Niche Profit Classroom – A Review

Background of Niche Profit Classroom
– This is a  marketing training unlike any others I have seen.  It is done in step-by-step fashion that is easy to understand.  I signed up for a $1 trial and I was intrigued by the scope of the materials included in this classroom.  I therefore decided to review it as I think this is something that will help people put up their website and get their business launched.

Clear Definition of the Problem it Purports to Solve
– The founders of Niche Profit Classroom knew people were having a hard time earning money on line.  I think I know from my experience that they realize that information on how do things to get a website up and running to make money online come in bits and pieces and no one has really come up in putting the entire thing as a coherent whole.

This is what is holding the readers back in their quest to succeed.  For example, all the gurus are saying the money is in the list and they will let you know how to get that list but the whole process is like a mine field because there are technical issues to surmount.  I believe this is the problem that the founders of this system tried to solve and voila, Niche Profit Classroom is born.

Pencils for Classroom

Pencils for Classroom

List of Things I Like – I was intrigued by the wholeness of the process with coaching even included.  So when I was offered to get a bonus, I grabbed it and signed up for a $1 free trial.  I was hesitant at first because I was busy with two other projects but I really wanted to know if it is possible to have the whole thing in one shot.  And if I find it good, I promised myself to write a review on it to let other people know of its existence.

I was astonished by what the bonus pack included.  It had ready-made niche packs containing everything one needs to get a website up: ebooks, email course, articles, sales letters, templates and keywords.  The niche packs included such topics as baby showers, bass fishing, a beginners guide to yoga,  boating, fly fishing, body building, crochet, bronchitis, golf, forex trading, genealogy, iguana care, identity theft,  hybrid cars, irritable bowel syndrome, and lots more.

The bonus came with Turbo Power Graphics that come with 20 sales pages, 10 one-time offers, 10 thank you pages, 30 squeeze pages, 30 testimonial box designs. 10 adsense ready pages, ten review pages and a lot more.  Can you imagine the time you save with all of these?  Of course you have to tweak and personalize them to make them your own, but still, you don’t have to go manufacturing them on your own.  To top it all, it comes with all the training, coaching and software you have access to.

List of Things I Don’t Like – The one thing I don’t like about this is that most training is done through video but it is because I am a visual person.  Anyway, what is the other choice?  Learning things one at a time without tying them up together into a profitable website will get you stuck and frustrated.  So I went through the video training; it was a little slow for me but I learned what I came for.

You have to sign up for an autoresponder with Aweber which I did before for over a year and that didn’t get me anywhere but with this Niche Profit System, I am confident I will get extra help from these people.

Some said, “Customer support people are extremely rude and condescending.” There was even one who quit NPC just because of the lack of support.  This person even said that the NPC’s support staff has to be the worst and rudest people he ever encountered, but that is not how I found them.  In all my interaction with the customer support, they have been kind and sympathetic and answered my questions fully.

One review also said that you have to have a lot of money to buy their additional software but I have not been asked to buy any software.  In fact we are told we have access to all their software and except for Aweber and the NPC monthly fee, there is no other cost involved to get your site up unless you choose to have the extra bells and whistles.

My Final Verdict – Niche Profit Classroom is easily the best information you can get to get your websites up and running.  With free hosting for 15 sites you can’t go wrong with this.  If you are willing to be patient and work on this, you can easily succeed for everything you need is at your fingertips.  So Get Your $1trial Niche Profit Classroom here.

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