Marketing with Roger and Evelyn Step 9b List Building: Squeeze Page, The Practical Side

List building
, why is it so important? As I read all the things I’ve learned online, it came to me one bright sunny day. I’m telling you; it was like an epiphany. Why am I telling you this right off the bat? I should wait until the end to see if you will come to the same conclusion I did. But no, you have suffered enough. You have to know it now to help motivate you into going through with your list building task, doing it step-step correctly focusing only on a few things and getting rid of information overload.

This is it. The light-bulb moment when it illuminated full blown. And it is that the secret to making automated money online is traffic on demand. That almost made you fall off your chair, didn’t it? But have no fear for traffic on demand is all about your list. This is better than driving traffic. And what it is you asked? What is better than traffic is owning your own traffic. And how do you own your own traffic? Well, by building a list of course!

Make Money Online Requires Providing Value

Make Money Online Requires Providing Value

You will make money with your list but it will take some upfront work and a bit of money to start for a domain name, an autoresponder and a web host. You may want the money right now but it does not work that way. You have to put in some work delivering value and you will have to undergo some delayed gratification first. You can’t have the lifestyle you’re dreaming off right away but the wait will be worth it.

Preparing To Write The Squeeze Page

Here is another obstacle that people neglect to tell us about. They told us we need to have an offer. They told us we should have a squeeze page and they even told us what should be in the squeeze page to make it as enticing as possible. Then what? What do we do next? Do we just twiddle our thumb and wait for a friendly soul to tell us what to do next? Oh I know, we have to read in between the lines. You see all we learned are just the theoretical side of building a list. What do you think comes next? Yes, it’s action time!

After studying the things that should be in the squeeze page, no one really tells us that now is the time to write the squeeze page based on the offer we chose to give away. So the first part is the headline. We should write the headline in such a way that it is not from our point of view but rather from the perspective of the visitors.

But before starting to write the squeeze page there are important things you must get ready for. You have to have an offer which could be an eBook, video, a software or a free report. If you don’t like to write, you could have a professional writer do it for you through or I could also write it for you so there are no more excuses..

Tools Needed to Create Your Own Squeeze Page

Some don’t need tools; they just write their squeeze page based on a an existing one like I showed you before and then just upload that into their web host through FTP which I will show you a bit later. At least I know one successful internet marketer who did it this way because when he started, there wasn’t much help on this issue but look at him now. He is such a successful internet marketer, one you will admire because he does things in an ethical manner.

You Need A Web Host If You Want To Be Seen Online

You Need A Web Host If You Want To Be Seen Online

You will also need a web host and I recommend Hostgator. We have already discussed this before so if you have not done so yet, go to Hostgator . that starts at $3.96 a month. It is Unlimited Web Hosting that is easy and affordable. How do I know this? Because I have been with them for years. They offer:
Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Easy Control Panel
1-Click Script Installs
$100 Google AdWords Offer
4,500 Free Website Templates
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
45 Day Money Back Guarantee
24/7/365 Technical Support

Then we need the autoresponder like Get Response and Aweber that are easiest to use. Now is the best time to get started because of the Aweber $1 Trial.

Then you have to choose a good domain name which will cost $4.95 a year or less depending on what specials they have on when you sign up. But I think this may be a special offer that may go up to $10 a year which is really not much when you think of it as an annual cost.

But listen to this. At Bluehost it is $4.95 a month for unlimited space, transfer, domains on one account with free set-up, free domain, and no hidden fees. This includes professional web hosting, can you imagine that? Mind you I don’t know if this is an introductory offer but even then it will not be over $10 a month for both hosting and domain.

How do I know that? Because for years now my professional web host has been costing me $8.95 a month. Mind you, I still have to pay $10 a year for my domain name with Go Daddy but now it’s charging me more than $10 a year which irritates me because I know the going rate is either it comes free

with web hosting or at the most is $10 a year. That is why I am recommending that you get your domain name at Name Cheap.

Pick a domain name that will end in .com and avoid the new ones they may suggest to you like .mobi, .co, and .info. Just go ahead and choose a name that goes with the content of your blog and your personality. We covered how to pick a Domain Name or Topic or Nichewith the use of the keyword research. We also learned how to Select a Niche in Part One and
Part Two. If you need help or have a question on any of these, just leave a comment down below.

You need a way to collect money not from the free ebook.

You need a way to collect money not from the free ebook.

You also need a way to collect money not from the free ebook but from the One Time Offer. For this consider Paypal, Clickbank or 2 Check Out. Any of them will allow you to make transactions easily and collect the money for you.

Once you have all the above, you can start building a squeeze page. You may be thinking this is a lot of money to invest but let’s put them all in perspective. The website at Hostgator you can try for a penny a month but after the trial it will go up as in my case $8.95 a month for years now. The autoresponder will also cost you nothing or $1 for a free trial but it will be $20 a month after that.

Your domain name at NameCheap will cost you $4.95 a year and if it goes up it will not go over $10 a year. Altogether that will not go over $30. That’s about one latte a day at Starbucks. Where else can you start a business with that amount? Here’s The Complete Guide to Saving Money at Starbucks

There Are Ways to Save Money at Starbucks.

There Are Ways to Save Money at Starbucks.

This time, let us admit it. We cannot blame the gurus or anyone else if we do not get started on this darn list building. We have all the know-how. We have been offered many resources on a silver platter. But did we use them? Yes, of course we read them. But reading them and acting on them are way poles apart. Yes, we understand what they are all about. So are we working on this? Taking action? Judging from what we see around, we just put all those aside in the dark corners of our hard drive.

Meanwhile we continue checking out the Bright Shiny Objects, those who are promising us the moon, the stars and everything else that with just a push button, the money will rain on us. This is all scam and nothing else. They know it and we know it. Then why do we keep wasting our precious time, effort and money on these shenanigans? What we do not know is that the push buttons will work only after the work is done, after the list is built.

But now, enough is enough. We woke up from the nightmare of what is wrong with all the statistics. It is us that is the problem but now we can put a stop to this nonsense and get working like we never did before. We will show them. We will show them that we can rise to the challenge and from where we stand in the very bottom of the totem pole, we are ready to climb to the very top, no matter how slippery that climb gets. If you want an easy way, check this out:

This is another piece of the puzzle as to why we can’t go on our list building task. For without the website, autoresponder and web hosting, we can’t move forward. We’ll keep being stuck where we’ve been all these days, months or years. Convinced? Let’s move on and create our very own squeeze page.

Something we should keep in mind is that website visitors hardly ever go down to the bottom of the webpage so armed with this knowledge we have to make our squeeze page really short and focus. So you really have to explain why they should get your offer and that they will miss out on something they need if they don’t act now.

So now we are practically ready to write our very own squeeze page. But wait! As we get ready to write and even while we write it, let us go down the memory lane and check out the things to write in each part of the squeeze page. This way we will not leave any stone unturned and come up with a real super squeeze page.

First, the Headline
The headline along with the sub headline should grab the attention of visitors. Do what you do when you read the newspaper headline. What headline makes you want to read the rest of the story? Admit it. You just scan the pages and stop to read only the items with the headlines that grab your attention. Speaking of which, don’t make the headline too long, not more than 20 words anyway.

Make it stand out by using the red color code CC000. The size of the font should also be bigger than the regular text. Mention here the best benefit of the offer in a provoking way. Here’s another cool tip that I didn’t know before. They say to split the line better to keep the visitors to continue reading. For example in the line, “You will learn to dance better and dance like a star.” What we usually do is split the line between “better” and “and”. Right? Because it just makes sense. But the tip that says to split it between “and” and “dance”seems5 to make sense too because the readers will want to know what is next.

Then another cool tip is to learn what they do during the evening news. Before they go for a break, they say that when they come back, they will talk to someone who climbed the Everest and survived or something like that which makes one sit at the edge of his seat. I was caught on this once but what got to me was they kept mentioning the cliff hanger before every break until the last minute of the show! I can tell you, I was cross!

For an effective headline, try to create some kind of urgency or fear. To create urgency or scarcity, you can say “This is only for the first 50 subscribers.” To create fear, you can say, “If you do not read this book, you will miss the chance of ………” Fill in the blanks with whatever is your offer all about. So have you’ve got your headline now? Okay, let’s move on then.

Next Come the Bullets
Now we write the bullets based on the free offer and not on anything we want to sell. Write about the offer in a persuasive and precise way. Tell them so they will be curious by using numbers like how long will the benefit take effect but be sure this will be delivered. Shock and awe are good as long as you can support them. Then the most overused word is secret but it still works because a secret is something everyone tells everybody not to tell anyone. Not!!! Just joking.

The Most Overused Word is Secret

The Most Overused Word is Secret

The recommendation is not to have more than five bullets as that might leave you no space above the fold for the optin form. Another good suggestion I find is to make the first bullet bold, the next one not, the third one bold and so on. I think that will attract the readers’ attention, don’t you think? This is part of making sure the readers are convinced the benefit they will get is worth it to leave their name and email address.

In addition, make sure there is no doubt in their mind that this is the right thing to do. Don’t make this confusing and difficult. Keep the bullets short and to the point. Just point out the benefits of your offer. That’s it. It’s as simple as that. This is a situation where less is more. So are the bullets done? Let’s therefore get the picture for the free offer.

Oops! This is getting too long but the next page will show you how to get the picture for the freebie along with the rest of the elements of the squeeze page: optin form, call to action, privacy policy, writing the squeeze and thank you pages and transferring these last two to the web host. After that we will show you how to check to see if the squeeze page is presentable and how to make it so plus we will tell you what happens after the sign up and last but not least, we will show you how to set up an autoresponder campaign.

If there is anything you need to clarify the content of this web page, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below and I will personally reply.

By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

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Refresh Marketing with Roger and Evelyn Step 9b List Building : Squeeze Page, The Practical Side

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