Newsalerts That Could Impact Your Financial Well-Being With Word Press

From time to time, we will report on alerts that could help solve financial problems. We scoured the net to find them and will post comment on those articles that may help you. We will include those comments here. Try to click the link as the news provider may delete the news item. Also sometimes the page will not change the url address into a link no matter how hard we try. In that case, just copy the address and paste it in your browser. If they do delete the news, the snippets of information may still help:


Getting a Domain Name for Word Press

Creating a website nowadays is so much easier than in the 90s when you have to learn a whole lot of programming   So you must be thinking what it is you really need to get a website going. But first let me tell you the disadvantages of using WordPress without web hosting. Really it is just a matter of cost and very minimal at that.

There are absolutely two things you need to have. You need a domain name that can cost $10 a year that can sometimes come free during the first year when it comes with the hosting which is the second thing you need, a dependable hosting account that can cost $5 a month or more. So roughly these two essentials to run a business will cost $70 a year.

The domain name is your office address on the Internet where people can reach you. Hosting is more like the office space where you can store your stuff. If you are running a brick and mortar store, renting an office space is very expensive unlike in the online world where the cost is affordable. And there are tips that can make it even cheaper.

We will have to register the domain name with a registrar who will collect the yearly fees. The registrar can be the same company as the hosting one but it is better to have different ones. Why? It is because the web host can easily take your website down if there ever is a disagreement between you two and lock you out of the control panel thus not allowing you to transfer your website to another web host. It is therefore better to separate the two and stay with ones that I highly recommend.

Once you have your website set up, you will have to determine which business model to adopt to make your website a 24/7 money-making machine. Once the sales funnel are set up, there will just be minor maintenance you have to do. This is the power of leveraging the technology. We will do that step by step. But first, we have to choose the domain name and register it which we have on the next webpage.

But if you are in a hurry and want to learn fast, here’s a 60-day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee risk-free to try the Complete WordPress Tutorial Video Training Course! This will give you a head start to overcome the problems others are facing. WordPress is awesome and easy to use but there are issues you will need to learn.

That is why some fail at this because they do not have the proper training. The problem continues on because answers to questions come in bits and pieces that will leave one just spinning the wheel until now that the Complete WordPress Tutorial Video Training Course has arrived with all the answers in one site.

Now it is possible to build your website right and earn money from it sooner than if we continue spinning the wheel. This is a complete step by step WordPress video training series with over 60 instructional videos on how to construct a SOLID website which is optimized for the search engines.

You will learn all of the basics as well as advanced web design techniques. Plus Much More This is not a skimpy run of the mill WordPress Training Course, You will also get complete training on how to properly optimize your site and how to promote your website. What this course includes: Full length videos – No short 3 minute quick tip type of videos. Here’s the link again: Complete WordPress Tutorial Video Training Course!

Getting Started With WordPress

I just read two excellent books on how to use WordPress when creating websites that made me decide that this is the one I would like to share with you as an alert from month to month. It is because I wish I had these two books when I started my blog because what I learned before were all bits and pieces. This time I have the opportunity to show you the whole thing.

Word press is used by a lot of people from big businesses down to mom and pop operations. It is free and easy to use but powerful. One does not need technical skill to put up professional looking website. One just needs to know how to use the web browser and if you have searched something in the web, then you know how to use it.

I am not going to lie to you; it will take a bit of work but with this I will be able to help you. Together we will jump over the hurdles and even though you know nothing about building a website you will be able to create one that you will be proud to show off to your family and friends. They may even end up asking you to help them build their website.

We will show you how to build your website step-by-step but as long as you follow them and work on the exercises with the help of your computer, you should find yourself a successful website builder. As I do the steps, follow If you are in a hurry and want to learn fast, here’s a 60-day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee risk-free to try the Complete WordPress Tutorial Video Training Course!

This will give you a headstart to overcome the problems others are facing. WordPress is awesome and easy to use but there are issues you will need to learn. That is why some fail at this because they do not have the proper training. The problem continues on because answers to questions come in bits and pieces that will leave one just spinning the wheel until now that Complete WordPress Tutorial Video Training Course has arrived with all the answers in one site.

Now it is possible to build your website right and earn money from it sooner than if we continue spinning the wheel. This is a complete step by step WordPress video training series with over 60 instructional videos on how to construct a SOLID website which is optimized for the search engines. You will learn all of the basics as well as advanced web design techniques. Plus Much More

This is not a skimpy run of the mill WordPress Training Course, You will also get complete training on how to properly optimize your site and how to promote your website. What this course includes: Full length videos – No short 3 minute quick tip type of videos. Here’s the link again: Complete WordPress Tutorial Video Training Course!

Four Strategies to Grow a Profitable Online Business

Some people build online businesses and earn a living from the very first day while some just are not able to do the same. So I researched what the successful people did, the result of which I want to share with you and hopefully we can follow the same path. We all want to follow this example so we can do the same. Here are four things to do:

1. Create a system that can help solve the readers’ problems. It has to be something more than what they get from the other businesses. You really have to be creative and add pizzazz to the system you create.

2. The readers want to be told what to do to solve their problems. Either that or they want to be entertained. If you can do both, they will buy from you.

3. Find out the areas where your readers need help and then help them how to prepare to cope with those situations. Create a system that can help them meet those challenges.

4. Don’t send them to read someone else’s posts. Just lead them to yours. Here is an example of a system one can create to grow a profitable online business: How To Create Incredibly Profitable Joint Ventures For Your Online Business!

Internet Marketing, What is That? Advice from a Newcomer

The best thing to do is to ask questions. People around you will help especially when Pandas and Penguins start appearing on web pages. Then this newbie said to walk the walk. One can’t keep on reading about it without having to delve into the innards of internet marketing. There are lots of learning centres around that will help you get around Google Adwords Google Adwords and Google Analytics Really the only thing that stands in my way is lack of time.

Read all you can about internet marketing. Here are some good things one really has to read like Why Knowing Everything About SEO Doesn’t Mean Shit. There are also some Google basics you have to read as well as the Beginners Guide to SEO. Don’t worry, we will deal with all of these in detail next time.

Social Media and Marketing, What’s the Connection?

Social media enables the small business to reach more people online. There are tools one can use to keep the business growing and social media is definitely one of them. Why? It is because one can easily integrate social marketing with the social media. How? Read on to find out how.

One can run a campaign involving the social media and marketing. There are four steps for running a campaign and integrating both social media and social marketing. First is to gain an understanding on the way the market behaves these days. After appreciating the changing internet marketing scene, one is now ready to know the consumer of the business.

Knowing the mind of the consumer will help get sales because you will be able to reach them better. Only after these first two steps that you will be ready for the third step which is creating a social campaign. The tactics and strategies will be different for each campaign but the common expectation is to achieve the business goals.

The last step is to make every campaign unforgettable. With the correct brand, the campaign can’t help but be memorable. Here is where one can take the customer service where the clients are. This is where they are gathering and where one can hear what they are telling each other about the business. Respond to whatever they are saying and they can’t help but gain your loyalty.

If you have a need for a business to do Facebook updates and tweets for you, look no further for our company can do this for you. Our company is currently booked with clients through the end of this month and next, but when spots open up I will let you know about it.  You see this is only available to 10 clients at a time. Just leave your name and number at the contact form here; Just go to the contact form and write there that you are interested in getting social media help.

10 Internet Marketing Ideas to Help Boost Your Business

To succeed at a home business one has to be prepared to do what it takes to employ some innovative ideas like joining social media sites, drafting a press release and doing some email marketing strategies. One may also have to create a blog and videos and then offer discounts.

Participating in forums, optimizing your websites, running contests and making your site interactive through mobile application will also help. Now these all seem to be a tall order but have no fear because as soon as I get a chance and finish what I am doing for you on tips, this will be the next one I will tackle to show how to do each one of them.

Home Tax Business Raided and Accused of Fraud by State

Listen to this. Tax Fraud Investigators raided a Tax Business in
Albuquerque tax preparer’s office and carried off boxes of documents.
State Taxation and Revenue Department agents pulled computers, files and financial documents for hours out of the home business Monday morning.

Apparently, Flora Mascarenas filed hundreds of fake income tax returns and received refunds of almost $150,000. The investigators said Mascarenas was running a tax preparation service at her home illegally. She may also have stolen the identities of her clients.

News reporter Chris Ramirez asked Mascarenas if she did anything wrong but she answered in the negative. She said she is not a tax preparer but that she does bookkeeping and accounting. The investigators however said that Mascarenas may be part of a larger fraud ring and will proceed with prosecution. What do you think?

Tips on How to Effectively Maximize Internet Marketing

These are indeed important information that are certainly needed in order to survive the home business world in the internet. One’s product should be easy enough to use, keep up-to-date with the news and know where you can promote the business are some of the things to remember.

Giving away some valuable tips will also help and of course after the penguin update, everyone knows now not to cheat the search engines. Of course the focus should be the customers anyway and what one can offer them that will be of help solve whatever problem they are encountering.

5 Internet Marketing Musts for Small Businesses

Yes, a small business cannot get away from internet marketing and it’s true the first step is to stay savvy. We have to learn as much as we can. And we don’t stop here for we have to get creative and get a strategy that will work for the business. After all, there is no such thing as one size fits all.

We have to remember that our website is the focus of all we do so whatever you do should lead back to your website. I guess that is my problem because I focus more on what my readers need. I do send them back to my websites but I don’t even measure what works and what doesn’t. Oh sure, I have Google Analytics but I don‘t really do much about it.

5 Step Internet Marketing & SEO ‘How To’ for Professionals

Professionals need a website or else the clients or customers will go to the competitors who have a website. Google says most of the searches are local so this should benefit the professionals who have a website. It is not hard to get one anyway.

It can be outsourced or you can do it yourself by starting a blog and getting listed in Google places. Do some SEO stuff and social media along with guest blogs and articles so the website can become an authority site. This should be easy to implement. They say it is not time-consuming but my experience says otherwise.

Mother Bags Success with her Home Business

Congratulations to Washington for achieving success with her internet business. I am sure she must have worked real hard for her dream to come true. Imagine earning a six-figure income by selling purses, totes and bags. She is also a role model for all of us. She does it by selling directly to people at home parties just like Avon and Tupperware.

Things to Consider Before Starting a Home Business

Asking the following questions and determining the answers will help decide whether starting a home business is the right choice. Can you support yourself financially? This has to be considered carefully for there will be costs involved like equipment and office supplies to buy. Will your budget therefore have room to start a business?

Then there is the question on whether you can stay focused on the things you have to do for the business. Setting up specific time without family and friends interrupting your work will help. Will you be able to say no to taking breaks with friends who may think your hours are flexible? All considerations on these questions will help clarify whether starting a home business is for you.

The Beauty of a Home-Based Business Model

This proves that aligning one’s business with a successful brand is a win-win situation. True it would cost money by way of an endorsement deal plus a percentage of the royalty and the equity on the business. But that’s probably money you will have to spend to get going with the business. This deal and model business therefore is worth taking on as a short-cut to success.

Internet Marketing for Beginners
Here’s a man who has just been one year doing internet business and is now doing very well. He has some good advice for us. He said we don’t have to know how to do things. We just need to hire people for reasonable amounts at – ; , – –
What we need to do is to focus on big ideas that make dollars for us.

Don’t Pay For Internet Marketing Services You Don’t Really Need

Before hiring the services of an Internet Marketing Company, aside from making sure it is legitimate, be sure you understand what the problem is so that whatever it is, it will be solved. Be sure also that your budget is enough to fix the problem. A limited budget may not be enough to fix the problem and you will end up getting some done, stop and then get something done again without the problem getting fixed.

Another thing is to check the problems from different angles. Could it be the structure of the site? Do you need relevant and quality content or do you have problem building links? There has got really to be an in-depth analysis of the site and a professional will be needed to do the work to achieve the goal you are aiming for.

Inbound and Outbound Marketing Compared

The new way of marketing through engaging content in blogs and websites that add value with interesting and informative data is winning over the outbound marketing using billboards and TV ads. The consumers have learned to find, research and buy what they need online.

They have been empowered by this new way of buying things and so this inbound type of marketing is the alternative way of finding and buying things. It costs less than the traditional way of marketing for one thing so it is also a win-win situation for the business.

Designs Online Keeps Upper Township Mother Home With Family

Wow! Imagine being a $14 dollar an hour secretary to building a business with an annual income of $200,000. She did it so she could stay at home to look after her autistic son. But now he goes to school so Kline can go to work for 11 hours a day. She started small by just creating logos and look at where she is now – building e-commerce websites for other people. This is indeed an inspirational story that will give others the motivation they need to create a home based business of their own.

3 Different Ways To Earn Income At Home

The current economic trouble is getting people to try earning money online. I read this top three ways to do this and thought I’d share them with you. One is affiliate marketing where you sell other people’s product and you earn commission for doing so. Then there’s e-bay where you can sell stuff and earn money that way. And of course there’s one where you write articles and get paid for doing so. Let me know if you want more information on this by filling out the contact form at

Article Marketing: A Simple Way to Boost Your Visibility

I thanked the author of this article for refreshing my mind about this. I do article marketing but not that often. I used to submit articles every week but there are only so many hours a day and the eight hours I devote to this, seven days a week does not even allow me to finish everything I have to do. But what is so refreshing about the article is what the author said that some directories allow the writer to make some money out of their work. I just have to tell those reading this that this is an option for them. Sorry I had to remove the link as it is not allowing me to take you there.

Is There a “Best Home Business” or Is That Nonsense

I want to share with you these really excellent suggestions especially these days when every Tom Dick and Harry just wants to earn money off you. The recommendations will steer some would-be marketers out of trouble. And the author is so right. No one just makes money without doing the work. That is why it is best to choose something you are passionate about. At least, even though money may be a long time coming, at least you are enjoying what you are doing.

Internet Marketing – How To Increase Your Conversion Rate

It is good to know how to make every page like a landing page. It makes sense to do so. The only thing now that puts a barrier between this excellent advice and my actual implementation of it is the time element. I finished a lot of pages already and that would mean I will have to go back to each one of them to implement the recommendation. The thing is I am already doing 8 hours of work on this and I don’t know where else I can find time for it. I know I can outsource it but every time I outsource something, I still have to a lot of work on the outsourced materials.

Visit Marketing Pilgrim’s Internet Marketing Job Board Today!

This is good service for both the advertisers for the job and the job seekers themselves. Imagine having in one place the list of current jobs available for those who are looking for one. It is very convenient too for the advertisers to do the application online.

How To Start A Home Business

This is an excellent article and will be quite a help for those who are just starting to test the water. I like it that the author mentioned the importance of a good plan for without it, there is more chance at failing because it will feel like working in the dark. The advice on doing the business with one’s passion in mind is also right on the money.

QCSS, A Rapidly Growing, Call Center And Telemarketing Firm, Celebrates Twenty Years In Business

The small business called QCSS, Quality Customer Service & Sales that was launched last February 1991 made it on the cover of Money Magazine. CEO Catherine Karabbetsos and CSO Karin Hall made it and twenty years later are doing business with large reputable companies. To think they started the business only in Karin’s home as a sell-by-phone in the cosmetics industry, that’s amazing indeed.

Work At Home Business Ideas: Ways To Start With Affiliate Marketing

This is a great article on affiliate marketing and gives new information that other articles on the same vein have not mentioned. Those five ways the article indicated do not cost much cash outlay so will be perfect for those who are struggling online.

The #1 Work From Home Business Of 2011

Thank you for this information. I will let my readers know about this as it will help them make the proper choice to see if this will be a fit for them. At the very least it will give them an idea especially from a highly ranked website where this information originated.

Business Owners Criticize State Regulations at Newport Forum

It is a crying shame that the state makes it difficult for the business owners to run their business with too many regulations and bureaucracy getting in their way. The business people are just trying to make an honest way of living and need help and cooperation instead of having to jump hoops just trying to operate their business.

BBB Top 10 List – Scams, Rip-Offs, and Complaints of 2010

It’s about time we get a list like this. With so many scams going around these days, we cannot underestimate the importance of this article. I say, keep it coming to alert us on all those fraudulent activities. And the advice is right on the money: Research the business with BBB before signing in a contract and paying up. There’s help from this New Support Group!

Internet Marketing, Emarketing, Online Marketing, Web Marketing And The Power Of Internet Marketing

Yes, internet marketing is something every business owner should be involved in but one has to be careful who to hire. You never know who has the right fit for your business for one thing. Then there is the question of whether the internet marketing service you hire will really deliver long time.

Elderly Woman Charged Thousands In ‘Work-At-Home’ Offer

My heart just goes out to that elderly woman who was scammed for $22,000.00 by unscrupulous work-at-home offers who is giving the rest of the legitimate home business owners a bad name. The news item did not say if the scammers were caught; I hope to God they will be.

Twitter Updates for 2010-12-30

I love these twitter updates as access to all home business tweets is made easy. There are a lot of tweets there that may give me information on how to go about things pertaining to new resources that may come available. There are links to affiliate marketing for beginners, just to show an example. So you may want to read Automate Deadbeat Super Affiliate.

Work At Home Business Frequently Asked Questions And The Answers

Those five questions and the corresponding answers are just what people who want to go on a home business journey need. The answers are to the point giving the real deal scenario instead of the false promises we have been led to believe. Therefore these FAQ’s will be a reality check for those who need them before jumping in.

2010 Expert Internet Marketing Predictions Came True!

I am glad to read all these predictions as it is really interesting to know what’s going on in the internet marketing world. For like it or not, we are bound to use it or lose your presence in the wide world web. Correct me if I am wrong but I think digital spending does not refer only to business expenses but also for consumers buying and spending money online.

Some Tips On Establishing An Online Home Business

Those are all good tips especially the one on promoting yourself for what good is a fine website and an excellent mission if no one knows about it? The trouble is there are so many distractions it is not easy to separate the sheep from the goats. But the author is right, it can be done. Here are some small business ideas.

Home Business Ideas For Moms!

There is so much advice here that any prospective home business owners can take heed. What is especially helpful is the advice on not jumping on the first opportunity that comes along but on doing the required research and to choose one that will be of so much interest to the point it will be more fun than work.

{Online Home Business}, The Future!

Online home business is indeed one’s future and the reasons the author gave are all legitimate ones that can drive someone to start a home business online. Brian Tracy is right to say the shift is toward the internet. The online stores make it so easy to shop there instead of the brick and mortar store that people make it their business to do their shopping there. Here’s an example of a home based business but read a lot about Medical Billing Home Business first.

Work At Home Business Opportunity – Immunotec Business Opportunity

That company, Immunotec, must really be a good one to check out for as the author said it has all the ingredients of a good business opportunity. I will certainly check it out. The track record of 15 years is a good sign that it is indeed a good company to be associated with.

The Blessings of Publishing Your Own Home Business Newsletter – Might it Be Terribly Rewarding?

Yes, that’s true publishing your own ezine has many advantages but think of the time you have to put into it and perhaps, one will think twice before committing to even a monthly newsletter. The real benefit of it is that you will be able to communicate with your readers on things they have to look out for safety purposes.

Home Business Allows Creativity, Life Balance

What a nice business this is for this lady because she loves people and children and dogs! Her business may be seasonal but it keeps her busy and yet she enjoys the down time she has. She may be able to outsource the job to someone during the high season.

Home Business Models

I think the people you have to listen are the people who have what you want and I agree with you that despite Donald Trump’s gut instinct and that he has what people want, I still won’t listen to him. I remember him saying that the secret of getting wealthy is genetics and I don’t like that. It is better to listen to The Laws of Attraction.

La Bella Baskets Representative Builds Network Through Targeted Advertising

This article provides information as to where to go for advertising that will help home business owners get some traffic for their website. True, it is not effortless and network marketers may need some kind of training and mentoring but where to get this is the problem. There is so much hype online it is confusing to separate the sheep from the goat.

Home Business Tax Idea: Solo 401k Contributions

This is a good alert for small business owners as they can get the deductions just like the big boys do if they follow the suggestion of the author of this article. It makes sense to contribute to a Solo 401K as you can make maximum contribution to your account and match that amount for the employee which in the case of a small business who has no employees outside of family could be such a help, come tax deduction time.

FBI Searches Home, Business of BISD Contractor

This is a lesson for all of us. For the truth is that the balanced success that includes wealth, health and happiness should be built on the foundation stones of character, honesty, integrity, love and loyalty. Compromising any of these foundations will only end up in getting less of what riches life has in store for us. You may also be interested in The Forgotten Laws

This Week in Small Business: The First Holiday Numbers

Wow, I love this site where news and things affecting the small business are all in one page where there are links to take us to what we think we need the most. This is quite a time saver and I thank you for this. I hope you will have this out on a weekly basis.

Home Business Steps To Success (Part 1)

I am glad the author said he will explain internet marketing further for although I realize its importance to a home based business, there are so many things to cover in that area and there are only so many hours on any given day to do them all.

Four Home-Based Business Myths

I am glad the author put these myths out in the open because almost all who sell their products using the above four are not telling the truth. Now the reality check is in and those who plan to have their own business will be able to get into it with an open mind after they read and absorb the content of this article.

‘American Dream Has Been Dented’

Wow, this is a great story, something that may motivate others to do the same. Ruth Hartley deserves the success she is having working 10 to 16 hours a day but at least she found that although the American dream has been dented, it is still alive and kicking. Hope it will inspire others to follow her path to pursue their dreams and in so doing add value to their lives as well as to others just like Ruth did.

Buy local: Gov. Beshear Urges Consumers to Shop at Home on ‘Small Business Saturday’

That’s my kind of governor who is after helping the small businesses and thanks too to American Express for spearheading the campaign on facebook and twitter. This will give the needed boost for the small businesses. And it’s true what you spend locally will help the community where one operates the business and where one lives. Here are some small business ideas.

George Kosch, Home Business Bootcamp Instructor Reveals TOP 5 Reasons People Fail to Graduate from Bootcamp

The author is right that those reasons are what make people fail at home based businesses. World Profits videos sound like they are the real deal but what turned me away from watching them are the ones I saw that just wasted my time. Usually it is all about trying to sell whatever it is they’re trying to sell.

Is Home Business Really a Successful Business

While it is true that a home business could free some time for the family, still at the start, a lot of effort has to be invested in getting the business to grow. Also there are a lot of companies willing to share their so-called secrets but that is where it usually stops. Sometimes you could even be led down the garden path.

Cybertegic, Inc. Places Three More Clients to the Top of Search Engine Optimization Results with Successful SEO Services

Cybertegic seems to be successful in getting a business high up in the search engines’ estimation. It is proven by the fact that it has done this again with three more companies. Perhaps we will be needing this type of service; we shall see.

Why not run your own search engine and make money like Google? This script will tell you how. They say it’s the best traffic monetization solution because you will be paid by Adsense, Amazon and Ebay.

Local to Global: Maui Mom’s Home Business Sells for $91 Million

This is a highly inspiring post that should motivate a lot of would-be entrepreneurs. Imagine going from a home based business to a $91,000,000 dollar business. It’s unbelievable but it is true. It happened in a little town in Hawaii. So all of you with sewing expertise and the stamina to match, get going with an idea.

Global Cooperation? It’s Every Economy for Itself

It’s fine to take care of yourself first before you extend your helping hand to others, in my humble opinion. It’s too bad though that we have to stoop down this low but the reality is staring at us. Hopefully the economy will turn around for the better so the G20 countries can get back to help the emerging ones. This global non-cooperation does not bode well for the small business. All the more we have to have a solid business strategy.

Home Business Tax Advisor Offers Free Recruiting Video

This is a great offer to have someone give you a video. I hope there is no catch. Oh, I don’t mind giving a link back to him. I think he deserves it. I just don’t want any harm to get to my website. The video will be of help especially it is on tax savings, something dear to the hearts of those who are struggling to get their business off the ground.

I Want to Advertise My Home Business For Free

Those are all good ways to advertise the home business for free but it will take a long time to get to first base. But at least there are ways to do it without burning a hole in your pocket for something there is no real guarantee it is going to work or if Google would frown on it and give you a slap.

Local Internet Marketing Company Ranks as one of the World’s Best

This sounds something I might get involved in for Craig appears to be a hard-working person who is not just after earning a buck for himself. With all his background, I don’t see why he should not go ahead and emulate the founders of U Tube or Facebook. I think with his persistence and willingness to work hard, he will succeed despite what he said that he is not a risk-taker.

Science, Freebies, Internet Marketing, The Evolution Of Leslie The Freebie Guy

That was a great journey, Leslie. Not only did you realize what matters more than earning money but also you continued to persevere. As a result you still experienced success without jeopardizing your relationships. Congratulations and I hope for your continued success.

Online Affiliate Marketing For Home Business

This post is a good help for all newcomers for it provides ideas as to what is really like there. It has even sort of a review on some information out there. In addition, it has given a way for the newbie to try it with a free web page to try to get the feet wet first.

10 Marketing Basics for Your Home Business

Thank you for all those marketing basics. I am certain they will help us especially the newcomers to this game. Well, it’s not really a game but serious business. My only hope is that I can follow all those with the time allotment I have – just eight hours a day.

3 Steps To Making Your Home Business A True Automated System

Those are great ways to automate the business, but I still would like to have a one-to-one interaction with the readers if they are having some problems or questions. I know this takes a lot of time but there is nothing I can do about it except maybe stop working on the websites because after all, it is not just all about money.

Internet Home Business – The 5 Step Marketing Plan For Success

Those five steps of a marketing plan for a home business to succeed are all good and will ensure success if followed by consistent and persistent action. The trouble is people give up after finding out that it takes a lot of effort and time to see results. So motivation is a great part in the success of any endeavor.

Work at Home Business Opportunities Facing Stronger Regulation

I love these new regulations when they do come into effect. It’s time this system gets cleaned up. There are some out there that are just scamming people giving guarantees that they do not honor or make it difficult to get through because they hide behind their support desks. So I can’t wait to read that FTC Report.

5 Ways to Fight Procrastination for Home Business Entrepreneurs

I like these five ways to be cured of procrastination for they address the issue head on. I especially enjoy reading the ABC method because that will make it easier to figure out the list of things to do that are of top priority. There are so many things in the web that distract us that knowing what are essential can keep our focus on the things that really matter. This might help: Be your own boss, Let SMC help you launch your own business – New Online Marketing Training for Gainesville/Ocala Business, With Coaching and Accountability

I like the fact that this offer comes with accountability. There are some on the web offering with guarantees and all that with money back within 60 days and yet will not do what they promise to do. That is why people have to be careful so that they do not become victims to these shenanigans.

A Unique Approach To Home Business And Internet Home Based Business

This sounds good and if there is a guaranteed free trial, I will recommend it to my readers. It is not often we see a step-by-step daily instructions that may catapult one to succeed. I have not tried this particular offer but it may be a good one to try.

$13-billion IPO? S’pore is ready for it: Citigroup

It is good to know that Singapore is ready for the big IPO but since this news appeared under home business, I got excited and I thought a home business was scheduled to be on IPO. But who knows? Someday, there could be a home business that could be an IPO.

Starting a Home Business in Lean Times

I know those monthly costs are a killer especially if you don’t know at the start that they go up. And they are also something to be wary of even when you just try out something new if it is going to work especially when it has a 30-day free trial because some of those people do not honor their words.

Start Your Own Work At Home Business

There is a lot of good advice in this article which should be read before embarking on a home business venture. It is good to point out especially the risk that is involved and the time and effort that one has to spend to get the business going.

Steps For Successful Local Business Internet Marketing That You Need To Take

Thank you for these steps to follow for doing one’s own internet marketing. The trouble is there are only enough hours in a day and yes, hiring one for help will be a good idea but this is also a big challenge for there are a lot of offers to do a great business for you and you will have no idea if they are fly-by-night operators.

SEO Obviousness: Duplicate Content Sucks

Yes, duplicate content is scary. But how about if it is your very own article published at and then you upload it to your own website? That is why duplicate content is getting such mixed reviews because the rules are murky at best. But thank you for all the explanations for they made it easier to understand the site crawlers.

Starting A Home Business – Do You Know Your Marketing

Yes, a good marketing plan spells the difference between success and failure. Without it, the business is good as dead. I like what the author advised for anyone to ask about the marketing before joining any business endeavor. Otherwise what you join will just be for what’s in it for those who are selling you things rather than what’s in it for you.

Home Business Ideas – Could Niche Marketing Be Your Way

That’s true, but if you have a passion for something, I would not want to drop a niche just because it is not earning a lot of money. I don’t want to have to abandon the ones who signed up with me. They may have needs that they’re hoping will get the solutions from you. But I like the step-by-step presentation of the author.

Internet Marketing and MLM – Go Together Like Bread and Butter – or Just the Latest Fad?

I like this article as there is no hype in it. It gives both sides of the equation allowing the readers to exercise due diligence when making choices. I have heard a lot of MLM but the trouble is that most people say, it is only good for people who are on the top most rung of the ladder.

Social Media Increasing Its Role

I am glad to know that New Brunswick may have to embrace the use of social media in order to get the word out to the world. Tracking responses like what Maria McGowan does is great for then you will know which of the strategies being implemented are working. There is no sense going about it blindly.

Secrets To Marketing Your Home Business Opportunity

Yes, everything the author said is true but I have heard some people say that multi-level marketing works only when you are at the top level. I suppose it depends on which one you sign up for. Proceeding with caution is still the way to go. The thing though is if you are not growing, you are really dying, isn’t it?

Work at Home and Make Money – REALLY!

Home business scams reports are many but I find this article a very helpful one that all who are interested in establishing a home business should read and take to heart before diving in. Then the author did not dwell just on the negative but gave solid information on real home businesses that you can start.

5 Preparation Tips For A Successful Home Business

These five preparation tips can help ensure success in one’s endeavor to create a home business. That’s true, one needs some knowledge of search engine optimization techniques or you may never be found at all. Hard work and perseverance will pay off in the end though.

Cheap Ways to Advertise Your Home Business on the Web>

I have done all the ways mentioned in the article and most of them work but I find my blogspot blogging site does not work at all. Perhaps it’s because I didn’t implement everything I am supposed to do there but there are only so many hours a day and achieving a balance is a key element for me.

Jenifer Gifford: Starting a Consignment Sales Business

I am glad to have come across this website as there are readers of my website who are interested in the consignment business. This information will certainly be a big help for them. This way, they will know where to go for some help so that they will be successful as well.

Home Business Versus the Lottery

Home business is compared to a lottery in this article and I for one think the author is right to assume this based on his experience. What we must remember though is to know “who we are really listening to” for it should be someone with credibility and one who has gone through the stages and have experienced some success.

Protect Your Home Business From Extreme Weather

This is a good alert to heed not only for the home business but also for anywhere you live in. It is best to be aware of what could happen so that we will be able to cope with the unexpected. Oops, this one we are being warned is an expected event in which case it is all the more reason we take the necessary steps mentioned in this excellent article. I had to remove the link to the actual article because it did not work but I have a copy of the article that I can send you if you want.

How to Open a Home Business

This is a gem of a post as it gives one an idea as to what to do when contemplating on opening a home based business. It makes the whole issue a reality instead of the spam-like pronouncements of some out there who are just out to get your money. At least I heard Ohio’s Attorney General has sued some home business schemes.

Stop Being Home Alone In Your Online Home Business!

This so true for when you’re working at home, you don’t have your co-workers around you and sometimes you could feel home alone as this podcast says. There are ways to circumvent this though and it is wise to do so or you could easily fall in the burn-out trap.

America’s Best Small Cities For Business And Careers

I can see why businesses like to be in smaller cities aside from the high cost of operation. There is more room to move around for one thing and it does not cost one an arm and a leg to park. I live in a city of around 750,000 population and there are quite a few businesses here. Granted it’s just next door to Toronto but it only adds to the advantages by being able to access what a big city has to offer without the hustle and bustle of living in it.

Advertising For Your Online Home Business, Think Beyond Your Market

It is great to get information like this as it will guide us on what to do so we can be of more help to others as well. Some people are struggling so every bit of help they get online is quite a blessing. I will try to follow the recommendation on thinking beyond the market.

Home Business Bootcamp with George Kosch Sept 10, new service announcements to be made with theme of Automation!

It looks like this is a good site to get help for establishing a home based business online. Automation for some parts of the business is the way to go but I don’t think it should work in customer service when people have different problems and agenda. It won’t really help these people in one clean swoop along with the rest of the group.

Dream Up a Great Work at Home Business

This is great information for moms and really for anyone who is contemplating on building a home based business. There is good advice here that those concerned should take to heart. It is true, you have to get a mentor, but it is easy to get scammed in the process of searching for one.

How to Start a Home Business Successfully

Everything the author said is right on for you have to enter the home business arena with open eyes. Time management and organization are keys to a successful venture. You also need to evaluate all the actions you take whether you are going on the right path or not.

Do Your Research as You Search for a Job

This article is a great help for people in order to avoid the scam artists. Research is indeed the key to avoiding these people who take advantage of those who are vulnerable to this type of thing. The Better Business Bureau is a good place to start especially if the company in question has a history.

The Most Effective Home Business Internet Marketing Techniques

The most crucial thing about this set of the most important techniques in internet marketing, I believe, is that you have to be careful about your reputation. But the world wide web evolves so fast that sometimes what you investigated as legitimate one minute is sold to someone else who has less than a sterile reputation.

How To Choose The Best Home Business Opportunity

Those five tips are good but I am wary of getting help because of bad experiences. I joined a coaching club which did not amount to anything so I am cautious about going that route again. Why is it that when you join something like that, they will try to sell you something again before you really get something out of it?

Acquisition Marketing – Where Is the True Value?
Does value of the traffic depend solely on ROI or money earned? How about if the site is delivering good information to the readers without expectation of a profit? Does that mean value too? I guess there are different ways of measuring various aspects of internet marketing. I would like to know the bottom line though.

Basic Internet Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Thank you for this valuable lesson. Those three mistakes and the recommendations in the form of examples will surely help the new home business owners. I know there are a lot of promises going on around the web but none really gave the specific examples you have outlined in your article.

4 Home Business Management Tips

Those are all good recommendations for prospective home business owners should heed. However, that part of making one’s business automated is something I do not subscribe fully because if you can’t interact with your customers who have individual needs, then it is not a good thing, is it?

Is Drop Shipping still a Viable Home Business?

I am glad to hear drop shipping is still viable because I spent some time on the issue awhile back. That Worldwide Brands link the author provided will be a big help in investigating this issue for future use. But then web matters evolve so fast, we will have to adjust to it in a timely fashion or lose out on the opportunity.


I don’t have time right now to check this out but as soon as I have, I will. It looks tempting but it has to be assessed as there are some there in cyberspace that make outrageous claims. The only thing that makes me have second thought, that is, to check it out is because this website appears to be credible.

How to Succeed With an Internet Home Business Opportunity

I agree with the author that the main reason the new home business entrepreneurs fail is because of all the scammers out there in the web. This is therefore a good alert to heed. I don’t know much about Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines except go on one but their system sounds enticing.

Stay In The Know: Work at Home Business Income Program: the Shortcut to Financial Security

It is so nice of this author to tell it the way it really is in home based business. Hopefully, this will deter others from starting anything with no hope to carry to completion. For it is true what this author said what one has to do in order to succeed. There are so many roles a home based business owner has to play.

Start a Home Business Online With Global Domains International

I agree that this is an easier way to start a home business but don’t make the mistake of thinking all things will be done for you because that is not going to happen. You will still have to do some work although you will find the answers to your questions right at their domain.
Start & Run a Real Home-Based Business

Legitimate Home Business Opportunity Revealed

I can’t wait to visit this site as I know from experience that there are business opportunities out there that just want to scam people. I agree with the author that it does not cost much to start a home business but that it takes time to allow it to grow. So I am glad that those that are not legitimate are listed on this site.

Are you looking for Home business Ideas? Here are 4 Easy Tips to Get Started

Those are all good tips to earn some money online. Yes, the first one the author said is adsense and it is true it is the easiest one to do. Affiliate marketing is easy too but you have to have some traffic to earn money from this. E-bay, I have not tried so I can’t really comment on this. As for writing articles and product reviews, they will work but again you have to have the traffic for this.

3 Successful Home Business Secrets That Will Help You to Achieve Financial Freedom

The author has given us three ideas that will lead to a successful home business. All three have been proven to work well but before starting on any of them, make sure you have the skills and the know-how to get it done. The author has also recommended to start driving targeted traffic to the site or success will be harder to achieve.

Home Business Blunders to Avoid

Home business mistakes to avoid? Knowing these will help any small business owner get on track to succeed instead of dwelling on unrealistic plans and promises that do not materialize. Having the passion for the particular business model of choice also helps get one motivated over the long haul.

Free Trial Home Business / GDI Testamonial

The article looks like a bunch of titles or resources but the video may tell the real story. Perhaps Rob Asi will show some of those resources so newcomers will know where to find real help. Of course, each one has to be assessed as to its legitimacy. There is a link in the article purporting to be the best home business opportunity.

Check this out if you want to know
how to drive traffic and sales to your website through Facebook

Great Ideas For A Internet Home Business Opportunity

This is an excellent article that will help anyone who wants to start a home business. It showcases what is necessary to succeed. Many just dive right in without thinking of what is involved. Usually people are lured by empty promises of some who just want to get some easy money from the uninitiated but reading this article will shed some light. This article will put people on the right track.

Protecting Yourself From Online Work-at-Home Business Scams

Those four rules are excellent ones to follow when determining if a prospective business proposition is a scam or not. I wonder if under the second rule, we could say check the PR of the website. I don’t think any scammer will stay long in one URL to even get a page rank.

Where to Find Home Business Sites & Start Earning Income Online

It’s good to have this information on hand for people who are just starting out. The author is right to say that the search engine can lead you to some of these sites. It is also true that article directories and blogs can be good sources of information. I don’t know about classified ads. Craigslist is very strict even if your ad is only to help people and yet it has been noted that ads selling babies and other questionable ones have gone through.

Holding Client Meetings When Running a Home Business

There’s great information the author has in this article that I may be able to use. Many a time I thought about this issue because I don’t really want to meet clients at home because it could be dangerous. So the suggestions put forth in this article is much appreciated.

Whatcom County Council Approves Home-Based Business Law

It is good to have this law that is as clear cut as possible to the point future disagreement will be avoided. Knowing exactly what portion of the house is allowed for the business is helpful so that in planning for the future, one can be guided accordingly.

Growing a Business with Social Media

This video is great in showing how one can utilize the social media to grow the home business. Watching it will give one an idea as to how to go about it to maximize one’s effort. Otherwise without a guide such as this, mistakes can be made that will only waste the time of both the owner and his customers.

Secrets to Using Facebook to Market Your Business

Yes, we know Facebook and Twitter are good places to be to engage with other like-minded people. I don’t know though about people having the right to erase your update if there is no reason for it. If it is not an update to sell but just to share a news item, then there should be no reason to delete any entry especially when there are oodles of updates that just try to make a sale and are not deleted.

10 Tips to Get Your Home Business to Market

Wow? Those are excellent ways to market your business. If we could only follow all of them, we would be on the right track and be successful. Each tip comes with suggestions on how to implement it so there is nothing left to chance. It is only the hard work and time limits that will stand in our way.

Calculating Your ROI on Internet Marketing

Return on Investment should not only be based on the earnings regarding the money spent but also on the hours of work put in. Although I am not that much concerned about ROI, it is still good to know how to calculate it which can be done for online businesses. Offline though, it would still be not that much quantifiable.

One Purse at a Time

Here’s one sample of a passion that is turned into a business. She started slowly but surely and now she is even thinking of opening two stores. She followed her dream by doing everything herself from securing a license to designing her own products. It is a good thing we have been provided a business model to follow.

During this tough economy, people are desperate to find ways to earn money and with jobs being cut, some want to start a home business of their own. This eBook has many
home business and work at home ideas.

Top Home Business Secrets – Is Burning Your Boat the Answer?

This is a heart-warming story that could motivate would-be entrepreneurs to take action. There is a need for training, that is so true, but who to take it from is the problem. I have been soured by the people I have signed up with who did not deliver. Worse, they could leave you with more mindless work and expenses to boot.

The Age of Internet Marketing

Yes, it’s true that internet marketing is a cost effective way of earning money online and one needs to have s website that is optimized. It is a slow process but better than buying links or joining link farms. You can get into real trouble then. It is better to build your site the natural way.

You Can’t Buy Home Business Success (Don’t LOSE MONEY)

That is so true; you can’t buy success. It happened to me although I didn’t buy to succeed because I am used to working hard and willing and able to do what it takes. All I was buying was mentoring guidance, but you know what? People I signed up with did not deliver, perhaps except SBI.

Promote Your Home Business with Keyword Rich Articles

I believe the author for saying that article marketing is a powerful way of promoting your website but submitting two articles a week do not leave much time for other things you have to do for the website. I know you can outsource them but I have not really found anyone who will do a good job.

Top Site of the Week: Solo Business Marketing

Thank you so much for this blog especially the part of the five ways to get the Marketing Plan Back on Track. I like that top site part of the blog too as it will encourage the small business entrepreneurs to do better. Your style of writing makes one want to keep on reading your blog so keep at it for I am now your fan.

How Home Business Owners Can Avoid the Pitfalls of Social Media Marketing

That’s precisely my problem with Social Media Marketing. I don’t even have a profile there but with so many things to do and having only eight hours a day to do them, something may have to suffer. I am glad though that the author has put this issue on the forefront of my mind so I will have to get cracking.

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how to drive traffic and sales to your website through Facebook

Can Anyone Be Successful In The Home Business Industry? They Can With These 3 Essential Keys…

I agree that those three keys are essential to the success of a home business but the third one is the most difficult to follow. Why? Because some promise everything but most do not deliver. If you join and pay up, you don’t really get everything because they leave something out and ask you to pay more.

Home Business Ideas for You

Thank you for those great ideas for home business opportunities. I am sure the readers of my blog will find them not only interesting but helpful. That scriptwriting business opportunity sounds interesting. I will visit your site to see what it is all about.

How to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Business

I am glad to have come across this very helpful article on LinkedIn as it will help me get deeper into it. Now that I have the information, what I need is time to do all that needs to be done. It is a matter of juggling all the chores but should I not process the emails to do this?

Agenda: Business Happenings in South Florida

It is nice to know there is a listing of the happenings in the business world in South Florida. Looking through the list will help one know where to get some help or resources. I suppose businesses can put up their events in that list too so they can get people to know about what resources they can offer.

Sources Helping Vets Start a Home Business

It feels so good to know there is someone in cyberspace willing to extend a helping hand to help the vets who worked hard to keep our freedom. It is about time somebody did. Those resources the author mentioned will help the ones who are still struggling. I will do my share by spreading this news item at Twitter and Facebook.

Check this out to see if it is right for you:
Find Ways To Make Money.

Mom’s Multi-Pronged Home Business

What a Mom Nici Cline is! She deserves the success she is achieving and now she has an employee because her product has become wildly in demand. She is quite a success story worth emulating. Little does she know that she has motivated a lot of like-minded moms out there.

Personal Development Courses

This article shows the importance of personal development courses. It is true that if this is done properly, one could be better at expressing his own opinion and move forward with original ideas. One will be able to have time to relax too amidst the demands of a busy life. Otherwise, it will be easy to get burned out.

Business is Better with Dad

Keeping it all in the family is a good way to do it. Oh, there could be some set-back but nothing earth-shattering. The Reinhard family is a good example and although it looks like a brick and mortar business, I am sure it will also work well for an online business.

Home Business Blog–How to Promote Your Business on Amazon

I never thought of this and I wish I did because this is such a great idea. The author explained fully how to advertise your business at Amazon by writing reviews. It makes sense that this can help in driving traffic to your site to make people see what help there is in it for them.

Find Ways To Make Money.

Independence Planning Commission Split on Home Business Permit for Day Care

I don’t know how a home day care business will change the residential ambiance especially this one keeps to themselves. The kids stay in a fenced in backyard. If I were the next-door neighbor, I’d love to have that kind of business near me as it will be easier and more convenient for parents with children.

What Is The # 1 Home Business?

Wow, this article is telling it the way the tale about home business should be told. There is no need to pay such exorbitant fees to get started. Just align yourself with people you can trust who do not promise the moon that you will earn untold wealth with no knowledge, skills, and hard work.

Would You Pay for FourSquares Social Media Internet Marketing?

I don’t know how long foursquares would last with such huge competitions as Facebook and Twitter. But I am all for the small guy so let’s give this a chance to work. Based on my own experience, I think the guys behind foursquares will work hard. Besides, I think this company has been operating for sometime now and is getting a good page rank so it must be doing something right.

Business Buzz

This is a conglomeration of business news from the Brattleboro region. While most news are on appointments, there’s one on Jelly Bean Tree Holds Web workshop which could be helpful for small business owners. There is also news on the cheese maker who wins awards for his excellent effort. I think it is good idea for Brattleboro Reformer to show case these news items.

Seo Outsourcing Philippines – Internet Marketing Strategy

I knew about outsourcing in the Philippines so I understood what the author was trying to tell me in the video. He is right that there is so much work in running a small business, it is almost impossible to get everything done each day and outsourcing seems to be the answer.

Evaluating Various Home Business Ideas

This is a good article to read and digest before embarking on this journey of establishing a home-based business. For one thing, this will screen the types of businesses that are not suitable due to consideration of space and things like that. It will surely save time and money if this step is not left till later.

Home Jobs, Home Business: Income Resources from Work at Home

The author is right that more and more people are increasingly trying to have a home based business. There are a lot of business opportunities online, one just has to be careful not fall victim to scams. There are many legitimate ones but to know which ones is the problem.

Picking the Right Home Based Business

This article is a good post that tells it the way it is. It takes a lot of writing daily in order to maintain the sites. The would-be entrepreneurs would be in better shape listening to the real truth so they won’t be suckered in by the promises of instant wealth with no effort and no skills requirement.

Topic Ideas for a Business Blogging Book

Those topics are worth considering when writing another blogging e-book. Certainly, one has to include the how to use the social marketing sites like Facebook and Twitter. It will be good to mention how to use WordPress effectively too.

Home Business Success Kit Review

I wish I knew this site, reporting on what is out there so we can be reassured we are getting the best help available. As it is with no guidance as this site has shown, anyone could be suckered in by glib talk and empty promises that make one just waste time and money.

Avoiding Scams On Home Business

Yes, there are scams out there. Using one’s common sense could save the day for many just like the example given in the article. If one saves so much on gas by buying into their business, why has the auto industry not gone into it? So caution is the order of the day.

Clear The Disorder and Make Your Home Business A Financial Success

It’s great to read something like this article as de-cluttering one’s office space will really increase the efficiency when it comes to running the home business. How can you find the things you need for your business if disorder is the order of the day? Thank you for this much-needed article.

Now Is The Time To Get A Bargain On Home Based Business Products

Prices are coming down so if one needs a word press plugin or private label articles, this is a good time to get them, if of course you need them. There is no sense buying things you don’t need for now just because the price is right. They could just be languishing in the hard drive for all you know.

Pros and Cons of Starting a Home-Based Business

The article on the pros and cons of owning a small home business is excellent. It provides clear ideas on both the advantages and disadvantages of this type of venture. They are to the point so much so that anyone who will invest in reading the article will know for sure if this type of venture is something he is willing to undertake.

Find Ways To Make Money

Good at Home Business Ideas

Those business ideas are cool indeed. The author was able to explain the specifics behind each idea and made it possible for others to think if any of them will be a good fit. One who is good at photography may delve into storing digital photographs online and one who is knowledgeable about dating can choose to be on the dating services business.

Three Work from Home Business Ideas for Work at Home Moms

The author is right to say that the most difficult aspect of the work is building a mailing list. There are things associated with this task that people may not know how to do like offering something for free and create a landing page for this but then there’s the logistics of how to do the actual steps involved in doing this.

Make Money At Home Online – Why It’s Never Been So Easy With Your Own Internet Marketing Business

Everything the author of this article said is true but one of them makes me wonder, not because it is not key to success but because how do you find one who will talk to you. The ones I have signed with have their businesses automated that you cannot talk to them and if they are willing to talk to you, they want more money in addition to what you have already paid for.

Or you can check this out:
During This Tough Economy People Are Desperate To Find Ways To Make Money And With The Incredible Number Of Jobs Being Cut People Have An Overwhelming Desire To Start Their Own Business From Home. This Ebook Has Many Home Business And Work At Home Ideas.

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-30

Thank you for these twitter updates. Now I know where to go to find the tweets that relate to me. I save a lot of time this way. I like for example the tweet on this: Submit calendar information at least 14 days before publication date to This is an additional way to let others know about what’s going on in your website.

Starting a Home Business out of Your Apartment

This is an excellent article that will give hope to those who want to start a home business. Practically everything is covered. One has just to work hard at making the plans and executing them. I like that the author mentioned the daily, weekly and monthly goals because without these, one will be lost in a sea of confusion.

Are You Killing Your Productivity? 6 Things to Watch Out For

How true it is that productivity goes down the drain with those six causes the author outlined. Except for the procrastination bit, all happened to me. Let’s face it, there are people flooding your inboxes with useless repetitive promotional emails. Most often I just unsubscribe but some don’t listen to this and just keep on going.

Be Prepared for Disaster

It is always a wise move to be prepared for any eventuality, be it for the home or one’s health or for the home business. I appreciate all the advice given in this article that will help me get ready. I like that part to have a drill on the plan to see if it works and to find out what needs updating.

How to Determine if a Home Business is Right for You

Answering yes to all those questions regarding readiness, love of learning, self-motivation is not enough. There are still learning curves to climb, steep ones I must say. Then you will have to have the patience of Job to get going. Focus is also important for a lot of people will want to distract you from what you are doing.

12 More Pre-Screened Work at Home Jobs

This article posts the available work at home job that could help one weed through the different offerings out there. But whatever you do, for either having a business or an online job, steer clear from scams. There should be no fees for majority of the offerings so tread carefully and check out the business you are contemplating on joining.

4 Steps To Choosing The Right Home Business

Those are good suggestions that will help a newly-minted entrepreneur choose the best business opportunity. I agree wholeheartedly that the business of choice should be in an area that the person loves. Otherwise you may get defeated before you even start.

Simple Home Business-5 Tips How To Use A Funnel System For Your Home Business?

I read this good article that will contribute to the knowledge base of everyone who wants to have a business. I wish though the author would give an example of a funnel system. People who are new in the game will not know what it is all about. I posted the question on this and as soon as they give me an answer, you will be the first to know.

Ten “Recession-Proof” Job and Business Opportunities

All those wanting to get employment will have to go over this list because any of them will be more of a permanent nature being something that can go on even during bad economic times. It is especially good for the young people just starting out.

103 1 Work at Home Business Make Money Online Job. Part 1

I didn’t have an easy time understanding this post. Perhaps it is because the links the author wants me to visit are not live or clickable. Besides, the first two links are similar and both deal with you tube. I like the first part though about the four streams of income especially I haven’t heard of HDP and Mylife before.

Ways to Advertise your Home Business

Those are legitimate ways of advertising the home business and buying traffic. But of course, it is not as easy as slapping down an advertisement. There are some of them that need researching. The joint venture one intrigues me but of course what we need to have is the step-by-step process along with the demonstration on the details.

Free Home-Business Training Available

It is nice to have generous entrepreneurs who will help others with a free training course on how to start a home based business in the form of a seminar. It is equally generous of Titusville to make graduates of this seminar eligible for a financial incentive which will be funded by the city.

Quick and Easy Home Business Ideas

Thank you for all these ideas for a home business because it will widen one’s options. If you want to know what those business ideas are, click the title and read all about it. It is not easy though for putting up a website requires a lot of time and preparation and skill to manage it. It can be done though with determination and persistent effort.

How To Run a Home Business Smoothly

I appreciate these tips on how to run a business smoothly especially the last one on allotting time for the family so click that title to see the whole story. For when all is done and gone, all you will have left is your family. Besides, that should be the main priority as that is the foundation of everything one does. And their needs have to be attended to much more than anything else.

Help Grow Your Startup Home Business Using These Creative Marketing Strategies

Thank you for those tips. I have not been able to take advantage of the holiday seasons because my number one priority is to help my readers but now that some are asking for free supplies, I may do so in order to earn some money to buy the stuff for people who need it.

Five Interesting Ways to Market Your Home Business

Those are interesting ways to market the small business and I think they are effective enough if one puts the required effort into them. I most especially like sponsoring a local sports team as this will be part of the mission to help other people rather than just make money.
Here are some more ways to advertise your small business at no or low cost:Small Business Marketing, Low Cost Advertising Ideas.

Internet Marketing Strategies That Really Make Money

So there are two kinds of internet marketing strategies, the long term and the short term ones. I suppose by long term the author means it is the good content that you provide for the readers. Good content is after all still king. Yes, I am doing more of this type of strategy.

Entrepreneurs Say Fort Smith IEC Key to Their Success

Yes, we need guidance from such agencies as Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center. That’s in Fort Smith so we will have to find something like that closer to home. I like companies like this as they seem to be objective enough to be of real help unlike those that have ulterior motive just to pad their bottom line.

During This Tough Economy People Are Desperate To Find Ways To Make Money And With The Incredible Number Of Jobs Being Cut People Have An Overwhelming Desire To Start Their Own Business From Home. This Ebook Has Many Home Business And Work At Home Ideas.

The Crucial Steps of Internet Marketing

Yes, the steps of Internet Marketing are crucial, so important to the small home based business. The trouble is in the making of the right choice of the firm. There are so many who have had bad experience with the firms they hired that it is worrisome to think of the right choice to make. Perhaps a central station listing the legitimate ones and those one has to be careful about will help.

Online Home Business Tips – Guess What? You Are Not The Owner

This is something we have to be careful about. Before signing up to open a business with another company, get all the facts and study them under the microscope or else you may have the mistaken notion that the business is yours when in fact it belongs to someone else.

Day 1 of the Social Media Success Summit – Twitter as a Marketing Weapon

Twitter can be a wonderful way to let others know about things or information you want to spread around. The trouble is that those who want to follow you may just have their own agenda in mind. It really defeats the purpose of trying to help one another with the information that is necessary because then you just get too busy reading advertisement after advertisement that you really do not need.

Home Business Ideas For Writers

I would like to congratulate the author for this well-written article. This could help people who can write build a business for themselves. The author is right to say that content is king in the web business that is so rampant these days. Website owners will need the services of good writers just to get going. Go ahead and click the title. If you are a writer, you are going to love this article.

How Can You Get Ahead With Internet Marketing Search Engine?

I am sold to the idea of internet marketing but the trouble lies in who do we ask for help. We have been warned and rightly so that there are companies masquerading as the real deal and promise everything to getting you ranked and to getting the traffic you need only to leave you hanging in the dark after you have paid them of course.

Home Business Start-Up Checklist 1-2-3

Those 20 items in the checklist are a big help for the newly minted entrepreneur. For one thing before starting to get the feet wet, perhaps the realization that this is not a match for the person concerned will save a lot of effort. For instance, does one have what it takes to create a business plan?

Teach Your Teen How To Start A Business At Home With Our Standards-based 45 Lesson Course! Includes Worksheets, Email Support And A Huge Resource Center With Hundreds Of Free Homeschool Links, Tutorials, Videos And Audios. No Prev Biz Knowledge Needed!

Searching Full Time Home Business Ideas?

Those three intangibles are really a necessary component of a home based business endeavor. It is essential to check out if you have what it takes to go into business before starting. Otherwise, it will be a waste of time and effort if you find out down the road that this venture is not for you.

Or you can check this out:
During This Tough Economy People Are Desperate To Find Ways To Make Money And With The Incredible Number Of Jobs Being Cut People Have An Overwhelming Desire To Start Their Own Business From Home. This Ebook Has Many Home Business And Work At Home Ideas.

Setting Up Your Home Business with Small Business Loans

This looks like an easy way to get a business loan but you have to watch the merchant services. They apply monthly fees whether you sell or not; there must be some though that I have heard that do not charge monthly fees, but just a proportional percentage of the purchase cost. I just have not had the time to check them out.

Or you can check this out:
Home Business Success Kit.

New Blog Helps Home Business Entrepreneurs Find Success

This blog will be a good help for all the beginners out there. In fact I am going back to visit this blog as soon as I am able. Meantime, I will put this up on my site and perhaps tweet it or go to facebook and share it with all my friends there.

Or you can check this out:
Home Business Success Kit.

Online Home Business Ideas for Beginners

This sounds like a good help for the beginners. The set-up is free but there may be cost involved in running the website. It will be good to have all the costs out in the open so that the beginners will know how much is involved. Also if they get stuck in the middle of it, will they be able to get out at no cost to them?

Or you can check this out:
Home Business Success Kit.

Generate Your Own Home Business Leads

I agree, you really do not know the person on the other side of the screen who is offering help to generate leads for some money of course so generating the leads can be a long and tedious process. It’s true there has got to be a strategy so I was left out in the dark when the step-by-step process was not included in the article.

Or you can check this out:
Magic Button Business Lead Generator! that is supposed to flood instant customers for your business.

Free Internet Marketing Strategy to Make Money #4

There are so many strategies here to learn so much so I am coming back to check them out. I just have too much work to do right now. It’s too bad you’re no longer offering membership in your Search Marketing Lab. But there will be more help so it will be a good idea to bookmark this site.

If you want to know what others say about home business, check out The Internet Entrepreneur Exposes Secrets The Gurus Don’t Want You To Know! Discover How To Make A Consistent $100,000. Working Part Time From Home.

10 Reasons Not To Ignore Your Blog For Facebook

That is so true; you can’t put all your eggs in one basket and I like the way the author said, “especially if you do not own the basket”. I have been posting in Facebook and I have no idea what good it is doing. It is the same way though with your blog. If you don’t own it like at, you could lose everything. But thank you for this article for it feeds me some food for thought to consider.

But if you still want to monetize your blog with Facebook, here is something you can consider!

3 Steps to an Awesome Home Office

Those are all good ideas that will help those new in the business on how to set up their home office. Making a plan first is basic for just setting it up without doing this crucial step will be counter productive. One may find after setting up the office without a plan that something is left out. This would mean one has to start all over again.

10+ great, free Windows programs for your small or home business

These are excellent softwares to use for a small business. I have always been wary of softwares people peddle or sell online as to whether they are legitimate or not and I have stayed away from them. But these ones you have shown will really be helpful and I thank you for them.

Why Small-Business Owners Raid the College Fund

I admire Paul for raiding the college fund not only because he succeeded but also because he did not do it from the ulterior motive but from making the family have the chance to make it through the obstacles. He did not steal the money for his own personal use but for the chance the business could stay afloat.

Home-Based Entrepreneurs ‘take hold’

Thank you for all the alerts in this article as there are quite a lot of predators online looking out to scam people. It is a thin line between needing a mentor and getting one that is only out to get some money from you. Hopefully there will be a central bureau online that will list down the people who scam others and the ones who truly help.

Best Home Business

This article will help those who want to go into the home business venture. For one thing, they will find out after reading it if they will be able to do all the things that have to be done. As for the question, I know mails are important, but is there an easy way to understand how to use Outlook? I have had it for a long time but can’t seem to get my head around it. With all the things I have to do, spending hours on knowing how to do outlook is not the way to go.

Marketing for Small Business: Create a Referral System

I must confess I was a little disappointed because as the title says, I wanted to know how to create a referral system but the article did not cover it. I hope the author will post a part two of this article on how to do just that. I guess I will just have to attend that webinar.

Is An Online Home Business Easy To Start, 5 Working Tips

I like that advice not to keep buying ebooks and other informational materials as you will not have time to follow what they instruct. There is so much to do that there is no need for anyone to buy things that will only gather dust because you do not have time to work on them.

Attorney General Investigating Home Business Scam Operating Out of Jackson Home

It is wise to have something like this be investigated right away so it can be nipped in the bud. In this case, it is too early to make a comment as the investigation is in the early stages. The one who was reported as having the scam could just be the victim of a larger operation.

Be careful with scams. Like for sometime now, I can’t log into my website because someone else goes in as an online legitimate business. When you see that, just steer away from it because it’s not me and log in a bit later. I will work on getting rid of that coming into my site uninvited. Thank heavens, I found a way to get in, to add the alerts and tips.

Online Home Business Scams

Thank you for all those links on the home business opportunities that are masquerading as legitimate. Those who are contemplating on venturing into this type of endeavor should educate themselves first by reading some of links provided before signing up for their choice may have already been found out to be scams.

Entrepreneur’s Journal: Insuring Your Home Business from Disaster

Covering your business against possible losses should be in every entrepreneur’s “must to-do” list. This article guides one to information on what may be needed to insure one’s business against possible losses. I wish though that the author included the possible premium in the recommended policies.

Down to Business at Home

This is a helpful take on what to wear when working on the home based business. Anywhere from pajamas to a professional look will do although a psychiatrist by the name of Dr. Jain Syed is of the opinion that one should look professional in his attire.

Virtual Reality

That is right; I love the concept of businesses becoming a virtual reality. Instead of paying for rent space, you could hire people to do some work of top quality. On top of that you can do your business at your own pace even though you’re open 24/7.

Work from Home Scammers Nabbed in Phoenix

I am glad those scammers got caught. The trouble is unless the penalty is severe, there will be others to follow the footsteps of these scammers coming out of the woodwork, ready, willing and able to dupe others into parting with their hard-earned money.

Abusive Home-Based Business Tax Scams Explained

This is the reason I prepare my own income tax return. I like to be sure that everything I put down is legitimate. And the author is right that the responsibility is yours and not that of the one preparing your tax return. It is a lot of work but at least if questions come up later, I will know the answer to them.

Officers Raid Work-From-Home Business for Fraud

That’s true; these three business ideas will make you earn money sooner than others and I don’t think you need to have a website. It is better though if you have one especially you can do it for free at WordPress. Where else can you start a business with very little cost or none at all?

Officers Raid Work-From-Home Business for Fraud

Imagine scamming thousands! I don’t know how people who do this can live with their conscience unless they don’t have a conscience. Thank you for this alert so we can spread the word and avoid some of the fraudulent activities going on in the net. Let us help keep the internet clean as it is just wonderful to have all kinds of information at our disposal.

How to Use Youtube to Promote an Art Business

This is another great article from Suite101, which is fast becoming a favorite site of mine. With this article, although it is addressed to arts and crafts businesses, other endeavors will benefit as well because one could drive traffic to the site by way of You tube videos.

Office A Cluttered Mess? It’s Time To Call In A Pro

This article will certainly help with paper work organization. There is so much of it that if one just tries to get it all sorted out, there will be no time for the business. There is help out there so you can find out how much those people cost and see if they are for you.

How to Start an eBay Home Business

This article is a good read and will help those who are contemplating on getting an eBay business going. The author also made it clear that this business will require time an effort in order to succeed. This is so unlike the outlandish claims populating the internet on what other people offer online.

Franklin Debt Relief Announces Great New Business Opportunities

I thought I had died and gone to heaven to join FDR but this FDR stands for Franklin Debt Relief which has a new deal for the struggling business owners and hopefully it is a deal that will really help. The only way to know is to exercise due diligence in checking them out. The one who had this published in their site is good though so I think it is worth exploring this.

Climbing Out

It looks like West Linn is the city to emulate when it comes to trying to nurture the businesses so they can climb out of the recession. I like the concept that they have developed and named as economic gardening. What a brilliant idea!

CNN: Got Student Debt? Give Yourself to AmeriCorps or the Peace Corps

This may be a good thing if it is what the students in debt would love to do but some may have other dreams that could also benefit the society in other ways. One of these students could be an inventor who will save the world from its environmental problems, for example. So I say, they should be given a choice, by providing them with some other help to leave their options open.

Legitimate Work From Home Business – 9 Profitable Home Business Niche Ideas

I know there are cheaters out there and that’s the problem. You need help and yet you’re wary who to ask for help. No, some of them give guarantees of money back and so on; they just don’t honor them. Someday when I get the time, I will write about these people. There are good ones though; don’t get me wrong.

Yesterday, I could not even go into my site. Every time I tried, someone else comes on purporting to be a legitimate business online in effect masquerading as me, making use of my hard work and destroying my credibility in the process. The lesson? Make sure if it does not say in the URL address, then it’s not me.

Marketing Your Working From Home Business Online

I appreciate those steps on how to market the small home-based business. I am optimistic they will work on getting the business available for others to consider. Yes, I know guidance is necessary but who to get as one’s mentor is a problem.

The Poor Economy is the Perfect Time to Start an Internet Home Business

Yes, the author is right to say the recession is the right time to try to have a home based business especially with job losses left, right and center. People who have become unemployed need to find means to earn money but one has to be honest in dealing with others. Unfortunately there are some dishonest people around so be careful.

Small Business Owners Skeptical of Economic Recovery

I do not want to be pessimistic but the figures in the statistics that support the statement, the recession is worse, do not lie. With the capital spending, sales and earnings remaining low, one cannot blame any conclusion that the economy has not rebounded yet. But I remain optimistic that it will.

Need to Know About Internet Marketing

Thank you for this article that outlines what one must do to achieve success. I know that mentoring is important but how and where to get one that is truly reliable is the problem. They all promise things that do not materialize and a few have even reneged on their guarantees.


That is so true it is possible to make a living online but you have to give it 100%. There is no such thing as get rich overnight without doing anything. So one hears this advertisement, run away from it for a scam, it is coming. Even when they say they will give you a 100% guarantee with money back, don’t believe that easily as I had already three people who reneged on this promise. Someday, I am going to write about these people so others will not be victimized.

Guide To Starting An Online Home Business

All the guidelines the author mentioned are essential to success so I guess the problem is where to get this kind of help. There are a lot on the internet purporting to do all the help you need but it did not happen with the ones I signed up for. So all of you guys, be careful out there. And keep coming for I will report on my experiences that I will find helpful for you.

Internet Marketing Tools: Web Analytics Service

It is good to know where to go for some help with prices that are not outrageous. As soon as I am ready, I would want to sign up with one of the plans outlined in the aforementioned article. Just click the title and you will know what it is. For instance I have heard of the heat map before but didn’t know the hotter colors are where the traffic is coming from.

Beating Competitors at Internet Marketing

This article is about how to outsmart, outlast, and out-market online competition and it offers four suggestions that are priceless but I guess have to develop my competitive spirit first. I love the point the author made though on the use of software to make the job easier but which one to get is the problem. There are lot being sold and I am wary of all the promises that are not kept after making the purchase.

Saving When Starting a New Business
Is it possible to save money while managing a home-based business? Well, I am glad to come across this article where the Consumer Reports recommend the type of computer to use and how to print while saving money. I didn’t know one could print the draft and save money to boot.

Key Statistics on the Growing Home-Based Business Market

It’s good to know these statistics on the growing home based business. This really not a surprise with all the unemployed around but the good news is that the success rate is 70% which is a far-cry from what some people are saying all over the internet.

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