7 Most Outrageously Talked About on the Good, the Bad or Ugly Things of Starting a Business at Home by Evelyn Guzman

So many of us want to venture into that land of home business. Why is that do you think? Is it the thought of easy money? Not at all for some. Some people just love the challenge. They get that high in finding a challenge just like Warren Buffet when he finds an investment worth getting into. Here’s what some people talk about when launching a home business from home.


1. The investment is minimal, a pittance really. Compare this to having to rent a commercial space. That will be a laugh, don’t you think? It’s like comparing a mountain with a mole hill.

2. That’s not all the savings you get. There’s the travel back and forth between home and office. Why, in Toronto alone, getting to the office and back at home can cut down three hours of your precious time.

3. Then there’s the savings on clothes, not that you aim to look like a model when you go to work. But at least you have to look presentable. But this could boomerang at your home office. Your clients may start thinking you’re not professional at all and may start heading to the door instead of talking to you, that is, if you’re still in your pajamas.

4. You might save some money too in claiming a deduction for the portion of your house you use for your home business. But if you’re not Math savvy, forget it for the IRS and the CRA will get you to fill out forms.

5. Then when the sun is shining out there, you have to fight the urge to head for the beach and get some downtime without having done any work yet. It will certainly be difficult to concentrate on your work.

6. There are other distractions as well. The call of your friends and your kids will be difficult to ignore and pretty soon you’re in the mall licking an ice cream cone or playing hide and seek with the golf ball because that darn golf ball won’t behave and go where you want it to go.

7. You can lessen the distractions by letting folks and friends know that you adhere to business hours. Arrange your office with professional looking furniture even though they’re just from the thrift store.

There you have the 7 most talked about the advantages and disadvantages of launching a business from home. With a lot of firm determination and focus, anyone should be able to survive them. Just think of your goal and imagine what it will be like when finally you succeed and achieve your dream What do you think? Are you up to it? Leave me a comment, will you?

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