Marketing with Roger and Evelyn Step 1 Selecting a Domain Name

Now that we have picked a topic, it’s time to seriously think more deeply on what and how we are going to blog. Where is the website, you asked? Don’t rush for that will come. There is no sense paying for it now when we are just going with Step One. Picking a domain name for your niche or business will at least take a week.

We know what our topic is about and from the keyword research I showed you, you can pick your domain name that is searched by at least 1000 times every day and has a supply of 10,000 or less competitors pages. You will be able to identify the need from the 1000 searches every day. Determine exactly what your blog will be about and what it will do.

Outline your Site
Now that you have selected a domain name for your business, it is time to write down an outline of what your site is going to be, the readers it is going to target and how you are going to make it grow. This first day is very important. You have to know how you are going to present your site and what you want the visitors to your site do and the resources you will need.

Here are the things you might need in your outline:

Your challenge is to identify a need with enough demand and then develop something to help people get what they need.

1. Write down the plan or the design of your site and how it will look like. What type of content will you have and where are they going to be on your site? Where will you put the ads?

2. How often are you going to upload content? It is important to have a regular schedule for uploading content and be consistent with it. So choose a schedule you can keep up with. Regular scheduling is better than sporadically uploading a post. The more consistent you are, the more traffic you are going to get. Do a research on what contents you are going to write about.

3. Determine which sites you are going to build a relationship with. These are owners of the sites that you are targeting to be like yours. Start building a list of these sites that you will be contacting later on.

4. Determine the products you are going to endorse or promote. Of course you have to know your readers first before finalizing the products.

5. Think of the plan of action you will need to do to make money off your site. How are you going to get traffic to your site? How are you going to convert this into cash? Should you try to make money right away? There are two schools of thoughts on this issue. Start monetizing right away or wait awhile?

Things To Do
1. Determine who your audience is going to be. You will have to learn to know them because you are going to write for them. After you have identified their need then you can create something to meet the need. Will this audience be able to spend money to meet their need?

2. What do you want to write about? Are you going to find this interesting because if not, you might as will change to another topic that you will love to write about. Do you personally know something about this topic and can write about it? Will you find it enjoyable?

3. What can you offer your audience better than your competitors? Do you have expertise in your chosen topic?

These are just the things you will need to cover before you start paying for a domain name and a hosting fee. That is why I didn’t want you to get them before you are absolutely sure what you are going to do and love it at the same time.

Tasks to Finish

Hopefully by the end of this post, you will have been able to choose a topic and your domain name

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By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

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Refresh Marketing With Roger and Evelyn Selecting a Domain Name

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