but rather from the perspective of the visitors.

    But before starting to write the squeeze page there are important things you must get ready for. You have to have an offer which could be an eBook, video, a software or a free report. If you don’t like to write, you could have a professional writer do it for you through Guru.com or Elance.com I could also write it for you so there are no more excuses..

    Tools Needed to Create Your Own Squeeze Page

    Some don’t need tools; they just write their squeeze page based on a an existing one like I showed you before and then just upload that into their web host through FTP which I will show you a bit later. At least I know one successful internet marketer who did it this way because when he started, there wasn’t much help on this issue but look at him now. He is such a successful internet marketer, one you will admire because he does things in an ethical manner.

    You Need A Web Host If You Want To Be Seen Online

    You Need A Web Host If You Want To Be Seen Online

    You will also need a web host and I recommend Hostgator. We have already discussed this before so if you have not done so yet, go to Hostgator . that starts at $3.96 a month. It is Unlimited Web Hosting that is easy and affordable. How do I know this? Because I have been with them for years. They offer:
    Unlimited Disk Space
    Unlimited Bandwidth
    Easy Control Panel
    1-Click Script Installs
    $100 Google AdWords Offer
    4,500 Free Website Templates
    99.9% Uptime Guarantee
    45 Day Money Back Guarantee
    24/7/365 Technical Support

    Then we need the autoresponder like Get Response and Aweber that are easiest to use. Now is the best time to get started because of the Aweber $1 Trial.

    Then you have to choose a good domain name which will cost $4.95 a year or less depending on what specials they have on when you sign up. But I think this may be a special offer that may go up to $10 a year which is really not much when you think of it as an annual cost.

    But listen to this. At Bluehost it is $4.95 a month for unlimited space, transfer, domains on one account with free set-up, free domain, and no hidden fees. This includes professional web hosting, can you imagine that? Mind you I don’t know if this is an introductory offer but even then it will not be over $10 a month for both hosting and domain.

    How do I know that? Because for years now my professional web host has been costing me $8.95 a month. Mind you, I still have to pay $10 a year for my domain name with Go Daddy but now it’s charging me more than $10 a year which irritates me because I know the going rate is either it comes free

    with web hosting or at the most is $10 a year. That is why I am recommending that you get your domain name at Name Cheap.

    Pick a domain name that will end in .com and avoid the new ones they may suggest to you like .mobi, .co, and .info. Just go ahead and choose a name that goes with the content of your blog and your personality. We covered how to pick a Domain Name or Topic or Nichewith the use of the keyword research. We also learned how to Select a Niche in Part One and
    Part Two. If you need help or have a question on any of these, just leave a comment down below.

    You need a way to collect money not from the free ebook.

    You need a way to collect money not from the free ebook.

    You also need a way to collect money not from the free ebook but from the One Time Offer. For this consider Paypal, Clickbank or 2 Check Out. Any of them will allow you to make transactions easily and collect the money for you.

    Once you have all the above, you can start building a squeeze page. You may be thinking this is a lot of money to invest but let’s put them all in perspective. The website at Hostgator you can try for a penny a month but after the trial it will go up as in my case $8.95 a month for years now. The autoresponder will also cost you nothing or $1 for a free trial but it will be $20 a month after that.

    Your domain name at NameCheap will cost you $4.95 a year and if it goes up it will not go over $10 a year. Altogether that will not go over $30. That’s about one latte a day at Starbucks. Where else can you start a business with that amount? Here’s The Complete Guide to Saving Money at Starbucks

    There Are Ways to Save Money at Starbucks.

    There Are Ways to Save Money at Starbucks.

    This time, let us admit it. We cannot blame the gurus or anyone else if we do not get started on this darn list building. We have all the know-how. We have been offered many resources on a silver platter. But did we use them? Yes, of course we read them. But reading them and acting on them are way poles apart. Yes, we understand what they are all about. So are we working on this? Taking action? Judging from what we see around, we just put all those aside in the dark corners of our hard drive.

    Meanwhile we continue checking out the Bright Shiny Objects, those who are promising us the moon, the stars and everything else that with just a push button, the money will rain on us. This is all scam and nothing else. They know it and we know it. Then why do we keep wasting our precious time, effort and money on these shenanigans? What we do not know is that the push buttons will work only after the work is done, after the list is built.

    But now, enough is enough. We woke up from the nightmare of what is wrong with all the statistics. It is us that is the problem but now we can put a stop to this nonsense and get working like we never did before. We will show them. We will show them that we can rise to the challenge and from where we stand in the very bottom of the totem pole, we are ready to climb to the very top, no matter how slippery that climb gets. If you want an easy way, check this out:

    This is another piece of the puzzle as to why we can’t go on our list building task. For without the website, autoresponder and web hosting, we can’t move forward. We’ll keep being stuck where we’ve been all these days, months or years. Convinced? Let’s move on and create our very own squeeze page.

    Something we should keep in mind is that website visitors hardly ever go down to the bottom of the webpage so armed with this knowledge we have to make our squeeze page really short and focus. So you really have to explain why they should get your offer and that they will miss out on something they need if they don’t act now.

    So now we are practically ready to write our very own squeeze page. But wait! As we get ready to write and even while we write it, let us go down the memory lane and check out the things to write in each part of the squeeze page. This way we will not leave any stone unturned and come up with a real super squeeze page.

    First, the Headline
    The headline along with the sub headline should grab the attention of visitors. Do what you do when you read the newspaper headline. What headline makes you want to read the rest of the story? Admit it. You just scan the pages and stop to read only the items with the headlines that grab your attention. Speaking of which, don’t make the headline too long, not more than 20 words anyway.

    Make it stand out by using the red color code CC000. The size of the font should also be bigger than the regular text. Mention here the best benefit of the offer in a provoking way. Here’s another cool tip that I didn’t know before. They say to split the line better to keep the visitors to continue reading. For example in the line, “You will learn to dance better and dance like a star.” What we usually do is split the line between “better” and “and”. Right? Because it just makes sense. But the tip that says to split it between “and” and “dance”seems5 to make sense too because the readers will want to know what is next.

    Then another cool tip is to learn what they do during the evening news. Before they go for a break, they say that when they come back, they will talk to someone who climbed the Everest and survived or something like that which makes one sit at the edge of his seat. I was caught on this once but what got to me was they kept mentioning the cliff hanger before every break until the last minute of the show! I can tell you, I was cross!

    For an effective headline, try to create some kind of urgency or fear. To create urgency or scarcity, you can say “This is only for the first 50 subscribers.” To create fear, you can say, “If you do not read this book, you will miss the chance of ………” Fill in the blanks with whatever is your offer all about. So have you’ve got your headline now? Okay, let’s move on then.

    Next Come the Bullets
    Now we write the bullets based on the free offer and not on anything we want to sell. Write about the offer in a persuasive and precise way. Tell them so they will be curious by using numbers like how long will the benefit take effect but be sure this will be delivered. Shock and awe are good as long as you can support them. Then the most overused word is secret but it still works because a secret is something everyone tells everybody not to tell anyone. Not!!! Just joking.

    The Most Overused Word is Secret

    The Most Overused Word is Secret

    The recommendation is not to have more than five bullets as that might leave you no space above the fold for the optin form. Another good suggestion I find is to make the first bullet bold, the next one not, the third one bold and so on. I think that will attract the readers’ attention, don’t you think? This is part of making sure the readers are convinced the benefit they will get is worth it to leave their name and email address.

    In addition, make sure there is no doubt in their mind that this is the right thing to do. Don’t make this confusing and difficult. Keep the bullets short and to the point. Just point out the benefits of your offer. That’s it. It’s as simple as that. This is a situation where less is more. So are the bullets done? Let’s therefore get the picture for the free offer.

    Oops! This is getting too long but the next page will show you how to get the picture for the freebie along with the rest of the elements of the squeeze page: optin form, call to action, privacy policy, writing the squeeze and thank you pages and transferring these last two to the web host. After that we will show you how to check to see if the squeeze page is presentable and how to make it so plus we will tell you what happens after the sign up and last but not least, we will show you how to set up an autoresponder campaign.

    If there is anything you need to clarify the content of this web page, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below and I will personally reply.

    By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

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    Refresh Marketing with Roger and Evelyn Step 9b List Building : Squeeze Page, The Practical Side

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    Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape

    Copyright 2014 Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman All rights reserved.

    Marketing with Roger and Evelyn Step 9c List Building : Squeeze Page, The Practical Side Part 2

    February 6th, 2014

    This list building lesson is getting too long, isn’t it, but it is going to be complete and all in one site. There will be no more thinking and wondering where and what the next step is going to be. There will be no more jumping from one site to another because everything is right here. Let us see what we have covered so far since the theoretical side of list building.

    First, we did some preparation before writing the squeeze page. We had to do some explanation on what is needed in order to proceed like the web host, the autoresponder and the domain name. Then we talked about what to write for the headline and the bullets. And when we arrived at the picture for our offer, we just flat ran out of space and it is here that we start on this continuing saga of list building.

    Picture of the Freebie
    This will show the would-be subscribers what they are getting when they sign up to your list. Your success could depend on this. The better the offer or the bribe or the bait is, the better will the conversion rate be. And this includes what it looks like. You may have to get http://fiverr.com/ to do it for you for $5. Just make sure the eCover they use has no copyright issue with it.

    Adding an Image
    There is also instruction on how to add the image of your free offer. Do you see where it says, “Insert” in the Word Press dashboard? Just click that and click “Image”. Browse for the image, open it and add it to the page. If you are experiencing trouble with this, the autoresponder you hire to do your email marketing for you will answer any questions you have. Or you can leave a comment and question below. I can certainly help you with that.

    How do we add the image of our free offer? Easy, just click Insert, then image and you will be asked to browse the internet or your files for the image of your free offer. All you have to do is upload it. You will also be asked for an “Alternate: text” just in case the image does not upload. Don’t forget to click okay when you’re done.

    Then Comes the Optin Form
    Now go to your autoresponder and get your web form. You can personalize it but don’t ask for a lot of information as that might just scare the readers away. Asking for the first name and the primary email address to get the free instant access will do. That’s all that’s absolutely necessary. The autoresponder requires the primary email address. That’s it. If you ask for more you will significantly reduce the number of subscribers.

    Now look at the optin form that you obtained from your autoresponder or take a look at Ming‘s optin form. What do you see? We can personalize this further. There is the submit button that we want to change. Why? Because it’s in every form you see around the web. Besides, it may not mean anything to some people. Change it into the benefit they will get in exchange for writing down their name and email address.

    The Submit Button
    So change the submit button into something that makes more sense like Sign Up for Instant Access. Then if you want, we can make the optin form wider, length-wise. To do this, view the source code of a web page, press Control + U and look for size=“14”. Change 14 to your preference. Don’t forget to save this when you are done making changes. Control + U does not seem right but that should be for Underline so if you experience difficulty on this, just email me for I know of a longer way to view the source code.



    Alternatively, you can click the source button on the bottom left of Kompozer. You will then see some codes in HTML. You don’t have to understand the HTML codes. All you have to do is look for size=“14”. You can change that to whatever size you prefer. Just don’t forget to save the changes when you’re done.

    As for the submit button, say something like “Send Me Learn to Dance Tips” or “Get Free Instant Access Now”. Then below the optin form, add “I respect your privacy and will not sell or rent your info. Neither will I spam you and you can unsubscribe anytime.” Adding a tiny picture of you and a short testimonial will enhance your credibility. Black text on white page seems to be what people prefer. Test to see if having a video will increase the sign up rate.

    Make sure you have two optin forms on your squeeze page. Put one above the fold and the other one in the very bottom of the page. Don’t add anything more here. Remember that the squeeze page has only one function - to get the visitors to sign up to your list. No external links are allowed here so the visitor will only have two options. Sign in or leave, that is the question. However, using a graphical optin box will increase the optin rate.

    Make sure your graphics look professional and captivating.

    Make sure your graphics look professional and captivating.

    Professional Graphics should be used instead of cheap-looking ones that can turn off would-be subscribers. An amateurish-looking software box can ruin your optin offer.  So make sure your graphics look professional and captivating. It will pay off in the long run as it will motivate the readers to sign up for your list.

    Call to Action
    Now you tell them directly to fill in their name and email to get the offer while it is still available. The time limit may make them sign up. At this point, it is good to remember that whatever you put into the squeeze page should be something related to the niche you are targeting.

    The Call to Action can do anything over on top of what you tell your visitors to fill in their name and address to join your list. In your blog, it can actually do a lot of things like sending your visitors to your blog or to another email list. The call to action can also ask them to buy something, or to get their opinion in a poll or survey or to like you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter. You can also ask them to sign up for your webinar.

    Privacy Policy
    Just below the optin form, let the readers know you will not sell or rent their email addresses and all personal information. Neither will you spam them. Privacy is an important concern for most people. Displaying the privacy message alleviate this concern and may increase the optin rate.

    Provide Your Name and Email Address in every post.

    Provide Your Name and Email Address in every post.

    In the bottom of the squeeze page, provide your name and email address. Without these, the optin rate could go down. In fact, you have to include this information on every page or you have it in your contact page. The readers will want to know who are the people they are connecting with.

    Then when it is all over and done with, think of ways to increase your opt in rate. There is always room for improvement by testing. Example of testing is to change the headline slightly and see how will that affect the rate of subscription. There are other things you can test like the number of bullets. After running the test, find out which one captures the most subscribers. That’s what you will use!

    The problem with this is that you have to have traffic to see if your test will provide the result you are seeking for. It is okay if at this time you do not have the traffic to make your testing work out. Suffice it to say that you know you have to do this when traffic eventually comes your way.

    Writing the Squeeze Page
    I can’t believe that finally we are on this now. If you did it while we were refreshing our mind on what to write for each part of the squeeze page. That’s good, for then all you have to do is copy and paste what you have or keep editing it if you have it in draft form. Going forward with the following will be easy for you.

    Three Ways to Write a Squeeze Page

    1. Let’s see if we can do it the plain easy way like the internet marketer I was talking about once did because when he started, there was not much help on this issue. We need Ming Jong Tey’s squeeze page for this. I have it here because I would like you to have some kind of guide and use this when you are preparing your squeeze page, the plain and easy way. Copy and paste Ming’s squeeze page on your computer’s blank page. You can work your way down the page from the headline down to the call to action based on your offer of course using Ming’s squeeze page or anybody else’s for that matter.

    Start with the headline. See Ming’s headline? That is where you start typing in the headline you prepared based on your offer and it is already aligned centre. Yours will replace Ming’s headline. Next add the sub-headline you prepared where Ming’s sub-headline is, which I think is on top. You can adjust the number of letters to suit the spaces in Ming’s squeeze page. Do the same until you get down to the last item of the squeeze page.

    2. Or you can use a free template that you can google for . If you don’t have html know-how, perhaps the best way is through Quick Squeeze Pages. This will help you prepare a squeeze page just like the gurus create. Great if you don’t know HTML because it is point and click system that will have you creating a squeeze page you can be proud of. This may be cheaper at Ebay.

    Now that does not mean you don’t have to write well although if your offer is good, you don’t have to be an excellent salesman who can sell ice even to the Eskimos. So just make sure, the offer will improve their life, something that will help them solve their problem. If your offer helps solve people’s problem, it does not even have to be super hot.

    3. If you don’t want to do it this way, then keep reading as there will be another way to do it. But if you persist in doing it this plain easy way, how to upload it as a web page is down below, via Filezilla. Do the same until you get down to the last item of the squeeze page. But here are what they say we need to create a web page.

    You will need a website creation software like DreamWeaver but I think there is a steep learning curve here. Kompozer is easier to use. Actually, there are good instructions on how to write a squeeze page with the use of Kompozer. It’s on page 9 of this book.

    You will also need an FTP Software which is short for File Transfer Protocol. This is used to transfer file to your web host. Filezilla is the one to use and is free. There is a tutorial that will show you how to transfer files to and from a server via FileZilla which is also at Hostgator’s cPanel You can use this whether you created your squeeze page the plain easy way or the other ways like using Kompozer or the Quick Squeeze Pages.

    Writing the Thank You Page
    Now it is time to learn how to write a thank you page. It is important to have a thank you page for two reasons. One is to let the subscribers know you received their information and the other is so the subscribers recognize that you know what you’re doing and that you’re not one of those fly by nighters and to inform them on what to do after they have subscribed.

    A thank-you page is important for two reasons.

    A thank-you page is important for two reasons.

    You now know the reasons, so what is next? Simple, isn’t it? You have to write the thank you page. Say, ‘Thank you for signing up for You can then tell them that you received the name and email address. Afterwards, let them know where to download the free offer. You can also tell them about your new product which is not mandatory. Then sign below the letter and put up your picture.

    Here we go again. We have 2000 words already and so I have to wait next week to publish the last part of the list building series. Really this has been quite an exhaustive research and writing work I have done, the best so far. It is even better than the thesis I wrote for my master’s degree. We will have to wait for such topics as Transferring the Squeeze Page to the Web Host. What do you think of this?

    Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

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    Refresh Marketing with Roger and Evelyn Step 9c List Building : Squeeze Page, The Practical Side

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    Marketing with Roger and Evelyn Step 9c List Building : Squeeze Page, The Practical Side Part 3

    February 13th, 2014

    Here we are still on list building but it is probably the last of the Mohicans. It is hard work, I must admit it, but it is work that must be done. You can tell from all the statistics going around that practically over 90% of internet marketers are not doing well at all and not from not working hard because I know they do. We have done everything until the actual writing of the squeeze page and now we come to transferring it to the web host.

    Transferring the Squeeze and Thank You Pages to the Web Host
    Now comes the transferring of your squeeze and thank you pages to your web host. Here’s how to do it. Listen to this tutorial again that shows how to transfer files to and from a server via FileZilla which is also at Hostgator’s cPanel Find the squeeze page and thank you page in your computer. You will find them under Local Site. Then drag them to the right side which is the domain name folder. The file will be automatically transferred. Check it if it’s in the web by typing in the www.yourdomainname.com on the browser and you see your squeeze page live on the web.

    Here’s another way to transfer the squeeze and thank you pages to your web host if you are not with Hostgator. Just like above you will need FileZilla except you have to download it. Go ahead and download it now.

    To transfer the squeeze and thank you pages, open FileZilla and enter your domain name, user name, and password. Clicking “Quick Connect” will get you connected to your web host. The next thing to do is to look for your “public_html” folder. See what you’re looking for below and double click it to see your domain name. Then look for the Squeeze page and Thank you page on your computer. In the left screen is where you will find your files, which is also known as Local site.

    Then find your domain name folder under the “public html” folder and drag the squeeze page into the domain name folder which will automatically transfer the file for you. To make sure the squeeze page is live, type on your browser your domain name and if the squeeze page is on the page, then you’re done.

    Checking To See If The Squeeze Page Is Presentable
    Now let’s take a look at our squeeze page and see if it looks presentable. Let’s go to Kompozer again and we see the content looks okay but we can still do something to improve it. Go to “Format” and click “Page Color and Background” on the top left. A chart will appear with different choices of colors for the background.. You can do the same for the other parts of the squeeze page but if you did it the plain easy way using Ming Jong Tey’s squeeze page or anybody else’s for that matter, the choice of color is already done.

    We will also check the optin in the Squeeze Page to see if it is presentable and how we can improve it. First, open the Squeeze file in the Kompozer. The contents are all there; they’re just not quite presentable yet. Let us see if we can make it more presentable by changing the background color. On the top left is the “Format” where you will click “Page Color and Background”.

    Select Use Custom Colors if you want to choose the background color, circle White for Background and click ok. You can do the same for the other parts of your squeeze page. You can change the size of the headline and the font as well. Highlight the headline and change the size and the font as you wish. If you want to center the headline, just highlight it and select “Align Center.”

    Now we will go and improve the opt-in form from the autoresponder. We want to change “Your Name” to First Name and “Your Email” to Primary E-Mail. Go to the squeeze page source and look for Your Name and change it to First Name. Then look for Your Email in the source and change it to Primary E-Mail.

    What Happens After the Sign Up
    After they sign in to join your list, what do you think happens next? Set up your autoresponder so they are directed to a Thank You Page. This where you deliver the download page of your free offer. Some at this point, which I don’t like to do, pitch a One Time Offer before the subscriber sees the download link. If you decide to do this, make sure the OTO is related to the free offer. Others also put on some related advertisements for affiliate programs on the thank you page or the download page.

    Once they sign up, the name and address are added to the email autoresponder account. This is what you use to follow up the people who join your list. So if ten people sign up, the mail is sent to these ten people. If a hundred sign up next time, then the email goes to 103 people. And because this is done automatically, hardly any work is expected of you. Of course you have to write the email but those are stored in the data base too and so are sent as people join your list.

    After they are on your list you can set them up to the next stage down the sales funnel but not before you build trust and a relationship with them by sending good information and more freebies that will improve their life. This will be difficult to do manually if you have hundreds of people on your list without the help of your autoresponder.

    You can set a campaign consisting of emails through the autoresponder which will deliver your emails automatically during the time intervals you indicate. Over and above this you can send a broadcast message to your list that can be delivered immediately about a new product or service. Isn’t this a good way to automate your business? Any new subscriber will start receiving the right emails at the appropriate time you specify.

    So here’s the list building machine in a nut shell: 1. Squeeze 2. Email 3. Offer . It is so simple I even changed it around because for me we have to start with an offer to entice them into signing up to join a list and squeeze them to give their name and email address. Only then can you email them the products you promote that will improve their life. The thing is once you have the offer, the Squeeze page and the autoresponder in place, you can automate all three of them. It really is simple but we people make it difficult.

    You don’t even need a huge email list, but you do need to offer products that are of high quality. Once this list building machine is set up, it works automatically and as years go by so do your mailing list goes up. But at the start you have to invest in yourself in terms of money or in work. So let’s reiterate those three parts of the list building machine: Offer, Squeeze Page and email via the autoresponder. That’s it. That’s all you need.

    Setting Up An Autoresponder Campaign
    Here, I will show you how to set up an autoresponder campaign through Get Response for the squeeze page you just created. You do it through Filezilla which you can either download or if your web host is Hostgator, they have it in their cPanel. Again which ever reliable host you pick will answer questions on this.

    1. Login to your autoresponder. Then set up a campaign for capturing signers to your list. Click the “Create Campaign” button which will bring you to a page called “Create a new Campaign”. Input the name of the campaign where your email messages will be coming from which will either be your name or your company name, and email address. You don’t have to put your email on the Reply to field.

    2. For the title, type in a brief description of the campaign while the more detailed description will be in the Description Box. After you finish entering the required fields, Click “Create a new campaign” and a new page will appear. If you see a warning that you have not personalized your confirmation message yet, just hit “Click here”. This will take you to another page to personalize the confirmation message to the one who just joined your list.

    3. Choose a subject from the drop down menu that is most suitable. Then enter your message after which you put your signature. Don’t forget to click the save button. At this point you are not done yet for you have to input your address without which you will not be able to email your subscribers. Click save again. After you have done this, you will see a message called List created.

    4. For the Optin Settings, check both “Email subscription” and “Web subscription” if you want double opt-in and leave them unchecked if you want just single opt-in. Click save again and as for the “Confirmation page URL”, you can either leave it blank or enter your Affiliate product URL or your Thank You Page URL.

    5. Now that the setting up is done, it is time to get the code for the campaign. With your curser on the “Subscribers”, select “Build Subscribers List”. Then click “Capture Subscribers| and a window for another page will appear. There are three ways Get Response captures subscribers: HTML Form, Manage an Existing Pop-up and Create a new pop-up. For now, just select HTML Form and fill in which list you want to capture subscribers for.

    6. The generated HTML code appears which you have to copy and paste to any page you want to capture the names and addresses of your visitors. To put it on your squeeze page. Open your squeeze page in Kompozer or on your web page and you will compose the words you want on the table that will appear.

    On the bottom left of Kompozer, click “Source” button and you will see some HTML codes you don’t have to understand. Just look for “Paste Code Here and that is where you will paste the HTML Form you got earlier. Then choose “Normal” on the bottom left. You will then see that a form has been created.

    How to Win the List Building Game and Avoid Mistakes

    If you find your list building does not give you the results you want, check it out for mistakes that you may have unwittingly made. Are there links there other than the optin? There should not be any distractions there. You could also conduct a split test between two slightly different squeeze pages to see which one works better. Then check out the FREE Software That Builds Email Lists Automatically For You and can increase the optin rate as well.

    Other ways to convert traffic so you will have a better optin rate is the use of pop up as mentioned above about the FREE List Building Plugin Also put the optin form in the header, footer and in the sidebar. As a matter of fact, it is a good idea to put the optin form at the end of every post you write. Here’s a video explaining this.

    Another problem that may cause a poor optin result is not using a reliable autoresponder. Then some fail to offer a quality product and develop a good relationship with the subscribers. Then failure to send them regular emails and doing it sporadically may just make the subscribers unsubscribe. Sending copied emails from product creators will lower the optin rate too. All these mistakes could be prevented by just doing the right thing that could lead to better result.

    There you are; you have everything you need to write your own squeeze page. You now know how to start your list building which is really the number one task you have to do online along with delivering value to your readers. If you follow all the tips mentioned on this web page you should be on your way to building a list you can be proud of.

    What are your thoughts on list building? Do you have other ideas on how to do it right and better? Please leave your comments below. Thanks.

    By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

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    Refresh Marketing with Roger and Evelyn Step 9d List Building : Squeeze Page, The Practical Side Part 3

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    Marketing with Roger and Evelyn Step 9b List Building : Squeeze Page, The Practical Side

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    More Alerts and Tips for Home Business Owners

    February 27th, 2014

    Are You Up to Your Ears in Debt? 
    Watch out because even though you pay on time every month for years and miss once due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be hit by a late fee. If you pay only the minimum amount every month, it will take a long, long time to pay this off. Why? Because the interest will keep adding up faster than you can pay your bills.

    The Budget Kit: Common Cents Money Management
    Learn to manage your finances or it will manage you. You have to take action or you won’t get on the road to recovery. Don’t let things slip under the rug. It’s better to spend half an hour a day to get something done. Start by writing down all the money you receive each month. Then jot down the expenses you have each month.

    If the car insurance is paid once a year, divide that amount by 12 and you will have the monthly insurance premium. Then add all your income in one column and all you expenses in another. Now you will have a better picture of where you are. If budgeting is not properly done, one could fall into a credit card debt trap like shown in this video:


    There are nine more of the above video. If you want me to show you the other nine, just leave a comment down below and say so.

    How to Lower Your Bills or Save Money
    Try to make your own coffee. Avoid the latte crowd. It is not good for you in two ways anyway. It can hurt both your health and your pocketbook. You don’t have to stop drinking coffee but make it only once in a while unless you make it at home. As for lunch, brown bagging it will save you a bundle. Sometimes you need to do some networking and go out to lunch to do so. Then in this case just make the brown bag lunch every other day.

    College Funds
    I don’t know how true this is but I read somewhere not to rely on the college or university’s financial department. They say that many a time they are not looking out for your best interest but some will guide you where it will be more of an advantage for them. Both parents and students are overwhelmed with the costs and naturally will follow the first advice they get. Don’t do this. Shop around and compare.


    There you have some alerts and tips that could save you money to channel to your home business to make it grow. You have tips on lowering your bills, spring cleaning your credit reports, budgeting tips and dealing with debts.

    How about you? Share us anything you found that helped keep your finances healthy.

    By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

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    Credit Card Debt Relief, Our Goal!

    Personal Budgeting, the Only Sure Approach to Find More Ways to Spend Less

    Getting Out of Debt_2 in Three Steps: Find Where You Can Save

    Getting Out of Debt in Three Steps

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