Mistake #6 and #7 of the Ten Mistakes When Starting a Business

Mistake # 6:  This is about some people who promote themselves instead of trying to offer solutions to other people’s problems.  What they don’t know and understand is that people can’t care less what degree you finished in school to work in specialized field.  What they are interested in is what you can do to help them.  If you hit on what they need and you can offer solutions to this need, then you will have a good paying customer.

To succeed in home business, you will really have to market your product and services.  You have to determine whether your products and services are the right ones and see if they are in the right place.  They have to meet the needs of your clients.  Now the question is how will you know this?

It’s simple; just talk to potential customers. See what they need.  This can also be done through questionnaires and surveys.  In addition to talking to them conversationally, do some interviews.  You will be able to obtain important information so you can hone your product and services to meet the demands of the potential customers.

Know Customers' Needs

Know Customers' Needs

It is also important to know where to sell the product and offer the services and what price you are going to offer them for because you should find out what the market will pay for your products and services.  How to sell them should also be focused on but most especially who should you sell them to.  As to how to sell them, there are different ways.  You could do it by having them on your retail shelf, at the shows and at fairs. If they are digital products, you can sell them online electronically.

And this is not all.  The way to promote what you are selling is also an important thing to check out.  Are you going to advertise, do networking or offer coupons?  As you can see, there are so many things to think of and do rather than to be promoting yourself.  This is a mistake you have to avoid at all cost.

Mistake # 7: Some marketers distribute their fliers to promote to their business in the wrong places. For example, if your business is on carpet cleaning, you should not distribute your fliers in the grocery stores.  Rather you should hand them out at the furniture stores and such.

Clearly, the above does not belong to a strong marketing plan.  That is why so many businesses fail within three years of their launching.  Not determining the target market before you open for business is not the way to go down the road to success.  So is not developing ways to promote the business.

There are brochures and ads to think about.  Web sites can also be considered and so are trade shows.  If your product is book sale, then join the book fair that is sponsored by the library.  They even give a small honorarium for those who participate in these book fairs.  And don’t forget your brand.  How you present yourself is part of the success you can have.

By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

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