Marketing with Roger and Evelyn Step 9 List Building, First the Bribe

Success depends on the relationship you develope with your readers. They like what they read in your blog and are interested to hear more from you. So they sign up to join your list and it is after this that building a real relationship begins. Staying in touch with them is a great way to build a real relationship with your audience.

They become comfortable receiving emails from you giving them free and useful information. They trust you and your recommendations. The beauty of this is that you can send them emails regularly in such an easy way because the whole process with your auto responder is automated. Once the system is set up, it functions smoothly on autopilot whether you have a dozen people or thousands joining your list and no matter where they live.

A lot has been said about the money being in the list. And it is right. I don’t have any problem with that. The problem lies in the fact that all that information come in bits and pieces. And no one really has said it right off, “This is the way to do it, step by step.” Oh some said it, I stand corrected, but then they give info on traffic and other things that got in the way.

So I decided this is going to be my mission. This is what I am going to do for this series, but you have to bear with me because this is going to be a long one. We will be talking about free giveaways, squeeze pages, autoresponders but I am not only going to give you the information but also put them in proper sequence and how each one ties in with the whole issue of list building.

Before you start building a list, you should already have been over delivering value at your site. In other words, you have to invest up front by writing all those blog posts that will be of help to your readers and provide them with valuable information to improve their life. And this has to be done regularly. It will take longer to get what you want but it will be all worth it. Remember patience is a virtue.

Building a List

Building a List

I know some of you are frustrated and desperate to try all the information, but the problem is not the information for you have them all but the nuts and bolts on what is that frigging first step going to be and how to put that in place before even talking about other stuff that are related, that‘s true, but should only be dealt with when the first step is clear and ready to work.

We know we need traffic but if we divert our attention to that, then we will never be able to get started. For what good is traffic when we do not have the system in place to start with? What good are all the information we are bombarded and inundated with if there is no place for that traffic to go and sign up to join our list?

The problem for a lot of people is not because they don’t know what a list building machine looks like. They have an idea what that looks like. It’s just that the information comes in bits and pieces with distraction galore making the whole list building process looking like a puzzle that no person can put together.

So we will start from the very beginning like the do re mi in Sound of Music. We will not confuse ourselves with automation and traffic, but just concentrate on what will make us able to start the process. Especially if you give people what they want, you will get what you want too. At this point we will not even think of driving traffic to the offer we have in place to start building a list. No siree! That will only distract us to do the very first thing which is the bribe.

Here’s the List Building Machine in a nut shell. Squeeze => email => offer. Don’t worry, we will take these one at a time and not in that order. So you see the three elements are the squeeze page which is also called a landing page or an optin page. They sometimes come in different names just to confuse us, but really once we discuss each of them it will be like the heavens will open up and you will have a clear vision of the whole process.

List Building

List Building

It really is very basic. It just looks complicated because people make it so. Sometimes, a crucial key is left out keeping you in the dark. Not this time. This time it will look like the waters of the Red Sea will divide into two parts and you will be able to walk through and see yourself arriving in that promise land, (drum roll please) the List Building Land!

The Offer or the Bribe

Let us look at the offer. This is what the people join your mailing list for. If they are not interested in your offer, they will not join your mailing list. It has to be an Irresistible Offer, an eye-catching one, you follow me? The thing left now is traffic but let us not allow that to distract us. That is a whole different topic to which I will share with you everything I learned about it. For now let’s stay on focus, on building a list. That’s the only thing we should care about.

Notice too that I changed the order from squeeze to email to offer. Why? For the simple reason that when we are doing our squeeze page and come to the offer part, what do you think will happen? That’s right. When we get down to the offer part in the squeeze page, we will be stuck again. That is what is going to happen for sure when we have not selected our offer yet.

By the time another guru tells us about the offer, our step-by-step plan is gone into oblivion and with all the overwhelming information we are getting, it will be like looking for a needle in the hay stack, just to get back to the squeeze page. So where do we get the offer? Don’t make the mistake of offering just any free give-away. Make sure your visitors are getting a good deal in exchange for their name and email address.

For List Building purposes, it is good to know that people love freebies. Think of a freebie to give away and they will join your list. One of the ultimate bribes are ebooks. There is a huge perception of value for this in exchange for a simple email address. Make sure it is valuable or they will just get the freebie and unsubscribe.

A good eBook has high perceived value with free content and it offers something your audience needs. It actually should offer something so should be long enough like it’s 50 pages long, is up to date and is loaded with useful and actionable tips. It should be so interesting they can’t put it down. Make sure you link the ebook to your sites.



Now let us tackle the question on what free offer can we use to encourage our visitors to sign up for our list. Actually a free offer takes many forms. What do you think your prospective readers want most? What will provide them so much value they will not be able to resist signing up? Provide an offer with quality content that focuses on solutions. This is part of building trust.

So what kind of incentive can you offer them to join your list? The possibilities are endless. There is no limit for materials you can offer them so they will join your list. Get creative and come up with a lot of possibilities. Make sure they are related to your niche or your email campaign. Here are some of them:

  • Templates – Of course this will depend on your readers. But whatever their interest is, there is a template for that. Examples are fonts, themes for WordPress and free graphics that will benefit them.
  • Video Course – Readers will perceive a set of 10 videos, each 20 minutes long a valuable offer. They may even think this is more valuable than a 40-page eBook and yet the latter will be more time-consuming than the videos. Or you could give them links to videos that are not accessible to everyone.
  • Free eBook or reports – This could be a compilation of your best blog posts converted into a PDF. This is the most common type of freebie given by quite a few webmasters.
  • Free tools – There are available tools in the world wide web that you can compile and will motivate readers to optin.
  • Prize – A chance to win a prize for joining the list among the first hundred or by a certain date.
  • Product Discount – A discount for your own product could be a good offer.
  • Free Services – You can offer a free service like posting in Facebook for them, editing and copywriting or a free article. Offer some time for a free consultation, but you have to be careful with this one as it could get too much for you.
  • Insider Information – You can offer free tips on timely information that help them build their wealth faster. Offer them some insider information they want.

Those are just a few ideas you can use to motivate people into joining your list. Be careful though in so doing you don’t give away the farm and devalue the benefits of joining your list. Giving away too much will have people join your list, just to get the freebie. No, you don’t want any hit-and-run subscribers. Make it clear that the best part of the offer will come through the emails you will be sending them.

Email - A Way to Build Relationship

Email - A Way to Build Relationship

We want to persuade them to sign up in our list. To do this here is what I learned from a guru. He said to employ the three P’s of Persuasion. What are they, you asked? Well, it’s pain, potential and proof. Tell them you feel their pain of the problem in your offer and show them how the offer could ease the pain, offering them some hope. Lastly, show them the proof the product will deliver the claim. Be specific in all of these and before you say your Hail Mary, you will have them hook, line and sinker.

Here is another pain-free way of crafting an offer. Buy a PLR from Tradebit Search for building a list. Pick the best parts of the PLR and outsource it to for $5.00 to put together all the best parts in the PLR in a report that you can offer as a bribe so readers will subscribe to your list. Or you can even have them put it in a five-minute video at Jing

Choose which one you like to offer people in exchange for their signing up for your list. In addition to the above, if your hard drive is like mine, it will be full of ebooks that you are free to give away. Also, you can interview an expert on list building, write a transcription on that, convert it into a PDF and voila, you have something to offer or bribe the readers into joining your list.

That out of the way, let us go to the next step which is the squeeze page. But make sure you have your offer ready before you go to the next. That is why I will stop here to give you time to get your offer or bribe ready so that there will be continuity as we work on building our list. That way we will avoid the confusion that we usually get at this point.

By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

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Refresh Marketing With Roger and Evelyn Step 9 List Building, First the Bribe

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