Mistake #3 of the Ten Mistakes When Starting a Business

Mistake #3. A tiny ad that is all you can afford will not stand out so it is best to wait before putting up an ad or until your marketing budget can afford it so you will not waste your money. A tiny ad in the corner or a one-liner will not call attention to your ad.

Some people think otherwise though. They say to get started advertising even though business owners are not that confident it is going to work. Besides being expensive, some do not know how to measure it relative to ROI (return on investment.

We can understand why some of us will not know how it works despite the fact that we are bombarded with advertisements all day long. All a small business operator knows is that if the business is not growing and is stuck, advertising might be able to perk up the situation.

Advertising, Will It Work? Courtesy of freefoto.com

Advertising, Will It Work? Courtesy of freefoto.com

At this point it is good to see the pros and cons of advertising. What can it do for the business? Besides promoting and informing the prospects of the benefits the business can offer, it can help build credibility and boost the brand and reputation.

However, there are things advertising cannot do for the business. It cannot make the business better if the products and services are not up to par. Neither can it produce an immediate customer base nor help with gains and losses and improve the customer service.

To ensure success, one must plan the ad carefully and to make sure it targets the correct audience. The advertisement should also be seen frequently for no one is going to jump and come to buy something from you right off the bat. It has to be distinctive and compelling. Then give it time to work.

What are the different forms of advertisement can one employ? One can advertise online and get some banners to put up in websites. Then there are the ads one can have in newspapers, magazines, radio, and television. One can print flyers or even mail prospective customers.

So what are we to do? To advertise or not, that is the question. We know it does not guarantee success or sales and it is expensive. Someone said though that if you do it right, prospective customers will become aware of you. On the other side of the spectrum, the advice is don’t advertise. It takes time to make it good and it’s expensive.

By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

Reference: “101 Ways to Advertise Your Business” by Andrew Griffiths

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