Marketing With Roger and Evelyn – Selecting a Niche – Part Two

Now we come to how do we find the right niche. Well, one way is to go to Amazon and find the best sellers. Once you’ve found a topic that you want, enter it into Keyword Planner and find the average monthly searches. The higher it is of course, the more popular it and so it is a topic that could be more profitable than others. And you can find keywords there.

You can use phrases for your keywords or what you call long tail keywords and many related keywords which you can write about and add content to your website using these keywords. You can look up these keywords at the aforementioned Keyword Planner where the keyword planner has replaced the google adword tool. You need an Adwords account to get keyword ideas with Keyword Planner. You can create an Adwords account right here.

Then you type it in google search and find phrases with 10,000 or less competing pages which is the number of supply out there. Then find the demand looking for the keywords that have people searching for at least 1000 every day. You can find profitable topics this way looking for those searching for this topic for the demand and finding competing websites for supply. The more demand it is for the topic and the less supply, the better it is.


You can research for a topic the same way by looking for the best sellers at Clickbank. Think of which one you want to enter, buy that product and see how they sell it to you. Find out how you can improve it. Then you can either offer larger commission and make it into a multi-media product. You can also use a better sales page and whatever else you can do to improve this product.

The Wordtracker is also a good place which you can try for free to reveal high-performing keywords in minutes. You can start your research by entering a keyword to start exploring your market. Then at Wordze you can have a free 30-day trial where their patented WordRank tool will show you exactly which keywords to target! The Worddiscovery also has a free trial where you can discover the best keywords to target on your website

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel because you can just go online to find the websites that are already doing well by using these spying tools: You can try SpyFu for free, SEMRush where you can register for free and which also has a free trial. These sites can assess how much traffic they get and what keywords they target.

Then you can also go to forums on the topics you have chosen where you will find like- minded people asking and answering questions. On researching a profitable topic you will find one you enjoy the most. Then on the next task that we have to do, you will find what your strengths and where you need help. For these you have to ask people for help.

I have to point out at this point not to over complicate this process. To simplify it, we can go through three steps. The first one is to find what people need or want. Then look for the solutions both online and offline and decide on the business that will meet those needs. The next step is to create a website and start the marketing process. Of course, you will need to do some keyword research but not necessarily to determine the business but rather use the keywords for content-writing.

In other words, pick an area that will be both a passion and profitable too. The trouble is the top areas like insurance and cars are competitive and saturated. But you can get smaller niches out of them. You probably will not get the traffic of the big ones but you will be able to get a slice of it.

So this issue goes back to your own reflection of what you enjoy most in life. You’re the only one who can tell what your passion is. Nobody else can, but if you find an untapped niche and drive traffic it, that could be a gold mine. Don’t spend too much time on this though. A week or two should be enough.

By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

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Refresh Marketing With Roger and Evelyn Selecting a Niche Part Two /

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