Marketing with Roger and Evelyn Step 2 Building Your Brand Name

It is important to build your brand right from the start. You want to know how to convey yourself to your audience in a consistent manner. Otherwise it will be difficult for them to believe in you. The heart of your business is your connection with the audience. Earning money comes after this connection, after your audience has had a positive experience.

How to build this relationship is through story telling. This will bring you and your audience together and will keep them engaged. Good stories will capture the audience attention and make your small business heard. People know there is a connection between marketing and story telling. So how can you make your story and your brand stand out?

Stories to make your brand stand out should tell why and how your company got started although they are not really about the company but it’s all about the readers and the benefit they will get. They are really the stars of the show, with you just in a supporting role. The stories should tell what makes you want to work on this every day and what kind of people work for your company.

Tell the audience about your mission and how you intend to get it accomplished. Talk directly to your readers on the difficulties you’re meeting. Stories you tell should not be like an essay, boring and isolated. Neither should they be a post on your blog that just manipulates your audience into becoming customers. In other words, it should not also be a publicity ploy or just a video that you want to go viral. Stories should be real that can only come from the heart.

Build Your Brand

Build Your Brand

This means you have to assess your own website or any marketing materials. To do this, I suggest you ask yourself the some questions or ask your audience similar questions. You reply to them and see if they understand. See also if they can get the answers by checking out your website. What questions to ask? Read on.

So ask yourself why you started your website. Why do you think readers or visitors will come and check it out? Why did you build it? Or if you do not have a website yet, ask yourself before you start anything, why you should have one and ask why people should come and visit it.

This brings us back to the same question. How do we go about this? Should we hire an expert to do this work for us? Will outsourcing this job do the work? Will doing this be counterproductive? Remember this has got to come from the heart. This should come naturally. If the reason you started your website like we did is to help people, then this should come easily and the stories will flow naturally.

Just in case you are at a loss for words, let me tell you about a person who overcame the problem. He got personal with his audience. He spoke to them in his blog by simply asking them questions. This way he was able to tap into their knowledge. He let his readers supply the stories for him. He surveyed his readers through such tools as Survey Monkey which I will explain to you later.

This way, he found what it was they needed and he based his work on an ebook on the results of that survey. He offered the ebook for free and his list grew exponentially and the rest is history. Now he has got it made. He does not have to rely on traffic from Google as he has his very own.

That became his own unique way on the road to success. You can tell other unique ways from all the offers your receive or even all the blogs you read. Some are of the same subject matter but if you look closely, they are approached from a different perspective or angle, making their offer unique.

Why are stories important? For one thing, that is how you build a relationship with your readers. They are a way for you to market whatever it is you will be selling later on. People usually listen to stories. Just think of why they buy novels and see movies. They want to know what is happening to others and how those experiences mirror their own.

For example, when eventually you are going to sell a cream for acne, you could tell your own story or of someone you know who struggled so much about the acne and was so miserable he did not even want to leave the house. Tell about the struggle in detail and his trying out all kinds of treatment to no avail. Now don’t tell a fib.

The stories you tell should be real and true. They should immediately catch the eye of the people you want to reach and get the benefit to be experienced right away. You can use these in all kinds of media. You can use it in your blog, in your sales letters and even when you’re trying to presell something. This works in all kinds of products.

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty of this story telling technique. What steps do we take to ensure success? Hold on to your hat for here they come: 1. Tell the story of a problem that will not go away. Tell of the misery you went through and how your life became a living hell. 2. Share with them how you tried to solve the problem, how you went from doctor to doctor to get your problem solved. Tap their emotions and ask for help. 3. Then all of a sudden here comes the answer to your prayers.. In a month’s time, problem solved.

So think of the image you want to project and what your content should portray. Then find out how you can develop that image. Plan how you will present yourself to your audience. How do you want your audience to see you? What do you want people to think of you?

Answers to these questions will help you know how to present your content. Be true to yourself though. You cannot build an image that is not what you are. To answer these questions, you will have to determine what you enjoy the most. What are your qualifications? Can you be an expert on something about your topic?

Don’t feel disheartened if you can’t be an expert the way you want to be.
You can start as a beginner and work along with your audience. Remember what we said before that you can let your readers do the stories for you. Later on, as your website grows you could end up an expert yourself

Next build a list of blogs that are similar to yours. You can find ones that you want yours to look like. Find websites that match your style and brand. You are not going to copy them but you want to get some ideas how those website owners are building their brand. You can even ask the owners for help. You will be surprised to know how many will offer a helping hand.

Now how will you know if your idea is working or not? That’s right, by taking action without being entirely blind. In our case, we knew what we wanted to do, help the diabetics. We were thinking more of the fun we have in helping them rather than make money so we were prepared to fail but even if we do fail, we know we will not be able to leave them behind, not until a cure is discovered or we get sick, whichever comes first.

So you see, your brand is the real image of yourself. And you have to start developing that brand right from the beginning. This will help you know what the content you are going to upload to your site should portray. The audience will get engaged if there is consistency in your brand.

By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

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Refresh Marketing With Roger and Evelyn Step 2 Building Your Brand Name

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