Top 10 Mistakes When Starting a Business

Watch this section for those mistakes so you can avoid them. For even though you have a great idea, and I am sure you do, you get so excited you want to get started right away. So what do you do? You went and ordered some business cards and printed some ads like I did.

Then you paid someone to get your website ready and boy, was it expensive. Then you started waiting for the customers to come by. After all, you have such good credentials and your skills are beyond the ordinary. So you kept waiting and waiting.

Here’s a person who has been through this before. She is saying that you just made the top ten mistakes. Huh? What mistakes, you asked yourself. I worked hard at this and I got ready everything. Well, let us just keep an open mind, shall we? Let us listen to the voice of experience.

Here’s mistake #1. You have to make a plan. Without a plan, it is easy to fail. You have a great idea but that is not a plan. Planning may take a long time and it is boring but it will benefit you to have a blueprint of what you are going to do. I have been online for over five years and the following are the resources you should have. The others I tried came in bits and pieces. These are the only ones that came in such a comprehensive manner that you won’t help but do well as long as you’re willing to work!, review,

How are you going to start? When will you get the funds? Who will help you? Do you know a person very well who will do your website for you? How much will it cost? How are you going to get people to come? You see, this blueprint is your guide. Don’t waste your time like I did. The following are the resources that should help you as they are helping me, not like the others that I wasted my time and money on.

Marketing With Alex This is an amazing resource if you want to make it big. As long as you follow what they say for you to do, you will! You have to have the time and the determination to follow through.

Get Your Niche Profit Classroom Everything is ready for you when you get this, I mean everything: ecourse, eBook, website builder and all, the whole enchilada. Everything is there but the kitchen sink! I was so blown away by this when I signed up for a $1 trial that I wrote a review on it. Read my review on it at

Blogging With John Chow! // He is earning $40,000 a month blogging. Can you imagine that? When you get this product, you will believe it as I did! See if you can duplicate his system.

As for traffic to go to your website, this will help you as it did me! The only problem with this is that the instructions are in the video and you know some of us learn better in other ways like me. So I transcribed the lessons and if you buy this product through this link and send me your receipt, I will send you the transcripts one module at a time.

By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

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