Marketing with Roger and Evelyn Step 6 Selecting Themes for Word Press Blog

By default, when you install the, they say the theme twenty eleven is in use. It is not bad to use it because if it is done right, it will look attractive. It will not have the functionalities of the paid themes of course, but whether you get some power features or not, you will still be struggling with the technical stuff.

As you can tell, the default theme is a custom one. You actually have two options You can either use a free theme or a paid theme. The free ones could be attractive enough if done with care. However, they may not have the power features you will want for your website to have. As long as you understand that it is kind of limited, you may want to use the default theme.

WordPress Theme Blog Layout

WordPress Theme Blog Layout

Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Themes

The obvious advantage of the free theme is that it is free. They are also easy to use and edit. They are also easy to install so you can try as many of them as you can until you find something you like. The trouble is that they are very basic and later on you may want something more powerful. Support could also become a problem so if you choose a free theme, get one from Rocket Themes or Woo Themes because these offer paid themes and so you may not have some security issues when WordPress is updated.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Paid Themes

Paid themes have many advantages. They have great support and are updated regularly. They also have unique features that are lacking in the free themes. Due to the competition and because it is a way for them to make a living, the developers try hard to make their theme the best. They pay attention to details and can make your blog look more unique.

However, unlike the free themes, paid themes usually do not go through a review process and so may not be added to the official WP repository. In this case, they may or may not be standards compliant in terms of licensing. Besides, why spend money on something that may just turn into a hobby? In addition, all the bells and whistles they feature may not be of use to you..

Rocket Themes is the one where I read there were some problems like that it slows down your website unless you remove the rocket plugin but they have been around a long time and for $50, they have great-looking themes. They also have a good selection of free themes.

Woo Themes have a huge portfolio of themes for all kinds of niches but are generally for eCommerce Site. You will get a beautiful site with unbelievable flexibility. They are very popular but it is expensive, starting at $70 for each theme or you may want to pay $125 plus $25 a month to gain access to all the themes.

Theme Forest is a customizable and professional, multi-layout, ultra flexible WP theme but someone said it may not be updated often. They say to be careful with this theme because you may get the same type of support issues as the free themes. Why? Because the creators are freelance developers.

Genesis Framework is one powerful theme created by Studio Press. It enables one to build great websites with WordPress easily and quickly. Both the advanced webmaster and newbies will have a search engine optimized website and a secure foundation that would take them to places they never thought they could go. It’s expensive but worth it if you want a powerful theme.

Thesis Theme This is a perfect choice because it will make you able to do things the other themes can’t. It has boxes with point and click add on that will enable you to do more without having to write your own code. You can drag and drop your way to a customized design and use essential tools like Google authorship and branding,

Elegant Themes are beautiful premium wordpress themes. They go for simplicity and good looking designs. As of this writing, for $39 you get completely 100% access to their entire collection of 86 themes. They come with advanced features like page templates and theme options that give you full control of your website. They come with powerful features and with great support, who can beat that?

The aforementioned themes are the top six ones. There are a hundred others of course. But these are known to be all user-friendly, with great support and the most diverse options for upgrades. There are a great number of people using them and they seem to be happy and content with them.

Theme Installation

It is pretty easy to install a theme. John Chow says there are two ways of installing it. In the WordPress Codex, search for free themes. You can download it from a zip folder directly into WordPress. Or if you are getting a paid theme, you can upload that directly from the site where you bought the theme. The other way is to upload the files through FTP.

FTP Upload

If you cannot find the zip folder in your hard drive, or you cannot make the back uploader to work, here’s how to do it:

1. If you have not done it yet, unzip the folder.

2. Find the actual file. Read the ReadMe file which you will find after you unzip the folder.

3. Upload the theme folder to wp-content/themes/ on your server.

4. Under the Appearance menu, go to Manage Theme and activate it.

Ming Jong Tey has a different way of doing it which I prefer because it’s dead simple. Besides first, you choose and specify the layout you want in terms of widths, columns, features. Here he goes:

1. Go to appearance and click themes.

2. Click on the install theme tab.

3. Select your preference as to the layout like the width, columns and desired features. Then click find themes.

4. Preview the different ones that appeared when you search for a theme that suits the layout you prefer.

5. Once you are satisfied, click install the theme.

Choosing a theme for your blog is a necessity. For one thing, it will make your business stand out from all the competition. Presentation is the key. It has to be a suitable theme that will meet the needs of your prospective customers. They say you can even switch themes without having to re-enter all your pages and posts. Switch themes to check which one conveys your brand the best way.

By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

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Refresh Marketing With Roger and Evelyn Step 6 Selecting Themes for Word Press Blog

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