Marketing with Roger and Evelyn Step 8a Writing More Content for Word Press Blog

One can make money with a blog but you have to exercise patience because the early times should be devoted to growing the number of readers. It will take months, sometimes years to develop the kind of readership before monetizing the site. The goal and focus now is to provide content that will engage the readers to make them want to come back.

Step One: Four Basic Essentials
First, let us have a mental picture of the road we are taking. We have to find out exactly what you want to accomplish and what your audience will need. Then there are things we need to decide on. What do we need to accomplish our objective? What do bloggers need? Word Press of course. Then you will need to establish how to get started with a mailing list.

Social media is big these days so plan on creating a page and a feed for the blog early on on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, MySpace, StumbleUpon, and Delicious. Create a profile on these sites and post on these whenever you can, especially when you have just published a post. These sites are easy to go to and open an account.

Next on the agenda is to determine the blogging frequency you are going to make. They say blogging three times a week will catapult your blog to the tendency of becoming a popular site. The important thing here is to blog regularly. I have said it before. Blogging regularly is key to growing your readership and this, in addition to the aforementioned three elements will help you on your road to success. They help get a clear plan of action, a basic plan on where you are going.

One way to make sure you blog regularly is to stock up on posts. Some keep a whole month’s of posts ready for publication. That way, even if you get run over by a truck, you will not miss posting on your regular schedule. Another way is to accept guest posts. This not only allows you to keep up with your commitment but also you get a different perspective in your blog. It may also bring in new readers.

Beyond the Basics To Keep in Mind As You Write the Contents
Over and above the four basic essentials, are the contents, you are going to post hopefully you are mixing up contents to meet the needs of your diverse audience. Then there is your brand you want to develop as to how your audience and others will perceive you. The type of audience you have is also a consideration as you will have to determine what they need so you can provide value to them. Later on, monetization will come into play but it is good to think of it now. Keep all these five things in mind while you write contents for your blog.

Step 2: Tell a Good Story
People love a good story but don’t make it all about you. Ask them for their story as well. Remember, you are supposed to build relationship with your readers. You are to give them what they want before you can get anything. Something is wrong if you’re getting more than what you’re giving. Make your story consistent though on topics that people are interested in reading.

Be awesome when you write your posts for it is going to show. Of course you have to do a lot of research both online and offline. Then be short and sweet about it and add your take on it. Above all, have fun writing all that content and do over deliver as much as you can. Love what you write and your audience will love it too. Then you will truly be awesome.

Create value for your readers. Find out what they think are of value to them and write about it. It means that when they are looking for information they will find it in your site be it news, your posts, Q&A, Reviews, Social Platform and Inside Information. I already have for tips, alerts and around the web. Ask your subscribers what they want to see in your blog and create content to meet that need.

Write Content That Creates Value

Write Content That Creates Value

But how do you know what is of value to your readers? There is a way and I will let you in on a secret so don’t tell everyone else. Use Google Ad Planner for Gathering Demographic Info. I just found out this has been replaced with Google Display Planner. First, find the top websites in your niche and copy their urls. Then paste one of those urls into the search box and hit go. Voila you will find demographic info like gender and age groups.

More importantly, you will also find topics that are most important to the target audience. You will find what they like most to see in the niche similar to yours. Another tool you can use to gather demographic information is Alexa. It is similar to the Google Ad Planner. Paste the url of one of the top websites in your niche in the search box and you will be rewarded with information on the readers like their education level and income.

Step 4: Build a Relationship with your Readers and Do Net Working
Ask your audience what they want and provide the answer to them. Get in touch with the other bloggers in your niche and add comments to their blogs. Don’t just say, “Great Post”. Rather add your opinion to their post you read. In other words communicate not only with your readers but also with the other bloggers in your niche and in the social media as well.

Dig deeper into the mind of your target audience, what concern them the most, what interest them the most and what they want the most. Check out the websites they visit, the forums they go to and what they say there. Go to Yahoo Answers and find what questions they ask there. Search in Facebook by typing in the keywords in the search box.

Step 5: Monetize the Blog Properly and Automate Everything
In time, not now, you can monetize your blog. You can sell ad space or links. But automate it so it can be done effortlessly. For now, just know how you will monetize your blog. This will help you follow a clear plan of action to avoid mistakes. This is a good time to know how you will monetize your blog as you get to know your audience.

Stocking up on posts for at least two weeks at a time will help automate the process. When someone asks to guest post with you, accept it and this will help a bit with your posting schedule and commitment to regular posting. Have a ready template to follow when you prepare for posting so everything you need is there. You don’t have to scramble to look for how to upload a graphic, for example, because the instruction is already in the template.

Social media is time consuming but it is necessary. Thank goodness you can automate it with HootSuite which allows you to post content in advance. It can also automatically send your blog posts. You can have it send messages to your cell phone so you can reply to them immediately.

Social Media Helps

Social Media Helps

More Content to Prepare
Most blogs don’t get posts that are jaw-breaking but contents you must have. What kind of contents do we want? I gave you two tools to find the topics your readers are most interested in so that is what you are going to write. You may not get a lot of traffic from all the posts but you are growing. Now let’s take a look at some more content to prepare.

People who read blogs are not created equal. Some like reading long blogs. Some like a video here or an infographic there. They have different choices as to the type of content they prefer. Some prefer summary type of blogs so I try to put sub topics so they can scroll down to the topic they want to read. As a blogger you want to cater to these needs as much as possible.

Viral Content
Have you heard of viral content? Just like in YouTube, when a clip comes on and people love it, it spreads like wildfire and before you know it, thousands will be uploading it and watching. Viral content is the same way except they will be reading it in text. For content to go viral, it has to be timely and effective. It has to be funny and entertaining and yet authoritative in a way,

Some controversial topics can go viral simply because it does not follow the norm but just the same it can be powerful, driving some hot traffic to your site. Be careful though because you may hurt some people in the process and you may not like to get that kind of attention they may shower on you.

For the Video Lovers
They say it’s so much easier to create a video content but truth to tell, I am not among them. It’s true that my Ipod has a function for creating a video but I am still not comfortable with it. Even the simple process of embedding a video from YouTube to my blog is a daunting process. But this I have to say when you create a video content, it has to be interesting and should feature your personality as well.

The phone and internet can make it so easy for anyone to prepare a pod cast. It offers you another way to spread content to your readers. First find a specific topic to talk about with someone. You should have some form of script to guide you what to say in the podcast. Though you may have webcam and microphone in your laptop, they may not be enough to cancel the noise so get a headset and microphone that cancels the noise for a low investment of less than $50, then practice enough to get your podcast worthy to record and distribute.

You can also have an infographic which is a representation of text content in the form of an infographic. Here’s a sample of an infographic.

Social Media Monitoring ToolsKISSmetrics Web Analytics

More Ideas for Content
1. Curation is popular but it has to be done right. You can’t just plagiarize a site and think of it as your own. Curation means you take bits and pieces of something, put them together and personalize it by adding your own content. For example, find five favorite websites and the post you like best in each of them. Write a post listing them and tell why they\re your favorites.

2. Case studies that are not longitudinal but rather short term and just observational on what some companies do with their say presence on Facebook or Google + , comment on them and offer solutions as to how they can do better. Find a favorite blog and write about it. Explain why you like it. Or find a blog you hate and write about it explaining your frustrations over it.

3. You can have a case study of your own successes and failures and write a post on them. I am sure the readers will eat them up and may even send traffic to check out where you failed and how. For me it just makes me feel just like everyone else. My life is not a bed of roses although I have been lucky in life so far, not in internet marketing though. Explain the steps that led you to succeed without bragging. As for the failure, tell what lessons you learned from them.

4. Interviews will also come in handy as a post which people will like to hear what you have been up to. Maybe they will learn some lessons from the merry-go-round life I am having. You can easily write a blog post on the interview plus it might give you some credibility for being able to interview a big name. It is also easier to write some interview questions instead of writing a post especially when you don’t have a clue what to write.

5. Pop Culture – A blog post that employs pop culture can help fill the gap of content creation. Think about how your niche relates to pop culture and write about that. Or watch a movie your readers might enjoy and share with them your experience or write a post like “The Sound of Music Guide to Marketing Your Talent“.

6. Two Unrelated topics can be put together to write a post on. For example if your niche is on debt challenges you can write about What Robin Hood Taught Us About Money. Actually that is not right for Robin Hood did teach us about money. Or you can write a post like this: “Elvis Pressley’s Guide to Writing Great Content“.

7. Old content can be used for videos, podcasts or made into infographics. Or create a short list of your favorites and tell what was in your mind when you wrote those posts. Then tell them what worked and what didn’t. New readers may not have read them so it is a win, win situation.

8. Write personal stories related to your niche. Tell some powerful ones that change your life for the better, crises and all like “Michael Schumacher’s Fight for Survival“.

9. Ask your friends what they would like you to write about.

10. Ask your readers in a post what they would like you to write about or ask them how they will solve some kind of a problem.

11. Request for guest posts from blogs smaller than yours or the same size if you like their content. They will be happy to do this and they will tell their followers and bring in new readership in the process. $$$ leave url for below

12. Write a review about a product like I did for Niche Profit Classroom, explaining why you like it. You can also request the company to donate a product or a free trial to raffle off to those who leave comments.

13. The television can be used to write a content with two unrelated topics like “The Law and Order Guide To Stop Hackers in Your Site“.

14. A book can help you write a content. It does not even have to be a book but the author’s name or a character like “What James Bond Can Teach You About How to Spy on Your Competition“.

15. A comic can help you write a popular post like “Robin William’s Guide to Getting the Job Done”.

16. Using a celebrity can be useful in writing a blog post like “Miley Cyrus Guide to How Not to Wreck Your Website”.

17. New trends at Google can help you write a good post on something like “Lovie Smith Shows How To Love Your Subscribers”.

18. Go to the movies and find inspiration there when you find you don’t have a clue on what to write.
19, Walk around the neighborhood or play golf; you’ll surely find some inspiration there.

20. New Cultures can spur an idea. You don’t have to go around the world like I did, Trying a new sushi restaurant may inspire you to write great content.

21. The important thing to do when you are not inspired is not to post at all. That is why you have posts ready to go in times like this.

That is it folks. With all these suggestions you will not run out of any ideas at all. You will always have something to write about. Really the only problem will be time. That is what holds me back sometimes. There are always things to write about but there are only so many hours in a day to do everything you want to do. How about you? Tell me how you do it.

By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

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Refresh Marketing With Roger and Evelyn Step 8a Writing More Content for Word Press Blog

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